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3,828 Recent Member Comments wrote about Film Screenings:
RickyO, Thanks for your comment. Absolutely, there will be OC screenings. It's a bit slow for us right now with screenings down there. That's all. Nothing else. I'm not out trying to punish anyone. However, there are issues with OC screenings and we will be unveiling our solution shortly. It will work for everyone and we will not be having any more of those problems again. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer in OC. Please go to the OC Fair. They are one of our clients this year and definitely want a good CC presence there. Thanks. Sean
Posted: 2:39pm | 8/10/2011

RickyO wrote about Film Screenings:
let me ask some questions about which many of us are wondering. Will there ever be any OC screenings again? Is everyone being punished because a small percentage of attendees lost sight of what is fair and civil? I'd hate to think that because some of decided we had enough of this selfishness and actually complained that CC is now reacting only to the complaints. That would be sad and unfair. CC has a lot of people that have enjoyed its many programs. We are thankful for all you have provided. As for those few who screwed it up for all of us: SHAME ON YOU!!!
Posted: 11:16am | 8/10/2011

selihcIII wrote about Sweepstakes:
Thanks For The Opportunity To Win Some Great Prizes. A Surprising Happenstance. GLTA
Posted: 8:48pm | 8/4/2011

cattwo59 wrote about Sweepstakes:
Thanks for a chance to win .
Posted: 3:23pm | 8/4/2011

V_Inc. wrote about Film Screenings:
Greetings! I haven't been to a screening since Feb.
Posted: 11:23am | 8/4/2011

mkdan wrote about Film Screenings:
Enjoyed Attack the Block! Thanks
Posted: 10:57am | 7/29/2011

optix77 wrote about Film Screenings:
Attack the Block is a solid film. The genre of the film is, I think, horror/action mixed with comedy? It's a fun ride. A very believable young cast with some strong standouts. Definitely worth a look.
Posted: 10:57am | 7/29/2011

msrobot20 wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you sooooo much for the ATTACK THE BLOCK pass, I'm super excited to see it, can't wait!!! =D
Posted: 4:19pm | 7/25/2011

George wrote about Film Screenings:
It's so sad that OC hasn't had a recent screening. But it appears the same bickering is happening at the LA ones. Hopefully we can all behave like civilized humans so that ALL the screenings don't go away. Sean - you and your staff do a great job!!!
Posted: 9:31am | 7/17/2011

sharpt wrote about Film Screenings:
Friends With Benefits was much better than expected! JT and Mila Kunis had a fantastic on-screen chemistry and although predictable, it was MUCH better than No Strings Attached.
Posted: 7:54pm | 7/15/2011

StephenStone wrote about Film Screenings:
FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS- GREAT film with a lot of great true acting. I rate this movie 4.5Stars and highly recommend seeing it. A film that will live on my shelf once it is released on DVD. Thank you Campus Circle for another great film and movie poster =-)
Posted: 12:33pm | 7/15/2011

moviebuff wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for the tickets for Friends with Benefits. Unforetunetly, my friend, about 60 other people, and I were not let in to the movie. I was 2 people away from the last person they let in, which really sucked considering i waited an hour and half and still had to pay for parking. I was hoping thy would give out other tickets so it wasnt a complete waste because at the last screening I went to, I didnt get in, and they gave us free movie tickets.
Posted: 10:57am | 7/15/2011

quackkk wrote about Film Screenings:
Is there an age limit for the Friends with Benefits screening tonight?
Posted: 4:15pm | 7/14/2011

Leika Nakamura wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you Campus Circle for the passes to "Terri". It really captured that awkward, out of place feeling we have all experienced at some point in our youth. The pace matched that of the main character's thought process. It was interesting to see how he dealt with the obstacles/crap/drama in his life and become the hero to himself and others.
Posted: 10:49pm | 7/13/2011

Libertyin2011 wrote about Film Screenings:
Terri Review by Libertyin2011: Terri is an overweight kind hearted teenager who cares and lives with his ill uncle. He is constantly ridiculed by his classmates thus hesitant to show up to classes and when he does, he wears his PJs because he feels more comfortable in them. This movie is light but somewhat deep. In addition to Terri's, it carefully develops the main characters and their shortcomings as well as their friedships( Terri's vice principal, Mr. Fitzgerald, Chad, a strange lonely boy masking his insecurities under his rebellious weird behavior, and Heather, a beautiful and innocent looking girl making sexual advances to Terri. Terri is actually the level-headed grounded boy who ends up saving all of them. I enjoyed the movie and the character developments. The movie was well done. I would recommend seeing this movie. There are a couple of sexual and drug/alcohol abuse scenes which might not be suitable for children.
Posted: 11:22am | 7/1/2011

TheCampusCircle wrote about Film Screenings:
Have a great long weekend and happy Fourth of July. Enjoy! -Campus Circle-
Posted: 9:30am | 7/1/2011

MidnightLady wrote about Film Screenings:
It's heartwrenching seeing obese teens like "Terri" being bullied and ostracized. Aside from the movie, I want to say that the line control was so much better because of the effort made by Sean who had a clipboard of officially registered attendees and had gone down the line physically matching that list with our hardcopy invite, numbering each invite in turn. This system allowed 2 people per pass -- no more one early bird saving spaces for groups of friends and family. Campus Circle wouldn't have to do this if we all would just be respectful to each other by following the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".
Posted: 8:18am | 7/1/2011

Mr.Womack wrote about Film Screenings:
First off all, I loved Terri. Thank you for the screening. I thought it was a well made film with lots of character in it. Though, I understand that these screenings are free and all, but I was getting really annoyed at the people sitting behind me who wouldn't stop talking. I told them to be quiet, and they wouldn't stop. Is there a way we can prevent this from ever happening again? I know it's free, but at the same time the movie should be enjoyable to watch. It really rude, and distracting when people talk during the movie. Thanks!
Posted: 2:07am | 7/1/2011

Brigitte wrote about Film Screenings:
I loved Terri, I honestly did not know what to expect but I thought it was an awesome film. Great acting from all of them. I got to the screening about an hour early, I did not mind the wait, and my friend and I still got good seats. Thanks Campus Circle!!
Posted: 7:15pm | 6/30/2011

Hollywood666 wrote about Film Screenings:
Terri was a unique character study from a large person's point of view. Suprized to an old actor friend Justin Prentice as Dirty Jack. Interesting, but could have left out the sexual part in the cafeteria.
Posted: 4:44pm | 6/30/2011

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