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mrsbubu10 wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks guys ! Came back from Despicable me at Sherman oaks ! I loooved it!! U guys rock! Thanks again! I recommend everyone too see it!!!
Posted: 11:00pm | 7/1/2010

Fancydiva wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks campus circle!!!! Despicable me was sooo good and my girls loved it!!!!
Posted: 10:35pm | 7/1/2010

cgarcia1016 wrote about Film Screenings:
My Son (7 year old) and I just got home from Despicable Me screener in Irvine, what a GREAT movie.. We enjoyed it very much. It was very very cute.. Thanks you Campuscircle.. Please keep 'em coming!
Posted: 9:53pm | 7/1/2010 wrote about the Inception LA Film Screening:
please.. sean i hope i can get tickets for this movie.. got my fingers crossed
Posted: 8:42pm | 7/1/2010

twinfiel3 wrote:
Hi Campus Circle, Thank you for the passes to The Last Airbender. Great Movie. Me and my son had a great time enteracting with the other people waiting in line. Also, I enjoyed the fact that I got an opportunity take a photo with a couple of members from Campus Circle. Again, The movie had a lot of action, it kept my interest, I was amazed with the special effects, the storyline had me on the edge of my seat, and my son made me guarantee that I was going the purchase the DVD when it comes out. I am planned on going to see the movie again when it comes out next week. I had a great time. I am a happy camper.
Posted: 4:33pm | 7/1/2010

metoman wrote about Film Screenings:
Yeah it was definitely not campus circles fault for the last airbender screw up. Thanks campus circle.
Posted: 4:21pm | 7/1/2010

Fancydiva wrote about Film Screenings:
where is the despicable me screening in sherman oaks? pls help!!!!!!
Posted: 4:17pm | 7/1/2010

charlie wrote about Film Screenings:
I haven't won a single movie ticket this year :(
Posted: 1:02pm | 7/1/2010

KRAZYAZNCHICC wrote about Film Screenings:
what movie theatre is the screening in irvine today for despicable me?
Posted: 12:09pm | 7/1/2010

DJ4l wrote about Film Screenings:
I would like to thank campuscircle for the pass to airbender last night. I was one of the many unfortunates that was unable to get in. I had about 50 people in front of me and probably 300 behind. Usually, arriving an hour and a half pretty much means you'll be in. Sadly, that's not the case with this screening. It's stupid greedy Paramount that permit tons of passes when they could accommodate only 10-20% of them. What was really sad is that a lot of young children were waiting in line. And why not turn ppl away after 20-30 that they could accommodate so they could spend their time doing something else? stupid Paramount.
Posted: 2:23am | 7/1/2010

Jharp wrote about Film Screenings:
Yes I was lucky enough to be able to go to The Last Airbender last night in the OC. Well 1st they put us in a small theater, then the OC REgister shows up and takes about 40 seats, then these acrobat performers show up with their families and take up 50 more. Then there are those that fake dissabilities to go in first. This Really needs to be monitored because 98% of them are faking. So I was third in line and by the time I went in there were like 3 rows left. Happy that I got in to see it, but all of those factors that Campus Circle had no say in were the reason why everyone got screwed last night. YThanks Campus Circle for the chance to see the film though
Posted: 11:56pm | 6/30/2010

Camperific wrote about Film Forums: What is the best film you have seen this summer?:
It will be INCEPTION! That is all.
Posted: 11:50pm | 6/30/2010

mrsbubu10 wrote about Film Screenings:
thank you for my four tickets for despicable me in sherman oaks tomorrow! me and my family cant wait to see it tomorrow thank u so so much guys! this made my day! =)
Posted: 8:56pm | 6/30/2010

rcs2001 wrote about Film Screenings:
I was at the last airbender last night I took my son. He loves watching the cartoons of it and reading the book. WE had a wonderful time. We got in line at 4pm. We have been to several screenings and love each one but like they say the early bird gets the worm I came late the first few time and learned my lesson. Ill never do that again. Oh thanks campus circle for the tickets to Airbender and to Despicable Me. I hope to get some for Soccer's Apprentice.
Posted: 5:17pm | 6/30/2010

Jade wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you for the opportunity to see "The Lsst Airbender" but, I also was roped waiting in line and unable to get in. Still hoping I could get tickets for "Dispicable Me". If so, I"ll definitely get there much earlier. (Early bird gets the worm!!)
Posted: 4:36pm | 6/30/2010

metoman wrote about Film Screenings:
the reason why no one got in to the last airbener was because of all the damn twilight screenings.
Posted: 3:32pm | 6/30/2010

claudia wrote about Film Screenings:
i was there yesterday in line to see last air bender an there was a huge line . the doors were close they should of told us to leave
Posted: 2:24pm | 6/30/2010

trekker62 wrote about the Jonah Hex OC Film Screening:
Hope I win for The Sorcerer's Apprentice! dying to see it!
Posted: 2:14pm | 6/30/2010

movielover wrote about the Despicable Me LA Film Screening:
Hi Campuscircle, I am not able to win any tickets at all. Now I knew that summer time u put all win tickets instead of giving free. That means I wont be wining any tickets for nice movies all during summer time. Too bad. Atleast I hope I win tickets for this movie. I missed the last airbender movie I guess I have to wait till it releases in theatres.
Posted: 1:17pm | 6/30/2010

HappyChristie wrote about Film Screenings:
I'm grateful for tickets! I don't mind waiting in line! It's great to see a movie before it is released to the public! Keep up the good work Campus Circle!
Posted: 10:42am | 6/30/2010

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