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3,828 Recent Member Comments wrote about the Ninja Assassin LA Film Screening:
na was really entertaining, really bloody & full of cool action sequences. and rain looked like a centerfold.
Posted: 12:15am | 11/24/2009

movielover wrote about Film Screenings:
Today i saw the movie Ninja Assasin in Hollywood. Lots of action. I saw with my mother and we both liked it. My heart beat just became normal. It was very good.
Posted: 12:15am | 11/24/2009

chrisxacosta wrote about the Ninja Assassin OC Film Screening:
out of the last 6 screenings ive been too, ive only gotten in to 1. you guys need to start checking ids and passes. cause i show up 3 hrs early just to get in and i still dont. how is that possible to began with. holding ones place in line or letting them cut is not fair to those who make the effort to show up early and follow instructions.
Posted: 12:08am | 11/24/2009

brooki wrote about Film Screenings:
Took my Dad to OC to see Ninja Assassin we really like the movie lots of Action. Would like to see this again.Brooke
Posted: 11:45pm | 11/23/2009

Royce wrote about Film Screenings:
Just got back from seeing Ninja Assassin in OC I though it was a Bloody good movie lots of action can not wait to see part two Thanks Sean
Posted: 11:38pm | 11/23/2009

optix77 wrote about Film Screenings:
Saw Ninja Assassin tonight, and if you're into acrobatic fights, blood, severed limbs and fuckin' NINJAS!! This movie is for you. Or, if you're just looking for a reason to get back to the gym. The lead's abs are insane. I would've paid to see this movie. Be sure to support it for a sequel. If I remember right the movie mentioned 9 Clans. Thanks Campus Circle and Sean!
Posted: 11:14pm | 11/23/2009

Yaucana wrote about the Armored Film Screening:
Please have a screening of this movie in Burbank/Pasadena area. There are new AMC very nice theaters in guys had one screening there a LONGGGG time ago...we should have more in Glendora. Please???
Posted: 9:36am | 11/23/2009

ilovecampuscircle wrote about Film Screenings:
First Off To Sean Hello, Long Time No hear. Second No specific Names but to some of you. You complain about the littlest things. Time to time I Go To Sean Screenings and In My Opinion its ran very well and organized. "Beggers Cant be Choosers" Thank God That Campus Circle even have free screenings. Words of advice turn the negativity into positivity and the end results could be better. Too Much Complaining might shut it down not good. Not Preaching just stating. I love all of You and Just speaking the real. Sean Great work as always. God Bless, See You guys soon have some free time coming up :-)
Posted: 2:09am | 11/23/2009

cine wrote about the Up In The Air Film Screening:
Posted: 12:40am | 11/23/2009

cine wrote about the Armored Film Screening:
Posted: 12:39am | 11/23/2009 wrote about Pictures Forums: Sean Bello at the Berlin Wall 20 years ago and now.:
Here are pictures of me at the Berlin Wall 20 years ago and now at a segment of the wall that was on Wilshire Blvd. at the Variety Building.
Posted: 2:34pm | 11/22/2009

hourglas39 wrote about the Ninja Assassin OC Film Screening:
Your welcome Serious Business. Anytime. Glad you were able to get passes for OC :) None of my friends want to go now, I guess it's a "chick" thing with them changing their mind. LOL I may still go though.
Posted: 12:38pm | 11/21/2009

maceo d kat
maceo d kat wrote about the Ninja Assassin OC Film Screening:
thanks for the offer, but luckily i saw sean's twitter post and got in just in time for the rsvp for here. see you on monday!
Posted: 3:39pm | 11/20/2009

lalaby7 wrote about the Ninja Assassin LA Film Screening:
I want to see this movie... just nee two tickets....
Posted: 1:53pm | 11/20/2009

Susan Reimer wrote about the The Blind Side OC Film Screening:
Great movie. The actors and their characters were well thought out. It was a very touching movie in spots without being too mussy. I especially liked the Michael Orr character. Would highly recommend. Thanks
Posted: 10:44am | 11/20/2009

sbrooks wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean, at The Blind Side screening, they previewed a movie called 'Invictus' and I would LOVE to see that movie! I have been a fan of Nelson Mandella since I was 10 when he was released from prison! If you could get a screening to this movie, I would be blown away! Thanks for everything you do for us!
Posted: 9:47am | 11/20/2009

TheBigA wrote about Film Forums: Do OC people like to go to the movies?:
Hey Sean, I just wanted to stop by and say hello and thanks for all of the Orange County screenings. I think that everybody forgot that this page is here. I didn't, i saved it under my favorites and come back occasionally to see if there's anything new here. Question: Do u have any control over the size of the theater used for the screening? Cause thats the biggest problem, people in the OC love screenings and they are hugely popular at the BLOCK in Orange, but lately almost every single screening is in theater #24 (Which seats around 200 or so) and in the past the screenings always used to be in theaters #14-17 (which are closer to 450) If u have any say in the matter or can put a suggestion into the studio reps I'm sure u would get a lot less complaints and grief from whiny people who cant or wont get there extremely early like me to guarantee that they get in. Love ya dude and appreciate all u do for us little people! BTW still waiting to see you in the OC at a screening soon! TTYL
Posted: 7:20am | 11/20/2009

TheBigA wrote about Film Screenings:
OK everybody I totally agree with you and I when the Register or secondary sponsors show up and insist "their people" get front of the line treatment! But even the OC Register lady got there late and if she got there any earlier then half of the people that got in would not have. But seriously, do u really think an hour beforehand is adequate time to guarantee you a spot at a movie as highly anticipated as The Blind Side? Not only that but we were in one of the smallest theaters, I know its not Sean's fault, but some1 needs to talk 2 the Studio and have them fork over the money to rent bigger theater for huge movies like this. I would suggest at least 2hours or more for big named movies like this. That is what I do and I never get turned away.
Posted: 7:13am | 11/20/2009

lisa wrote about the The Blind Side LA Film Screening:
Hi my name is Lisa. Loved the movie, Sandra Bullock was great (loved her gucci bag) gotta have one now! Will see it again this weekend with my husband (he loves football). Thanks Sean
Posted: 7:02pm | 11/19/2009

Kimba wrote about Film Screenings:
We went to see Blind side too. And we got there at 6:00pm and yes all the OC people got and they came at like 7:20pm. At 7.45pm they told us they were full our line never moved it sucked not fair at all.
Posted: 5:39pm | 11/19/2009

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