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Becky wrote about Film Screenings:
I'm glad I didn't get tickets for the Hangover now but to be fair everyone overbooks their screenings. I got tickets for Gofobo to see Scream, waited four hours and they only let the first couple people in. And Gofobo makes it almost impossible to get rsvp at least at Campus Circle everyone have a fair chance to get tickets. A lot of the other sponsors make it really hard to get tickets.
Posted: 10:06am | 5/25/2011

MARGOR wrote about Film Screenings:
I was in the first 20 people in line last night for the OC screening of the Hangover, I wasn't lucky enough to win from CC but I did get tickets through the OC Register, we weren't pulled out of line. By the time all of the other sponsors had pulled their people in they just started at the front of the line. I barely got in and was in an awkward seat in the front corner. My complaint is that the other sponsors had 4 rows reserved for their people but when we finally went in the theater was almost filled and all the radio station and studio people that got priority seating weren't even in the section that was reserved for them, leaving almost no available spots that weren't in the very front. Then they wouldn't let anyone sit in those seats because they were reserved. If I had to guess based off the size of the theater and how long the line was I would say less than a third of the people there actually got in to see the movie.
Posted: 9:11am | 5/25/2011

RickyO wrote about Film Screenings:
You know Campus Circle provided a great opportunity for us to attend screenings. In the beginning it was a fun experience. Then the folks who wouldn't abide by the rules and common courtesy begin to ruin it for all of us. When CC screenings began to become too stressful, I moved over to the other sponsors. I was at the OC screening last night via the studio and had no trouble getting in. I really felt bad for the many CC people who didn't make it inside. I am sure that CC can "fix" things and make their screenings the fun but fair events that first enticed me.
Posted: 7:40am | 5/25/2011

planting3 wrote about Film Screenings:
I thought i was in the clear showing up for the pre-screening of Hangover II in OC about three hours before it started. When they did begin to take people it seemed like they only took about a hundred people from the line. There was a good amount of people from the OC Register that got to go right in regardless of line location (most just walked up about 15 minutes before it started), very rude event crew and way too much line/group saving. Waste of time, Thanks Campus Circle.
Posted: 8:11pm | 5/24/2011

Spars wrote about Film Screenings:
I was *lucky enough to see Hangover II last night at Century City. Thank you for the invite and ticket. I knew this was going to be a popular event so I arrived 2hrs and 15min early, and was still 40~ish in line. Well at the time, the problem was by the time they let people in, I had moved to 80+ due to people saving spots. I have no problems with a single saving one for his/her sweetheart...but I saw groups upon groups being saved. Usually there's much better regulation going on in the lines and it's actually a pain to save a spot for a significant other to join..but this time they kinda missed the boat with the line management.
Posted: 5:12pm | 5/24/2011

TheCampusCircle wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks to all who came out to The Hangover Part II movie screening last night in West Los Angeles.
Posted: 10:21am | 5/24/2011

jay232 wrote about Film Screenings:
Really wanted tickets to hangover 2 in la, I was ready to go
Posted: 3:47pm | 5/23/2011

Ladyrandi wrote about Film Screenings:
Don't feel bad people I didn't get an email for Hangover either. Oh well, next screening!
Posted: 3:14pm | 5/23/2011

fashionmama wrote about Film Screenings:
Did anyone win tickets for Hangover 2 in Orange for tomrrorow?
Posted: 1:21pm | 5/23/2011

LAMB wrote about Film Screenings:
I want tickets for Hangover II!!! I didn't get no email :( would've been a great bday gift for today :(
Posted: 11:32am | 5/23/2011

krispy9 wrote about Sweepstakes:
Is there a way to enter the contests after logging in so you don't have to enter password each time. Also would be good to see which one's you already entered.
Posted: 8:57pm | 5/22/2011

alicorne wrote about Film Screenings:
Love Wedding Marriage was really cute, thanks for the tix!
Posted: 6:47pm | 5/22/2011

moviebuff wrote about Film Screenings:
thanks for the tix of Love Wedding Marrige. Very cute movie
Posted: 10:58pm | 5/20/2011

TheCampusCircle wrote about Film Screenings:
Dear fans, you can now RSVP to our June 8 film screening of "The Last Mountain" at 7:30 p.m. in West Hollywood. "The Last Mountain" is a documentary depicting a battle between a coal mining corporation and a small community fighting over a mountain in the valleys of Appalachia.
Posted: 11:53am | 5/20/2011

cfever wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you for the pass for Love Wedding Marriage. I rsvp for the Hangover Part 2 I hope I get a pass. Thanks again.
Posted: 7:54pm | 5/18/2011

dee wrote about Film Screenings:
I would love to see the Hangover 2. Please send RSVP
Posted: 7:42pm | 5/18/2011

jay232 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hope I get the tix to Hangover Part II. Thanks CampusCircle
Posted: 1:21pm | 5/18/2011

ljie wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for the tix to Love Wedding Marriage! I had such a great time and even got to see some of the actors and actresses from the movie as well as the Director & Producer! I do have to say that the movie was somewhat of a disappointment though as the on-screen love was unconvincing. There were funny moments of course and Jane Seymour was great as usual. One thing that I did love was the theater, amazing! Thanks again!
Posted: 12:06pm | 5/18/2011

alepandabear wrote about Film Screenings:
"Love Wedding Marriage" was so fun last night! Had the chance to see a couple of the actors in the film and the theater was so nice! Thanks campus circle!
Posted: 11:38am | 5/18/2011

TheCampusCircle wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks to all who attended the "Love Wedding Marriage" movie screening. We are so glad that everyone who came to the screening was able to get in.
Posted: 9:26am | 5/18/2011

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