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3,828 Recent Member Comments wrote about Film Screenings:
Hello everyone, Based on member feedback I want to check out Ninja Assassin. I'll be leaving the kids at home for this one. BMerri!, thanks for the compliment. I hope you got your wallet back. Joel, great hearing from you. It has been far to long. As for the rest of you, I appreciate the compliments and the comments, good and bad. By having this comment system, it gives me a good idea of what is on your minds especially in OC. I haven't been down there in some time but will be making an appearance in 2010 at some point. Keep telling your friends about us and join CC on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Posted: 11:09am | 11/25/2009

salsakid wrote about Film Screenings:
Posted: 11:06am | 11/25/2009

Eyelovmovies77 wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and everyone at Campus Circle! Just wanted to say: Thank you for all you do. Your hard work has allowed us to see and enjoy many good movies and we really appreciate it. Thank you also for the professional and courteous manner in which your screenings are usually conducted.
Posted: 2:46am | 11/25/2009

General Disarray
General Disarray wrote about the Ninja Assassin OC Film Screening:
I admit that I'm not really into uber-violent films but I enjoyed Ninja Assasin (even though I had to look away a few times). Warning: there are gallons of blood flying across the screen, not to mention many severed body parts plus a lot of bloody wounds and scars. There are also scenes of children being tortured and this movie is definately NOT suitable for kids even though little kids were at this screening. Rain was certainly charismatic as the main character. And there are even a few one-liners thrown in to good effect - the "boy-band" comment was really funny. Thank you again Campus Circle and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Posted: 8:15pm | 11/24/2009 wrote about Film Screenings:
hello cc and sean b .. wuts up? cant wait 4 "armored" ok open open open please thankz.
Posted: 12:06pm | 11/24/2009

miraj_d wrote about the Ninja Assassin OC Film Screening:
good movie. good action and not a dull moment. we enjoyed it. thank you.
Posted: 11:18am | 11/24/2009

sbrooks wrote about Film Screenings:
the movies are purposely overbooked because usually a percentage that RSVP don't show up. The movie theater is not rented for free. Someone has to pay per seat, so to ensure that their money is worth it, they over book the theater to fill every seat. Sadly, people are turned away. It's a free movie that clearly says you are not guaranteed a seat and so what if they use a smaller theater (it might not even be Campus Circle who makes this decision)! Also, I heard more complaining about children in a theater at a FREE screening than I do if someone brings a kid to a movie you PAY for. Someone yelled at a parent who was REMOVING their child from the theater at one of the screenings. The people who put on these screenings work really hard to try and make it enjoyable so please stop complaining. It's a free event!!
Posted: 10:44am | 11/24/2009

lalalandyea wrote about Film Screenings:
Need to go there before 6pm if you can to get in. It's always overbook.
Posted: 9:43am | 11/24/2009

timchimchuroo wrote about Film Screenings:
Didn't get to see Ninja Assassin b/c the movie theater filled up really quickly.. plus i heard it was screened in one of the smaller theaters! i'm so pissed! you need to limit RSVPs! i waited 2.5 hrs to be told there was no more room... get a bigger theater size next time!
Posted: 9:37am | 11/24/2009

jubay wrote about Film Screenings:
the movie had a good story line , the action was great ,and great amounts of gore ,its a movie that has to be in every ninja and martial arts lovers dvd or blue ray collection
Posted: 9:14am | 11/24/2009

JayC wrote about Film Screenings:
Hats off to Sean and group for allowing us to view Ninja Assassin last night. Great action packed movie, but as my fellow movie goers note...this movie does have a lot of graphic violence. For the older crowd, if you can get past the graphic violence, this is a good action film
Posted: 9:14am | 11/24/2009

gabs wrote about Film Screenings:
Ninja Assassin was AWESOME!! Gory with just enough action and storyline to keep it interesting. Left the theater wishing I could be a ninja :) Would really pay to watch it again.
Posted: 8:54am | 11/24/2009

bmerri1 wrote about Pictures Forums: Sean Bello at the Berlin Wall 20 years ago and now.:
Hey Sean you were really good looking back in the day, kinda SEXY, not to say you look Bad now, Not so, not at all. Nice pictures,Cool!
Posted: 8:33am | 11/24/2009

ATJ1 wrote about Film Screenings:
Ninja Assassin is martial art action movie. It's enjoyable movie for martial art action movie fans. It might not be fit for younger audience with too much violence, bloody and bad languages.
Posted: 8:13am | 11/24/2009

bmerri1 wrote about Film Screenings:
I saw Ninja Assassin last night and Lost My Wallet at the Screening. Has any one found a Wallet, PLEASE return it to me, my phone # is (323) 296-6394. The movie was great, but I left real sad afterwards. If you found it, please return it.
Posted: 8:10am | 11/24/2009

yeti wrote about the Ninja Assassin LA Film Screening:
Killer movie - action packed from start to finish. I have been waiting months and it exceeded expectations, amazing, some crazy fight scenes! Will definitely go see it again. Thanks CC!
Posted: 6:12am | 11/24/2009

hank wrote about Film Screenings:
Just saw Ninja Assassin last night. Great movie. Reminds me of the old Samauri Japanese movies with great fight scenes but even better. It had a good story line. Highly recommend this but lots of blood and gore. The gals in our group covered their eyes in some parts. Definitely not for the squemish. Thanks Sean and Campus Circle!
Posted: 5:28am | 11/24/2009

Nelson wrote about the Ninja Assassin OC Film Screening:
If you love action movies you must see this movie. The slow motion in the sword fighting reminds me of the movie "300".
Posted: 2:54am | 11/24/2009

majorjma wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi Everyone: Just got back from the Ninja Assassin screening. First let me say, I am not a Ninja movie fan and normally this is not my kind of movie. I went with a friend who needed a diversion from her problems. But, I have to say we both thoroughly enjoyed it. The action was great, the story was great and it kept you rooting for the good guy. Yes, there is a lot of blood and cutting people to pieces, therefore I wouldn't recommend it for the squeamish. But for everyone else, I would definitely recommend they go see it when it comes out. Thanks Sean and Campus Circle for a terrific evening.
Posted: 1:43am | 11/24/2009

twee2345 wrote about the Ninja Assassin LA Film Screening:
I loved this movie. The action scenes were great, the first scene really set the stage and I was hooked.
Posted: 1:39am | 11/24/2009

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