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michealgrim wrote about Sweepstakes:
these are some awesome sweepstakes
Posted: 8:23am | 6/3/2012

Susan Murray wrote about Film Screenings:
Moonrise Kingdom was excellent! Thank you so much!
Posted: 1:22am | 5/31/2012

papkin45 wrote about Sweepstakes:
I would love to be entered in these contests.
Posted: 3:34pm | 5/28/2012

Pasha Bahsoun wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you for the tickets to see "Moonrise Kingdom." This movie was an absolute delight to watch from start to finish. This film will charm you with its remarkable sense of humor, sweetness, visual gags and sheer wit, and have you smiling for every second your eyes are on the screen. Anchored by two brilliant kids, their improbable love story and the trademark, unique visual style of Wes Anderson, this film is a must see for everyone. Every. One.
Posted: 3:23pm | 5/25/2012 wrote about Film Screenings:
I Went to go see High School yesterday! It was a lot better then I expected it to be. Adrian Brody played a good role and the two main characters keep you interested ass well. I'd recommend it to anybody with a open since of humor and imagination.
Posted: 12:24pm | 5/16/2012

pjhgarcia wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks so much for the tickets to Dark Shadows. Saw a screening last night and I loved it. Fun movie!
Posted: 11:31am | 5/9/2012

Jackiebraxton wrote about Film Screenings:
DC Screening is not working and says Orange. CA
Posted: 3:22pm | 5/3/2012

alicialpz wrote about Film Screenings:
I have been trying to get premier tickets to see the "Dark Shadows", but I Gofobo says tickets have been reserved, but it has been saying this from the 1st few days that it was up on posting. Please check into this, as I would hate to miss this premiere.
Posted: 11:24am | 5/3/2012

alicialpz wrote about Film Screenings:
Went last night to see the premiere of "The Road".... it was not really what I expected, but it did leave me in suspense at the ending. Overall it was a cool movie, a little creepy though. Thanks Sean for the tickets.
Posted: 11:08am | 5/3/2012

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
Why does it become impossible to get a movie thru Gofobo? I went to its website on my situation & complained to the support team in the weekend. I don't really understand why I didn't receive a pass for "The Avengers" on CC when a friend of mine e-mailed me to sign up immediately with that film which pop up in the screening section. I also tried the same with the other locations in LA & Orange counties as well with no answer. He even sent me online on "Dark Shadows" with the same result. What total nonsense! I kept on wondering about surrendering myself by paying to watch as a regular customer at any theater, quitting altogether due to this terrible & insulting issue or perhaps waiting for video.
Posted: 2:52pm | 4/30/2012

cal_bear wrote about Sweepstakes:
AWESOME. PSY sounds amazing
Posted: 10:22pm | 4/29/2012

jim black wrote about Film Screenings:
i know how to make extra money now print and copy extra passes and sell em why not campus circle one never shows up at the screenings and 2nd no one cares i know now how to raise rent money just sell movie screening passes yippie better than selling my body on the corner LOL laughing my a off
Posted: 1:20am | 4/29/2012

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
I'm surprised that "The Road," which was shown in Philippine theaters on 11/30/11 when I had my X'mas vacation for the first time in almost 20 yrs., would arrive here very lately.
Posted: 11:50am | 4/27/2012

david92705 wrote about Film Screenings:
Don't you just love it! Don't complain - that's just the way it is! If you don't like standing in line for hours and watch people cut in front of you to the point where you don't get to to see the movie - hey that's your problem and stop complaining! Let's not have rules or common decency - let's just cheat others so WE can see the movie! If you want something just grab it. That's great advice and the makings of a great society/culture. Would those that feel that way please wear an orange scarf or hat at the next screening. That way we will know who to cut in front of -- since they apparently won't mind. Works for me....
Posted: 5:54am | 4/27/2012

michaelc wrote about Film Screenings:
just tolet you know that latino chubby male who is in line at 5 will hold a place for 20 of his friends and he charges for a pass or for food and shawn bellows does nothing about it i have seen him pull out like 200 bucks because he sells the screening passes and if your 2nd in line at 5pm you may become 40th in line because of this fact people speak up and say something
Posted: 11:37pm | 4/26/2012

fashionmama wrote about Film Screenings:
This is for all the complainer from the screening of Avengers in Irvine, Did pay the movie? Did you get in? Stop complaining, you saw a free movie. If you don't like the system and it most likely will not change so STAY HOME!!! It is not Campus Circle fault you should be thanking them for the screening.
Posted: 10:36pm | 4/26/2012

theburiedlife wrote about Film Screenings:
I stopped going to these screenings because of this stuff. Its amazing how low people will go and how badly they will behave just to see a movie early and for free. This used to be a great, fun experience. Now its just not worth it. I'll pay the $8-$12 to see a movie or I'll try to go to other movie events through other sources. I love Campus Circle and want to thank them for all of the movies I have seen thanks to them since 2005, but they are not able to handle the masses of idotic jerks who attend and have no sense of decency (i.e. them and 20 of their closest friends cut in line with one guy who was in line before 6pm).
Posted: 3:05pm | 4/26/2012

mrsbubu10 wrote about Film Screenings:
This will be a nerd girl dream come true if I win tickets for Burbank for avengers!!!! Please please!!!! This will make my day!!! Love u guys!!! :D pick meeeeee!!!
Posted: 2:59pm | 4/26/2012

sleepy24siete wrote about Film Screenings:
The Irvine avengers screenings was horrible, they were passing out tickets and no one seem to have the list of the winners from campus circle, Campus Circle needs to be more organized, what else can I say that already been said by other members already !!!
Posted: 1:28pm | 4/26/2012

porsche66 wrote about Film Screenings:
Yeah the line was crazy for Avengers Irvine. What happened to checking for ID for this event. No one checked ID and at the beginning they didn't even collect tickets. So many people who got there late ran in front of the line as it moved forward. That is not right for those of us who were in line for several hours. No it is not campus circles fault for this but I do blame the security on site for not being more mindful especially after they were told of the situation. I hear them say sometimes, well it is just a Free movie, what difference does it make. They don't seem to care. We are in line for hours and these Zippers cut in at the last moment and take up all the seats. That is BS. I am sorry #40 in line, we tried to get them to throw these people out of line. We at least got them to take a small cluster of them before the movie line moved and got them back in the regular line but we couldn't get them all.
Posted: 10:14am | 4/26/2012

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