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samnunez795 wrote about the Public Enemies LA Film Screening:
Posted: 4:27pm | 6/9/2009 wrote about the Year One Film Screening:
Hey everyone, I've been out of the loop for a couple of days. We launched the Year One screening page so enter to win tickets to the screening. On a side note, I went hiking in Eaton Canyon on Sunday in Pasadena. It is an amazing place. There are streams, waterfalls, wildlife and pretty flat trails. It's beautiful. Check it out at
Posted: 2:38pm | 6/9/2009

9inchnails wrote about the Public Enemies LA Film Screening:
I cannot wait... must see. please!!
Posted: 7:53am | 6/9/2009

Spyder wrote about the Public Enemies OC Film Screening:
I've been following this movie on forums. Been waiting since November of last year for this. Ive done my research, which sadly revealed the ending to me but I still dying to see. I check for the RSVP everyday every 3 hours. But with over 1,000 views im sure im not the only one.
Posted: 1:26pm | 6/8/2009

General Disarray
General Disarray wrote about the Land of the Lost OC Film Screening:
It is mindless fun and I enjoyed it but it could have been even better. It felt like they weren't sure which direction to take. A family-adventure with a modern take on the original TV show. Or an R-rated spoof w/all the kitsch and low budget goofiness of the TV show taken to extremes. It is PG-13 and a weaker, mashed up version of both of those. I think Danny McBride (Will) stole the movie.
Posted: 5:31pm | 6/6/2009

monkey2451 wrote about the Public Enemies LA Film Screening:
This movie is gonna be sweeeet! I hope I get passes.
Posted: 5:26pm | 6/6/2009

emraz20 wrote about Film Screenings:
I totally agree with some of my fellow movie screening reviewers. The movie was funny ( as can be expected with Will Ferrell movies) but tinged with very mature situations and language. May not be suitable for little kids, which I saw were present during the screening. The line was long as usual but was more orderly. Great Job to both Power 106 and CampusCircle. Thanks again Sean! See you next screening.
Posted: 5:08pm | 6/6/2009

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
Will Ferrell might be leading the wild, cool & funny bunch in "Land of the Lost," but the story is overrated & full of oddball cheesiness, especially with the familiar classic theme song of the 1970's song recorded on the time-warping device. Some of the scenes were too SNLesque in the skits. GRADE: B-
Posted: 1:53pm | 6/6/2009

salsakid wrote about the Irene in Time Film Screening:
Hello this is Joshua and well wanted to thank SEAN BELLO for inviting me to this screening cant wait.also saw the Hangover and the Land of the lost must see movies
Posted: 1:44pm | 6/6/2009

salsakid wrote about a Calendar Event:
Cant wait to go there
Posted: 1:42pm | 6/6/2009

vcavazos wrote about the Public Enemies LA Film Screening:
ooooooooh sean i would love to see this moooovie with my future ex-husband Johnny.... hey did u ever post the pics u took of me at the Dance Flick movie in Culver City?
Posted: 12:14pm | 6/6/2009

Matt Gambit
Matt Gambit wrote about the Land of the Lost LA Film Screening:
I honestly didn't think the movie was very good. Will Ferrell needs to stick to his own genre which is strictly comedy. Action/adventure just is not his thing. Check out my full review at my web site.
Posted: 10:19pm | 6/5/2009

Bender wrote about the Public Enemies OC Film Screening:
Sometime after seeing Benny & Joon, I realized that Johnny Depp had too much integrity to work in something that wasn't worth his time: basically, anything he is in is worth seeing, if only to see him raise utterly unworthy cr@p [like "Hidden Window"] up to the level of "that wasn't half bad..." Sometimes he takes a part because it's a good story, sometimes he takes a part to show just how d@mn good he is! Rent "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" to see him working opposite a quite young but already showing his promising future "Leonard" DiCaprio... that movie would be almost too tedious for words, if not for the acting tour de force displayed by both of them!
Posted: 9:41pm | 6/5/2009

SHARKB8 wrote about Film Screenings:
I saw "Land Of The Lost" last night at OC and thought it was very funny. It was a little different than I expected but i thougherly enjoyed it. Maybe I'm just a prude, but some of the scenes seemed a little too mature for some of the young kids in the audience (8 to 12) years old.
Posted: 8:19pm | 6/5/2009

X_TiNA=) wrote about Film Screenings:
LAND OF THE LOST was grrrreeeeeeeaaaaattt! had me laughing my a** off the whole time. LOVED IT. thanks CampusCircle! LUV YA!!!!!
Posted: 8:13pm | 6/5/2009

marco rangel wrote about Film Screenings:
whatz going on everyone!! I saw the Land of The Lost screening last night in OC the Block, and let me tell you it was good. I give it a 8 out of 10. Had fun and maid me laugh, specially chaca. Have to agree with TFABOLOUS it's not great but it was good. If you want to have a laugh I recommend it.
Posted: 7:39pm | 6/5/2009

TFABOLOUS wrote about the Public Enemies OC Film Screening:
I would love to see this one
Posted: 7:23pm | 6/5/2009

TFABOLOUS wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi, I went to the Land of the Lost screening last night in the OC. The theater was totally packed, literally, every seat was filled. I thought the movie was both entertaining and enjoyable. As for the people saying the film was absolutely amazing, unfortunately, it was not. However, it was "good". It IS worth seeing. As for the commenters saying this is Will Ferrell's best film, you are completely wrong. Anybody remember "Old School"?
Posted: 7:08pm | 6/5/2009

jonico wrote about the Land of the Lost LA Film Screening:
It was very enjoyable, I recommend it if you need a good laugh~
Posted: 4:29pm | 6/5/2009

Cindy wrote about the Public Enemies LA Film Screening:
I really want to win tickets to see this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 3:54pm | 6/5/2009

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