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3,828 Recent Member Comments wrote about Film Screenings:
I'm always pleased to hear how much people enjoyed the screenings when they get in. I heard we had a great turnout in Rancho Cucamonga last night as well. That was a first for me as we never screened there before. As for the CC member contingent, put your mugs up there. I want to see some pictures on your profiles from all of you. Also, I still need help building our databases so get your friends (and family) to become members of Campus Circle as well as our Facebook page and Twitter. Over and out!
Posted: 9:25pm | 3/4/2010

losthybrid72 wrote about Film Screenings:
Brookln's Finest last nite was very good, you have a good thing going here. And thanks to Sean last night to make sure that my friend and i got seat to enjoy the show.
Posted: 9:02pm | 3/4/2010

neil heflin wrote about Film Screenings:
Way to go Campus Circle I really enjoyed Brookln's Finest last nite. It has something for everyone. The best thing it was full of drama and you didnt know how it was going to end. For the people who dont like violence , sex , language , u will be sursprised how well put together this movie is. the sound track was up to date and bangin thru the speakers. the places used for filming were very good and the acting was first rate. And this one has a gang of stars in it. Sorry my boy from Law & Order died in the first sence but he was good. Thanks for the good night out.
Posted: 2:42am | 3/4/2010

herbn22 wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you Sean for the tickets to Brooklyn's Finest. I really enjoyed the movie and and extra thanks for making sure that my friend got a seat.
Posted: 12:55am | 3/4/2010 wrote about the Brooklyn's Finest Film Screening:
hello sb and the cc crew thanks 4 the tixz 2night screening of "brookly's finenest" ill b there ok with my #7 lakers jersey ok c u all there 2night ps b sure 2 b there extra early ok thankz anain sean bello and the rest of cc crew u guys r so kool 4real ok
Posted: 4:39pm | 3/3/2010

cine wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you Campus Circle for all the movies :)
Posted: 2:15am | 3/3/2010

Dxcee wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for the tickets to Brooklyn's Finest! See you people there!
Posted: 11:46pm | 3/2/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
hello thankz i just got tixz 4"brookly's finest" ok hello sean bello and the reat cc crew ok c ya there ok ill b wearing my #7 lakers jersey ok i cant wait 2 c this movie bigg time thankz again cc rule's!!!!!!!!
Posted: 4:46pm | 3/2/2010

lookyloo wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for the tickets to Brookyn's Finest. I had my fingers crossed and you guys came through!! Cant wait to see it.. O<3=
Posted: 1:58pm | 3/2/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
kool i hope i win ok i wish i really really wanna c this movie bigg time ok
Posted: 12:30pm | 3/2/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi, Yes, Brooklyn's Finest winners have been picked but we will be picking another 100 lucky winners today. So stay tuned.
Posted: 11:35am | 3/2/2010

CapitolGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi Sean, Have the Brooklyn's Finest winners been notified yet? I've got my fingers crossed! Thanks.
Posted: 10:33am | 3/2/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
hello cc and sean b , i wish i win sum tixz 2 c brookly's finest" bigg time this looks like real kool movie ok ps hello kanethejester, this happens 2 me also ok i just go 2 screenings and it will take u back there allright hello 2 all the cc peeps have a great week bigg time god bless us all take care i hope 2 b at "brookly's finest" screening ok i i wish thankz cc and sean bello 4 all the great screenings bye cyah soon...
Posted: 2:23pm | 3/1/2010

Allison Tuck wrote about Books: She’s Crazy, He’s a Liar – Now What?: A Single Girl’s Guide to Understanding the Sexes :
I read this book and I have to say, you are bang on! It's nice to read a relationship/dating book where the author doesn't tell you that you just suck and he's not into you. Really, wow that's useful! But Cecily's book is hilarious and she pokes fun at herself along the way! So funny and an easy read when I needed a break between reading my 100lb law books!
Posted: 7:48am | 3/1/2010

darkside wrote about the The Runaways Premiere Film Screening:
It would be cool to see this one! *Fingers Crossed for passes*
Posted: 2:57am | 3/1/2010

kanethejester wrote about Film Screenings:
Is there a reason why every time I try to RSVP for a screening it takes me to update my member profile? am I missing a step here? Thanks for the help!
Posted: 10:40am | 2/27/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
hello my cc crew and mr bello happy weekend 2 all and my peeps here on cc ok i hope i win tixz 2 "brooklyn's finest" ok this looks like a verry kool movie bigg time i cant wait 2 c it ok god bless all and take care 2 all cyah soon a movie screening near u!!!!! cc and sean bello rock's here in los angeles 4real ok
Posted: 1:12am | 2/27/2010

General Disarray
General Disarray wrote about the Cop Out OC Film Screening:
Thank you Campus Circle! We really enjoyed Cop Out in the OC!
Posted: 8:29pm | 2/26/2010

lestat b wrote about a Calendar Event:
This events marked the beginning of one's generous hands to the deprived children of the state. February 23rd is National Pancake Day – and it in no way, shape, or form whatsoever is official. It was made up by IHOP. (By the way, the National Waffle Institute has more or less indicated to give IHOP the finger.) That said, IHOP is giving out free pancakes, but is asking that patrons indulging in free pancakes on the 23rd of February to make a donation, as any donations go straight to the Children's Miracle Network, a charity that delivers free medical care to children. (It's not like getting coffee at IHOP will send you running for payday loans.) It's a fake holiday, but it IS for a good cause.
Posted: 3:15am | 2/26/2010

hourglas39 wrote about the The Runaways LA Film Screening:
Love Joan Jett!
Posted: 2:46am | 2/26/2010

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