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n2rockk wrote about Campus Circle Redesign Forums: What do you think of Campus Circle's new look?:
Hi Sean, I like the new look. It is very easy to navigate. Keep up the good work. Love the screenings.
Posted: 7:32am | 10/12/2009 wrote about Campus Circle Redesign Forums: What do you think of Campus Circle's new look?:
hello campus circle u guys rock i love the new look all around ok i view your site all the time ok thankz 4 the screening tixz ok see ya at the stepfather creening on thurs eve ok ill b there in my LAKERS JERSEY #7. OK thankz again .james d in hollywood calif 90029.
Posted: 3:37pm | 10/11/2009

Back of the Line
Back of the Line wrote about Film Screenings:
For Tina: All the reserved rows were for contest winners from the OC Register and OC Weekly. A coordinator asked me if I was a member of the Register Insider web program and I said NO so he asked me not to sit there. Some bozo took it upon himself to break off the tape guarding the last row so we naturally followed him to those empty seats and got in trouble for it. Just before the film started all the empty seats that were being held were released for anyone who wanted to sit there. By that time I was already happy with my seat and didn't want to move. By the way how about that slickster that went up and nabbed his supposed "girlfriends" raffle prize from OC Weekly? Shame shame! The audience let him know it too with a collective BOO. ;)
Posted: 2:35pm | 10/11/2009

Fee Fee
Fee Fee wrote about Film Screenings:
OMG !!! Couples Retreat was Hilarious !! I'm going to go out and buy Guitar Hero WWI now ! Thanks for the tickets Campuscircle !
Posted: 11:10am | 10/11/2009

Kat wrote about Campus Circle Redesign Forums: What do you think of Campus Circle's new look?:
I can't give any feedback on the layout of the site and/or magazine. I only read what I get via email. If that has changed as well, I'll give feedback when I see it. I do agree with Monatcat and BobLA regarding content. Thanks for all your hard work! Kath
Posted: 9:09am | 10/11/2009

Monatcat wrote about Campus Circle Redesign Forums: What do you think of Campus Circle's new look?:
I'd like a little more insight into the movies that are out there, how they're being made, why someone might be interested in becomming a part of the "team"... to make films.
Posted: 7:37am | 10/11/2009

BobLA wrote about Campus Circle Redesign Forums: What do you think of Campus Circle's new look?:
Too much music coverage. Not enough film, art and cultural events. What movies are playing on campuses?...UCLA, USC, CSUN, LA City College, etc. What events are at each LA college? You should have a calendar listing a lot of events since there are numerous colleges. It doesn't have to be pretty, just list them all. Don't just highlight what you think are the best. Let me make the choice. I couldn't print the coupon for Numero Uno. Is that because you're using Flash?
Posted: 4:20am | 10/11/2009

SHARKB8 wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean, Thanks for the tickets to "Couples Retreat", it was very funny and my wife and I also enjoyed the scenes on Bora-Bora. We took a vacation there several years ago and found the changes very interesting. Are you going to have a screening in O.C. for "2012"? I hope so.
Posted: 7:07pm | 10/10/2009

Tina wrote about Film Screenings:
I love the movie Couples Retreat in Buena Park. Thank Sean and Campus Circle! I was wondering why the theather wasn't full. At first, there were 5 rows that were taped off in the middle area. People were trying to sit there and later got kick out. It was mostly empty throughtout the movie. I understand if you save it for your staff but there were a good 20 seats open that would be good for others. My row near the middle wasn't full either. There were some empty seats.
Posted: 4:48pm | 10/10/2009

Jhoy wrote about Film Screenings:
Couples retreat was awesome, hilarious.... f u missed the screening make sure still watch's worth it.... i hope you'll also have the screening of the Law abiding citizen n Burbank.... Sean you guys are awesome .....
Posted: 3:36am | 10/10/2009

Jhoy wrote about the Law Abiding Citizen Film Screening:
Thanks guys for this site, you guys are awesome. Also, Sean and the staff handled that prescreening night of Couples Retreat in Burbank very professional. That movie was hilarious!!! Sean I hope you;ll have a screening of this Law abiding citizen n Burbank.... I know a lot of people will be delighted. Thanks again to you and the people who works wih you....
Posted: 3:33am | 10/10/2009

stro79 wrote about Film Screenings:
Go see Couples retreat! Sooo Funny. Did anyone else notice Adrina (from MTV hills) @ the burbank screening! And sean was awesome making sure all the seats were full even when the lights went down.
Posted: 12:05am | 10/10/2009

Back of the Line
Back of the Line wrote about Film Screenings:
Saw Couples Retreat as well. Almost a 90 minute commercial for those Bora Bora resort hotels and I'm sure it will add a punch to tourism there. And heads up to AdamP who couldn't make it because it was his birthday on Thursday and I heard he went to Dizzyland! A nice Aussie lady sitting to my left was excited to see this as well because she works in the travel industry. Oh I don't know what's prettier..the sky blue water of Bora Bora or the eyes of Kristin Bell. P.S. Showed up at 5:15pm and got in line past the doors of the Asian Buffet. Man I gotta show up EARLIER!
Posted: 11:33pm | 10/9/2009

itsme;-D wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey! This might be a little too early, and I don't want to seem ungrateful for asking, but if you can get some screenings for the movie NINE with Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Fergie, Sophia Loren, etc... I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
Posted: 10:33pm | 10/9/2009

pkhou wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi, I'm looking for passes to where the wild things are screening in Providence. Thanks.
Posted: 7:01am | 10/9/2009

TFABOLOUS wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for the tickets to Couple's Retreat. The movie was funny w/ a completely funny cast (including minor characters). This is a perfect date movie.
Posted: 12:36am | 10/9/2009

veitguy88 wrote about Film Screenings:
just got back from couples retreat in buena park. movie was really funny and had a great time. thanks campuscircle!
Posted: 11:22pm | 10/8/2009

mamacarb wrote about the Couples Retreat LA Film Screening:
An absolutely hilarious and feel good movie. It was all that the trailers portrayed and more!!! Thanks for the passes and all the great movies you have been offering Campus Circle:)
Posted: 10:56pm | 10/8/2009

Mushroom wrote about Film Screenings:
OMG! Couples Retreat was so funny...i couldnt stop laughing. The little boy was too cute THANKS FOR THE TICKETS!!
Posted: 10:40pm | 10/8/2009

EMMANUEL ALVIAR wrote about Film Screenings:
THANK YOU for the ticket of THE STEPFATHER!!!!
Posted: 5:47pm | 10/8/2009

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