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Belmont Klan
Belmont Klan wrote about Film Screenings:
drag me to hell was awesome flick. I don't know about the ending. But I guess some flicks need to end different from the rest. The flicks I love to see are district 9, G.I. Joe, and some others films. Great job last night.
Posted: 10:29am | 5/29/2009

9inchnails wrote about a Calendar Event:
yay!!!! my fav movies(well 3 of them at least)
Posted: 9:48am | 5/29/2009

seville90210 wrote about the Drag Me To Hell LA Film Screening:
This was a movie that I would recommend to horror fans. It had plenty of moments that were unexpected. Location shots were great (Doheny Mansion). Thanks for a good scare.
Posted: 12:37am | 5/29/2009

bobbystc wrote about the Drag Me To Hell LA Film Screening:
I think it was one of the best PG-13 Scary movies concepts I have seen yet, but the acting was horrible. I love the way they had the scary old lady coming out at the right moments. The old lady really loved pulling out the young girls hair as well as making out with her. lol. You got to love when someone gets thrown around the room by and spirit. I cant wait to go see the next movie. Thanks Campus Circle
Posted: 10:53pm | 5/28/2009

majorjma wrote about Film Screenings:
Just got back from seeing "Drag Me To Hell" at Universal City (great location for screenings). It was excellent. Not too scary but enough to keep you buzzing. I will definitely recommend it to friends, neighbors and associates. Everyone got in, no turnaways. Which is always a good thing. Thanks Sean and Campus Circle. You are terrific.
Posted: 10:47pm | 5/28/2009

vivamoz wrote about the Drag Me To Hell LA Film Screening:
-_-. This movie was one of the worst i have seen in some time. Should have stayed home and seen the Cavs vs Magic game lol. Either way thank you campus circle, keep up the great work.
Posted: 10:36pm | 5/28/2009

yeti wrote about the Drag Me To Hell LA Film Screening:
Hilarious! He's such a master of over-the-top. His films are not always about being 'scary' as they are about playing on the classics cliches of the horror genre. His tight shots are awesome, the never-ending endings, the simple script - we all know whats gonna happen; you know its good when the audience yells at the screen! I will definitely go see this again. If you are into classic horror you'll love it! Thanks for the screening!
Posted: 10:13pm | 5/28/2009

yeti wrote about the What Goes Up Film Screening:
Plenty of quirky characters but a little overly scripted. Neither dark enough or funny enough to really pull off a classic teen angst flik. Steve Coogan is in his typical role and plays it well. There's a lot of story lines going on at once; its worth watching though not particularly memorable, I guess I just like dark teen movies. Oh, and I like the back story with NASA. Thanks for the screening!
Posted: 10:06pm | 5/28/2009 wrote about Film Screenings:
What a night? We had a full house at the Drag Me To Hell screening at Universal Citywalk. Everyone got in. There were no turnaways in LA or for our OC screening. It was great seeing many new faces at the LA screening. Also, as always thanks to the regular Campus Circle contingent. As for our OC peeps, I'll make it down to the Block one day to say hello to everyone. In the meantime, enter the Land of the Lost screening (follow instructions) and stay tuned for continued improvements to our website. Let me know what you would like to see in the future. And, btw, get your friends to become members of our community. Thanks. Sean
Posted: 9:09pm | 5/28/2009

lost and
lost and wrote:
still do not understand how to brose .jpg
Posted: 7:27pm | 5/28/2009

HollyByGolly:) wrote about Film Screenings:
Thought I would stick my head in the door of the campuscircle family blog.......since I missed last night's screening after a small 'bout' with food poisoning, I am delighted to at least go see Drag Me To Hell this evening....I hope it is entertaining...the horror flicks these days are not as frightening as they once were.....
Posted: 3:56pm | 5/28/2009

MACCAPONE wrote about Film Screenings:
Posted: 3:12pm | 5/28/2009

yyyezy wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks Campus Circle crew and Sean for an entertaining screening of "What goes up."
Posted: 3:00pm | 5/28/2009

Recklesskitten wrote about the Drag Me To Hell LA Film Screening:
In my opinion the movie was not that scary, I think the exorcist is more scary. I did like it.
Posted: 12:55pm | 5/28/2009

Recklesskitten wrote about the Drag Me To Hell LA Film Screening:
I saw this movie at the Grauman's chinese theater in hollywood. I went to the premiere, the beggining starts off in spanish when the lamia comes and takes away a hispanic lady son. I thought the beggining was kinda scary. I enjoy Drag me to hell more then what goes up? and This is a movie with no happy ending, she does go to hell and is not able to get rid of her curse.
Posted: 12:53pm | 5/28/2009

neil heflin wrote about the Land of the Lost LA Film Screening:
sean i dont think its fair that people who dont have a digital camera should be hit with this photo request.some of dont qwn a pcu or know how to upload a seems that campuscircle is taking this to another level to make it harder for peolpe who live on a buget and are in school.sean everyone doesnt have access to the photo craze than others have.
Posted: 12:25pm | 5/28/2009

makeupartist wrote about Film Screenings:
what i believe to be "the point" of WHAT GOES UP, is that life is life. while there are all these stories going on that could drive a bigger plot, it's just every day life when it comes to ourselves. there are "heroes" for some, but as the film conveyed, even heroes are just people. the same people next to us on a bus, or in a classroom, or committing suicide. so, everyone is a hero, but everyone is also an enemy.
Posted: 12:03pm | 5/28/2009

makeupartist wrote about the What Goes Up Film Screening:
this was a multiple layer story and probably will take a few more viewings to really take something from it. all the characters are quirky, and each was a protagonist as much as they were an antagonist. overall, "what goes up" was a very well written introspective look at ourselves in the larger world that we live in.
Posted: 11:49am | 5/28/2009

vladdyD wrote about Film Screenings:
The only thing that "Went up" during that movie was me...first to the bathroom and second to leave the theater after being sourly dissapointed.....yes sourly :P
Posted: 11:10am | 5/28/2009

salsadancer wrote about Film Screenings:
I went to the screening of What Goes Up last night and was so disappointed! It took too long to get into the storyline, if it had one. Waste of talent and my time.
Posted: 10:22am | 5/28/2009

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