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adrenalin112 wrote about Film Screenings:
just registered for ironman. someone wanna save me a spot in line? ill bring the egg rolls.
Posted: 3:10pm | 4/27/2010

n2rockk wrote about Film Screenings:
Hello, To all of the screeners, We all know that we have to arrive early if we want a good seat inside the theater. I am pretty sure that we have all saved spots in line for a friend at one time or another. Adam should not be critized for arriving early and saving a couple of spots in line. If you attend the screenings, we should be courteouse to each other and not be jealous or a hater just because someone shows up early and saves a spot or two in line. The rules never state that you can't show up early or save a place in line. Can't we all just get along?
Posted: 1:15pm | 4/27/2010

citpva wrote about a Calendar Event:
please visit for detailed program information one week prior to the concert.
Posted: 10:50am | 4/27/2010

Mr. V.
Mr. V. wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey Sean, It was nice to finally meet you. This is Vadim... we met at The Losers screening at The Mann Chinese... you probably don't remember me, but I thought it would be nice to come here and say thanks for getting us in. We had exceptionally good seats and the movie was great! Definitely the best I've seen this year. So, Thanks! :) keep the passes coming!
Posted: 1:15am | 4/27/2010

maceo d kat
maceo d kat wrote about Film Screenings:
For the record Margor, I am just one person. One account.
Posted: 9:09pm | 4/26/2010

combatbaby wrote about Film Screenings:
Dear Campus Circle, I have one account here and 80% of the time I get my tickets through you. The other 20% would be gofobo but lets face it, you guys rule. For me, movies are my one and only passion, and I plan on making it big in the movie biz. That being said, I'm still just a poor college student who barely gets by on my simple bank teller salary. No way could I afford to see all the movies you've brought me at 11 bucks a pop. No way. But like my economics teacher used to say "theres no such thing as a free lunch". So I'll sacrifice coming to these things 2 hours early to get a good seat. Thats just what you have to do. As for the other regular screeners, you guys make that 2 hour wait a lot less miserable. So thanks to you too. Anyway, Campus Circle, you rock. Adam too. -Sienna P.S. I'm thinking my first big project as a director would be a documentary based on the lives and drama of movie screeners. Yes? No? It has potential.
Posted: 6:21pm | 4/26/2010

Ronnie Corral wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey Sean I appreciate that ya gavem me tix to Losers sorry I couldn't attend Family Drama my Dad's in the hospital but I swear if ya let me have the Nightmare tix I'll be there!!!!
Posted: 6:20pm | 4/26/2010

yoly_13 wrote about Film Screenings:
hopefully you guys have tickets for Just Wright. that movie looks good especially bcuz of Common lol (:
Posted: 6:19pm | 4/26/2010

JS wrote about Film Screenings:
So RickyO, who are you , the line Nazi??? You are way out of line on this one. Adam does NOT let 15 or more people get in line with him, nor does he make fake tickets for all of O.C. as you suggest. Perhaps you are seeing the group of people that the O.C. Register has set aside for entrance, before anyone else goes in, which many feel is totally wrong. Have you NEVER saved a place in line while your friend goes outside to get something to eat? If it is so upsetting to you, why not go to the screening person and log a complaint with other witnesses who feel the way you do, instead of playing this little game on the CC website. Get a life!
Posted: 4:48pm | 4/26/2010

thewronggirl wrote about Film Screenings:
I don't really complain here because I still arrive early enough to get in, but I can't say that it's not true that people don't hold the line for more than 20 people in the front. I don't know exactly who it is, so I won't point fingers. It's annoying, but if it's allowed then there's not much you can do about it. The screenings are free, and I've never been turned away so it doesn't really matter to me. However, lately I have been using other free screening sources because I've been a little put of by the lack of rules. I still appreciate Campus Circle and I think everyone fighting here just needs to relax and stop being so nasty to each other.
Posted: 3:00pm | 4/26/2010

MARGOR wrote about Film Screenings:
I know Adam and I can say your all wrong. And its pretty obvious that your all the same person, I mean come on, this many negative comments within mins of each other all attacking 1 person. Please! Your just 1 sad little man who is angry for some reason and its pretty plain to see you are jealous!
Posted: 2:18pm | 4/26/2010

maceo d kat
maceo d kat wrote about Film Screenings:
dude. i wish i cared enough to make fake multiple accounts
Posted: 2:03pm | 4/26/2010

maceo d kat
maceo d kat wrote about Film Screenings:
ok HATERS... lol. i guess with every new fake name comes a new chance to win those tickets huh
Posted: 2:02pm | 4/26/2010

adrenalin112 wrote about Film Screenings:
btw: secret = clandestine, little known fact "secret to success" SECRETE is what burger king french fry grease does out of your pores.
Posted: 1:59pm | 4/26/2010

Ziggy wrote about Film Screenings:
Maceo D Kat and RickyO WE ALL KNOW you have TONS of multiple accounts here. SO, let's not be a hypocrite!
Posted: 1:59pm | 4/26/2010

Ziggy wrote about Film Screenings:
Oh c'mon lets just face it YOU ARE VERY JEALOUS that you can't get there early enough to be in front or even close to it. Hey it's not our FAULT you can't get there early enough. Sucks for you huh ;)
Posted: 1:56pm | 4/26/2010

SUZQ wrote about Film Screenings:
I usually don't commet, but I DISAGREE with you cheree and lisa. I also get to the screenings very early and I am about fourth in line usually and I have witnessed with my own eyes on every occasion that adam is first in line by the time we are let into the theatre I end up back in the line about twenty or so people. How can I go from fourth in line to twenthith if someone isn't letting a group of people join them? I am VERY THANKFUL for the screenings I get to attend and if I show up EARLY I expect to be in the same place in line when I enter the movie!
Posted: 1:54pm | 4/26/2010

maceo d kat
maceo d kat wrote about Film Screenings:
LOL. thanks for clearing that up secrete: To generate and separate (a substance) from cells or bodily fluids... se·crete 2: To steal secretly; filch.
Posted: 1:53pm | 4/26/2010

adrenalin112 wrote about Film Screenings:
system = being desparate with no life outside of getting to free screenings 4 hours early, making the line smell of greasy fast food, drinking a liter o'cola, and being so fat that you take up both invites for yourself and the +1.
Posted: 1:45pm | 4/26/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
Typo in last comment "The secrete to success isn't making tickets, its networking"....
Posted: 1:41pm | 4/26/2010

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