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SHARKB8 wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean, Thanks for the tickets to "The Blind Side". My wife and I were looking forward to seeing it. However, on Monday we both came down with the flu and have been flat on our backs until today. You may ask why we didn't get the flu shots... we are both over 65 and were not eligible for the H1N1 shots and the manufacturer quit making the seasonal flu shots so they would be able to make more of the H1N1 VACCINE. You talk about a classic "Catch 22"!!!!
Posted: 5:05pm | 11/19/2009

natsuperfly wrote about the Ninja Assassin LA Film Screening:
why is th rsvp closed it's been closed since last week what's going on ? i want two tickets please !
Posted: 3:52pm | 11/19/2009

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
Alleluia! "The Blind Side" brought out the Christian in me. Sandra Bullock is great in playing Leigh Anne Tuohy a la Erin Brockovich since the real-life woman was raised in a racist family as written in the 11/13/2009 Entertainment Weekly issue. Tim McGraw held the balance as husband Sean Tuohy, who owns more than 80 fast-food franchises, but who loves his kids more. Quinton Aaron used his life experience in depicting as homeless student Michael Oher since his mother passed away on 9/8/2008 before he was cast. Bullock clearly explained on "The View" that this is no football movie, but a dramatic one on the family & one man overcoming the odds from living in the projects to leading his life in the end as a member of the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL. GRADE: B
Posted: 3:19pm | 11/19/2009

yoly_13 wrote about the Ninja Assassin LA Film Screening:
i want to c this can i get tickets plz :)
Posted: 2:26pm | 11/19/2009

maceo d kat
maceo d kat wrote about the Ninja Assassin OC Film Screening:
i would trade my hollywood passes from gofobo for the oc screening any day.... man i h8 going in to LA
Posted: 2:11pm | 11/19/2009

JS wrote:
Really enjoyed "The Blind Side" and highly recommend it to everyone,all ages. There is a lot to be learned about opening up your heart and home to those less fortunate. Thanks for the ticket, Sean -- keep them coming to the O.C.
Posted: 1:18pm | 11/19/2009

hg1968 wrote about Film Screenings:
I would've loved to see "The Blind Side" since mostly all of Sandra Bullok's movies are great. We got there at 6:20 P.M. (1 hr 10 min before start time) and were not able to go in. All O.C. register late comers, even as late as 7:20 P.M. were let in. NOT FAIR..NOT FAIR...for the rest of us that get there early. Someone needs to do something about this!!!NOT FAIR
Posted: 12:25pm | 11/19/2009

theriddles wrote about Film Screenings:
Blind Side was a great movie, thanks Campus Circle! Sanda Bullock did a great job, I was pleased by Tim Mcgraw's performance as her husband, & other actors were good especially the kids. It was cool it was a true story. My wife & I both really enjoyed it. She was happy it was a great movie about a football player not a "football" movie. It was neat to see the real character's pics as the credits rolled. BUT... the only problem with screening was lack of seats even though we got there very early. Many people were "holding" seats for people not there yet & they had to announce several times for everyone to scoot over. If someone can't make it to screening early, too bad! Others shouldn't be holding seats for people arriving later & ripping off others that came on time that get stuck sitting in front!!! Thanks again Campus Circle for another great movie.
Posted: 11:30am | 11/19/2009

theriddles wrote about the The Blind Side OC Film Screening:
Blind Side was a great movie, thanks Campus Circle for the screening. Sanda Bullock did a great job and I was surprised and pleased by Tim Mcgraw as her husband. The children were good and it was cool that it was based on a true movie. My wife and I both really enjoyed it. She was pleased that it was not a "football" movie but a great movie which was about a football player. It was neat to see the real character's pics as the credits rolled.
Posted: 11:21am | 11/19/2009

lotinez wrote:
I really loved The Blind Side movie it was really good even my kids enjoyed it. Thank you for letting us enjoy this oportunities to share this stories with others.
Posted: 12:06am | 11/19/2009

Claudia Mena wrote about Film Screenings:
Screening at Orange was a full house...Great inspirational story! Thanks for the tickets. Hi, purplebebe - hope to see you again!
Posted: 11:36pm | 11/18/2009

Terri wrote about the The Blind Side LA Film Screening:
Movie was great and love it! Great performance by Sandra Bullock.
Posted: 10:23pm | 11/18/2009

Eyelovmovies77 wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you Sean and Campus Circle for the tickets to The Blind Side. The movie was excellent! Sandra Bullock is such a great star. The rest of the cast did a great job as well, including the young son...he had a big part. I Emailed my friends today to go see this movie.
Posted: 9:40pm | 11/18/2009

Conchita D'Addio wrote about Film Screenings:
The Blind Side was wonderful! I laughed,cried and applauded. Sandra Bullock was fantastic!!!!!!! Thank You for my tickets.
Posted: 9:00pm | 11/18/2009

General Disarray
General Disarray wrote about the The Blind Side OC Film Screening:
The Blindside is excellent for anyone who likes Sandra Bullock, football or would just like to be entertained and moved by an inspirational movie. I admit that everytime that Sandra's character got a little weepy, so did I. It's wholesome to be sure - a football movie without 4-letter words! Even Grandma will like it. My co-workers are anxious to see it this weekend and I told them that they won't be disappointed. Thank you Campus Circle for the the opportunity to see this fine movie!
Posted: 8:40pm | 11/18/2009

Nessa:) wrote about Film Screenings:
The Blind Side was a great movie.! I loved it. Would for sure recommend it to everyone. Very touching and inspirational movie. The actors were great, especially Sandra Bullock. GREAT MOVIEEE.!! :-)
Posted: 8:36pm | 11/18/2009

purplebebe wrote about Film Screenings:
hey sean thanks for the tix of blind side that was a very touchy movie we loved it, we also met nice people, by the way hi!!!! to u guys it was very nice to chat with u and thanks for the tip on winning the shirt,
Posted: 7:43pm | 11/18/2009

The Blind Side
The Blind Side wrote about the The Blind Side LA Film Screening:
The movie was very, very good. Good storyline and strong perfomances, especially from Sandra Bullock. She gave an Oscar-type performance.
Posted: 4:41pm | 11/18/2009

hglrcn23 wrote about the The Blind Side OC Film Screening:
Posted: 4:00pm | 11/18/2009

chasethesunset44 wrote about Film: New Moon Poll:
"I prefer the books because I cannot stand Kristen Stewart’s acting … or lack there of. —Amanda Castillo" So. True. And I'm totally Team Edward. When I read the books, I projected myself as Bella, but in the films, Taylor is WAY cuter than Rob. So now Bella can have her Edward...I'll take Jacob!
Posted: 3:07pm | 11/18/2009

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