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3,828 Recent Member Comments wrote about Film Screenings:
It's 6:10 PM and I'm still in the office. Getting some work done before the weekend. I need all Campus Circle peeps to get out and go see movies this weekend. Take the family, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc... and just have a great time. We have a big week coming up with screenings for The Goods, Spread and District 9. On a side note, I'm working on a film called I HOPE THEY SERVE BEER IN HELL which is based on the same titled book by Tucker Max. It is a very funny film that will be swinging through Los Angeles later in September. In the meantime, check it out online at . Have a great weekend and keep putting pictures with your profiles. I like to see the faces of people I'm communicating with. Sean
Posted: 6:13pm | 8/7/2009

yyyezy wrote about Film Screenings:
As always Milla Jovovich was amazing in the "Perfect Getaway." Thanks Campus Circle!!!
Posted: 5:54pm | 8/7/2009

yyyezy wrote about the District 9 Film Screening:
I hope I get tickets for District 9!! Cant't wait!
Posted: 5:42pm | 8/7/2009

Patricia Beran wrote about Film Screenings:
I went to the G.I.Joe screening but I got my pass else where. I was there two hours before and manage to get in. People need to be in line when they trade the passes for the tickets. If you know you are going to be late or going to step out of the line then leave someone behind with the pass and have them tell the ticket person that they need extra. Most of the time they will give you two tickets per pass even if the second the person is not there. Not too sure how coopertive they are when you go beyond that amount of tickets.
Posted: 11:01am | 8/7/2009

LAskierboy wrote about Film Screenings:
(C'mon Hollywood! How many times have been told not to use flashbacks to try to impress us!!!) It was just dumb!!! BUT... it was a well run screening and we are totally grateful for the chance to see a flick that was "almost" the perfect getaway. (Or in other words ... it was perfect to getaway from!) Thanks for the tickets Sean. It's not your fault buddy!
Posted: 9:44am | 8/7/2009

LAskierboy wrote about Film Screenings:
The film was soooooooo cool up to the "twist". Then the twist was directed with such a ridiculous and juvenile fashion that it was ludicrous! (What a waste of a good setup.) They totally screwed over the audience with a deceitful misdirection. And they totally lost direction and design. All the director could do was try to add some stupid adolescent gruesomeness to try to shock us and it was just silly. We were laughing at the horror. Now I have to tell you that this was one of the first movies lately that we've seen them actually put consumer electronics to good use in a story line ... but then they capitulated and fell backwards into stupid movie tricks to try to create a climax.
Posted: 9:44am | 8/7/2009

LAskierboy wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for a great screening last night Sean! THE PERFECT GETAWAY was "ALMOST" perfect ... for the first hour of the film it was fabulous! (I mean the lighting was excellent, the colors were fabulous, the sound was clear and precise, the direction was intriguing, the camera shots dramatic, the script well developed, the characters very interesting, and the dialogue was hot and dynamic.) BUT THEN THE MOVIE COMPLETELY FELL APART FOR THE LAST 33% OF THE FILM!!! It's like they just fired the professional director half way through the movie - and then hired some grade school kids to finish the picture for the studio.
Posted: 9:44am | 8/7/2009

Recklesskitten wrote about the District 9 Film Screening:
This movie looks interesting I been seeing several billboards on the freeway and on my way Santa Monica.
Posted: 1:47am | 8/7/2009

Recklesskitten wrote about the The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard Film Screening:
Oh, No! I missed another rsvp for not being able to use the internet yesterday, I didn't even know Campus circle had put new screenings.
Posted: 1:33am | 8/7/2009

Recklesskitten wrote about Film Screenings:
Sorry for the late comment. Funny people was alright for me, my Bf liked it more and he gets jokes but I don't for some reason. When I got their their was a really long line I thought maybe I wasn't going to be able to watch the movie especially because there were other people their too that were not from campus circle they had actual hard copy passes to funny people that one person told me the studio gave them the passes. The line was stop right in front of me and the lady that was outside said if it was okay that they just had seats in the front and a few scattered around. I was so glad I was able to get in and watched funny people. 98.7fm was also their and OCweekly and took pictures of people and also raffle prizes.Thank you campus circle.
Posted: 1:28am | 8/7/2009

honeebee wrote about Film Screenings:
well unfortunately, or maybe possibly fortunately i didn't get tickets to see G I Joe through this website, but i was able to go into the premiere at the chinese theatre in HOLLYWOOD! YEAH! thx power 106
Posted: 12:00am | 8/7/2009

shadowpigpants wrote about the A Perfect Getaway LA Film Screening:
Did they already send out confirmations to people who got them?
Posted: 5:31pm | 8/6/2009

cinevolve wrote about Film: 12 in a Box:
12 IN A BOX opens at Laemmle Music Hall starting Friday, August 7th for one week only!
Posted: 5:28pm | 8/6/2009

ktipton wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for the tix to Paper Heart. Very good movie! Think I may be a Charlene Yi fan!
Posted: 3:16pm | 8/6/2009

ktipton wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey Sean, I was wondering if tickets have been given out for Perfect Getaway tonight. Looks like it will be a good one, but I know this morning you said you had some extra tickets. Let us know! Thanks!
Posted: 3:15pm | 8/6/2009

monkey2451 wrote about Film Screenings:
This site is great but does one have to do to get some tix! Here's to hoping.
Posted: 2:21pm | 8/6/2009

Hollywood666 wrote:
Saw "Paper Heart" last night and must say that it was original. An innocent, quest for love in confused world. The interviews were good as they showed real people, the locations were interesting, and the play between the two main characters was nice.
Posted: 12:55pm | 8/6/2009

jumpman2429 wrote about the The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard Film Screening:
thanks for the passes to the movie cant wait to see it. looks like its gonna be a good one
Posted: 11:11am | 8/6/2009

lugnut06 wrote about the Paper Heart LA Film Screening:
My girlfriend and I had a great time watching this movie. It is awkwardly funny and i couldn't help but smile through out the whole movie. Thank You Sean
Posted: 9:44am | 8/6/2009

lugnut06 wrote about Film: Paper Heart:
Wow! saw this movie last night and I left the theater smiling. The movie is funny and awkwardly quirky. It’s been a long time since I left a movie theater feeling the way I did last night. Go watch it is worth it.
Posted: 9:36am | 8/6/2009

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