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LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
I was at The Avengers in Irvine, didn't win from Campus Circle but a friend got tickets through another sponsor. I was 2nd in line at noon, the guys in front arrived at 11am. The line was unorganized & got worse when they moved us inside due to rain. They put us in a hallway on the opposite side of the building from where our theater was. Throughout the night groups started forming outside the line, hiding around the theater lobby and in the hallways. When they led the procession of the line to our theater all chaos broke loose as soon as we got to the security check.
Posted: 9:20am | 4/26/2012

George wrote about Film Screenings:
I did not attend but a friend did. The security table got bum rushed and people who didn't have tickets were able to sneak into the theatre. It was not Campus Circles fault. Apparently people will go to any lengths for a free movie. Its too bad.
Posted: 8:21am | 4/26/2012

david92705 wrote about Film Screenings:
After reading all the complaints about Campus Circle's lack of control at the screenings, I decided to try seeing The Avengers last night in Irvine. Try is the operative word. I arrived around 5PM and was about 40th in line. That was as good as it got. I never made it into the theater. I saw groups (not singles or couples) cut into line. It got particularly bad as the line started to move. I also saw people take "tickets" from folks in line and go off to make photocopies - then they cut in line. Talk about about adding insult to injury. Campus Circle I have always thought of you as a stand-up organization. Not feeling all that positive about you today. Don't you care about us? Seems like us regular people are abandoned by you to those who feel entitled to break all the rules of decency to get what they want...
Posted: 7:26am | 4/26/2012

Aunya27 wrote about Film Screenings:
Woohoo just enter to get "Avengers" tickets. I really really want them!! I saw "Wanderlust" through campus circle a few months good. Hilariously fun movie and good times.
Posted: 12:48am | 4/26/2012 wrote about Film Screenings:
A free Avengers ticket no way that's too awesome.I hope get one.
Posted: 1:42pm | 4/24/2012

mrsbubu10 wrote about Film Screenings:
i hope i hope i hope i get AVENGER TICKET!!!!! please pick me guys im your number one fan!!! =)
Posted: 11:04am | 4/23/2012

NL wrote about Film Screenings:
So what's the deal with the Raven screening? Is this a CC error or an error on the part of the Gofobo site?
Posted: 3:51pm | 4/19/2012

baron wrote about Film Screenings:
think like a man was very funny film was done very well thank you
Posted: 8:38am | 4/11/2012

Monicat wrote about Film Screenings:
I went to the American Pie Reunion screening in was alot funnier than I expected it to be and it wasn't just a rehash of the same jokes - defintely better that the other sequels. Only negative was that it contained a few totally gross moments that actually had me gagging and closing my eyes - glad I opened them to see the rest of the movie though :-).
Posted: 11:30am | 4/7/2012

MidnightLady wrote about Film Screenings:
I'm sure there were the typical line cutters who have no conscience that took away seats from those of you who paid your dues by standing in line for several hours. Tonight will be worse since most people don't work on Saturdays.
Posted: 9:13am | 3/31/2012

Cole wrote about Film Screenings:
Went to "Lockout" screening tonight but they cut off the line right before me. I stood outside in the cold for two hours. So disappointed! They said we can have guaranteed tickets for tomorrow night, but that doesn't help me when I have to work. There was a lot of people that didn't get in tonight, so if you are planning on going tomorrow just keep in mind they all get priority over you (the people with Saturday tickets.)
Posted: 10:49pm | 3/30/2012

cecilia74 wrote about Sweepstakes:
Please enter me in these fantastic contests and God bless everyone too. Thanks, Cecilia CECE
Posted: 8:02am | 3/29/2012

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
I saw "Wanderlust" last year as a work in progress. Yes, indeed it's very funny, especially with the Rudd-Aniston chemistry match. I don't agree very much with the critics though, the cause of low box-office sales. I never knew Aniston would come out semi-nude in one scene with "Horrible Bosses" as a warm-up for things to expect. A-
Posted: 10:47am | 3/1/2012

melinda maxwell wrote about Film Screenings:
would like to see the screening of thousand words . any passes for charlotte n.c.
Posted: 6:10pm | 2/29/2012

miminb wrote about Sweepstakes:
awesome sweepstakes! :)
Posted: 6:43pm | 2/26/2012

Indriawaty Hidayat wrote about Film Screenings:
Wanderlust is funny and entertaining
Posted: 12:28pm | 2/26/2012

Rusmin Harjanto wrote about Film Screenings:
I liked Wanderlust. It is funny, hilariously entertaining.
Posted: 12:26pm | 2/26/2012

Blacklisted wrote about Film Screenings:
Went to see Wanderlust and I laughed, cringed, and talked about it the next day.
Posted: 6:26am | 2/26/2012

baron wrote about Film Screenings:
We seen tomorrow when the war began we both like the movie
Posted: 12:34pm | 2/25/2012

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
Normally, I didn't feel excited when I watch Aussie films because of the boring chitchat & weak plots. But with the exception of "Tomorrow When the War Began" (unusual given that the verb in the title is in the past tense happening in the future!), it left me quite curious as to the invaders' identity or purpose of attacking the homeland secretly. At least they're Asian by appearance, but it's hard to tell the country they came from based on the accent. I wondered about the film's genre (looking like sci-fi in the first place). Its beginning appeared slow with the lines too personal until the assault enters the picture. The ending allowed the viewers to guess. GRADE: B-
Posted: 11:45pm | 2/24/2012

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