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chelhan wrote about Film Screenings:
I rsvp'd for The Blind Side in Orange and I haven't received the confirmation yet.
Posted: 4:59pm | 11/14/2009

TFABOLOUS wrote about Film Screenings:
Got it! Thanks for the tickets to The Blind Side; I can't wait.
Posted: 5:28pm | 11/13/2009

TFABOLOUS wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean, I would be so appreciative if you could send me some tickets to the OC screening for The Blind Side. I have RSVP'ed, so, hopefully you can send the email confirmation. Thanks
Posted: 5:20pm | 11/13/2009

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
The "Fantastic Mr. Fox" is Wes Anderson's first-hand project in tapping on stop-motion animation since Nick Park in the Wallace & Grommit series. He brought the retro look & smooth dialogue with him to the studio the way he handled the other films with some of the veteran actors such as "The Darjeeling Limited," "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zizzou," "The Royal Tennebaums," "Rushmore" & "Bottle Rocket." Clooney delivers the perfect storm in the title role with the precise timing. GRADE: A
Posted: 2:28pm | 11/13/2009

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
"Pirate Radio" (released in the UK as "The Boat That Rocked") is the 60's version of "Thank God It's Friday," but with a story ran by the music tone that helps keep the pace just right. Philip Seymour Hoffman is brilliant as the lone American DJ, the Count, with Bill Nighy as Quentin, the posh, hip shipowner, & Rhys Ifans as Gavin, the Count's smooth-talking competitor. I was surprised at January Jones (AMC's "Mad Men") being cast as Elenore, a groupie who was supposed to be married to a DJ. Perhaps the TV show's theme must have thrown a spell on the film's producers in hiring her. GRADE: B
Posted: 1:56pm | 11/13/2009

MannyLoxx wrote about Film Screenings:
I met U judy at the 2012 screening and I know how U feel! This big mess will never happen againg, I hope!! They should not promote big movies at the Mann Chinese 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, since they don't have the room capacity for no more than 160-220 seats and we all know that at least 300 to 400 persons show up to any given movie screening! I've been to free screenings of movies were 500, 600, 700, even 800 persons showed up, such as Terminator Salvation, The Hanover, The Dark Night, all the SHrek, batman, and spider man screenings! People want to see these movies for free, so Campus Circle and LA Weekly should know better than to promote a movie at a small ass theater!!
Posted: 12:30pm | 11/13/2009

MannyLoxx wrote about Film Screenings:
People waited in line since as early as 3:45pm and 4:00pm, according to those I talked to when I got there around 5:00pm. It was a very bad mistake to move the movie to the Mann Chinese 6, because everyone who has ever been there can testify that those rooms only hold from 160-220 seats from the Mann Chinese 2-6! The biggest room there is the Mann Chinese 1 which holds over 430 seats! I will never go to another free or paid movie screening at the Mann Chinese 6, 5, 4, 3, or 2, since these rooms have very little seats for movies that u know will have over 400 people showing up! Everyone would of gotten in at the Pacific Arlight Theater, since rooms 3, 6, and 7 there hold anywhere from 340-430 seats and I know this, because I have seen the signs for the room capacity at those theaters! This was a big unorganized mess from La Weekly and Campus Circle!
Posted: 12:21pm | 11/13/2009

MannyLoxx wrote about Film Screenings:
I'm very disappointed and annoyed at the fact that you guys changed location from the Pacific Arclight Theater to the Manny Chinese 6 for the Advance Screening of "2012". Everyone knew that the theater at Mann Chinese 6 was not going to have the capacity to hold the over 400 persons that showed up for the screening, since that little ass theater only holds about 220 seats!
Posted: 12:21pm | 11/13/2009

judy wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi Sean, I signed up for the Blind Side in Hollywood almost immediately after the sign in was posted. Others said they already got their passes and you said they were still coming. Were they not sent out first come, first served? Just trying to find out what happened as I really wanted to see this film.
Posted: 11:39am | 11/13/2009

stro79 wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank's Sean for the passes to the blind side! Ireally wanted to see this. Next best thing since i couldn't get New moon premire tixs. love Sandra And Tim Mc graw!
Posted: 9:51am | 11/13/2009

majorjma wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi everyone. Saw Fantastic Mr. Fox last night. I would highly recommend you go see it when you get the chance. It was funny and very entertaining. They did a great job in bringing the characters to life. The voices were perfectly matched to each of the characters. Thank you Sean and thank you Campus Circle for a very enjoyable evening. The event was very well organized. It was nice to see that there were no line cut ins by hords of people joining there so called friends at the front of the line.
Posted: 5:43am | 11/13/2009

Darkangel4848 wrote about Film Screenings:
Wow, sucks that I didnt get in to see 2012. I stood in line for hours with my mom and I got directed to 2 different lines by some woman. Then later when I looked back, the other line which I was moved from, went in to see the movie. I was supposed to be in there too, but whoever that person was, told me to move and I got screwed. I ended up leaving because I was told all seats were taken. Very upsetting! Hopefully that doesn't ever happen again! lol
Posted: 3:21am | 11/13/2009

TFABOLOUS wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi Sean, please send me tickets for The Blind Side; i RSVP'ed the other day when it opened, however I have NOT yet received a confirmation email. My father and I are very excited to see it. Moreover, we have followed this true story for some time now and have been in great anticipation for the films theatric release. If you can, I would greatly appreciate a email confirmation for the movie in Orange County. Thanks
Posted: 2:21am | 11/13/2009

Nessa:) wrote about Film Screenings:
Ughh , didnt get to go in to see 2012 . :/ . been excited to see it all this week . sucks .
Posted: 9:28pm | 11/12/2009

shilonikelle wrote about a Calendar Event:
Posted: 5:48pm | 11/12/2009 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi, Regarding venue for 2012. It was changed to the Mann 6. It is NOT at the Arclight. The Blindside etickets are still going out. See you later. Bring your ids if you got a ticket. As always, get there early for both screenings.
Posted: 5:34pm | 11/12/2009

carpz wrote about the 2012 Film Screening:
I wish we could also get a notice that the tickets have been given out just cause I got some last time really late about 3 hours before the movie and I thought it was to late so I did something else and when I came back home I saw the tickets in my mail box
Posted: 5:14pm | 11/12/2009

lotinez wrote about the 2012 Film Screening:
I still have hope that I will get the passes for 2012 please, please i really want to see it
Posted: 5:05pm | 11/12/2009

greensam88 wrote about the The Blind Side OC Film Screening:
i think i rsvped but still haven't recieved my e-mail confirmation yet.
Posted: 4:31pm | 11/12/2009

judy wrote about Film Screenings:
I thought the first to respond to 2012 and Blind Side were to get passes. I thought only sweepstakes were selected other than by first come, first served.
Posted: 4:16pm | 11/12/2009

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