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kat kitty wrote about Film Screenings:
was one of the 1st people in line to see the airbender @ the block yesterday n I have to say it was the most disorganized screening I have ever seen. First let me say that I have attended many screenings from you & have never had a problem getting in. The movies have always been in huge capacity theaters so if you arrived early you had a seat. I was really surprised when I found out that the screening was held in a theater that held only about 250 people, that all the radio stations, & the register had priority. So by the time it came to us, they only had room for the first 10 people in line.....i was number 11. Whats even worse, they knew what the capacity was but they continued to let people wait in the false hope they would get in. Why not be honest with us. We all know the risks. Why let people wait 2 hours or more IF YOU KNEW ALL ALONG THEY WOULD NOT GET IN? Do us one favor, tell us the truth we can handle it and we would really appreciate your honesty.thanks.
Posted: 10:34am | 6/30/2010

rizeandshine wrote about Film Screenings:
It's not really worth it to "win" passes to movies in the summer unless you're willing to wait in line 5 or more hours before the movie begins. I'd rather just wait a couple of days and pay $10. The line for The Last Airbender was extremely long and hundreds of people were turned away. Are people just printing out multiple copies of the e-mail for friends? I can't believe they would release THAT many extra passes. The marketer and theater had to know a few hours earlier that they could only seat 10% of the line and should have let at least the last 80% of the line know that they had absolutely no chance of getting in. I think it would also have been beneficial to AMC if their management had offered a half-price or two-for-one deal on a movie to all those turned away. They would have made a killing on snacks alone.
Posted: 10:00am | 6/30/2010

theriddles wrote about Film Screenings:
Did Sorcerer's Apprentice RSVP open & close already ? It says closed but does not saying it is opening soon like it usually does ahead of time...
Posted: 8:55am | 6/30/2010

theriddles wrote about Film Screenings:
After hearing Last Airbender stories, guess I'm glad once again I missed out on tickets(can't count how many screenings that everyone I know has missed here -- think it's almost every one since Campus Circle started lottery/contest style ticket giveaway)-- had to go elsewhere to get to any screenings. It's a shame people showed up @ 5 PM or earlier and can't get in... I don't think Campus Circle can do anything about that, sounds like Nielson group or movie company that is opening too many channels...
Posted: 8:53am | 6/30/2010

theriddles wrote about Film Screenings:
Weird.. there is an ad banner here saying "FREE SCREENING DESPICABLE ME JULY 9" and when you click on it you get sent to screening page. But there is no screening listed for July 9, just July 8 in Buena Park. I guess the ad is a typo ?
Posted: 8:43am | 6/30/2010

tjnagelca wrote about Film Screenings:
people simple lesson here LEARN to read that pass. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. means come early not 6 or 645 and complain "but i was in line ".
Posted: 8:00am | 6/30/2010

ohhyahhh wrote about Film Screenings:
Waited about a year to see last airbender and im very dissapointed for not being able to get in. thanks for the tickets though!
Posted: 1:34am | 6/30/2010

Karan Flohra wrote about Film Screenings:
not cool at all today in Orange... I was there at 330p and didn't get in. pretty ridiculous it wasn't in a big theater seeing that twilight wasn't showing til midnight... what do all of us get in return... I was one of the first 5 declined... My wife drove all the way from foothill ranch to be there during rush hour traffic too.. Tickets shouldn't be passed out or offered if so many winners etc and media punch is there.very disappointed.
Posted: 12:26am | 6/30/2010

Back of the Line
Back of the Line wrote about Film Screenings:
I think "Screwed the Pooch" pretty much describes tonights experience at the Orange AMC 30 Theaters. Arrived around 4:15-4:30pm and still DID NOT GET IN. First time for me in a long time. Other factors affecting the screening was the MASSIVE presence of all the Twilight sequel kiddies who showed up at 3am this morning so they could be FIRST in line for their show. As a result the 2 largest theaters weren't available for Airbender. I did personally witness a large Karate school and their VIP entourage of about 50 people just waltz right in there plus there's the usual radio station winners and all the OC Register Insider folks. The girl from that group told me that you need at least 75,000 points to get a ticket. Guess I better start collecting points. Almost forgot to point out that now school is OUT we should probably start arriving even earlier...maybe 2pm-3pm just to be SAFE. CYA!
Posted: 8:05pm | 6/29/2010

General Disarray
General Disarray wrote about Film Screenings:
BTW - I was referring to the Last Airbender screening at the Block in Orange. (Looks like from the post below me that Century City was the same situation.)
Posted: 7:58pm | 6/29/2010

General Disarray
General Disarray wrote about Film Screenings:
Wow, I was lucky enough to win tickets to the Last Airbender (thanks Campus Circle), arrived @5:15 but alas, I did not get in. Kinda surprised 'cause I've never gotten there that early and been turned away. Oh well, not compaining cause I know seating is not guaranteed, just telling those who posted complaints about not getting tickets that unless they could have arrived before 5pm, they wouldn't have gotten in to see it anyway.
Posted: 7:54pm | 6/29/2010

dj wrote about Film Screenings:
Good evening, just came back from Century City and I'm very disappointed. Could not make it in to see "The Last Airbender", because the line was super long. Please let me know if there will be another screening. Thanks
Posted: 7:20pm | 6/29/2010

dj wrote about Film Screenings:
Good evening, just came back from Century City and I'm very disappointed. Could not make it in to see "The Last Airbender", because the line was super long. The ladies collecting the tickets said that Campus Circle would send me another screening if I told them we did not make it in. Please let me know if there will be another screening. Thanks
Posted: 7:20pm | 6/29/2010

Benjamin Loza wrote about Film Screenings:
don't know the code never got anything in my email n is almost time my son i going to b sad
Posted: 4:52pm | 6/29/2010

yeahhh wrote about Film Screenings:
The Last Airbender tickets have already been given. I think they had less tickets because a lot of people didn't get any from campus circle.
Posted: 2:32pm | 6/29/2010

savethestrand wrote about the The Last Airbender CC Film Screening:
when are these passes coming. i rsvp a week ago comon let us in!!!
Posted: 11:56am | 6/29/2010

Benjamin Loza wrote about Film Screenings:
what is going on i RSVP on last tuesday of last week n got nothing what can i do i need them i promissed my i would take him tonight what can i do please help some one.
Posted: 10:58am | 6/29/2010

awg78ny wrote about Film Screenings:
I just RSVP for Airbender. I'm assuming the tickets won't be mailed out since the screening is today, so in the event that "I get them," will they be emailed? Or did I just miss out on the best movie of the summer?!
Posted: 9:15am | 6/29/2010

ddeeaadd wrote about Film Screenings:
I got my Airbender passes 5 days ago. Can't wait. Thanks Campus Circle!
Posted: 3:21am | 6/29/2010

ddeeaadd wrote about the The Last Airbender LA Film Screening:
Thanks for the passes, Campus Circle!
Posted: 3:19am | 6/29/2010

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