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Title Headline Issue Year
Dianne Feinstein, political trailblazer and longest-serving woman in the Senate, dies at 90: 2023
Fulton Trump indictments: How we got here and what’s ahead: 2023
Supreme Court’s Barrett refuses to block Biden student-debt plan: 2022
House GOP’s Scalise defends Medicare, Social Security plans: 2022
Boris Johnson to quit after months of scandals hammer UK Tories: 2022
The campaign to discredit Cassidy Hutchinson has begun: 2022
For Herschel Walker, revelation of second son is the latest in string of controversies: 2022
These 10 senators are most vulnerable six months from Election Day: 2022
Georgia GOP candidate Vernon Jones voted Democratic after saying he supported Trump: 2022
GOP lawmakers intensify effort to ban critical race theory in schools: 2021
Poet Amanda Gorman for president? Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton hope so: 2021
In ethics complaint, 7 Senate Democrats say Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley ‘lent legitimacy to the mob’s c: 2021
Biden taps veteran team to clean up after Trump’s China fights: 2021
Americans voice anguish and hope as Biden prepares to take office: 2021
Four years later, much of Obama’s policy has survived Trump: 2021
Officials eye sedition, conspiracy charges as investigation of Capitol riot expands: 2021
Riot at Capitol was an act of ‘sedition,’ military’s top leadership says in memo: 2021
Republicans join Trump removal effort ahead of key House votes: 2021
What will a Biden presidency mean for California? A lot fewer lawsuits, for one: 2020
Battle for Senate majority keeps Georgia in spotlight: 2020
The world reacts as Joe Biden becomes US president-elect: 2020
President-elect Joe Biden claims 'convincing victory,' calls for unity: 2020
Trump couldn't win. So he golfed and tweeted: 2020
Mothers and daughters celebrate a historic win: Harris (and Biden, too): 2020
From hanging chads to deadlocks, presidential elections that took weeks and months to decide: 2020
Why Fox News analyst Arnon Mishkin called Arizona for Biden on election night: 2020
Trump's legal assault in election fight mocked by veteran Bush v. Gore lawyers: 2020
Biden urges calm, Trump falsely claims election stolen as Democrat moves closer to victory: 2020
Facebook considers political-ad blackout ahead of US election: 2020
Red State Politicians are Battling the Coronavirus; Trump Makes that Harder: 2020
LGBTQ Groups Sue Administration Over Rule Removing Health Care Protection for Transgender people: 2020
How to win the West? Democratic women aim again at GOP seats: 2020
Another campaign, another disappointment for women as Elizabeth Warren bows out: 2020
Elizabeth Warren proposes canceling student loan debt, free public college: 2019
In Kamala Harris, a sequel to Ronald Reagan?: 2019
A handy guide to the 2020 presidential campaign: 2019
Trump administration sinks teeth into paring down drug prices, on 5 key points: 2018
Candidate apologizes for false claim about college degree. She says she’s staying in race: 2018
Fifth Ohio State wrestler says Jim Jordan knew of sex abuse, didn't report it: 2018
Minister who supported Trump now faces deportation under immigration crackdown: 2018
Missouri’s embattled Gov. Eric Greitens resigns: 2018
FBI finished Rob Porter’s background check last year. That contradicts the White House: 2018
Al Franken, accused of sexual harassment from 2006, apologizes and agrees to an ethics investigation: 2017
Californians strongly oppose Trump: 2017
5 ways the White House can use its muscle to undercut Obamacare: 2017
Senate intelligence panel’s top Democrat wants Kushner to testify on Russia: 2017
Scandals won’t derail Trump’s overseas trip, officials insist: 2017
Trump urged Comey to go after Clinton, and then fired him for it: 2017
Analysis: Donald Trump takes a dictator’s stand against inquiry: 2017
Think Trump didn’t achieve much in his first 100 days? Think again: 2017
Trump’s major accomplishment after 100 days: He’s still controlling the conversation: 2017
White House press secretary Sean Spicer apologizes for saying Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons: 2017
Poll: Majority of Republicans back Trump’s Russia policy: 2017
CNN's Jake Tapper spars with Kellyanne Conway over WH falsehoods: 2017
Despite unprecedented opposition, Betsy DeVos squeaks through to become secretary of education: 2017
Trump calls travel ban a success as chaos mounts on many fronts: 2017
This is how much Donald Trump proposed to spend in his first week: 2017
US considering 20 percent tax on imports to pay for border wall: 2017
10 things on our mind about Trump and the nation: 2017
White House press secretary signals he’ll be as sensitive to media coverage as his boss: 2017
White House slams media for reporting size of inaugural crowd: 2017
Transcript of Donald Trump’s full inauguration speech: 2017
Trump takes first steps in a new era of conservatism: 2017
Trump starts presidency with theme similar to Reagan’s, but far more negative: 2017
Latinos who voted for Trump look toward Inauguration Day with no apologies: 2017
Race is an integral part of Obama’s story, and he embraced its complexity: 2017
Report from former spy links Trump to Russian hacking; Trump says it’s ‘fake news’: 2017
Sen. Jeff Sessions defends his civil rights record, promises to prioritize law over his personal vie: 2017
Here’s who had the worst 2016 in Washington: 2017
Donald Trump and the Russian connection: 2016
Trump’s comments on nuclear weapons rattle US officials and foreign leaders: 2016
Tom Arnold claims he has footage of Trump saying ‘every dirty, every offensive, racist thing ever’: 2016
Trump’s Cabinet picks at odds with his campaign messages: 2016
What is the ‘alt-right’?: 2016
Here are some of the ways Trump might try to step away from his business: 2016
Steven Mnuchin, Donald Trump’s choice for Treasury, is already a polarizing figure: 2016
Since election Trump has turned away all but two daily intelligence briefings: 2016