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Title Headline Issue Year
Smaller turkeys. Yams to go. Or a Thanksgiving lobster? COVID-19 will transform holiday meals.: 2020
Turkey for two? A rookie's guide to a homemade Thanksgiving: 2020
What is the planetary diet? New diet could save Earth, save lives and aid world hunger, study says: 2019
The guy who brought you Umami Burger wants to reinvent PB&J: 2017
Cottage cheese: The new yogurt?: 2016
Food of a new century: 1900-1909: 2016
Healthful, affordable fast food: That’s the mission of Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi’s LocoL: 2016
Foodie culture is spurring degree programs at US colleges: 2016
From Pepsi to Panera: companies eliminating artificial ingredients: 25.3 2015
When the rich try to eat like they’re poor: 25.3 2015
ChocoChicken Serves the Best Fried Chicken in DTLA (PHOTOS): 24.12 2014
LOOK: Best Shaved Ice Spots Around Los Angeles!: 24.10 2014
Best L.A. Restaurants to Host Your Graduation Lunch, Dinner: 24.8 2014
Superba Food + Bread: Venice's 'Chic' New Addition: 24.8 2014
Study While Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth: Top L.A. places that offer treats & suitable study environments. 24.6 2014
Westwood's Frida Mexican Cuisine: Indulge in Mole Dishes, Warm Tortillas: 23.20 2013
L.A.'s Top Cafés: These gems hit the spot with their coffees, teas and flavorful dishes. 23.19 2013
Osawa: Shabu Shabu, Sushi Unite to Create Tasty Dishes: 23.17 2013
Spago Never Disappoints: This Bev Hills hotspot continues to serve delicious dishes. 23.9 2013
Green Hut Cafe: From Lunch Hotspot to Dinner Delight: 23.7 2013
Juicy Lucy Challenges Downtown's Best Burger Joints: 23.3 2013
5 Romantic L.A. Restaurants Perfect for Valentine's Day: 23.2 2013
Spoon by H: Late-Night Café with Hidden Surprises: 23.1 2013
Beachwood Café: A Tastebud Blast: 23.1 2013
Fusion Frenzy: L.A.'s Best Fusion Cuisine Restaurants: 23.1 2013
3 Best Koreatown Cafés: 22.25 2012
Enjoy the Fire at these L.A. Restaurants: 22.23 2012
Exploring Koreatown: Best Korean BBQ Joints: 22.19 2012
For the Brave and the Hungry: Top L.A. Food Challenges 22.13 2012
L.A. Food & Wine Festival: “Where Celebrity Meets Celebrity Chef” 22.13 2012
The Westside's Best Happy Hours: 22.13 2012
In The Mood For Street Food?: 22.13 2012
The Chinese Tamale Takeover: 22.12 2012
Hipcooks: Concocting a New Kind of Meal: 22.13 2012
All-American Fourth of July: 22.12 2012
Your Summer Mixology Guide: 22.10 2012
Memorial Day Menu: College Style: 22.9 2012
Tips for Authentic Italian Cooking: 22.9 2012
Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day with the World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies: 19.19 2012
Sprinkles Ice Cream Shop Coming Soon!: 21.40 2012
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with The Real Mexican and the Perfect Guacamole Recipe: 22.8 2012
May is National Burger Month: 22.8 2012
Clean Out Your Fridge Fried Rice: 22.8 2012
L.A.'s Best Margarita: 22.8 2012
A Cheesy Competition: 22.7 2012
After Party Eats: Westwood: 22.7 2012
Food Truck Tracking 101: 22.6 2012
Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month at Clementine: The West L.A. Bakery Puts a Gourmet Spin on the Classic Sandwich 22.6 2012
The Happiest Happy Hours Near You: You don’t have to travel far to find great deals on food and drinks. 22.4 2012
Restaurant Review: Pann's Restaurant & Coffee Shop 22.3 2012
Unique Restaurants: You Must Visit in Los Angeles 21.49 2011
Paleta: Little Black Bag of Convenience 21.42 2011
St. Vincent Court: Step into Europe in Downtown 21.40 2011
Sushi Near UCLA and USC: 21.38 2011
The Taste: 21.36 2011
Music Festival Food: Elevated at Outside Lands 21.32 2011
Healthy Chips: 21.30 2011
Wine, Wellness, Boomers, Not the Best Mix: 2011
Using Easter's Leftover Eggs: 2011
Frosted Cupcakery: Eating for a Good Cause 21.15 2011
La Chamba Cookware: 21.12 2011
Xiomara on Melrose: 6101 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles 21.3 2011
A Chinatown Thanksgiving: 20.45 2010
Cacique Cheese Wants You: 20.35 2010
The Vegan Dining Guide to Los Angeles: 20.30 2010
Ammo Sunday Brunch: 1155 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles 20.29 2010
Off Vine: 6263 Leland Way, Los Angeles 20.15 2010
Yojie Japanese Fondue & Sake Bar: 501 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles 20.14 2010
Suzanne Winn and Leonard Goodloe of “Chef Academy”: 20.7 2010
Chaya Downtown's Top Tuna Tartare Chef: The Chaya Group pledges to keep culinary programs in schools. 20.4 2010
It's Time to Eat!: Now what? 19.49 2009
Grad Dining Guide: Where to Grub after Graduation … (With the ’Rents) 19.18 2009
Sophisticated Dive Food: An Angeleno Irony 19.15 2009
Where to Grub: 2008
Kosher Los Angeles Kosher Los Angeles: A Culinary Tour of Nine 2008
L.A. Ice Cream Shops Ice Cream You Scream: A Sampling of L.A.'s Top 10 Ice Cream Shops 2008
Cereal Bars Get the Scoop on L.A. Cereal Bars: Not Just For Breakfast Anymore 2008
comme Ca comme Ca: 8479 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles 2008
St. Patty's Day Specialty Drinks St. Patty's Day Specialty Drinks: 2008
Get Your Irish Up On St. Patricks Day Get Your Irish Up On St. Patricks Day: Celebrating L.A.'s Jiggy Pubs 2008
Frogurt Frenzy Frogurt Frenzy: Fro-yo fad of the ’80s is back – with a tart vengeance. 2008
Chef Boys Are Dey Chef Boys Are Dey: Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook unleash Animal, a new eatery on Fairfax. 2008
Designs by Lolita Designs by Lolita: Festive glasses make drinking more fun. 2008
Hermosa Grub Crawl Hermosa Beach Grub Crawl: 2008
Late Night Dining Late Night Dining: Rose Bowl Edition 2007
Dinner and a Movie Dinner and a Movie: Cinema Dining in Los Angeles 2007
Cupcakes Galore Cupcakes Galore: A Sampling of L.A.’s Yummiest Sweet Spots. 2007
Not Home for the Holiday? Not Home for the Holiday?: Enjoy a delicious, affordable Thanksgiving on your own. 2007
Cheap Eats in L.A. Cheap Eats in L.A.: Where to Eat More for Less 2007
California Healthy California Healthy: By Patricia Hamilton 2007
Dorm Gourmet Dorm Gourmet: Spice up your cuisine with the help of farmers markets. 2007
Late Night Dining Yummy Late Night Eating Guide: 2007
Vanilla Bake Shop Vanilla Bake Shop: 512 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica 2007
Primo's Westdale Doughnuts Primo's Westdeale Doughnuts: 2918 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles 2007
Porch Pies Porch Pies: A Sweet Taste from the South 2007
Red Mango Red Mango: (Not Another Name for Pinkberry, Seriously) 2007
After the Grad Ceremony Where to Eat, Drink and Be Merry: After the Grad Ceremony 2007
Malava Relax Malava Relax: Stress Relief in a Bottle 2007
Cinco De Mayo On a Cinco De Mayo Quest: For the Best Margaritas in Los Angeles 2007
Venice Beach Eating and Drinking Al Fresco at: Venice Beach 2007
Belgian Beer Belgian Beer: Expand Your Horizons Bottle By Bottle 2007
Edible Works of Art Edible Works of Art: Sculpted from Melons, Carrots and Pineapple 2007
Wine and Chocolate Wine and Chocolate: Think Sweet on Valentine's Day 2007
Local Farmers Local Farmers: Find New Market on Campuses 2007
Trolling For Fish Trolling For Fish: Tacos 2007
Food Artists Food Artists: Making Shopping More Palatable 2007
L.A. Food Restaurants: That Define L.A. 2006
Holiday Dinners Keep Peace at Holiday Dinners: Take a Breath, a Bit, a Sip and a Step Back 2006
Ethnic Cuisine Ethnic Cuisine: From Asian to Spanish, a Dish For Everyone 2006
Gastronomy U Gastronomy U: Program Trains Students to Work With Consumers and Producers 2006
Serving 25 Million a Day Serving 25 Million a Day: Meet the Chef Behind McDonald's Menu 2006
Energy Drinks Juicy Jolts: Or Risky Sips? 2006
Munchies Some Ideas For: Late-Night Munchies 2006
Spinach Still Reluctant to Eat Your Spinach: Try These Great Greens 2006
Microwave Cuisine Microwave Cuisine: Suggestions To Soothe Your Hunger Pains 2006
Hungry? And Thirsty? Hungry? And Thirsty?: Wining and Dining in Los Angeles 2006
Late-Night West Side Dining Late-Night Dining: 2006
Not-so Simple Choices Not-so Simple Choices: The Grocery Aisles 2006
Starbucks Starbucks: A Guide 2006
Big Ideas Big Ideas: For Tiny Kitchens 2006
Lettuce Wraps Lettuce Wraps: A Cool Canvas 2006
Super Bowl Sundae Pick Your Favorite Topping to Make a: Super Bowl Sundae 2006
My City By the Bay My City By the Bay: Your Eating Guide to San Francisco 2006
Sushi Sushi: How to Choose, Order and Eat it 2006
Break Out and Take Out Break Out and Take Out: 2006
BBQ is Coming to Town BBQ is Coming to Town: 2006
Romantic L.A. Dining Romantic L.A. Dining: 2006
Global Sandwiches Sandwiches From Around the World: Explore the Many Options L.A. Has to Offer 2006
Dark Chocolate two Dark Chocolate: New Chips, Bars and Chunks are Dark and Delicious 2006
Fast Food Fast Food: Companies Supply Those who Want Their Food Fast – and Cheap 2006
Going Ethnic in L.A. Going Ethnic in L.A.: 2005
10 Best Food Finds in L.A. 10 Best Food Finds in L.A.: 2005
World Cuisine World Cuisine: Traditional Foods Becoming a Side Dish to a Global Main Course 2005
Toaster Oven Hey Over There: I’m your toaster oven and I can work wonders! 2005
Dark Chocolate Temptations Dark Chocolate Temptations: 2005
L.A.: A Foodie's Pumpkin Paradise L.A.: A Foodie's Pumpkin Paradise: A Guide To The Best Pumpkin Dishes In Town 2005
Plane Fare Plane Fare: Snacks-For-Sale Sometimes are Famished Fliers’ Only Alternative 2005
Dedicated to Fruitcups Dedicated to Fruitcups: Canter’s Deli Man a Cut Above 2005
Tipping For Takeout Tipping For Takeout: Readers Weigh in 2005
Classic Citrus Classic Citrus: Orange Among 'Superfoods' 2005
The Joys of Ramen The Joys of Ramen: It’s Easy, Quick and Cheap 2005
Energy Drinks Energy Drinks: Everyone's chugging them 2005
Leaf Cuisine Leaf Cuisine: Lean, Green and Eating Clean on the Westside 2005
Avocados A-h-h-vocados: From Guacamole to Ice Cream, ‘Homely Fruit’ has a Multitude of Uses 2005
Tyler Florence Food Network Star-Chef Holds Book Signing: Chef Tyler Florence’s Cookbook Offers Honest Flavors in Perfect Balance 2005
Pinup Chefs Pinup Chefs: Charismatic (and Photogenic) Male Foodies Put Sex Appeal on the Front Burner 2005
Pizza Vegetarian Today: Cooking on Grill Gives Pizza a Smoky Flavor, Crisp Crust 2005
Delicious Digestivos Delicious Digestivos: Grandma’s Newly Hip After-Dinner Drink 2005
Grilling Time to Break Out the Grill: 2005
Asparagus Vegetarian Today: Don’t Be Intimidated by That Versatile Vegetable, Asparagus 2005
Do As The French Do Do As The French Do: Savor Food, but in Moderation 2005
Children Uniting Nations Children Uniting Nations Fundraising Dinner Celebration: Feb. 27 @ The Factory, West Hollywood 2005
Restaurant Grades Making The Grade: Rating L.A.’s Restaurants from the 2004
Cult of Castle The Cult of the Castle: 2004
In-N-Out Lingo In-N-Out Burger: Locations throughout California, Nevada and Arizona 2004
Chefs, Inc. Chef's, Inc.: 10955 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, (310) 470-2277 2004