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Title Headline Issue Year
Created in California: How Barry's turned grueling military workouts into a sexy lifestyle: 2024
Mayo Clinic Q and A: Sunscreen needs for any complexion: 2023
Spencer McKee: 6 reasons why trail running is worth adding to your workout routine: 2022
Study: One sugary drink a day increases chance of liver cancer in women: 2022
How Schools Can Prepare For Medical Emergencies: 2022
Delta has us masking again, but which masks work best?: 2021
When you can't eat: 2021
Review: SOS Hydration : 2020
Black, Hispanic women infected with coronavirus 5 times as often as whites in Philly, study suggests: 2020
She lost half her body weight and landed on the cover of People. What’s her secret?: 2020
Eating only during a 10-hour window improved health for those with metabolic syndrome: 2019
Platefit: A Complete, High-Intensity Workout in 27 Minutes Flat!: 2019
‘All calories are not alike’: Cutting carbs instead of calories keeps weight off, study says: 2018
Intermittent fasting is this season’s ‘it’ diet. But is it healthy?: 2018
3 calming questions to ask yourself when you’re feeling worried or anxious: 2018
Shamed for being fat. Shamed for being fit. Women can’t win: 2017
For successful weight loss dieting, check blood sugar and insulin: 2017
Want a longer life? You’ll need to eat way more vegetables than you think: 2017
What happened when I gave up sugar for 2 weeks: 2017
You may have to give up some pleasure if you want to live longer: 2017
More are withstanding subzero temps for health benefits: 2016
Take a hard look at your eating habits: 2016
Dieting techniques you can learn from Olympic athletes: 2016
Eat like an Olympian: 2016
Is a Korean skin-care routine really worth it?: 2016
How to stop feeling like you don’t have enough time: 2016
How the mind can help fight obesity and other bad food habits: 2016
Study: False-positive mammograms associated with increased risk of future cancer: 2015
Barre classes are on point for a wide range of core fitness seekers: 2015
Controversial study suggests e-cigs draw young smokers to regular cigarettes: 2015
Are you over 18 years old? Do you have type 1 diabetes?:
If so, consider participating in a clinical study today!
25.7 2015
UCLA study finds more Californians are obese, diabetic: 25.6 2015
Designer microbiome: MIT biologists program common gut bacteria: 25.6 2015
Sugary drinks linked to 25,000 deaths in the U.S. each year: 25.5 2015
Teens invent color-changing condoms to warn of STDs: 25.5 2015
CDC: More than 1 in 8 Americans infected with HIV don't know it: 25.5 2015
UC Santa Cruz professor develops HIV vaccine: 25.4 2015
Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig most reliable for weight loss, study says: 25.3 2015
Double lung transplant patient to climb 2nd tallest building in LA on April 11 for Lung Association: 25.3 2015
Study: E-cigarettes can produce more formaldehyde than regular cigarettes: 24.21 2015
11 Health and Fitness Apps that Achieve Top Results: 24.21 2015
College Students Reveal Their Perceptions on HIV: 24.21 2014
Survey Reveals Why College Students Try 'Fake Weed': 24.21 2014
Survey: College Students Know Risks of Stimulant Drug Abuse, But Understand Why Some Do it: 24.20 2014
Study: Put Down Your Cell Unless You Want to Stress Out Even More: 24.20 2014
Early-Bird Students Get Better Education, Says Study: 24.20 2014
Working Out Without Dieting Could Lead to Weight Gain, Says Study: 24.19 2014
Tara Stiles' FitStar Yoga App: A Mental Weapon Against the Freshman 15: 24.19 2014
New Poll: 70% of Americans Favor Over-The-Counter Birth Control: 24.17 2014
Study: U.S. College Students Healthier than U.K. Students in Some Areas: 24.17 2014
Fast Food Makes You Fat...And Dumb?: 24.15 2014
UPDATE: Officials Say Only 1 Olivet Student Was Sick: 24.15 2014
Study: Daily Marijuana Use at Highest Rate Among College Crowd: 24.14 2014
Daily Abs Exercises and No Results? Here's What You're Doing Wrong: 24.13 2014
Taking Arianna Huffington's Advice: 'Always-Tired Syndrome' Stops Now: 24.13 2014
Study Says Alcohol, Energy Drink Cocktails Increase Young Adults' Urge to Drink More: 24.13 2014
Missouri Now Requires College Students to Get Meningitis Vaccine: 24.13 2014
Study Finds Joining a Gym Can Lead to Higher GPA Among College Students: 24.13 2014
EDITORIAL: Do Women Really Need a Remote-Controlled Birth Control Chip?: 24.13 2014
California Sees Rise in STDs; Young Females Had High Rates: 24.13 2014
5 Rules Every College Freshman Should Follow Before Drinking: 24.12 2014
5 Simple Steps to a Healthier Summer Body!: 24.12 2014
College Students, Beware: The Dangers of Smoking Hookah: 24.9 2014
STUDY: College Students are Basically Super Unhealthy: 24.9 2014
Health Insurance Options for Graduating College Students: 24.9 2014
Almost One-Thrid of Calif. College Students are Uninsured Because of Cost: 24.8 2014
STUDY: 18% Ivy League College Students Abuse Stimulant Drugs: 24.8 2014
Potential for Heart Attack, Stroke Risk Seen with Marijuana Use: 24.8 2014
College Students' Binge Drinking Can Lead to Cancer: 24.5 2014
Physical Therapy is for All Students -- Not Just Athletes: 24.5 2014
What College Students Need to Know About Suicide & Depression: 24.5 2014
STUDY: There's a Link Between 'Sex,' 'Getting High' Tweets & HIV, Drug Use Rates: 24.4 2014
OPINION: Occidental College's Eating Disorder Awareness Week Misses the Mark: 24.4 2014
Get in Shape for Spring Break 2014!: 24.3 2014
How to Train for L.A.'s Big 5K in March: 24.3 2014
USC Lyon Center Workout Membership: Best $75 You’ll Spend this Semester: 24.2 2014
College Students with PTSD Likely to Drink More than Peers: 23.23 2014
Syphilis Rates in U.S. Increase Among Men: 23.23 2014
UCSB Students to Get Imported Meningitis Vaccine: 23.23 2014
'Alcohol is Good for You' - 5 Words College Students Love to Hear: Researcher says it can help immune system. 23.23 2013
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is Latest Campus to Report Meningitis Case: 23.22 2013
UC Riverside Announces Meningitis Case: 23.22 2013
US Gives Rare OK to Importing Meningitis Vaccine: 23.22 2013
Gay Teens at High Risk for HPV; CDC Recommends Boys, Girls Get Vaccinated by 12: 23.22 2013
4th Meningitis Case at UC Santa Barbara, 1 Student Has Amputation: 23.21 2013
STUDY: Caffeine in Energy Drinks Can Change How Our Hearts Beat: 23.21 2013
Cigarette Ads Increase Smoking Risk Among College Students: 23.21 2013
Jacqueline M. Wood Gives Tips on Having Fun & Staying Healthy During Holidays: 23.21 2013
FDA Moves to Ban Trans Fat in Food Products: 23.20 2013
FDA Warns Colored Contact Lenses for Halloween Can Cause Blindness: 23.20 2013
Sprite Proves to be Great Hangover Cure: 23.18 2013
UCLA Researchers Found Cocaine Can Put You at Risk for HIV: 23.18 2013
UCLA Students Create Fit Bruin App to Promote Healthy Living on Campus: 23.18 2013
Tips on Preparing for a 5K Run: Mud Run, Color Run, Spartan Run - we've got you covered! 23.17 2013
College Students Can Reduce Stress by Working Out with Others: 23.16 2013
College-Age Women Who Drink Have Increased Risk of Breast Cancer: 23.16 2013
Healthy Snack Ideas for College Students: Avoid the Freshman 15 23.15 2013
What Health Plan Should College Students Choose?: 23.15 2013
Debt's Deadly Consequence: Young People Becoming Sick: 23.15 2013
Number of College Students Abusing Adderall on the Rise: 23.15 2013
Put the Cup Down: Younger Heavy Coffee Drinkers Have Higher Risk of Death: 23.15 2013
Up-to-Date Vaccinations Every College Student Needs: 23.14 2013
Best Carbs for Summer Weight Loss: 23.13 2013
Juice Cleanses - Do They Really Work?: This writer tells you about his experience. 23.13 2013
Monster Energy Blamed in Lawsuit Connected to California Teen’s Death: 23.12 2013
6 (Enjoyable) Workouts to Try This Summer: 23.11 2013
The Science of a Hangover: 3 Things That Make You Feel Miserable: 23.11 2013
Back-to-Basics Exercises Are Hot for 2013: 22.25 2013
Pole Dancing: Unleash the Erotic Creature Within You: 22.25 2012
Freshly Squeezed Juice Fuels Healthy Lifestyles: 22.10 2012
Zumba on the Move in the Fitness World: 22.4 2012
10 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer: 21.49 2012