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Title Headline Issue Year
She spent her college years studying historical cookbooks: 2024
99 Cents Only stores are closing. How I spent $20 in groceries at other discount chains: 2024
Do vegetarians smell different than meat-eaters? A strange encounter led me to find out: 2024
Happiness is pickled eggs at a 100-year-old bar : 2024
One of LA's best pizza chefs has set out to perfect focaccia: 2024
TikTok users flood Colorado mailbox with requests for 177-year-old sourdough starter: 2024
What does a service fee ban mean for California diners? Expect that $39 chicken to cost $49: 2024
From ‘Bad Vegan’ to mass restaurant closures — inside Matthew Kenney’s crumbling raw food empire: 2024
Salty ice cream, aged fish, Hanwoo beef: A food editor’s 16 best dishes of the year: 2024
Why In-N-Out has barely changed its business for 75 years — not even its fries: 2023
Yes, fast-food soft serve is still the best soft serve. These are the top 7 brands, ranked: 2023
Produce grown on this campus goes to hungry students: 2023
Celebrate high summer with these 5 taste-bud-tickling weed drinks: 2023
An Inglewood, Calif., food crawl with Lionel Boyce from 'The Bear': 2023
57-year-old TikToker ate just McDonald’s for 100 days — and lost 58 pounds. Here’s how: 2023
Vegan sushi is booming. This dancer makes the most swoon-worthy in Los Angeles: 2023
The key to making easy sushi at home? Throw a hand roll party: 2023
Supermarket sushi you'll actually want to eat: 2023
Dry-aged sushi? One of L.A.'s best fishmongers says 'fresh is boring': 2023
How two friends sparked L.A.'s sushi obsession — and changed the way America eats: 2023
Does this new robot-staffed chocolate emporium signal a themed restaurant comeback?: 2023
7 tips for eating and living well in the new year: 2023
This is how to make a real Italian beef, according to the culinary producer of 'The Bear': 2022
What are 'Blue Zones' and why should you eat like the people who live in them?: 2022
Could you ID rancid olive oil? These students couldn’t until a UC Davis Olive Center class: 2022
Irv's Burgers was so beloved that fans signed up to work there. It's finally back: 2022
McDonald’s shrinking menu means healthier foods are vanishing: 2022
Pink wine season is upon us: The 10 best new rosé bottles, rated: 2022
At two Southern California IHOPs, Ramadan halal specials were so popular they're staying on the menu: 2022
Move over KFC Crocs, here comes Brain Dead Studios to merge food and fashion in L.A.: 2022
Southern California has given the world so much. And fast food too: 2022
Foggy, fizzy, buzzy: Searching for the fermented drinks of Mexico on the streets of L.A.: 2022
Ukrainian recipes come from the heart: 2022
Looking for cooking inspiration? More home cooks are turning to TikTok: 2022
How to lower your grocery costs when prices are soaring: 2022
This food writer tried 4 TikTok recipes. Here's what he thought.: 2022
UCLA launches an institute dedicated to food studies: 2022
NFTs could be the ticket to your next great meal: 2022
3 eating and drinking habits that aren’t good for your brain: 2022
5 amazing Super Bowl recipes: Finger foods, sliders, Jalapeno Poppers: 2022
The 15 best beers we drank this year: 2021
We tried more than 25 alternative proteins. These were the best (and worst): 2021
The 30 best (and worst) pumpkin-flavored foods at Trader Joe’s, ranked: 2021
One-pot wonders: These dishes offer all the flavor but without all the cleanup: 2021
What fungi! Foraging and cooking with wild mushrooms: 2021
‘Cuban’ beer is being sold in Miami. Is it a communist invasion or clever capitalismo?: 2021
Say cheese! Pizza from four American regions: 2021
What is cacio e pepe and how did it take over the world?: 2021
The bubble tea breakdown: What to order, and a toppings explainer: 2021
Canned cocktails taste test: From Big Star margaritas to summery G&Ts, here are our 34 best & worst: 2021
The cicadas are here. So, of course we had to taste them with Old Bay.: 2021
Med school cookbook is just what the doctors ordered: 2021
How 2020 changed cooking for the better: 2021
Eating in restaurants should be more expensive: 2021
The official Girl Scout cookie power rankings: 2021
The next time you order takeout, call the restaurant: 2021
New book explores the mind-blowingly diverse world of Black food in America: 2021
Waste not: How to save money (and the planet) by using kitchen scraps: 2021
What happens when a restaurant worker gets COVID-19?: 2021
The best mayonnaises you can buy (a nostalgia-proof taste test): 2020
The profound comfort of kimchi: 2020
Tofu’s having a moment. Here’s how to use it: 2020
Food delivery apps are more popular than ever. But can they help restaurants survive?: 2020
Miss traveling? This year’s cookbooks will take you around the world.: 2020
The only pieces of kitchen equipment you actually need: 2020
What's Cooking this Summer? Eatz is offering live virtual cooking classes on Zoom: 2020
Low-cal craft beer becomes vital during quarantine. We taste 18 and pick the winners and losers.: 2020
The official Ben & Jerry’s ice cream power rankings: 2020
Avocados are in, pork bellies out in the era of pandemic eating: 2020
Rookie cooks: 4 meals and some basics for absolute beginner cooks: 2020
You can now get free online cooking lessons from culinary masters: 2020
Coronavirus kitchen: What to stock, cook if you face a 14-day quarantine: 2020
The keto diet: Its highs and lows plus 5 recipes: 2020
Late-night snack inspired by our favorite munchies: Doritos popovers & fried chicken scones.: 2020
How We Eat 2020: Our cooks’ tips for healthier eating in the new year: 2020
The holiday foods you love to hate can actually be delicious: 2019
10 tips to help you grill burgers to perfection: 2019
Which of those vegan-friendly, meatless burgers is the best? Critic Mike Mayo crowns one king: 2019
Which of those vegan-friendly, meatless burgers is the best?: 2019
Inside Milk Bar’s mad lab for sweets: 2019
How Nashville hot chicken conquered Los Angeles: 2019
The official domestic beer power rankings: 2019
What brand of tortilla chips should you buy? We tried 16 to find the best one for your next watch pa: 2019
Fancy Chinese food is here to stay — and it’s about time: 2019
The official breakfast cereal power rankings: Part I: 2019
The official fast food French fry power rankings: 2019
This Cal Poly student runs a restaurant out of his apartment. Now he’s writing a cookbook: 2019
What food and drink trends are expected in 2019? You may be surprised: 2019
10 (mostly) chef-driven cookbooks for your holiday gift-buying needs: 2018
6 cannabis cookbooks with recipes from basic to gourmet: 2018
Our favorite instant ramen noodle brands: 2018
How to throw a fried chicken party: 2018
Food waste, and what to do about it — plus the best recipe for using up stale bread: 2018
Everything you need to know about steak and how to grill it: 2018
What you should know about Neapolitan pizza: 2018
6 simple ways to dress up ice cream using ingredients you’re sure to have on hand: 2018
Get your grill on: Celebrate the 4th with these recipes: 2018
Here are the 9 things this top food safety lawyer won’t eat at home or in a restaurant: 2018
Thomas Keller thinks he perfected chocolate by adding this unusual ingredient: 2018
Three new food shows to binge watch, and one new radio show too: 2018
How does the food actually taste at the only Amazon Go’s checkout-free store? Let’s check it out: 2018
Delicious New Year’s Eve traditions: 2017
A beginner’s guide to going vegan and living your best plant-based life: 2017
Picks for the top food trends of 2018: 2017
Which cooking tips did I pick up in Italy?: 2017
64 bottles of tequila, Halloween costumes and maybe a ghost at El Coyote: 2017
Rustic Japanese food: Simple, elegant recipes: 2017
Easy dishes every college student can make for dinner: 2017
Nguyen Tran dishes on ‘Adventures in Starry Kitchen': 2017
The guy who brought you Umami Burger wants to reinvent PB&J: 2017
18 bowls of pasta in 8 hours: 2017
Using the whole fish and more, and talking about food waste in Providence’s kitchen: 2017
How Mr. Fries Man turned his love of pastrami-topped fries into an Instagram success story: 2017
Popular bone broths: It’s time to take stock: 2017
Brain food: What to eat — at any age — to fend off Alzheimer’s and dementia: 2017
A vegetable plate as art: 2017
Fermented foods open a gateway to good health and new culinary adventures: 2017
Let whiskey smooth the way through a holiday dinner: 2016
This guy eats hot wings with celebrities for a living. Seriously.: 2016
Anthony Bourdain likes messy meals: 2016
5 beer styles that go perfectly with 5 pizza styles: 2016
Kimchi alert! This charming ‘comic book with recipes’ makes Korean cooking a snap: 2016
How a slow cooker can be a college kid’s go-to appliance: 2016
An urban explorer discovers Vaka Burger Express in Boyle Heights: 2016
Martha Stewart digs L.A. pastries: 2016
How to build a better taco: 2016
Fire up the presses for grilled cheese sandwich cake: 2016
Fermenting exciting things: 2016
Online subscription plans deliver meals to your door: 2016
Seven 2016 diet trends: What’s smart, what’s myth?: 2016
What exactly makes up a healthy diet?: 2015
A life reshaped by bread: Homeboy Industries and Bouchon give Javier Medina a second chance: 2015
Tech-savvy pair turns diet hacking into full-time experiment: 2015
Cole's vs. Philippe's: Who Makes the Better French Dip?: 22.15 2012
The Case for Organic Food: 22.16 2012
Lucifers Pizza New Location Brings the Heat: 22.16 2012
When Smashed Fried Potatoes Call Your Name, Why Fight It?: 22.16 2012
A Trip to Tikal in Los Angeles: 22.16 2012
Supper Chills Out with Garden-Friendly Gazpacho: 22.16 2012
Top 10 L.A. Food Trucks: 22.17 2012
5th Annual La Feria de los Moles Comes to L.A.: 22.18 2012
Get Fresh and Lively at Slow Fish: 22.18 2012
Poutine and the "Glutster" Burger: Eat at Biergarten LA: 22.19 2012
Healthy College Eating for Students: Tips from Hungry Girl's Lisa Lillien 22.20 2012
Unbuttoning the Mushroom: 22.20 2012
Where Can a College Student Get Thanksgiving Dinner Around Here?: 22.22 2012
Find Fresh, Seasonal Dishes at The Churchill: 22.25 2013
Strawberries, Blueberries Ward Off Heart Disease in Women: Study: 23.1 2013
Jolly Good Muffins: 23.2 2013
Best Places in L.A. for Baseball Food: 23.6 2013
Calbee’s New Harvest Snaps Line Now Available: 23.6 2013
L.A.'s Best Cultural Eats: 23.7 2013
Cook's Famous Vanilla Put to the Cooking Test: 23.7 2013
Dinner & a Movie, Take Two: The best L.A. restaurants near your favorite movie theaters. 23.9 2013
Get Ready for a Foodie Frenzy at 4th Annual L.A. Street Food Fest: Save $5 w/ Code 23.10 2013
4th of July Pinterest-Inspired Food Recipes: We tried out the best - see how they turned out! 23.12 2013
Louisiana Comes to SoCal at the 2013 Long Beach Crawfish Festival: Aug. 3-4 @ Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach, Calif. 23.13 2013
SoCal’s Tastiest Beach Party, The 2013 Original Lobster Festival: Sept 6-8 @ Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach 23.13 2013
Ribs, Chicken & More at the 2013 Long Beach BBQ Festival!: Aug. 16 - 18 @ Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach 23.13 2013
Craving Crawfish? The Long Beach Crawfish Festival is Almost Here!: A Q&A with the festival's organizer. 23.13 2013
Get the 411 on the 2013 Original Lobster Festival!: The head organizer answers all your questions. 23.13 2013
Taste of Mexico Dishes Up Authentic Mexican Cuisine for L.A. - See below for Special Discount Offer: 23.16 2013
The Taste of Mexico: Meet the 4 Founding Restaurants!: 23.16 2013
5 Great Reasons Why You Should Go to the 3rd Annual Taste of Mexico: (See Below for Special Discount Offer!) 23.18 2013
Dude, Where's My Food?: Online Cooking Show Dude Food Delivers Male-Friendly Recipes & Laughs 23.19 2013
Easy-to-Make Christmas Desserts Inspired from Pinterest: 23.22 2013
Dine Like Lord and Lady Grantham at Your own ‘Downton Abbey’: 23.23 2014
'Dude Food' Offers Tasty, Easy-to-Make Super Bowl Recipes: Make your Super Bowl party complete with these ideas! 24.1 2014
Coachella 2014's Food Lineup is as Impressive as its Music Lineup!: 24.6 2014
You're in for a Tasty Treat at the 31st Annual California Strawberry Festival!: 24.8 2014
Eat Your Heart Out at the 5th Annual L.A. Street Food Fest: Save $5 with Code ‘Campus14'!: 24.10 2014
Skipping Breakfast in College is a Big No-No: 3 Fast, Easy-to-Make Meals: 24.13 2014
LOOK: 5 Food Trucks You Have to Visit at L.A.’s Made in America Festival!: 24.14 2014
Garlo's Aussie Pie Shop's Meat Pies are Here: Special Offer - Buy One Get One Free!: 24.15 2014
My 10 most memorable beer drinking experiences of 2014: 24.21 2015
Drinks Trends in 2015 and Wines to start your own Trends: 24.21 2015
Despite Menu Changes Over 18 Years, Fast Food is Still Bad for You: 24.21 2014
How to add heat to your cooking with a variety of ingredients: 25.1 2015
Don’t put too much of a good thing into that healthy diet: 25.2 2015
You’re drinking your beer too cold, and here’s why: 25.2 2015
Millennials driving increasing popularity of ‘grocerants’: 25.2 2015
As food truck craze fades, Roaming Hunger helps boost vendors' profits: 25.3 2015
Young chefs are stirring things up in the Asian restaurant business: 25.4 2015
South L.A. ban on new fast-food restaurants has little effect: 25.4 2015
Damaging trans fat to be banished from U.S. diet: 25.5 2015
Pot for foodies: Is marijuana the next California cuisine?: 25.6 2015
10 great places to wine and dine in Manhattan Beach: 25.6 2015
Nick Lachey surprises Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" finalists: 25.6 2015
Exploring Koreatown Learn How to Make Korean BBQ at Home: 22.20 2012