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Title Headline Issue Year
Young voters are more concerned with the economy. That’s bad for Biden: 2024
Kansas lawmakers seek to block universities from requiring diversity statements during hiring: 2024
‘Never give up’: Meet the Cameroon immigrant, father of 5 who graduated from UT Dallas: 2024
Suicides in U.S. hit historic high in 2022, driven by increase among older adults: 2023
Deferring savings, canceling subscriptions, eating out less: Borrowers preparing for loan repayments: 2023
The weird and wonderful life of LA's most bizarre celebrity photographer: 2023
Is California giving reparations for slavery? Here’s what you need to know: 2023
Mental health apps may put your privacy at risk. Here's what to look for: 2023
A beautiful sight, a deadly climb. Mount Baldy is LA’s favorite mountain. That’s the problem: 2023
How medical debt changed their lives: 2023
A new generation of white supremacist killer: shedding blood w/internet winks, memes & livestreaming: 2022
States look to community colleges to fill labor gap: 2022
The quest to save Cantonese in a world dominated by Mandarin: 2022
'Exhausted': In rural California, the unvaccinated and ill overwhelm hospital staff: 2022
China’s role in American politics has shifted since 2008 Olympics in Beijing: 2022
Meet the young activists making lasting impacts on their communities and beyond: 2021
Contraception is free to women, except when it’s not: 2021
Where did Sierra snow go this spring? Not into California rivers and water supplies: 2021
California’s yoga, wellness and spirituality community has a QAnon problem: 2021
Scientists are trying to make California forests more fire resilient: 2021
Citizen Trump: The many paths ahead for the ex-president: 2021
Q&A: What the post-pandemic future holds for California transportation: 2020
Teen volunteers organize service to help most vulnerable during coronavirus outbreak: 2020
‘We want to study you.’ For some blacks, coronavirus triggers fear of another Tuskegee experiment: 2020
We knew the coronavirus was coming, yet we failed 5 critical tests: 2020
How long immunity lasts after a coronavirus infection and what that means for vaccines: 2020
Fear, isolation, depression: The mental health fallout of a worldwide pandemic: 2020
Alt-weeklies thought they’d been through the worst economically. Then came coronavirus: 2020
American Living in Italy Talks About Her Experience Dealing with The Coronavirus: 2020
St. Louis saw the deadly 1918 Spanish flu epidemic coming. Shutting down the city saved lives: 2020
Despite dire coronavirus warning, some refuse to give up their routines: 2020
A coronavirus danger: Touching your face. Here is how to stop doing it: 2020
Genealogical databases are a goldmine for police, but with few rules and little transparency: 2019
Who wants to leave California? Young voters can’t afford housing, and conservatives feel alienated: 2019
In California, canine blood banks run secretly: 2019
Did Pentagon ban on Guantanamo art create a market for it? : 2019
Determination born of childhood hardship pushed a temp worker to CEO of a top investment firm: 2018
Roadshow: The 13 best new cars for grads: 2018
‘Walkout!’ A day students helped spark ‘revolucion’: 2018
The chaos kept coming in 1968: 2018
A changing of guard: After unthinkable tragedy, Generation Z emerges loud and clear: 2018
USC explore civil rights, national security in university’s first history class on WWII internment: 2018
LA leaders oppose ‘criminalizing’ homeless people, but thousands are jailed for minor offenses: 2018
‘This can’t be the end’: For this Salvadoran family, LA feels like it has always been home: 2018
Reagan’s mountain ranch is now a training ground for the next generation of Republicans: 2018
Q&A: A founder of Black Lives Matter answers a question on many minds: Where did it go?: 2017
Q&A: Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia? There’s an app for that: 2017
If Sanders runs for president, can anyone stop him?: 2017
Found: 7 rocky Earth-sized planets in orbit around a nearby star: 2017
Thousands protest at LAX against Trump travel ban: 2017
Trump’s travel directive unifies Iranian Americans: 2017
The US intelligence community is made up of 17 agencies. Here’s what each one does: 2017
Pot measure: Will it turn the tide in the weed war?: 2016
California lags on projects to protect wildlife at Salton Sea, officials say: 2016
Where millennials are more likely to live with their parents: 2016
Uber drivers welcome big settlement, but here’s what they’re still missing: 2016
Voter ID laws suppress Democrats and minorities, researchers find: 2016
Looking for another sign of a weakened China economy? Try the rent-a-foreigner market: 2016
Under Obama, government’s safety net has expanded: 2016
El Nino will test Pacific Coast Highway barriers: 2016
Southern Californians trek to the mountains for winter fun and tranquility: 2016
Young adults with autism work on building social skills — and dating: 2015
UCLA and USC tie in magazine rankings; UC Berkeley best public university in nation: 25.7 2015
Water conservation has costly, and stinky, downsides: 25.7 2015
Goodyear's Spirit of America blimp floats out of Carson and into history: 25.6 2015
Watts riots shifted California right, but new demographics pushed it left: 25.6 2015
Nudists take a stand on steps of San Francisco City Hall: 25.6 2015
States to colleges: Prove you’re worth it: 25.6 2015
Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of the late Whitney Houston, dies at 22: 25.6 2015
Stanford Prison Experiment holds place in pop psyche decades on: 25.6 2015
Mount St. Helens, still steaming, holds the world’s newest glacier: 25.6 2015
Will Gavin Newsom's post-Pride glow get him the governorship?: 25.5 2015
San Bernardino, a distillation of America’s urban woes: 25.5 2015
What happens when a millennial goes fascist? He starts up a neo-Nazi site: 25.5 2015
Drought hastens decline of the Joshua tree, California's desert symbol: 25.5 2015
California Assembly passes two bills to deter frivolous ballot measures: 25.4 2015
Climate change could overwhelm California, Obama adviser says: 25.4 2015
College cellist and half-million-dollar cello headed to elite competition in Russia: 25.4 2015
What presidential hopefuls say in commencement speeches: 25.4 2015
Google, YouTube win First Amendment fight over anti-Muslim video: 25.4 2015
Remembering the 1933 Griffith Park fire disaster: 25.4 2015
U.S. Muslims ask why their religion's condemnation of violence often goes unheard: 25.4 2015
One in six species could be wiped out by climate change, study says: 25.3 2015
Graffiti’s arrival at national parks infuriates outdoor enthusiasts: 25.3 2015
Baltimore riots and the long shadow of 1992 Los Angeles: 25.3 2015
The Big One could trigger series of large earthquakes, study finds: 25.3 2015
Most humpback whales could be removed from endangered species list: 25.3 2015
NASA's journey to Pluto: Here's what might go wrong: 25.3 2015
Santa Barbara looks to ocean desalination for new water; are other cities next?: 25.3 2015
Nearly a year after a shooting partially paralyzed him, a boy is rebuilding hope: 25.3 2015
Off Channel Islands, scientists explore coral -- and our oceans' future: 25.3 2015
Drought alters familiar landscape in Yosemite National Park: 25.3 2015
Upper Midwest college tragedies: Drunk, frozen and underage: 25.2 2015
Captivity may cause stress for polar bears, but Arctic also poses problems: 25.1 2015
Yosemite free climbers top all records with El Capitan ascent: 24.21 2015
Home-Schooled, She Graduates from High School, College at the Same Time: 24.21 2014
Hollywood Struggles Attracting Filmmakers—But is There Hope?: 24.15 2014
Student Loan Debt Curbs Housing Market by $83 Billion, Study Says: 24.15 2014
1 Year Later, Family of Missing College Student Offers Bracelets, Cards to Help in Search: 24.14 2014
How 15-Year-Old 'Hacked' His Way Into UC Berkeley: 24.14 2014
Wesleyan Student's Project 'Not Asking For It' Combats Victim Blaming and Continues to Spread: 24.13 2014
2 California Catholic Universities Limit Employees' Abortion Coverage: 24.13 2014
Report Cites Health Risks of "Cinnamon Challenge": 23.7 2013
Frida Ghitis: Boston Bombing Should Make Us More Aware, But Not Fearful: 23.7 2013
Obama Stands in the Very Long Shadows of Lincoln and King: 23.1 2013
Obama Uses Inauguration to Spotlight Policy Pledges: 23.1 2013
Flight 19 and Amelia Earhart: Could They Finally Be Found?: 22.25 2013
Obama vs. Romney on College Issues: 22.20 2012
Barack the Vote is in Full Gear: 22.19 2012
UC Regents Brainstorm Changes if Voters Reject Proposition 30: 22.17 2012
Villaraigosa's Rising Profile Shadowed by Problems in L.A.: 22.16 2012
Californians Will Vote on Changes to 3-Strikes Law in November: 22.16 2012
Stem Cell Findings Point Toward New Cancer Treatments: 22.14 2012
Worries Grow as Health Care Companies Send Jobs Overseas: 22.13 2012
How to Cure U.S. Health Care: 22.13 2012
Research Backs Up Claims of Medical Marijuana's Benefits: 22.13 2012
FDA Approves Drug to Reduce HIV Risk: 22.13 2012
Education's Pendulum: Thinkers or Test Takers?: 22.13 2012
Campaigns Seek Edge with Edgy Twitter Blitz: 22.13 2012
Congress Passes Transportation Bill, Halts Student Loan Rate Increase: 22.12 2012
UCLA's MBA Program Moves Away from State Funding: 22.11 2012
9 Ways to Save Money on Gas: 22.7 2012
Google Hopes to Revolutionize Video Chat with 'Hangout' Apps: 22.6 2012
Frank McCourt: More "Trials" and Tribulations 21.41 2011
Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to Jail: Four Months for the Troubled Actress 21.19 2011
Osama bin Laden's Killing a Huge Boost for President Barack Obama: 21.18 2011
Bin Laden was the Embodiment of Evil: 21.18 2011
Celebrations in U.S. Over News of bin Laden's Death: 21.18 2011
Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton Marry in Westminster Abbey: 2011
Job Growth Accelerates: Oil Prices Worry Experts 2011
Tweet: @Tunisia, #Egypt, #Yemen: Who’s next? 21.7 2011
Obama fires McChrystal after disparaging comments: Petraeus steps in 2010
South Los Angeles: Running Out of Food? 19.40 2009
Los Angeles' Water Main Breaks: Should We Be Concerned? 19.38 2009
"Poor Paul": Hit Web Comedy Donates Walk-On Role 19.30 2009
Michael Jackson Public Memorial Service: July 7 @ Staples Center 19.27 2009
Michael Jackson Memorial Share your thoughts about Michael Jackson with us.: 19.26 2009
Will Zarifi: Salutatorian of the Class of 2009 19.23 2009
Health Clinics to the Rescue?: 19.20 2009
Measures of the 2009 California Special Election: The State Budget 19.19 2009
President Barack Obama: His First 100 Days 19.17 2009