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Title Headline Issue Year
Nerdist Industries' Chris Hardwick is proudly serving nerdy needs with 'The Hive': 25.7 2015
Boxer Abner Mares seeks to make a difference in ring and in inner city: 25.6 2015
Special Olympian returns to San Bernardino adult classroom with 951st (yes, 951st) medal: 25.6 2015
Animator Andreas Deja breathes life into Disney characters and more: 25.6 2015
Greg Louganis, Olympic champ and gay pioneer, recounts highs and plunges: 25.6 2015
Inland Empire childhood friends launch craft beer ice cream venture: 25.6 2015
Chris Tucker discusses Netflix stand-up special and his disappearing act: 25.6 2015
Orange Coast College crew coach brings inspiration after being wheelchair bound: 25.5 2015
Rancho Cucamonga man's 116-mile walk around Salton Sea begins: 25.5 2015
Fullerton teen wanted by every Ivy League school chooses Yale: 25.5 2015
Moorpark baker rises to occasion on Food Network finale: 25.4 2015
Chef Chris Cormier finds life-changing work at L.A. Mission: 25.3 2015
Laurent Bonjour: L.A.’s Cheese Peddling French Cowboy 22.10 2012
Ian Shive: Receives Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography 21.38 2011
Brooke Lyons: A star is born. 21.35 2011
Robbie Cabral: Former Bruin’s Figure of the Day 21.25 2011
Kotomi Nanjo: Artful Cookie Creations 21.20 2011
Angel City Derby Girls: April 23 @ Culver City Veterans Memorial Auditorium 21.16 2011
The Bake Monster: College and a career: CSUN’s Jonathan Melendez is cooking. 20.46 2010
Cindy Busby: Having a Big Year 20.45 2010
Colby Kline: A Real Weather Girl 20.38 2010
Rieana Paul: Racing for the Cure 20.36 2010
India Eisley: Not Your Average Teen 20.33 2010
Ashley Bell: Exorcising Her Comedic Demons 20.32 2010
Lindsey Haun: The Haun Solo Project strikes back. 20.31 2010
Joe Slaughter Steps Up: 20.29 2010
Hal B. Klein: The Food Dude 20.28 2010
David Blue's "Universe": 20.27 2010
Marsha Thomason: British beauty breaks balls on “White Collar.” 20.26 2010
Kate Lang Johnson: Escapes Anonymity in “Persons Unknown” 20.25 2010
Erik Maki: The Dogtown Renaissance 20.24 2010
Alison Haislip: G4’s girl next door kicks ass. 20.24 2010
'True Blood': Mariana Klaveno is a sucker. 20.23 2010
The Shannon Twins: Life After the Mansion 20.22 2010
UCLA's Jen Fingal: And the Festival of New American Musicals 20.22 2010
DJ Zen Freeman: Spins Memorial Day at the Mondrian Pool 20.21 2010
Edward Norton: Wants You to Click on Crowdrise 20.20 2010
Colin Michael Day: Traveling the Lonely Road of an Artist 20.20 2010
Anya Monzikova: Iron Man 2’s Banging Babe 20.18 2010
"Big Time Rush": James Maslow makes the Boy Band Boot Camp cut. 20.15 2010
Xavier Vanegas: Making Mister Rogers Proud 20.14 2010
Fatima Robinson: Movement from the Soul 20.11 2010
Candace Silvers: Not Your Average Teacher 19.11 2010
EMC Monkeys: Give it all. Train Hard. Live Free. 20.10 2010
The Syrenz: Desire to Inspire 20.8 2010
Jonathan Perez: "So You Think You Can Dance" alum is creating a "Legacy." 20.6 2010
Jennifer Bryan: “The Vampire Diaries” Costume Designer 20.6 2010
Jana Kramer: “One Tree Hill” bad girl brings the drama. 20.2 2010
Emily Maroutian: Gets A Second Opinion 20.1 2010
Tiffany Michelle: “The Amazing Race” of Hot Chips 20.1 2010
The Wing Girls: Dating Advice Every Guy Could Use 19.49 2009
Audra Griffis: Dancing with “Glee” 19.49 2009
DJ Irene: Fascination in the Dissonance 19.48 2009
Thomas Blake: “Point Break Live!” Rides On 19.47 2009
Alex Meraz and Justine Wachsberger: Wolf vs. Vampire in New Moon 19.44 2009
Brett Hyman and Tomik Mansoori: Club Junkies Get a New Fix 19.41 2009
Michael Tyus: Soars in Cirque du Soleil’s “Kooza” 19.39 2009
Sonos: SonoSings at UCLA 19.38 2009
J.U.I.C.E. it Up: With Gisella Ferreira 19.37 2009
Ella Thomas: Traded Biology for the Big Screen 19.37 2009
Asher Book: 19.36 2009
Jayde Nicole: 19.36 2009
Mark Salling: Puck of “Glee” takes us on a tour of L.A. hotspots. 19.35 2009
You're a Jerk: A new crowd is taking over the Skinny Jeans Movement. 19.33 2009
Jessica Kehinde Ngo: USC Grad Publishes First Book on Twins 19.31 2009
Wesley Quinn: 19.30 2009
Astrid Chevallier: Designs Posters for Benjamin Button, I’m Not There and more 19.29 2009
Jessie Gentry: Native Angeleno student snaps Los Angeles’ seedy side. 19.29 2009
Grace Wall of 'Guys and Dolls': July 31-Aug. 2 @ Hollywood Bowl 19.28 2009
Holly Madison: Reveals Her Naughty Side in “Peepshow” 19.28 2009
Julia Anderson: Winner of “True Beauty” 19.26 2009
Ben Matsuya: A Talk with the ImagiNations Finalist 19.25 2009
Mitchel Musso: From Co-Star to Solo Artist 19.23 2009
Ann Marie Rios: Not Just Some Hot Girl Giving Advice 19.21 2009
Jeremy Mitchell: Fighting for Screen Time 19.21 2009
JJ Yosh: Taking Green to the Extreme 19.20 2009
Ann Marie Rios: Not Just Some Hot Girl Giving Advice 19.20 2009
Naya Rivera: Something to Cheer About 19.19 2009
Betsy Rue: A “Bloody” Beauty 19.19 2009
Alison Woods: Is Fantastick! 19.18 2009
Gina La Piana: Randy Jackson picks a winner. 19.17 2009
Cary Silverman: The Brain Behind and Pub-Corn 19.17 2009
Joel West: Reinvention Never Looked So Good 19.16 2009
Hunter Bird: Begins Festival of New American Musicals with a Bang 19.16 2009
Caridee English: America’s Next Top Model takes a “Pretty Wicked” new role. 19.13 2009
JUSTIN FORTUNE: “Train Like A Fighter” 19.10 2009
ADRIENNE BAILON: MTV’s New Sweetheart 19.9 2009
Essential LA SWEET 9: 7361 1/2 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood 19.9 2009
KATE FRENCH: L Words to Live By 19.8 2009
MONICA RAYMUND: Sniffs Out the Truth on “Lie To Me” 19.7 2009
STACEY ORISTANO: Full Circle Back to Texas with “Friday Night Lights” 19.7 2009
MAXIE SOLTERS OF ‘THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES’: Feb. 14 @ Bovard Auditorium, USC 19.6 2009
BRAD CULVER OF ‘MAN OF LA MANCHA’: Feb. 14-March 1 @ Freud Playhouse, UCLA 19.6 2009
Rick Fox: Chronicles Nation's Mood on Road to Obama's Inauguration 19.6 2009
Shaunt & Levon Gharibian: Spread Passion for Music Thru Photography 2009
Scott Bailey: Another One Catches the Acting Bug 2009
Doug Smith Interview: A Performer with “Big Love” for His Orchestra 2009
18.44 Arlen Escarpeta: On A Killer Career Path 2008
18.44 Anjelah Johnson: Guided by Faith 2008
D.B. Sweeney D.B. Sweeney: With Guts Comes Glory 2008
Robert Davi Robert Davi: Stepping into the Director's Seat 2008
18.42 MEHOW: King of Pick-Up Artists 2008
Jesse Metcalfe Jesse Metcalfe: What would you do if he were the guy on The Other End of the Line? 2008
18.40 Gary Richards: Rave Expectations for HARD Haunted Mansion 2008
Luke Grimes Luke Grimes: A cutie conquers Hollywood. 2008
Ken Lally Ken Lally: The Newest Villain of “Heroes” 2008
Nicholas Bruckman Nicholas Bruckman: He has a story to tell and he is not afraid to document it 2008
What They Don't Teach You In School What They Don't Teach You In School: Student Entrepreneurs Earn Money As Well As Degrees 2008
Kristolyn LLoyd Kristolyn LLoyd: A Newcomer To The Stage - And Los Angeles 2008
Geena Oh Geena Oh: Time To Do It All-Project By Project 2008
Q&A With Duck Q&A With Duck: The Star of the Web's 2008
Natalia Cigliuti Natalia Cigliuti: "Raising The Bar" 2008
Sunset Tan 'Sunset Tan': How Real is Reality TV? 2008
'Wicked': The Propaganda of Good 'Wicked': The Propaganda of Good: Erin Mackey, Los Angeles' Glinda the Good 2008
Zac Sunderland Sailing the Dream: A local 16-year-old hopes to break the world record. 2008
L.A. Tap Fest L.A. Tap Fest: Jason Samuels Smith brings the noise. 2008
Maysoon Zayid: You Don't Mess with the Zohan Maysoon Zayid: Laughing All the Way to Comedy Heaven 2008
Owen Benjamin Owen Benjamin: Fresh Comedy On C-Spot 2008
Amy Diamond Amy Diamond: F.I.N. Sea Foundation Educates Kids About Mother Earth 2008
Go Fug Yourself Go Fug Yourself: Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks Don't Dress Up Their Tell-It-Like-It-Is Blog 2008
Shaughn Buchholz Shaughn Buchholz: From Johnny (Utah) to Ronny in "Money & Run" 2008
Joe Doughrity Joe Doughrity: Creator of Akira's Hip-Hop Shop 2008
Gregory Barnett Gregory Barnett: Go-Go Dancer Releases Hot Number at Highways 2008
Tina Lynch Tina Lynch: Not Short On Laughter 2008
PlanJam PlanJam: Creating Out-of-the-Ordinary Dates for the College Set 2008
Dan Povenmire: Phineas and Ferb 'Phineas and Ferb': USC Alum Dan Povenmire Has A Hit On His Hands 2008
Ultimate Trainer The Ultimate Trainer: Pumps Up Collegiate Athletes 2008
Fishing For Love on the Net Fishing For Love on the Net: An Internet Dating Expert and Author Takes the Pulse of Hooking Up on the Web 2008
Daren Kagasoff Daren Kagasoff: Takes a Turn at Teen Fatherhood 2008
Shane Sparks Shane Sparks: Dancer/Choreographer Brings Dance Crews to the Forefront 2008
Ryan Eggold: Dirt Dishing the 'Dirt': The Scoop on Ryan Eggold 2008
USC Goes Green Trojans Sport Cardinal, Gold and ... Green?: USC focuses on aiding the environment. 2008
The End of the Jews The End of the Jews: The Author of Angry Black White Boy Offers A Look Into His Latest Release 2008
Second Nature Drawing Laughs Is Simply Second Nature: USC's Improv Troupe Continues to Entertain For Free 2008
Allyna-Rennee Nguyen Allyna-Rennee Nguyen: LMU Senior Sheds Light on the Rain Season 2008
Megan Hilty On Making Cinderella: Actress Megan Hilty Succeeds on Broadway and in Hollywood 2008
Skate4Cancer Skate4Cancer: The Real Rock of Love 2008
Project Playlist Project Playlist: Easily Searchable, Organizable and Consumable Music 2008
JoAnna Garcia: Welcome to the Captain JoAnna Garcia: Blonde beauty trades motherhood for romance. 2008
Saleisha: America's Next Top Model Saleisha: 2008
James Lafferty: One Tree Hill James Lafferty: “One Tree Hill” Star on Marriage, Fatherhood and Acting Your Age 2008
Isabelle Salsa Isabelle Salsa: Dancing on the Westside 2008
College Tonight College Tonight: An online boost to get you offline! 2008
Penn Badgley: Gossip Girl Penn Badgley: Down-to-Earth Dan in “Gossip Girl” 2008
Extra Cans for the Needy EXTRA Cans for the Needy: Mike Hennessey helps the homeless help themselves. 2007
Dulé Hill Dulé Hill: From “Psych” to “Stick Fly” 2007
Amy DuBois Barnett Amy DuBois Barnett: Author of Get Yours! shares her recipe for success. 2007
Top 5 Tips For Young Actors Top 5 Tips For Young Actors: 2007
Nikki Sixx: The Heroin Diaries The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star 2007
USC Transfer Student A Land of Opportunities: A USC transfer student talks about the journey – and his new life. 2007
Project Nightlight Project Nightlight: Stacia Oemig helps break the cycle of abuse. 2007
Savion Glover Savion Glover: July 22 @ Hollywood Bowl 2007
Gary Palmer Gary Palmer: Paints the Beauty of Different Cultures 2007
An Artist's Fortune An Artist's Fortune: A Man Who Paints A Message 2007
Chasing Cool Chasing Cool: Standing Out in Today's Cluttered Marketplace: Author Noah Kerner writes about the importance of risk-taking. 2007