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Title Headline Issue Year
Geoffrey J: Singer-Songwriter Takes on L.A. 21.43 2011
Metalachi: Metal Meets Mariachi 21.40 2011
The Brother Derek Blues Band: Musical Thoroughbreds 21.36 2011
Uncle Charlie: Redefining Soul Rock for Los Angeles 21.34 2011
OctafellaSoul: Born in a Back Alley of Los Angeles 21.31 2011
URL Underground Rapping: Rising to the Top 21.29 2011
Bruce Sanborn: Pure Rock ’n’ Roll 21.28 2011
KOLM: The Confluence of Music and Art 21.26 2011
The Material: Tools of the Trade 20.44 2010
Prohibition Rose: Revives Rock 'n' Roll 20.19 2010
Sink to See: Straightforward Rock ’n’ Roll 19.41 2009
MOXI: Make Music for Fun 19.38 2009
Murder Ballads with a Bang: Miss Derringer delivers throwback tunes. 19.27 2009
Jeffree Star: The Glamour Diva’s L.A. Favorites 19.25 2009
The Tender Box: Getting to Know Joey Medina and Chuck Gil 19.20 2009
Julien-K: Round Two 19.16 2009
SPICE UP YOUR APRIL: With Aterciopelados and More Latin Sounds 19.14 2009
NITE JEWEL & COLE M. GREIF-NEILL (ARIEL PINK'S BAND): A One-on-One Conversation with Two Artists 19.7 2009
LISA D'AMATO: Model, Dancer, Actress, Singer – “Trainwreck?” 19.6 2009
DJ Uniek: Party Over Here: DJ Uniek gets it started with UMUZIQ. 2009
Mike Officer Band: A surprising new star takes over Los Angeles. 2009
War Tapes: Dark Music From the Nicest People You’ll Ever Meet 2009
SwitchBlade Kitty: Not Your Typical Cover Band 2009
Hearts of Palm UK: Riot Grrl Roots Combine with Sweet Electro-pop 2009
The Yelling: Classic rock invades their bodies 2008
DJ Stephen R. DJ Stephen R.: Meet L.A.’s Newest Party Monster 2008
Music Report Music Report: 2008
Music Report Music Report: 2008
Megapuss Megapuss: Cosmically Yours 2008
Arden Kaywin Arden Kaywin: Won’t Shy Away From The Elephant in the Room 2008
HECUBA HECUBA: Jon Beasley and Isabelle Albuquerque are a band – and a brand new genre. 2008
Love Grenades Love Grenades: Mind Numbingly Beautiful 2008
My Velcroe My Velcroe: A Sigil of Art and Music 2008
One Block Radius One Block Radius: Deliver The 411 On Fly L.A. Spots 2008
Languis Languis: Picking Up the Pieces 2008
Casey Veggies Casey Veggies: 2008
Instinct of Aggression Instinct of Aggression: Beyond All Control 2008
Watson Twins The Watson TWins: Somewhere Between Appalachia and Hollywood Hills 2008
Princeton Princeton: A Sweet Sound to Crave 2008
Marié Digby Marié Digby: More Than A Mere Cover 2008
Carlotta Carlotta: Repeat Play 2008
Ceci Bastida Ceci Bastida: From Hardcore Ska to Pop: A Reinvention 2008
IO Echo IO Echo: Indie's Newest Addiction 2008
Say No More Say No More: Not Lost For Words 2008
Busdriver Busdriver: L.A. Visionary Shares His Hometown Faves 2008
AM/FM AM/FM: Every Second Saturday @ Grandstar Jazz Club 2008
Blank Blue Blank Blue: A New Beginning in the Wake of Destruction 2008
Mezzanine Owls The Mezzanine Owls: L.A. Outfit is the Answer to the '90s British Invasion 2008
MiLO MiLO: Living the Art of Metamorphosis 2008
Castledoor Castledoor: Frontman Nate Cole on Jovial Pop Tunes and Spirited Live Shows 2008
Sundaze: Hopscotch's Pool Party Sundaze: Hopscotch's Pool Party: Every Sunday @ Custom Hotel 2008
Picaso Picaso: Multi-faceted Hip-Hop Artist 2008
Dead Ponies Dead Ponies: All Saddled Up For Summer Shows 2008
Mystery Hangup Mystery Hangup: Punk Rock Made Mysterious 2008
A Cursive Memory A Cursive Memory: Scrawny Teenage Boys Experiment With 2008
Julien Edwards Julien Edwards: Fresh 2 Def Entertainment Label Founder Seeks Hip-Hop's Best and Brightest 2008
U-N-I U-N-I: Leaders of the New West 2008
No Way Jose No Way Jose: Spanglish Punk: Where else but in Los Angeles? 2008
Relax to Paris Relax to Paris: “Re-launch” and Watch the Crowds Grow 2008
Rocket Rocket: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice 2008
Mike Stumm Mike Stumm: A Folk Rock Badass with Old Hollywood Charm 2008
Henry Clay People The Henry Clay People: I’m rhythm guitar, you’re lead guitar, let’s do it like the Beatles. 2008
Latin Buzz Bands '07 Latin Alternative Buzz Bands of 2007: Jan. 26 @ The Westchester 2008
Nico Stai Nico Stai: Music wasn’t a choice; it was a calling. 2008
DJ Khalil DJ Khalil: Self Scientific producer talks about his life-altering Dr. Dre day. 2008
10 L.A. Bands to Watch 10 L.A. Bands to Watch: The future looks bright for these artists. 2007
LMFAO LMFAO: Guarantee a Good Time 2007
Eric Lindley Eric Lindley: Tounge-in-Cheek, Heartfelt Folk 2007
After Midnight Project After Midnight Project: Helping People One Cliché at a Time 2007
Ave Boyz The Ave Boyz: Partners in Rhyme 2007
Muslims The Muslims: Smell like Teen Spirit 2007
Rocketz The Rocketz: Scaring Up Some Fun at Knott's 2007
Castaneda Castaneda: Pop never was a four-letter word. 2007
Elevaters Elevaters: On Their Way Up 2007
Rahsaan Patterson Rahsaan Patterson: Taking Neo-Soul to a New Level 2007
Astra Heights Astra Heights: A Band of Brothers Rocking 2007
Blaxmyth Blaxmyth: Ghetto Metal: The Next Level of Music 2007
Pacific Division Pacific Division: Show You What's in Their Discman 2007
Black President BLACK PRESIDENT: Ignite a Revolution, One Show at a Time 2007
Oliver Future Oliver Future: If they can make it in Los Angeles, they can make it anywhere. 2007
Jade Banger Jade Banger: Get Banged! 2007
Good Listeners The Good Listeners: Lose yourself in lush arrangements. 2007
No Age No Age: Weirdo Rippers 2007
Dear and Departed The Dear and Departed: Not Leaving Anytime Soon 2007
Old Fashioned Beat Down Old Fashioned Beat Down: Metal At Its Finest 2007
Christian Lane Christian Lane: Not a Man -But a Plan- Unfolding 2007
Airborne Toxic Event The Airborne Toxic Event: About to Swallow Us Up 2007
Rocco Deluca and the Burden Rocco Deluca and the Burden: Trust Them to Blow You Away 2007
Ms. Triniti Ms. Triniti: For the Love the Independent Artist 2007
Pink Mochi Pink Mochi: A Musical Treat with Art School Chic 2007
Ponette Ponette: Its Journey is a Beautiful as its Music 2007
Appearance The Appearance: It's a Labor or Love 2007
Pigeon John Pigeon John: Raps to His Own Tune 2007
Torie Tyson Torie Tysom: Going Down in His-Torie 2007
Kissing Violet Kissing Violet: At the End of the Rainbow 2007
Ivan Ives Ivan Ives: Mc Brings the Heat 2007
Prophecy Projekt The Prophecy Projekt: 2007
Tale of the Wristband Tale of the Wristband: Notes from South by Southwest 2007
Great Northern Great Northern: Living Up To Thier Name 2007
Little Wolverines Little Wolverines: Scratch, Howl and Dance Your Ass Off 2007
Bodies of Water Bodies of Water: Ready to Make a dip into L.A.'s Music Pool 2007
Spin Doctors Spin Doctors: Every Saturday @ The Highlands 2007
Dead Rock West Dead Rock West: Honey and Salt Never Tasted So Sweet 2007
Busdriver Busdriver: Pop Sensibilities Hang on RoadKillOvercoat 2007
Los Abandoned Los Abandoned: Es Muy Rock 'n' Roll 2007
2cents 2cents: Dirty Metal Done Dirt Cheap 2007
Broken West The Broken West: Go West Young Band 2007
Gray Kid The Gray Kid: It's Easy Being Gray 2007
Simon Dawes Simon Dawes: Goodbye, Malibu 2007
Squares The Squares: It's Hip to be Square 2006
You Me & Iowa You Me & Iowa: Rock Done Right 2006
Parson Red Heads Parson Red Heads: Folk Pop Never Sounded This Indie 2006
Parallelograms The Parallelograms: Synthesizers Come Alive 2006
Midnight Movies Midnight Movies: Soundtrack of the Eclectic 2006
Bobby Joyner Bobby Joyner: Brings Southern Harmony to Los Angeles Clubs 2006
Silversun Pickups Silversun Pickups: Off the Hoople 2006
Coby Brown Coby Brown: Ready to Catch Your Ear 2006
Dirty Little Secret Dirty Little Secret: The Secret is Out 2006
Dirty Mercy Dirty Mercy: Drown Your Radio 2006
Bangkok Five The Bangkok Five: Vote for the 'Field Party' 2006
Dan Band The Dan Band: Has the Ladies Covered 2006
Single File Single File: Save Lives 2006
Jamie Kennedy Jamie Kennedy: Rapper? 2006
C24C Anthem Rock Is Back: C24C 2006
Gliss Aural Bliss with: Gliss 2006
I Am Ghost I Am Ghost: Making Death Sound Pretty Good 2006
California Navels The California Navels: Peel into Another Era 2006
Molecules Molecules: Molecules Bringing You Music From the Edge 2006
La Rocca La Rocca: From the Emerald Isle to the Streets of Hollywood 2006
Northern Northern: 2006
Whitestarr Thank God For Rock and Roll: Whitestarr 2006
Whitestarr Thank God For Rock and Roll: Whitestarr 2006
Stranger's Six The Stranger's Six: 2006
Animatronics Escape the Mundane: With Animatronics 2006
Dumbluck Getting Lucky: Dumbluck's Rise From the Beach to the Stage 2006
Peter Walker Peter Walker: Feel the Pull of Young Gravity 2006
Priscilla Ahn Priscilla Ahn: Singer-Songwriter's 'Time Has Come to Fly' 2006
Chris Parish Chris Parish: The Boy Next Door 2006
End of Silence The End of Silence: 2006
Pistol Opera Pistol Opera: Shoots for Success 2006
Tyrone Wells Tyrone Wells: What Moves You? 2006
Honey Brothers The Honey Brothers: 2006
Jessie Baylin Jessie Baylin: Singer-Songwriter Transcends Time 2006
Kuara Kuara: Embarks on a Journey 2005
Gay & Lesbian Music Nights Gay & Lesbian Music Nights: 2005
Monsters Are Waiting Monsters Are Waiting: Less Scary, More Sexy 2005
Chasing Aimee Chasing Aimee: Striving to Fulfill Rockstar Dreams 2005
Morgan Page Morgan Page: Cease and Desist the Mundane 2005
Emily Wells Emily Wells: Makes Static her Own Way 2005
Frantic The Frantic: Genuine Guys Expressing Their Frantic Selves 2005
Paul Chesne Paul Chesne: A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock ’n’ Roll 2005
Groove Divinities The Groove Divinities: Back to the Future with Divine Groovin’ 2005
Bottomfeeders The Bottomfeeders: When Money Isn't King 2005
Helen Stellar Helen Stellar: Naut Your Average Band 2005
Nadine Zahr Nadine Zahr: Musical Therapy for the Soul 2005
We Are Lions We Are Lions: Hotter Than Your First Kiss 2005
Revolution Smile The Revolution Smile: Finds a Reason to Smile with Summer Ever 2005
Gazz Gazz: Reinventing the Dichotomy 2005
Vagenius Vagenius: More Than Just a Witty Name 2005
Charlene Lite Charlene lite: You'll Never Break Her 2005
Outline The Outline: 2005
Sabrosa Purr Sabrosa Purr: Delicious Music Loaded with Passion 2005
Street Drum Corps Street Drum Corps: Drumming to Heal Turns into a Warped Tour Featured Act 2005
Adored The Adored: Entice Listeners to Have a Ball 2005
Hydrophonix Hydrophonix: Blends a 'Pleasing Palette of Music' 2005
April Sixth April Sixth: Local Band gets a Shot at the Big Time – Again 2005
Nectarphonic What's In A Name?: Nectarphonic, L.A.’s Most Patient Band 2005
Run Run Run Run Run Run: Lights, Fog and Dreamy Rock 2005
Vacation The Vacation: Get Back to the Roots of Rock ’n’ Roll 2005
Metal Skool Metal Skool: Spandex, Hair and Rock ’n’ Roll 2005
400 Blows 400 Blows: Put the Soul back in Rock ’n’ Roll 2005
Colour The Colour: Tour Out & About 2005
Tingly Tingly: Offers Up a Beautiful View of Mature Simplicity 2005
Agent Sparks Agent Sparks: Igniting a Local Buzz 2005
Under the Influence of Giants Under the Influence of Giants: Back from Bitch City to Make You Groove 2005
Kat Parsons Kat Parsons: Spirited Singer-Songwriter Plays Her Heart Out 2005
Butane Butane: Slows Down for No One 2005
Dreaming The Dreaming: Aware of the Past, Aiming for the Future 2005
Anomaly Anomaly: Introduces its Post-Emo, Alt-Metal Sound 2005
Mia Doi Todd Mia Doi Todd: Life is Art and Art is Life 2005
Hanks The Hanks: Some Brou-ha-ha (and La-di-dahs) 2005
Enjambre Enjambre: Swarm of Sinking Hearts and Circus Freak Shows 2005
Shapes of Race Cars Shapes of Race Cars: Fighting the ‘High School Hipster Mentality’ 2005
Bedroom Walls Bedroom Walls: Flying by the Seat of Their Pants 2005
Dead Man's Party Dead Man's Party: Who Could Ask for More 2005
Limitpoint Limitpoint: Serves a Full Course Meal of Contrivance Free Rock 2005
A.D.H.D. A.D.H.D.: Controlled Chaos 2004
Kiss or Kill Club Kiss or Kill Club: Bang Sugar Bang and the Dollyrots Finish Up National Tour 2004
Sarcasm Sarcasm: Emo? I’m not saying it! 2004
Business Machines The Business Machines: Hard-Driving and Almost Automatic 2004
Ashbury Ashbury: Thoughtful Music in a Post-Modern World 2004
American Eyes American Eyes: Seek a Community of Bands and Zealous Fans 2004