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Title Headline Issue Year
Gunman who killed 2 in California movie theater sentenced to life in prison without parole: 2024
COVID-19 intensifies across California, with the worst likely still to come: 2024
Endeavour assembly at Science Center starts with lifting 52-ton rockets into place. Piece o' cake: 2023
'Enraged': PCH crash focus of emotional Malibu council meeting, where speakers demand change: 2023
Troubling trend in CA: More violent crimes are being committed w/guns even as restrictions tighten: 2023
Amid tense LGBTQ+-rights protest, attendees shelter in place at Glendale school board meeting: 2023
The LAPD has lost nearly 1,000 officers. Now, Mayor Karen Bass wants to rebuild the force: 2023
A California coffee shop wanted to foster public art. Neighbors say the mural is offensive: 2023
Kitesurfing Californians found the perfect beach in Baja. Then they gentrified it: 2023
California ski resorts brace for an epic weekend of snow, crowds and disruptions: 2023
With all this rain and snow, can California really still be in a drought? Look deeper: 2023
Black Californians more likely to experience inequities in health care, survey finds: 2023
California's snowpack is melting faster than ever before, leaving less available water: 2023
What the crisis on the Colorado River means for Southern California: 2023
Epic California snowpack is now the deepest it's been in decades: 2023
LAPD ban of 'thin blue line' flags is latest salvo in culture war: 2023
Why is drought-weary Los Angeles letting stormwater flow into the Pacific Ocean?: 2023
Violence between LA Councilman Kevin de León, activist caught on video, sparks debate: 2022
Karen Bass drew more votes than any mayor candidate in LA history: 2022
Paul Flores guilty in murder of Cal Poly student Kristin Smart; his father acquitted: 2022
‘How much did you pay for it?’: Bass apologizes to Latino group for comment during debate: 2022
Coronavirus subvariant BA.2.75.2 appears in LA County: 2022
In leaked audio, LA City Council members make racist remarks, mock colleagues: 2022
Former USC dean admits to arranging bribery payment for Mark Ridley-Thomas: 2022
California's green dreams mean adding more EVs to a rickety grid: 2022
Jury orders LA County to pay $31 million in Kobe Bryant crash photo sharing case: 2022
Newsom demands that UCLA publicly explain deal to leave the Pac-12: 2022
Stunning spread of BA.5 subvariant shows why this California COVID wave is different: 2022
Healthy food is hard to come by in South L.A. These 3 activists are changing that: 2022
Bass gains ground on Caruso in latest vote count for LA mayor: 2022
Can California keep offering cheap health care? Here’s what state network’s new CEO says: 2022
Son of former Dodger Steve Sax among 5 Marines killed in crash in California: 2022
Man is shot and killed outside Grand Central Market, sending patrons running: 2022
California will be ‘a beacon of hope’ for out-of-state abortion seekers, say leaders: 2022
Caruso donated to politicians opposing abortion in the past. Will that matter to L.A. voters?: 2022
Bias, far-right sympathies among California law enforcement going unchecked, audit finds: 2022
First eyewitness account of LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva lying in a cover-up revealed in filing: 2022
Rick Caruso’s campaign spending tops $23 million in LA mayor’s race: 2022
Los Angeles coronavirus cases up 40% in one week; hospitalizations rising, too: 2022
Rick Caruso's role in the 2002 rejection of a Black LAPD chief created a furor: 2022
California could shrink water use in cities by 30% or more, study finds: 2022
17 LA gangs have sent out crews to follow and rob city's wealthiest, LAPD says: 2022
Lesser-known Los Angeles mayoral candidates demand to be included in Cal State LA debate: 2022
LA County bars, offices, gyms can drop mask rules with COVID vaccine verification: 2022
After a Black student faced racist slurs, some wonder: Will OC ever change?: 2022
Could California get more conservative on crime and homeless issues this year?: 2022
Oil reaches Laguna Beach as cleanup efforts intensify after massive spill in Orange County: 2021
LA County sheriff has legal power to ban gang-like groups of deputies, county lawyers say: 2021
In milestone, over 80% of eligible Californians now partially vaccinated against COVID-19: 2021
With drought worsening, how close is Southern California to strict water restrictions?: 2021
Likely California voters now almost evenly split on Newsom recall, poll finds: 2021
LA County’s new coronavirus surge: How bad will it get?: 2021
COVID-19 rebounding in Orange County, other Southern California suburbs: 2021
LA traffic behavior is changing. Is post-pandemic gridlock inevitable?: 2021
0.03% chance: Getting COVID-19 after being vaccinated incredibly rare in LA County: 2021
L.A. is home to heavy industry— and more federal deals not to prosecute polluters than anywhere else: 2021
Catalytic converter thefts skyrocket in California during the pandemic: 2021
California's coronavirus strain looks increasingly dangerous: 'The devil is already here': 2021
Stay-at-home order for much of California extended amid COVID-19 overload at hospitals: 2020
LA County battles COVID defeatism, fatigue as deaths near 10,000: 2020
California vaccinations could start Monday, but it won’t slow COVID-19 crisis imperiling hospitals: 2020
Weekend COVID-19 surge alarms LA officials amid talk of curfew, more actions: 2020
California went big for Biden. Now its cities, counties and schools are seeking relief: 2020
Orange County, Calif., struggles with health equity — and battles state restrictions: 2020
California's COVID-19 efforts fare better than national average, but hospitalizations are rising: 2020
Ballot box fire in L.A. County may be arson, officials say: 2020
COVID-19 death toll nears 17,000 in California: 2020
Newsom says California will review FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines before releasing them to public: 2020
Raucous parties, young adults fueling California’s COVID-19 crisis: 2020
LAPD officer accused of falsifying gang records faced earlier credibility questions but stayed on el: 2020
Video has changed police accountability. Now citizen filmmakers are getting organized: 2020
California’s coronavirus death toll is way below New York’s. Here’s why: 2020
California officials demand changes to LA voting after chaos on Super Tuesday: 2020
Red Cross Honors 12 Local Volunteers for Excellent Service: 2020
As CDC warns against all cannabis vaping, California’s legal market tries to ease consumer fears: 2019
What will the next heavy winds bring? Assessing California’s massive power shutdown: 2019
New California law will redefine who is an employee. What does it mean for workers and businesses?: 2019
Video showing Orange County teens giving Nazi salute sparks outrage: 2019
Fighting fire with fire: Should California burn its forests to protect against catastrophe?: 2019
LA wants to track data on scooter users. Is it a dangerous precedent?: 2019
TOMS announces "End Gun Violence Together Tour": 2019
Privileged turn to private fire crews in Malibu and beyond. Regular firefighters don’t like it: 2018
Sheriff’s sergeant called wife, then rushed into Thousand Oaks mass shooting scene. ‘He died a hero’: 2018
Gunman kills 12 at California bar packed with college students; suspect identified: 2018
Measure to split California is removed from the ballot: 2018
This one issue could make splitting California into three states virtually impossible: 2018
STD cases in California reach record high for third year in a row: 2018
Faced with complaints of filth and blight, LA cracks down on overnight RV parking.: 2018
Voting registration drive makes inroads in unexpected territory: county jails: 2018
How do coyotes thrive in urban areas? The answer is not for the weak-stomached: 2018
Vice Media sued by former employee alleging systemic pay discrimination against women: 2018
Amid record heat in Southern California, fears of new drought: 2018
LA Pride Parade to be replaced with protest march this year: 2017
For people dying on L.A. streets, he offers help, and he won't take no for an answer: 2017
California’s budget deficit is back, Gov. Jerry Brown says: 2017
Los Angeles will be home to George Lucas’ $1 billion museum: 2017
California hopes $3 billion experiment will improve health of neediest: 2017
Grand Park's Spring Programming Line-up Offers Angelenos Enlightenment: 2016
Politics at the local level pointless? That's what many Californians think: 25.7 2015
Is L.A.'s traffic the worst in the U.S.? Depends on how you measure it: 25.6 2015
Chapman halts plans to add 3,000 students, expand campus: 25.6 2015
One in 14 Metro riders has been groped in the past six months, survey finds: 25.6 2015
$75,000 in rewards offered to catch operators who flew drones above fires: 25.6 2015
Special Olympics are expected to boost L.A.'s tourism industry: 25.6 2015
Survival of Chatsworth Reservoir's 'ecology pond' is debated: 25.6 2015
With accidents aplenty on the Pacific Coast Highway, safety improvements get the OK: 25.6 2015
Got sand? Drought prompts California state beaches to shut off outdoor showers: 25.6 2015
Surge in L.A. crime in first 6 months ends more than decade of declines: 25.5 2015
Dolphin leaps on boat, lands on O.C. woman's ankles, breaking them: 25.5 2015
Funding and travel-time concerns impede proposed L.A. streetcar line: 25.5 2015
Price tag for fighting Lake fire near Big Bear nears $7 million: 25.5 2015
L.A. water department will drain Silver Lake Reservoir this summer: 25.5 2015
$10,000 reward offered in case of music producer who vanished in Compton: 25.5 2015
L.A. County communities protest planned bullet train route: 25.5 2015
Police killing of unarmed college debater under scrutiny: 25.4 2015
UCLA researcher accused of fraud in gay marriage study responds to critics: 25.4 2015
Volunteers will be trained to help with oil spill: 25.4 2015
Using the imagination to control a real robotic arm - and to drink a beer, thanks to Caltech and USC: 25.4 2015
21,000 gallons of crude oil leaked near Santa Barbara County beaches: 25.4 2015
For LAPD investigators, cases involving child victims can be hard to shake: 25.4 2015
California’s bullet train might rank among cheapest in the world: 25.4 2015
L.A. City Council committee votes to raise minimum wage to $15 by 2020: 25.4 2015
LAPD trying to put the brakes on illegal street racing: 25.4 2015
L.A. becomes first U.S. city to enact quake safety standards for new cellphone towers: 25.4 2015
LAPD chief concerned about fatal shooting of unarmed man in Venice: 25.4 2015
Search is on for those who contaminated water in sea lion rehab center: 25.3 2015
Baldwin Hills-area quakes not linked to oil operations, experts say: 25.3 2015
Bruce Jenner sued for wrongful death in fatal Malibu crash: 25.3 2015
Street corner torched in L.A. riots may get new life, at long last: 25.3 2015
Hollywood skyscraper project near quake fault is focus of hearing: 25.3 2015
Second straight LAFD recruit class is all male after women exit: 25.3 2015
Divided Police Commission approves rules for LAPD body cameras: 25.3 2015
Nepal-size earthquake in California could kill 1,800, study found: 25.3 2015
Fontana's 'statehood' status challenged in fight against $242,000 fine: 25.3 2015
Researcher says a sinking Santa Catalina could pose tsunami threat: 25.3 2015
Thousands march in L.A. to mark 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide: 25.3 2015
L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti launches citywide trash clean-up initiative: 25.3 2015
Longest-serving wrongfully convicted man 'finally free': 25.3 2015
Waze, L.A. to share data on traffic, hit-and-runs, kidnappings: 25.3 2015
'Intolerant Jackass Act' proposed as response to anti-gay initiative: 25.3 2015
Venice homeless activists challenge beach curfew: 25.3 2015
California Incline in Santa Monica to close Monday for reconstruction: 25.3 2015
Suge Knight ordered to stand trial on murder, attempted murder charges: 25.3 2015
P-22 mountain lion just latest wild animal to find fame in Los Angeles: 25.3 2015
Moving out? Need to get rid of bulky items? Call 3-1-1 to schedule a FREE pick-up: 25.3 2015
City strike threat looms over Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's upcoming address: 25.3 2015
Wealthy enclaves, especially in L.A. area, slow to save water: 25.3 2015
Friends of L.A. River haul away tons of junk: 25.3 2015
Parking reform group recommends Los Angeles slash many fines: 25.3 2015
Child molester's arrest in 1981 slaying of Anaheim boy brings closure: 25.3 2015
Passengers leave thousands in loose change at L.A., S.F. airports: 25.3 2015
MWD plans to ration water to Southland districts, cities: 25.3 2015
Ties to Civil War dot Southern California: 25.3 2015
Los Angeles to spend $1 billion on sidewalk repairs to settle ADA lawsuit: 25.3 2015
Missing Cal soccer player struck, killed on L.A. freeway: 25.3 2015
5 demographic trends to know about Los Angeles County: 25.3 2015
L.A. is carried away on impounding vehicles, suit says: 25.3 2015
USC film student remains critical, train operator at home following Metro crash: 25.3 2015
City takes step to replace Irwindale Speedway with outlet mall: 25.3 2015
Video seems to counter actress Taraji Henson's claim son racially profiled: 25.3 2015
LACMA strikes 'unprecedented' museum deal with carmaker Hyundai: 25.3 2015
California officials powerless to stop proposed anti-gay initiative: 25.2 2015
Metro could expand subway service to the downtown L.A. Arts District: 25.2 2015
Santa Monica poised to keep exotic animals from public spots: 25.2 2015
Robert Durst, subject of HBO’s ‘The Jinx,’ to be sent to L.A. in slaying case: 25.2 2015
Winter-weary travelers head to L.A. and San Diego for spring break, survey says: 25.2 2015
Use of jailhouse snitch may keep California salon killer off death row: 25.2 2015
Terrorism-task force honored for stopping SoCal men from joining al-Qaida: 25.2 2015
Risk of 8.0 earthquake in California leaps: Still, business as usual: 25.2 2015
Disneyland to close Innoventions hall; What next for Tomorrowland?: 25.2 2015
Suge Knight’s lawyer says video clears former rap mogul in fatal clash: 25.2 2015
Harrison Ford recovering after crash landing plane on golf course: 25.2 2015
Slaying of East Los Angeles school-bound girl in 2002 may have been gang payback: 25.1 2015
California drought likely a fixture, says Stanford study: 25.1 2015
L.A. Club owner laundered money in U.S.-Mexico drug trade, affidavit says: 25.1 2015
Metrolink train hits truck, derails in Oxnard; truck driver in custody: 25.1 2015
California's drought could mean another bad year for West Nile virus: 25.1 2015
Superbug outbreak at UCLA: FDA warns medical scopes may spread deadly bacteria: 25.1 2015
Sea lions desperate for nourishment dying off in alarming numbers on California coast: 25.1 2015
Teen’s mistaken shooting shows real danger of toy guns, LAPD says: 25.1 2015
Chance of ‘megadrought’ in US Southwest now 50 percent, study concludes: 25.1 2015
In California, a ‘golden’ political opportunity carries risks: 25.1 2015
L.A. fights hit-and-run epidemic with new alert system: 24.21 2015
Bruce Jenner must release cellphone records; driver killed had no license: 24.21 2015
Grim Sleeper serial killings: Trial date set after 4 1/2 years of delays: 24.21 2015
Conrad Hilton due in court next month for alleged in-flight assault: 24.21 2015
Obama’s budget earmarks $1 billion for transit in California: 24.21 2015
‘Suge’ Knight arrested on suspicion of murder; held on $2-million bail: 24.21 2015
Prop. 47 brings a shift to longer time spent behind bars: 24.21 2015
NFL stadium easily clears ballot hurdle in Inglewood: 24.21 2015
OPINION: Villaraigosa's experience could play well in the Senate: 24.21 2015
Measles cases not limited to the unvaccinated: 24.21 2015
"The Bachelor" Makes History with LA Chamber Orchestra: 24.21 2015
How LA County plans to crack down on gang sex trafficking: 24.21 2015
Pasadena fires 2 city executives in $6-million embezzlement case: 24.21 2015
Bruno Mars buys loaded estate in Studio City foothills area: 24.21 2015
Three teens to stand trial in USC student's killing: 24.21 2015
L.A. family's pet gator: predator or just a pussycat?: 24.21 2015
Detective says suspects admitted singling out Chinese student near USC: 24.21 2015
Volunteer helps LA police with silent witnesses: surveillance cameras: 24.21 2015
2 LAPD Officers Ambushed: ‘Sense of uneasiness’ among L.A. police: 24.21 2014
Protesters: Why We March, What We Want: 24.20 2014
L.A., San Diego are Top 5 U.S. Cities for Attractive People: 24.20 2014
8 Ways Students Can Celebrate Thanksgiving in L.A.: 24.20 2014
Uber to Offer Free Rides to The Grove, Americana this Holiday Season: 24.19 2014
New L.A. Parking Signs Might Actually Make Sense: 24.17 2014
'Affirmed Consent' Bill Signed by Brown: 24.15 2014
Mayor Garcetti Hopes to Pass $13.25 Minimum Wage in L.A. by Early 2015: 24.15 2014
Hustler Hollywood Offers Student Discounts on Condoms, Sex Toys & More!: 24.14 2014
Uber, Lyft Might Be Decreasing DUIs in L.A.: 24.14 2014
Registration Opens for Giant Water Slide Heading to DTLA: 24.14 2014
California Lawmakers Pass 'Yes Means Yes' Sexual-Assault Bill: 24.14 2014
California Weighs Community College Baccalaureates to Close Degree Gap: 24.14 2014
California Governor Signs Bill Mandating ‘Kill Switches’ on Smartphones: 24.14 2014
L.A. Gets Snarky About Obama Traffic Delays: #ThanksObama: 24.13 2014
Hire L.A.'s Youth Offers Summer Jobs to Thousands of Young Adults: 24.13 2014
Need Cash? Play Hidden Cash When it Returns to L.A. this Week: 24.13 2014
Calif. Bill Would Demand College Students Give Verbal or Written Consent Before Having Sex: 24.11 2014
'Gun Violence Restraining Order' Proposed in Wake of Deadly Santa Barbara Rampage: 24.10 2014
Moving Out? Need to get rid of bulky items? Call 3-1-1 to schedule a FREE PICK-UP.: 24.8 2014
Investigation Into Cause of Bus Crash May Take Up to 6 Months: 24.7 2014
Santa Monica Deemed 2nd Hottest Beach for College Spring Breakers: 24.5 2014
California Man Arrested in Terrorism Case Warned: 'Don't go to L.A.': 24.5 2014
L.A.'s Reaction to St. Patty's Day 4.4 Earthquake: 24.5 2014
San Diego Zoo Welcomes New Member, Baby Gorilla: 24.5 2014
West L.A. Considered 'Most-Educated' Neighborhood in U.S.: 24.4 2014
L.A. Deemed Worst U.S. City to Find a Job: 24.4 2014
L.A. Bans E-Cigarettes, 'Vaping' in Most Public Places: 24.4 2014
3 Days After Rain, Beach Water Can Still Make Swimmers Ill, Study Says: 24.4 2014
Gov. Brown Urges Californians to Cut Back on Water Use: 24.1 2014
NY Times: DTLA a Place to Visit in 2014: 23.23 2014
You Can Go Pants-less on the Metro this Sunday: It's all a part of 'No Pants Metro Ride 2014.' 23.23 2014
L.A. Sues to Block Oil Field Near USC from Reopening: 23.23 2014
Libraries Provide Health Insurance Information, Help: 23.23 2013
Electronic Cigarettes Face Ban in L.A.: 23.21 2013
How Many Rave Drug Fatalities Occur in San Bernardino County?: 23.21 2013
New Website Helps People Avoid Parking Tickets in L.A.: 23.21 2013
L.A. Sees Rise in Illegal Animal Fights: 23.21 2013
Los Angeles City Council Looking to Provide Residents with Free WiFi: 23.20 2013
UPDATE: New Details on LAX Shooting: 23.20 2013
BREAKING: Shooting at LAX - Officials Say Expect Delays, Avoid Airport: 23.20 2013
He's Staying - Superintendent John Deasy's Contract to Last Until 2016: 23.20 2013
SoCal's Proverty Rate Keeps Increasing: 23.17 2013
California Job Growth Has Slowed Down: 23.17 2013
Police Not Playing Around this Holiday Weekend: Labor Day DUI Checkpoints in L.A.: 23.16 2013
Low Wages Spark Fast-Food Workers Protests in Los Angeles: 23.16 2013
Los Angeles Has the 2nd Worse Drivers in U.S.: 23.15 2013
How Do Americans Feel About California?: They Love It...and Hate It: 23.15 2013
Battle of the Year Dance Off Looking for Dancers!: 23.15 2013
Los Angeles to Provide Citizens with Free Wi-Fi?: 23.14 2013
West Hollywood to Launch Free Entertainment Trolly on Aug. 16: 23.14 2013
Proposed Ban on Electronic Cigs Flying Through Legislation: 23.14 2013
UPDATE: DiMaggio Held Hannah Anderson "Under Duress": 23.14 2013
New Traffic Barriers Coming to Venice Boardwalk: 23.14 2013
President Obama Heads to LA… Prepare for Traffic!: 23.14 2013
1 Person Dies at HARD Summer: 23.14 2013
Venice Beach Boardwalk Tragedy: 23.14 2013
$20-Million Donation Boosts Teach for America Candidates in L.A.: 23.13 2013
SoCal Street Violence Hits the Beach at US Open of Surfing: 23.13 2013
Soaring Skyscrapers Coming to Hollywood: 23.13 2013
Recent Crimes Threaten Hollywood's Destination Appeal: 23.13 2013
'Bash Mobs' Continue Throughout SoCal: 23.13 2013
Twitter Hero Gets Zimmerman Juror B37’s Book Deal Dropped: 23.13 2013
Peaceful Rallies Over Zimmerman Verdict Trial Turn Violent in L.A.: 23.13 2013
Zimmerman Verdict Sparks L.A. Protests, Arrests: 23.13 2013
Nude "Project Runway" Ad Banned in Los Angeles: 23.12 2013
L.A. Named One of America’s Snobbiest Cities: 23.12 2013
3 SoCal Beaches Among the Most Contaminated in America: 23.12 2013
Manhunt for Gun-firing Attacker Backs up L.A. Traffic: 23.12 2013
LAPD to Increase Patrols in Hollywood Tourist Area After Fatal Stabbing: 23.12 2013
Say Goodbye to Plastic Shopping Bags in L.A.: 23.11 2013
Former USC Professor on FBI's Most Wanted List: 23.11 2013
Garcetti Supports Raves Coming Back to L.A. Coliseum: 23.11 2013
LAPD Says Chris Dorner Dismissal Was Fair: 23.10 2013
LAX Fails to Impress Global Travelers: 23.10 2013
LA River in Use After 80 Years Off-Limits: 23.10 2013
Broadway and More Booze Coming to Downtown L.A.?: 23.10 2013
DUI Checkpoints Around L.A. Memorial Day Weekend: 23.10 2013
USC Made Its Offer to Neuroscientists A No-Brainer: 23.9 2013
USC Students, LAPD Discuss Racial Profiling Allegations at Open Forum: 23.8 2013
LAPD, DPS and Students to Hold Open Forum Discussion at USC: 23.8 2013
Former CIA Chief Petraeus to Teach, Mentor at University of Southern California: 23.8 2013
University of California Expected to Launch National Search for New President: 23.7 2013
Moving Out Soon?: 23.7 2013
Los Angeles City Council Faces Possibility of Being All Male: 23.6 2013
California Community College Enrollment Rates Plunge, Report Shows: 23.5 2013
DUI Checkpoints Expected on St. Patrick's Day in L.A. County: 23.5 2013
L.A. Marathon to Cause Sunday Street Closures: 23.5 2013
California Bill Would Allow Statewide Online Courses: 23.4 2013
Woman Killed by Lion was an Intern at Fresno Cat Sanctuary: 23.4 2013
Two African-American Officers Support Dorner’s Claims of LAPD Racism: 23.2 2013
Irvine Shooting Victims Shared A Love of Basketball: 23.2 2013
New Solution to L.A. Traffic?: 23.2 2013
Super Bowl Weekend Checkpoints in LA Begin Tonight: 23.2 2013
L.A. Thrift Stores Impact Community: 22.22 2012
Online Courses to be Reviewed for Possible Degree Credits: 22.21 2012
Students, Faculty Blast California State University Fee Proposal: 22.21 2012
More Community Colleges Embrace Fund-Raising, Reconnect with Alumni: 22.19 2012
California Gov. Brown Takes Emergency Action to Try to Reduce Gas Prices: 22.18 2012
California Community College Board OKs New Registration Policies: 22.16 2012
Astronomy Star Gets His Due for Discovering the Kuiper Belt: 22.16 2012
Grand Park: An Urban Oasis Coming to Downtown L.A.?: 22.14 2012
USC, Schwarzenegger to Launch Policy Think Tank: 22.14 2012
Focus Turns to State Investigator in UCLA Lab Death Case: 22.13 2012
FBI to Review Anaheim Police Shooting Amid Unrest: 22.13 2012
Cal State Trustees Approve Pay increases for Incoming Presidents: 22.13 2012
New Law Allows Hands-Free Texting while Driving in California, Sort of: 22.13 2012
17 Arrested During ArtWalk Clashes in Downtown L.A.,: 22.13 2012
UCLA Study of Japan's Bullet Train Raises Questions about California Project: 22.13 2012
L.A. Approves Ban on Plastic Bags: 19.20 2012
Chancellor Asks Calif. College to Put Two-Tier Plan on Hold in Wake of Protest: 22.6 2012
California Bill could Limit where Food Trucks do Business: 22.4 2012
'Soul Train' Creator Don Cornelius Died of Gunshot Wound: 22.1 2012
200 million people use illegal drugs; what is the toll on health?: 22.1 2012
California Gov. Brown's new budget plan targets schools: 21.49 2012
Hogwarts Is Coming to Hollywood: 21.48 2011
Carmageddon: 21.27 2011
Are Celebrities Stealing Everyday Jobs?: 21.1 2011
Last-Minute Tips For Avoiding Holiday Debt: 20.48 2010
University Kidney Research Organization Benefit Dinner: Dec. 10 @ Beverly Hilton Hotel 2010
Air Travel: Killing Your Right to Privacy? 20.46 2010
18 and Adopted: Where to Go From Here 20.44 2010
Depression: America’s Next Epidemic? 20.42 2010
Could You Survive an Emergency?: 20.39 2010
AIDS: Don’t Get Scared, Get Tested 20.38 2010
Cancer: It’s More Common Than You Think 20.37 2010
The New Face of Feminism: 20.33 2010
Struggling to Keep Up with the Joneses: 20.32 2010
California: Should You Stay or Should You Go? 20.31 2010
Are You the Office Sociopath?: 20.28 2010
I Want to Make A Difference: 20.27 2010
Sonic Salvation: Compton’s Salvation Army scores a recording studio. 20.26 2010
Are Social Networking Sites Ruining Your Job Prospects?: 20.17 2010
Tarantino Revives New Beverly Cinema: 20.10 2010
Zsa Zsa's Prince For Governor: Prince Frederic von Anhalt seeks a return to the “Good Life.” 20.6 2010
Diamond Bar or Beaumont?: The Ban on Dancing 20.4 2010
Brights Lights, Big City: Endless Rounds in the Battle Over L.A. Billboards 20.4 2010
A New Year, A New Financial Burden: 20.3 2010
Los Angeles Arts Month: Reviving the Soul of Our City 20.2 2010
The City Barks Back: More Microchips, Less Euthanasia for Cats and Dogs 20.1 2010
Smoking Ban in Los Angeles: Common Courtesy or Limiting Freedom? 19.48 2009
Saving Sunset Boulevard: Times They Are A-Changin’ 19.46 2009
OC Fairgrounds Sale: Nothing Fair About It 19.45 2009
Hunting For Food: Reviving the South Central Farm 19.44 2009
Trains, Lanes and Automobiles: Plans to Upgrade Local Transportation Speed Up 19.42 2009
The LAX Master Plan: A $1.3 Billion Facelift 19.41 2009