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Recipe Steak with Shallot Sauce (Steak aux Eschalot) with Potatoes and French Green Beans: 2024
Blog Why are Taiwan's 7-Elevens so much better than ours?: 2024
News Beyond Erewhon: Inside the LA grocery store where all the cool vegans are flocking: 2024
News Fast food chains launch 'value menu' war after cost complaints. Will it last?: 2024
Recipes Quick Fix: Chicken Milanese with Spaghetti Pomodoro: 2024
News Bone broth buzz: Is this trendy diet worth the hype?: 2024
Special Features She spent her college years studying historical cookbooks: 2024
Recipes 3 hearty salads to kick off salad season: 2024
News MLB ghost kitchens to whip up ballpark food for delivery and pickup, courtesy of IHOP: 2024
Special Features 99 Cents Only stores are closing. How I spent $20 in groceries at other discount chains: 2024
Reviews Want to cook vegetables better? The new Kismet cookbook shows us how: 2024
Special Features Do vegetarians smell different than meat-eaters? A strange encounter led me to find out: 2024
Special Features Happiness is pickled eggs at a 100-year-old bar : 2024
Special Features One of LA's best pizza chefs has set out to perfect focaccia: 2024
Dinner and a Movie Inside Quentin Tarantino's cafe, Pam's Coffy: retro vibes at the Vista Theater: 2024
Special Features TikTok users flood Colorado mailbox with requests for 177-year-old sourdough starter: 2024
Special Features What does a service fee ban mean for California diners? Expect that $39 chicken to cost $49: 2024
Blog Jonathan Whitener, chef of Here's Looking at You, dies at 36: 2024
Special Features From ‘Bad Vegan’ to mass restaurant closures — inside Matthew Kenney’s crumbling raw food empire: 2024
Dinner and a Movie A Culinary & Cinematic Journey: Solidarity and The Peasants : 2024
Special Features Salty ice cream, aged fish, Hanwoo beef: A food editor’s 16 best dishes of the year: 2024
Reviews Sandwiches and pastries shine at Maison Matho, a cozy French window near the 101 Freeway: 2023
Special Features Why In-N-Out has barely changed its business for 75 years — not even its fries: 2023
Blog Study finds ice cream, potato chips may be as addictive as drugs: 2023
Blog We tried Arby’s new Venison-Elk-Beef Burger. Is it a wild-game winner?: 2023
Special Features Yes, fast-food soft serve is still the best soft serve. These are the top 7 brands, ranked: 2023
Blog Wolfsglen is Westwood's Hottest Cocktail and Dining Destination: 2023
Special Features Produce grown on this campus goes to hungry students: 2023
Special Features Celebrate high summer with these 5 taste-bud-tickling weed drinks: 2023
Special Features An Inglewood, Calif., food crawl with Lionel Boyce from 'The Bear': 2023
Blog Maximize memory function with a nutrient-rich diet: 2023
Blog What’s long, dark purple, sweet and packed with nutrition?: 2023
Special Features 57-year-old TikToker ate just McDonald’s for 100 days — and lost 58 pounds. Here’s how: 2023
Special Features Vegan sushi is booming. This dancer makes the most swoon-worthy in Los Angeles: 2023
Special Features The key to making easy sushi at home? Throw a hand roll party: 2023
Special Features Supermarket sushi you'll actually want to eat: 2023
Special Features Dry-aged sushi? One of L.A.'s best fishmongers says 'fresh is boring': 2023
Special Features How two friends sparked L.A.'s sushi obsession — and changed the way America eats: 2023
Blog Dominique Ansel visits Vegas to celebrate 10 years of the Cronut: 2023
Special Features Does this new robot-staffed chocolate emporium signal a themed restaurant comeback?: 2023
Wine Top sommeliers are offering tuition-free wine classes to BIPOC students: 2023
How heavy metals get into dark chocolate bars: 2023
Recipes Runners' fuel: What to eat when training for a race: 2023
Recipes 10 things to know about cooking with plant-based meat: 2023
Special Features 7 tips for eating and living well in the new year: 2023
Blog Monty's Good Burger & Role Model Announce One-Day-Only Collaboration on Dec. 10th in Echo Park: 2022
Blog Santa Monica Pub Crawl Returns on Saturday, December 17th: 2022
Blog Former Tennessee State University Grads Making Their Way In The Pizza World with Slim + Husky's: 2022
Special Features This is how to make a real Italian beef, according to the culinary producer of 'The Bear': 2022
Recipe Skillet Lasagna a comforting fall weeknight meal: 2022
Blog Everything you need to know about McDonald’s new Happy Meals for adults: 2022
Blog There’s a $1,000 steak served in a box at this Miami Beach restaurant. We have questions: 2022
Special Features What are 'Blue Zones' and why should you eat like the people who live in them?: 2022
Special Features Could you ID rancid olive oil? These students couldn’t until a UC Davis Olive Center class: 2022
Blog Los Angeles Times Food Bowl returns in September: 2022
Blog Keto vs. Mediterranean diet: Which is the best choice for diabetics?: 2022
Special Features Irv's Burgers was so beloved that fans signed up to work there. It's finally back: 2022
Reviews Krispy Kreme debuts soft serve ice cream in 10 markets. And yes, it tastes like doughnuts: 2022
Reviews Best Bites: Oreo Cakesters: 2022
Special Features McDonald’s shrinking menu means healthier foods are vanishing: 2022
Special Features Pink wine season is upon us: The 10 best new rosé bottles, rated: 2022
Blog Best gas grills for summer 2022: 2022
Recipes Celebrate salmon season with these kabobs: 2022
Special Features At two Southern California IHOPs, Ramadan halal specials were so popular they're staying on the menu: 2022
Recipe Celebrate salmon season with these kabobs: 2022
Special Features Move over KFC Crocs, here comes Brain Dead Studios to merge food and fashion in L.A.: 2022
Special Features Southern California has given the world so much. And fast food too: 2022
Special Features Foggy, fizzy, buzzy: Searching for the fermented drinks of Mexico on the streets of L.A.: 2022
Recipe Chicken meatballs with quinoa and pan-roasted carrots pack in the protein: 2022
Special Features Ukrainian recipes come from the heart: 2022
Special Features Looking for cooking inspiration? More home cooks are turning to TikTok: 2022
Recipes Passion fruit recipes to brighten up winter: 2022
Special Features How to lower your grocery costs when prices are soaring: 2022
Special Features This food writer tried 4 TikTok recipes. Here's what he thought.: 2022
Special Features UCLA launches an institute dedicated to food studies: 2022
Special Features NFTs could be the ticket to your next great meal: 2022
Special Features 3 eating and drinking habits that aren’t good for your brain: 2022
Recipes Lo mein dish only takes 5 minutes to stir-fry: 2022
Special Features 5 amazing Super Bowl recipes: Finger foods, sliders, Jalapeno Poppers: 2022
Special Features The 15 best beers we drank this year: 2021
Special Features We tried more than 25 alternative proteins. These were the best (and worst): 2021
Recipes Embrace the cast-iron skillet with 3 recipes perfect for the kitchen workhorse: 2021
Drink Recipes These Halloween cocktails are made with 'boos': 2021
Blog After sourcing scandal, Belcampo Meat Co. abruptly closes stores, restaurants: 2021
Special Features The 30 best (and worst) pumpkin-flavored foods at Trader Joe’s, ranked: 2021
Special Features One-pot wonders: These dishes offer all the flavor but without all the cleanup: 2021
Special Features What fungi! Foraging and cooking with wild mushrooms: 2021
Blog Charcuterie boards aren’t just for meat and cheese anymore: 2021
Recipes Eggplant: A world of possibilities: 2021
Recipes How to cook chicken thighs, 4 ways: 2021
Special Features ‘Cuban’ beer is being sold in Miami. Is it a communist invasion or clever capitalismo?: 2021
Recipe Churrasco steak that's easy to make: 2021
Recipes One last chance for summertime grilling: 2021
Special Features Say cheese! Pizza from four American regions: 2021
Reviews New McDonald’s Saweetie Meal is a sticky, sweet and complicated process: 2021
Recipes Creamy roast corn chowder is sweet and spicy: 2021
Recipes 3 elegant, easy summer fruit dessert recipes: 2021
Special Features What is cacio e pepe and how did it take over the world?: 2021
Special Features The bubble tea breakdown: What to order, and a toppings explainer: 2021
Recipes Recipe: Blistered shishitos with Hawaiian flair: 2021
Special Features Canned cocktails taste test: From Big Star margaritas to summery G&Ts, here are our 34 best & worst: 2021
Recipes Blissful biscuits: 6 great recipes: 2021
Blog Online spaghetti hack is appalling, just appalling: 2021
Special Features The cicadas are here. So, of course we had to taste them with Old Bay.: 2021
Recipes Palestinian author Reem Kassis explores the culture & cuisine of the Arab world in her new cookbook.: 2021
Recipes Campfire cooking: The flames add flavor: 2021
Recipes Masa treats in time for Cinco de Mayo celebrations: 2021
Recipes How to make soft pretzels: 2021
Special Features Med school cookbook is just what the doctors ordered: 2021
Blog Lanea Celebrates Easter with "All You Can Eat Breakfast & Brunch Tacos for $25, Mimosas/Margaritas!: 2021
Special Features How 2020 changed cooking for the better: 2021
Recipe An Easter feast as tribute to the best of spring: 2021
Special Features Eating in restaurants should be more expensive: 2021
Recipe Ham and cheese waffle sandwiches: 2021
Special Features The official Girl Scout cookie power rankings: 2021
Recipes Soul good: 6 recipes that celebrate soul food: 2021
Special Features The next time you order takeout, call the restaurant: 2021
Recipe Lemon-garlic salmon farro bowl: 2021
Special Features New book explores the mind-blowingly diverse world of Black food in America: 2021
Special Features Waste not: How to save money (and the planet) by using kitchen scraps: 2021
Recipes Sweet potatoes? Sweet! 5 recipes you will love: 2021
Recipes Four chicken soup recipes to soothe the soul this winter: 2021
Recipe Missing movie theater popcorn? Here's how to make it at home.: 2021
Special Features What happens when a restaurant worker gets COVID-19?: 2021
Drink Recipes 6 winter cocktail recipes to snuggle up with: 2020
Blog Isolated by the pandemic, they created a cookbook that connected families, friends, and communities: 2020
Blog House of An's Tiato in Santa Monica announces gourmet holiday fare options for Hanukkah/Xmas: 2020
Recipes Cookies make the holidays merry: 5 great recipes: 2020
Recipes The best hot chocolate of all time. Seriously.: 2020
Holiday Gift Ideas Omiso makes authentic Japanese miso in DTLA: 2020
Special Features Dining Smaller turkeys. Yams to go. Or a Thanksgiving lobster? COVID-19 will transform holiday meals.: 2020
Special Features Dining Turkey for two? A rookie's guide to a homemade Thanksgiving: 2020
Blog Hollywood Continues to Get Torched by The Gastro Garage, L.A.'s Fiery Based Culinary Experience: 2020
Blog OWN Spices Up The Fall With First Ever Food Programming Block (Saturday, November 14): 2020
Blog FIGat7th's new "Dine with Purpose" program is rewarding customers with $20 back on FIGat7th dining: 2020
Recipes Time for tempura: Traditional and modern recipes for the Japanese favorite: 2020
Recipes Flatbreads let your creativity flow: 2020
Special Features The best mayonnaises you can buy (a nostalgia-proof taste test): 2020
Wine How to put on your own virtual wine tasting: 2020
Special Features The profound comfort of kimchi: 2020
Special Features Tofu’s having a moment. Here’s how to use it: 2020
Recipe Vietnamese shaking beef and noodles: 2020
Special Features Food delivery apps are more popular than ever. But can they help restaurants survive?: 2020
Reviews ‘Pie Camp’ guides us through every step of baking, with simplicity & lots of Joy: 2020
Special Features Miss traveling? This year’s cookbooks will take you around the world.: 2020
Recipes A pitmaster’s secret to the best pulled pork at home: 2020
Reviews Condition One Nutrition Bars: 2020
Blog 10 of the Best Pizzerias to Visit in Los Angeles: 2020
Recipe Chilled wine, cold salads for warm evenings: 2020
Recipes Skillets bake, sear, fry and spread love: 2020
Recipe Tiny tomatoes make for the best bruschetta: 2020
Blog L.A. Times Food Bowl presents: Takeout and Give Back: 2020
Recipes The best Key lime pie recipe? It’s from Nicole Rucker of Fiona bakery: 2020
Recipe Where’s the beef? It’s cooking slowly on the grill: 2020
Recipe The most comforting chicken soup we all need now: 2020
Recipe Choosing the best fats for frying will make your food tastier (and less greasy): 2020
Recipe How to grill chicken so it’s juicy with charred (not burned!) skin: 2020
Recipe We’re nuts for these vegan picadillo empanadas: 2020
Recipes Homemade salad dressings: Say goodbye to the bottle: 2020
Recipes Ice cream toppings to help you chill out this summer: 2020
Recipes Comfort me with chocolate: 2020
Recipes Nachos, kebabs and cheesy mac, the campfire way: 2020
Drink Recipes Summer crush: 3 homemade cocktail slushies inspired by Twin Cities bars: 2020
Recipe BBQ My Way: Teriyaki pork kabobs on the grill: 2020
Commenary Our restaurants are failing. Why should food delivery apps thrive?: 2020
Special Features The only pieces of kitchen equipment you actually need: 2020
Special Features What's Cooking this Summer? Eatz is offering live virtual cooking classes on Zoom: 2020
Recipes Your next quarantine cooking project: Homemade noodles: 2020
Recipes Top Italian chef’s easy recipe for spaghetti carbonara at home: 2020
Recipes Eat more plants: Veggie dishes for the grill: 2020
Special Features Low-cal craft beer becomes vital during quarantine. We taste 18 and pick the winners and losers.: 2020
Blog Whipped Dalgona craze is perking up sales of instant coffee: 2020
Special Features The official Ben & Jerry’s ice cream power rankings: 2020
Recipe Moroccan beef burgers with cucumber tomato salad: 2020
Recipes These are the top recipes the world has been Googling: 2020
Special Features Avocados are in, pork bellies out in the era of pandemic eating: 2020
Recipes Solo dining: Living it up by yourself: 2020
Blog Coronavirus may permanently change how we buy our food: 2020
Special Features Rookie cooks: 4 meals and some basics for absolute beginner cooks: 2020
Special Features You can now get free online cooking lessons from culinary masters: 2020
Recipes How to make Japanese curry then serve it three different ways: 2020
Recipe Spice up salmon with this roasted recipe: 2020
Recipe Vegan, gluten-free pancakes from Bakerita cookbook: 2020
Blog The Original Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax during the Coronavirus Shutdown: 2020
Recipes 4 easy steps to oven-fried hot chicken: 2020
Special Features Coronavirus kitchen: What to stock, cook if you face a 14-day quarantine: 2020
Recipe This teriyaki pork dish is fast, simple and gluten-free: 2020
Blog Tipsy Chef Brings Together Cocktails, Cuisine and Community: 2020
Wine Hall Wines Comes to Guana Island for Spring Wine Program: 2020
Reviews Sogo Roll Bar is serving up Hand Rolls in Los Feliz: 2020
Blog Los Angeles Times Food Bowl Returns In May: 2020
Special Features The keto diet: Its highs and lows plus 5 recipes: 2020
Special Features Late-night snack inspired by our favorite munchies: Doritos popovers & fried chicken scones.: 2020
The newest food trend: Chaffles light up the internet: 2020
Special Features How We Eat 2020: Our cooks’ tips for healthier eating in the new year: 2020
Recipes For your Hanukkah meal, celebrate the miracle of oil by deep-frying more than potatoes: 2019
Special Features The holiday foods you love to hate can actually be delicious: 2019
Recipes Christmas cookies from around the world: 2019
Recipes Cooking Southern style: 5 recipes y’all will love — from biscuits to fried chicken: 2019
Recipes 5 easy steps to Impossible burger bliss: 2019
Recipe 5 easy steps to Impossible burger bliss: 2019
Recipes Make simply satisfying Spanish tapas at home: 2019
Recipe Get the scoop on our best-ever ice cream recipes: 2019
Recipes Yakitori: Japan’s delectable street food: 2019
Recipe Cooking steak indoors? Embrace the reverse sear: 2019
Blog Skillet-cooked turkey burger has West Coast vibe: 2019
Blog The Langer's Pastrami Sandwich is Simply Divine: 2019
Special Features 10 tips to help you grill burgers to perfection: 2019
Recipes Kale, yeah! 4 recipes to celebrate the in-season, in-the-moment vegetable: 2019
Recipes The best insider tips for grilling beef this summer: 2019
Special Features Which of those vegan-friendly, meatless burgers is the best? Critic Mike Mayo crowns one king: 2019
Blog Don’t buy small pizzas and here’s why: 2019
Special Features Which of those vegan-friendly, meatless burgers is the best?: 2019
Special Features Inside Milk Bar’s mad lab for sweets: 2019
Special Features How Nashville hot chicken conquered Los Angeles: 2019
An artist trades abstract canvases for pop-up soul food: 2019
Special Features The official domestic beer power rankings: 2019
Special Features What brand of tortilla chips should you buy? We tried 16 to find the best one for your next watch pa: 2019
Blog MLB Foodfest Event Opens in Los Angeles this weekend (4/26 thru 4/28) in DTLA!: 2019
Special Features Fancy Chinese food is here to stay — and it’s about time: 2019
Recipes How to make japchae, the classic Korean noodle and vegetable dish: 2019
Recipes How to bring flavors of kimchi and other Korean ingredients into your cooking: 2019
Special Features The official breakfast cereal power rankings: Part I: 2019
Special Features The official fast food French fry power rankings: 2019
Special Features Dining What is the planetary diet? New diet could save Earth, save lives and aid world hunger, study says: 2019
Blog 6th Annual Venice Beach Stouts N Staches Returns on Sunday, March 3rd!: 2019
Recipe Edouardo Jordan gives up his recipe for the world’s greatest mac ‘n’ cheese: 2019
Special Features This Cal Poly student runs a restaurant out of his apartment. Now he’s writing a cookbook: 2019
Special Features What food and drink trends are expected in 2019? You may be surprised: 2019
Special Features 10 (mostly) chef-driven cookbooks for your holiday gift-buying needs: 2018
Recipe Learning the 3 B’s: Browned butter, brown sugar and brownie chunks — ice cream that’s fine art: 2018
Recipe A gift of holiday cookies: 6 recipes: 2018
Special Features 6 cannabis cookbooks with recipes from basic to gourmet: 2018
Special Features Our favorite instant ramen noodle brands: 2018
Recipe These tailgate recipes will score : 2018
Special Features How to throw a fried chicken party: 2018
Recipe Extreme comfort food: Chicken and dumplings: 2018
Special Features Food waste, and what to do about it — plus the best recipe for using up stale bread: 2018
Recipe Iconic Ethiopian food: 5 recipes: 2018
Recipe Pretzels: All tied up in knots: 2018
Recipe Eating while immigrant: The bitter taste of assimilation and the joy of ‘stinky’ food: 2018
Blog Deep-dish pizza potato chips? We tried all 8 new Lay’s Tastes of America flavors: 2018
Recipe ‘Everyone loves hummus.' And, as with risotto, kitchens are finding that it makes a lovely base: 2018
Recipe Celebrate summer with fresh corn polenta and pork chops — and maybe a corn salad too: 2018
Special Features Everything you need to know about steak and how to grill it: 2018
Special Features What you should know about Neapolitan pizza: 2018
Special Features 6 simple ways to dress up ice cream using ingredients you’re sure to have on hand: 2018
Recipe Grilling burgers this summer? Up your game with these homemade bun recipes: 2018
Recipe You just might fall in love with creamy burrata cheese this summer: 2018
Special Features Get your grill on: Celebrate the 4th with these recipes: 2018
Blog Amazon Prime members get Whole Foods discounts beginning Wednesday: 2018
Drink Recipes Cocktails from the garden: 2018
Special Features Here are the 9 things this top food safety lawyer won’t eat at home or in a restaurant: 2018
Recipe It’s salmon season. Try this flavorful dish: 2018
Blog The Summer learn about European Table Olives in NYC (June 30th thru July 2nd): 2018
Recipe The glorious food of Morocco: 2018
Recipe How to grill steak to perfection — it’s all about controlling the heat: 2018
Recipe It’s the topping that makes the hamburger: 2018
Recipe 5 beer snacks you can make at home to impress your drinking buddies: 2018
Date Night LA Times Night Market at Grand Park in DTLA: 2018
Recipe How to craft an easy menu with science: 2018
Special Features Thomas Keller thinks he perfected chocolate by adding this unusual ingredient: 2018
Recipe Make this spaghetti pie: Tried and true, as healthy as you’d like it to be: 2018
Recipe What to put on toast when you’re done with avocados: 2018
Drink Recipes Keys to a great mint julep for Kentucky Derby: 2018
Blog 4 health foods that are actually bad for you: 2018
Recipe What’s the best fake frying method, oven or air-fryer? We test 6 foods to find out: 2018
Blog LA Times Food Bowl Returns with a Diverse Program this May: 2018
Blog Eating out may raise your risk of cancer, alarming new study shows: 2018
Recipe A top Texas butcher shares how to make proper beef jerky at home: 2018
Recipe Secrets to best salads: Freshness, crunch, balance and a surprise element: 2018
Special Features Three new food shows to binge watch, and one new radio show too: 2018
Special Features How does the food actually taste at the only Amazon Go’s checkout-free store? Let’s check it out: 2018
Blog The Original WUJU Hot Sauce: 2018
Recipe Superb fish recipes for Lent (and the rest of the year): 2018
Recipe Spice up your salmon this Valentine’s Day: 2018
Recipe Quinoa kale salad keeps healthful eating resolutions on track: 2018
Blog Free Hershey’s Gold candy bars when Team USA wins gold medals in Olympics: 2018
Blog Trader Joe’s customers pick their favorite products: 2018
Recipe Instant Pot recipe: Korean Chile-Braised Brisket and Kimchi Coleslaw: 2018
Recipe Indian food: Why is it so incredibly good?: 2018
Recipe Sukiyaki is a quick dinner amid the daily hustle and bustle: 2017
Special Features Delicious New Year’s Eve traditions: 2017
Special Features A beginner’s guide to going vegan and living your best plant-based life: 2017
Recipe Christmas foods from around the world: 2017
Special Features Picks for the top food trends of 2018: 2017
Blog You like kiwi? Then you might love this monster-size variety of the fruit: 2017
Recipe 4 recipes put those Thanksgiving leftovers to good use: 2017
Special Features Which cooking tips did I pick up in Italy?: 2017
Recipe Want to make your own Halloween candy? Here are four candy recipes: 2017
Special Features 64 bottles of tequila, Halloween costumes and maybe a ghost at El Coyote: 2017
Recipe When charms of low-tech lifestyle disappoint, only a grilled cheese can save the day: 2017
Recipe Move over tater tots: The waistline winner is Crispy Cauliflower Bites: 2017
Recipe Don’t hate avocado toast for its overexposure. Enjoy it as a tasty, good-for-you meal: 2017
Special Features Rustic Japanese food: Simple, elegant recipes: 2017
Special Features Easy dishes every college student can make for dinner: 2017
Special Features Nguyen Tran dishes on ‘Adventures in Starry Kitchen': 2017
Worried about school’s start? Try these foods to curb anxiety, tap your inner dosha: 2017
Special Features Dining The guy who brought you Umami Burger wants to reinvent PB&J: 2017
Recipe Coffee custard transforms plain ice cream into sundae with a kick: 2017
Food Trucks There’s Goat Horn chile on everything at LA’s Mapuche Native Argentinian Food truck: 2017
Special Features The guy who brought you Umami Burger wants to reinvent PB&J: 2017
Recipe Trendy poke is easy to make at home: 2017
Recipe Build a better burger with add-ons: 2017
Recipe Icebox desserts get you out of the heat: 2017
Recipe Salmon on skewer packed with ginger flavor: 2017
Special Features 18 bowls of pasta in 8 hours: 2017
Recipe Popular Caribbean sandwich gives a taste of Jamaica: 2017
Recipe How to make tramezzini, the Italian sandwiches you can’t get here: 2017
Blog Flamous offers health and a twist to traditional chips for dips: 2017
Recipe We Tried It: Mug pizza, the questionable art of making pizza in a coffee mug: 2017
Special Features Using the whole fish and more, and talking about food waste in Providence’s kitchen: 2017
Recipe See ya, kale. Cauliflower is the new ‘it’ veggie: 2017
Recipe Taco Bell killed the gordita. Long live the gordita.: 2017
Special Features How Mr. Fries Man turned his love of pastrami-topped fries into an Instagram success story: 2017
Recipe How to make a sushi bowl: 2017
Blog What makes a good cheesesteak? Here are 5 rules from a Philly native: 2017
Recipe A lotta frittatas: 5 recipes: 2017
Special Features Popular bone broths: It’s time to take stock: 2017
Recipe Homemade dumplings in 5 simple steps: 2017
Recipe How to make Danny Trejo’s favorite vegan cauliflower tacos: 2017
Blog The Pie Hole to Open New Location in early 2017: 2017
Recipe Fajitas a fun dish for the Super Bowl: 2017
Special Features Brain food: What to eat — at any age — to fend off Alzheimer’s and dementia: 2017
Special Features A vegetable plate as art: 2017
Special Features Fermented foods open a gateway to good health and new culinary adventures: 2017
Special Features Let whiskey smooth the way through a holiday dinner: 2016
Recipe Ready to bake a winner? Try these holiday cookies: 2016
Recipe One sweet, one savory: easy recipes for delicious food gifts: 2016
Special Features This guy eats hot wings with celebrities for a living. Seriously.: 2016
Special Features Anthony Bourdain likes messy meals: 2016
Recipe 5 fast soups for fall: 2016
Blog Pasadena’s Dog Haus: 2016
Special Features 5 beer styles that go perfectly with 5 pizza styles: 2016
Recipe A pepper with so many possibilities: 2016
Recipe Beyond the BLT: Other tomato sandwiches to try: 2016
Recipe No-fuss toppings make pizza easy as pie: 2016
Recipe College-cooking hacks will upgrade ramen, Spam, Tater Tots: 2016
Food Trucks Bowls-plus at Pico House: 2016
Special Features Kimchi alert! This charming ‘comic book with recipes’ makes Korean cooking a snap: 2016
Special Features How a slow cooker can be a college kid’s go-to appliance: 2016
Recipe Party hardy with authentic Brazilian fare for the Olympics: 2016
Special Features An urban explorer discovers Vaka Burger Express in Boyle Heights: 2016
Recipe The best vegan ice cream recipes: 2016
Recipe Put protein-packed quinoa to work in summer salads: 2016
Recipe Smashed burgers are the new kale. No, but really: Try this recipe: 2016
Food Trucks Italian Crown Prince teams with Milan-Born L.A. Chef to launch: 2016
Recipe Tips & recipes for mastering smoothie making this summer: 2016
Recipe Be the star of the Fourth of July picnic with All-American Cobb Salad: 2016
Recipe Bowl them over with one-dish meals: 2016
Recipe How to make rich broth for ramen — plus a fast shortcut: 2016
Date Night Grand Central Market's Summer Nights offers Food, Film and Fun.: 2016
Special Features Martha Stewart digs L.A. pastries: 2016
Special Features How to build a better taco: 2016
Recipe The ultimate pancake, made 4 ways: 2016
Special Features Fire up the presses for grilled cheese sandwich cake: 2016
Special Features Fermenting exciting things: 2016
Recipe The wings that zing: 2016
Recipe Spicy fried chicken and smoky cheddar biscuits better than eating out: 2016
Special Features Online subscription plans deliver meals to your door: 2016
Special Features Dining Cottage cheese: The new yogurt?: 2016
Recipe Let’s eat: Orange Beef: 2016
Recipe Making croissants is a matter of following the steps — and using great butter: 2016
Special Features Dining Food of a new century: 1900-1909: 2016
Recipe Medhu vadai, an all-occasion savory doughnut: 2016
Special Features Dining Healthful, affordable fast food: That’s the mission of Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi’s LocoL: 2016
Special Features Dining Foodie culture is spurring degree programs at US colleges: 2016
Recipe Winter chill? It’s time to fire up the grill: 2016
Special Features Seven 2016 diet trends: What’s smart, what’s myth?: 2016
Special Features What exactly makes up a healthy diet?: 2015
Special Features A life reshaped by bread: Homeboy Industries and Bouchon give Javier Medina a second chance: 2015
Recipe Simple tomato sauce recipe even a college kid can master: 2015
Special Features Tech-savvy pair turns diet hacking into full-time experiment: 2015
Budget Coffee to kale chips: A pumpkin spice guide: 25.7 2015
Blog Lady Gaga to sue over Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream?: 25.6 2015
Blog Happy trays: A renovated Clifton's cafeteria is set to reopen after nearly four years: 25.6 2015
Date Night Some first choices for dining in L.A. after last call at the bar: 25.6 2015
Special Features Pot for foodies: Is marijuana the next California cuisine?: 25.6 2015
Blog Spice up your diet for a longer life, study suggests: 25.6 2015
Budget Some fast-food menus go healthy, others go whole hog to attract customers: 25.6 2015
Special Features 10 great places to wine and dine in Manhattan Beach: 25.6 2015
Blog Turning the food desert of Filipinotown into an oasis of healthful eating: 25.6 2015
Special Features Nick Lachey surprises Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" finalists: 25.6 2015
Blog Swap your go-to college drinks for these more grown-up cocktails: 25.5 2015
Special Features Damaging trans fat to be banished from U.S. diet: 25.5 2015
Special Features Young chefs are stirring things up in the Asian restaurant business: 25.4 2015
Special Features South L.A. ban on new fast-food restaurants has little effect: 25.4 2015
Budget The ECOLunchbox is an eco-friendly food storage solution for people on the go: 25.3 2015
Special Features Dining From Pepsi to Panera: companies eliminating artificial ingredients: 25.3 2015
Special Features As food truck craze fades, Roaming Hunger helps boost vendors' profits: 25.3 2015
Budget Fast-food industry waking up to breakfast's potential: 25.3 2015
Special Features Dining When the rich try to eat like they’re poor: 25.3 2015
Blog Where you can find great $1 food deals throughout Los Angeles: 25.3 2015
Special Features Don’t put too much of a good thing into that healthy diet: 25.2 2015
Special Features You’re drinking your beer too cold, and here’s why: 25.2 2015
Blog Hangover-free wine may soon be here: 25.2 2015
Special Features Millennials driving increasing popularity of ‘grocerants’: 25.2 2015
Fine Dining Echo Park's latest culinary outpost, Ostrich Farm: 25.2 2015
Blog The 20 most popular beers indicate that, deep down, Americans are frat boys: 25.2 2015
Blog Ramen Roundup: L.A.'s best slurp shops: 2015
Blog National food policy could save lives, money: 25.1 2015
Special Features How to add heat to your cooking with a variety of ingredients: 25.1 2015
Blog 10 affordable wines for wine connoisseurs: 25.1 2015
Blog Tired of spilling your coffee? Try a latte instead, scientists say: 25.1 2015
Blog Made-over game-day classics: 24.21 2015
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Date Night Bäco Mercat: 408 S. Main St., Downtown L.A. 21.48 2011
Date Night Café Gratitude: Serves Up Positive Affirmations 21.47 2011
Date Night Larry’s: 24 Windward Ave., Venice 21.46 2011
Budget Egg Slut: 21.45 2011
Date Night Barlo and The Del Monte Speakeasy: 21.44 2011
Budget Füküburger: 1634 Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood 21.43 2011
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Budget Ink.Sack: Your Favorite Sandwich – Voltaggio Style 21.39 2011
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Date Night Crazy Hook: 3250 Wilshire Blvd., Koreatown 21.37 2011
Special Features Dining The Taste: 21.36 2011
Date Night Cube Café & Marketplace: 615 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles 21.36 2011
Budget King Buffet: 1375 N. Western Ave., Hollywood 21.34 2011
Budget Escuela Taqueria: 308 N. Stanley Ave., Los Angeles 21.33 2011
Special Features Dining Music Festival Food: Elevated at Outside Lands 21.32 2011
Date Night Mohawk Bend: 2141 W. Sunset Blvd., Echo Park 21.32 2011
Budget Xlixe: 432 E. 2nd St., Little Tokyo 21.31 2011
Special Features Dining Healthy Chips: 21.30 2011
Budget The Market SMP: 395 Santa Monica Place, Level 3, Santa Monica 21.29 2011
Date Night Mo-Chica: 3655 S. Grand Ave., Downtown 21.28 2011
Budget Bibigo: 1091 Broxton Ave., Westwood 21.27 2011
Budget Chimú Peruvian Soulfood: 324 S. Hill Street, Downtown 21.25 2011
Fine Dining Pacific Dining Car: 1310 W. 6th St, Downtown 21.24 2011
Budget Hot's Kitchen: 844 Hermosa Ave., Hermosa Beach 21.23 2011
Budget Papaya King: 1645 Wilcox Ave., Los Angeles 21.22 2011
Special Features Dining Wine, Wellness, Boomers, Not the Best Mix: 2011
Blog Subway Gets New Look: Restaurant Will Include Cafe 21.20 2011
Date Night The Spice Table: 114 Central Ave., Los Angeles 21.21 2011
Budget Corner Bakery Café: 21.20 2011
Date Night Café Entourage: 1600 Vine St., Hollywood 21.20 2011
Budget Fresheast: 8951 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood 21.19 2011
Special Features Dining Using Easter's Leftover Eggs: 2011
Date Night Clancy’s Crab Broiler: 219 N. Central Ave., Glendale 21.17 2011
Date Night Corkbar: 403 W. 12th St., Downtown 21.16 2011
Budget Frosted Cupcakery: Eating for a Good Cause 21.15 2011
Special Features Dining Frosted Cupcakery: Eating for a Good Cause 21.15 2011
Budget The Mac 'N' Roll Truck: 21.14 2011
Special Features Dining La Chamba Cookware: 21.12 2011
Date Night Fig & Olive Melrose Place: 8490 Melrose Place, West Hollywood 21.12 2011
Budget Maui and Sons Bar & Grill: 6708 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles 21.11 2011
Fine Dining Sofitel De-Light: Lovely Lo-Cal Eats 21.11 2011
Budget Aunt Rosa Lee’s Mississippi Soul Food: 2781 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles 21.9 2011
Date Night Izakaya & Bar Fu-ga: 111 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles 21.8 2011
Date Night Mas Malo: 515 W. 7th St., Los Angeles 21.6 2011
Budget Saffron: 230 S. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills 21.5 2011
Budget Freebirds World Burrito: 3335 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles 21.4 2011
Special Features Dining Xiomara on Melrose: 6101 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles 21.3 2011
Date Night Pizza Antica: 395 Santa Monica Place, #304 21.2 2011
Date Night Casa Cocina Y Cantina: 350 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles 21.1 2011
Budget L’Epicerie Market: 9900 Culver Blvd., Culver City 20.48 2010
Budget Compartes Chocolatier: 912 S. Barrington Ave., Los Angeles 20.47 2010
Special Features Dining A Chinatown Thanksgiving: 20.45 2010
Date Night Qusqo: 11633 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles 20.44 2010
Date Night Sublime Food Lounge: 8631 Washington Blvd., Culver City 20.43 2010
Budget Obika: 10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles 20.41 2010
Budget The Salad Bowl Café: 350 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills 20.40 2010
Fine Dining Moreton Fig: 3607 Trousdale Parkway, USC, Los Angeles 20.39 2010
Budget Dillon’s Irish Pub & Grill: 6263 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles 2010
Budget Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop: 1888 Century Park E., Century City 20.37 2010
Budget Deluca's Italian Deli: 781 Americana Way, Glendale 20.36 2010
Special Features Dining Cacique Cheese Wants You: 20.35 2010
Date Night Petrossian: 321 N. Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood 20.35 2010
Date Night The Glendon Bar & Kitchen: 1071 Glendon Ave., Los Angeles 20.33 2010
Date Night Angel's Piano Bar & Supper Club: 20.32 2010
Date Night Lilly's French Cafe & Bar: 1031 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice 20.31 2010
Special Features Dining The Vegan Dining Guide to Los Angeles: 20.30 2010
Special Features Dining Ammo Sunday Brunch: 1155 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles 20.29 2010
Date Night Lucky Devils: 6613 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood 20.28 2010
Date Night Café Habana: 3939 Cross Creek Rd., Malibu 20.27 2010
Date Night The Whisper Restaurant & Lounge: 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles 20.26 2010
Budget BoHo: 6372 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood 20.25 2010
Date Night Upper West: 3321 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica 20.24 2010
Budget Blvd. 16: Now Open for Lunch: 10740 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 20.22 2010
Budget Starry Kitchen: 350 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles 20.21 2010
Date Night The Must: 118 W. 5 St., Los Angeles 20.20 2010
Budget Mac & Cheeza: 223 W. 8th St., Los Angeles 20.19 2010
Date Night Susan Feniger’s Street: 742 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles 20.18 2010
Special Features Dining Off Vine: 6263 Leland Way, Los Angeles 20.15 2010
Special Features Dining Yojie Japanese Fondue & Sake Bar: 501 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles 20.14 2010
Budget Gourmet On the Go: 20.13 2010
Budget Breadbar's Seoultown Tapas: 8718 W. Third St., Los Angeles 20.12 2010
Budget Townhouse Kitchen and Bar: 15301 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks 20.11 2010
Budget Hippie Chips: 20.10 2010
Budget Capriotti's: 9683 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills 19.9 2010
Date Night Carousel: 304 N. Brand Blvd., Glendale 19.8 2010
Special Features Dining Suzanne Winn and Leonard Goodloe of “Chef Academy”: 20.7 2010
Date Night Napa Valley Grille: 1100 Glendon Ave., Los Angeles 20.6 2010
Date Night BabyCakes NYC: 130 E. 6th St., Los Angeles 20.5 2010
Special Features Dining Chaya Downtown's Top Tuna Tartare Chef: The Chaya Group pledges to keep culinary programs in schools. 20.4 2010
Budget Little m: 9433 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills 20.4 2010
Budget Extended Happy Hours: Downtown's McCormick & Schmick's and Yard House 20.3 2010
Date Night The Six: 10668 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles 20.2 2010
Date Night Gobi Silver Lake: 2827 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles 20.1 2010
Special Features Dining It's Time to Eat!: Now what? 19.49 2009
Budget Kabuki Old Pasadena: 88 W. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena 19.48 2009
Budget Pizza Fusion: 7950 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood 19.47 2009
Date Night The Yard: 119 Broadway, Santa Monica 19.46 2009
Date Night Oliverio: 9400 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles 19.45 2009
Budget The Veggie Grill: 8000 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood 19.44 2009
Date Night Stefan’s at L.A. Farm: 3000 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica 19.40 2009
Budget Food Truck Mania!: Your Guide to Mobile Munchies 19.39 2009
Budget Marix Tex Mex: 1108 N. Flores St., WeHo 118 Entrada Drive, Santa Monica 19.38 2009
Budget Weenez: 500 S. Spring St., Downtown 19.36 2009
Budget Two Boots: 1818 Sunset Blvd., Echo Park 19.35 2009
Budget Genji Bar: 120 S. Los Angeles St., Little Tokyo 19.34 2009
Budget La Taquiza: 3026 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles 19.31 2009
Date Night Mozza2Go: 6610 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles 19.30 2009
Budget Spitz: Little Tokyo - 371 E. 2nd St., Los Angeles 19.29 2009
Date Night Sauce on Hampton: 259B Hampton Drive, Venice 19.28 2009
Budget Shamshiri Grill: 712 Westwood Blvd., Westwood 19.26 2009
Date Night Magnolia Downtown: 825 W. 9th St., Los Angeles 19.23 2009
Budget Pure Luck Restaurant: 707 N. Heliotrope Drive, Los Angeles 19.20 2009
Budget Scoops: 712 N. Heliotrope Drive, Los Angeles 19.19 2009
Special Features Dining Grad Dining Guide: Where to Grub after Graduation … (With the ’Rents) 19.18 2009
Budget Rosso's Pizzeria: 3500 S. Figueroa Blvd., Los Angeles 19.18 2009
Date Night Umami Burger: 850 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles 19.17 2009
Budget The Lab Gastropub: 3500 Figueroa Blvd., Los Angeles 19.16 2009
Special Features Dining Sophisticated Dive Food: An Angeleno Irony 19.15 2009
Budget Almaza: 8905 W. Venice Blvd., Suite #112, Los Angeles 19.15 2009
Date Night BAR CELONA: 46 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena 19.14 2009
Date Night TAPAS AND WINE BAR C: 428 E. 2nd St., Downtown 19.13 2009
Budget KOGI KULTURE: The Little Korean Taco Truck That Could 19.12 2009
Budget FRED’S MEXICAN CAFÉ: 119 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena 19.9 2009
Date Night VENICE BEACH WINES: 529 Rose Ave., Venice 19.8 2009
Date Night SEED KITCHEN: 1604 Pacific Ave., Venice 19.7 2009
Special Features Dining EVOLUTION OF ORGANIC: 19.6 2009
Date Night THE CURIOUS PALATE: 12034 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles 19.6 2009
Date Night LUCIFERS PIZZA: 1958 Hillburst Ave., Los Feliz 19.5 2009
Date Night Caffé Pinguini: 6935 Pacific Ave., Playa Del Rey 2009
Date Night Fulfilled Pastries: 9405 S. Santa Monica Blvd., Beverlly Hills 2009
Date Night McKay's Restaurant: 3540 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles 2009
Date Night Ammo Sunday Brunch: 1155 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood 2009
Special Features Dining Where to Grub: 2008
Date Night Minx Minx: 300 Harvey Drive, Glendale 2008
Budget Izakaya Bincho Izakaya Bincho: 112 N. International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach 2008
Date Night Salades De Provence At Frédéric Fekkai Salades De Provence At Frédéric Fekkai: 440 N. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills 2008
Date Night Le Pain Quotidien Le Pain Quotidien: 113 N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles 2008
Date Night Pete's Cafe Pete's Cafe: 400 S. Main St., Los Angeles 2008
Date Night Sushi Hiroba Sushi Hiroba: 776 Vine St., Los Angeles 2008
Budget La Barca La Barca: 2414 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles 2008
Date Night Anisette Brasserie Anisette Brasserie: 225 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica 2008
Budget Masa of Echo Park Masa of Echo Park: 1800 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles 2008
Special Features Dining Kosher Los Angeles Kosher Los Angeles: A Culinary Tour of Nine 2008
Date Night Gyenari Gyenari: 9540 Culver Blvd., Culver City 2008
Date Night The Parlor The Parlor: 1519 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica 2008
Date Night A Taste of L.A., 18.33 Cube: 615 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles 2008
Date Night animal animal: 435 N. Fairfax Blvd., Los Angeles 2008
Date Night Wokcano Wokcano:
1413 Fifth St., Santa Monica
Date Night Bistrotek Bistrotek: 8639 Lincoln Blvd., Los Angeles 2008
Date Night Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha: 656 N. Virgil Ave., Los Angeles 2008
Fine Dining sugarFISH sugarFISH: 4722 1/4 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey 2008
Fine Dining Genwa Korean BBQ Genwa Korean BBQ: 5115 Wilshire Blvd., #A, Los Angeles 2008
Budget Renovo Organic Juice & Smoothies Renovo Organic Juice and Smoothies: 2200 Colorado Ave., Unit G1, Santa Monica 2008
Budget Pink Taco Pink Taco: 10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles 2008
Date Night Ben Ford's Filling Station Ben Ford's Filling Station: Connecting People to Food 2008
Budget Hansen's Natural Sparkling Hansen's Natural Sparkling: Summer's Must-Have Accessory 2008
Special Features Dining L.A. Ice Cream Shops Ice Cream You Scream: A Sampling of L.A.'s Top 10 Ice Cream Shops 2008
Budget Gus's BBQ Gus's BBQ: 808 Fair Oaks Ave., South Pasadena 2008
Special Features Dining Cereal Bars Get the Scoop on L.A. Cereal Bars: Not Just For Breakfast Anymore 2008
Budget Courtyard The Courtyard: 8543 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood 2008
Date Night Cru Cru: 1521 Griffith Park Blvd., Los Angeles 2008
Budget Tacos & Co. Tacos & Co.: 18092 Culver Dr., Irvine 2008
Special Features Dining comme Ca comme Ca: 8479 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles 2008
Special Features Dining St. Patty's Day Specialty Drinks St. Patty's Day Specialty Drinks: 2008
Special Features Dining Get Your Irish Up On St. Patricks Day Get Your Irish Up On St. Patricks Day: Celebrating L.A.'s Jiggy Pubs 2008
Date Night Milk Milk: 7290 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles 2008
Special Features Dining Frogurt Frenzy Frogurt Frenzy: Fro-yo fad of the ’80s is back – with a tart vengeance. 2008
Special Features Dining Chef Boys Are Dey Chef Boys Are Dey: Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook unleash Animal, a new eatery on Fairfax. 2008
Budget Baskin-Robbins V-Day Love That Ice Cream: Baskin-Robbins offers sweet V-Day treats. 2008
Special Features Dining Designs by Lolita Designs by Lolita: Festive glasses make drinking more fun. 2008
Budget Hotcakes Bakes Hotcakes Bakes: 4119 South Centinela, Los Angeles 2008
Special Features Dining Hermosa Grub Crawl Hermosa Beach Grub Crawl: 2008
Special Features Dining Late Night Dining Late Night Dining: Rose Bowl Edition 2007
Special Features Dining Dinner and a Movie Dinner and a Movie: Cinema Dining in Los Angeles 2007
Special Features Dining Cupcakes Galore Cupcakes Galore: A Sampling of L.A.’s Yummiest Sweet Spots. 2007
Budget Samosa House Samosa House: 11510 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles 2007
Budget Happy Veggie Happy Veggie: 709 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach 2007
Special Features Dining Not Home for the Holiday? Not Home for the Holiday?: Enjoy a delicious, affordable Thanksgiving on your own. 2007
Date Night Lift Lift: 6533 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood 2007
Special Features Dining Cheap Eats in L.A. Cheap Eats in L.A.: Where to Eat More for Less 2007
Date Night San Antonio Winery San Antonio Winery: 737 Lamar St., Los Angeles 2007
Budget Frittelli's Frittelli's: 350 N. Canon Drive, #6, Beverly Hills 2007
Special Features Dining California Healthy California Healthy: By Patricia Hamilton 2007
Special Features Dining Dorm Gourmet Dorm Gourmet: Spice up your cuisine with the help of farmers markets. 2007
Date Night Opaque Opaque: 8401 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood 2007
Special Features Dining Late Night Dining Yummy Late Night Eating Guide: 2007
Special Features Dining Vanilla Bake Shop Vanilla Bake Shop: 512 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica 2007
Special Features Dining Primo's Westdale Doughnuts Primo's Westdeale Doughnuts: 2918 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles 2007
Budget Glencrest BBQ Glencrest Family Restaurant: 1146 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice 2007
Date Night Ketchup Ketchup: 8590 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood 2007
Date Night Delphi Greek Cuisine Delphi Greek Cuisine: 1383 Westwood Blvd., Westwood 2007
Date Night uWink uWink: 6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd. 2310,Westfield Promenade, Woodland Hills 2007
Date Night Kabuki Kabuki: 88 W. Colorado Blvd., #103, Pasadena 2007
Date Night Monsoon Café Monsoon Café: 1212 Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica 2007
Date Night Tangier Restaurant and Lounge Tangier Restaurant and Lounge: 2138 Hillhurst Ave., Los Feliz 2007
Special Features Dining Porch Pies Porch Pies: A Sweet Taste from the South 2007
Date Night e3rd Steakhouse & Lounge e3rd Steakhouse & Lounge: 734 E. Third St., Los Angeles 2007
Special Features Dining Red Mango Red Mango: (Not Another Name for Pinkberry, Seriously) 2007
Budget Hugo's Restaurant Hugo's Restaurant: 12851 Riverside Drive, Studio City 2007
Budget Caffe Primo Caffe Primo: 8590 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood 2007
Special Features Dining After the Grad Ceremony Where to Eat, Drink and Be Merry: After the Grad Ceremony 2007
Budget Village Pizzeria Village Pizzeria: 131 N. Larchmont, Los Angeles 2007
Special Features Dining Malava Relax Malava Relax: Stress Relief in a Bottle 2007
Date Night Tatou Tatou: 333 S. Boylston St., Los Angeles 2007
Special Features Dining Cinco De Mayo On a Cinco De Mayo Quest: For the Best Margaritas in Los Angeles 2007
Date Night Tasca Wine Bar Tasca Wine Bar: 8108 W. 3rd. Street, Los Angeles 2007
Budget Blowfish Sushi Blowfish Sushi: 9229 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood 2007
Budget Pizza Rustica Pizza Rustica: 2007
Date Night Axe Axe: 1009 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice 2007
Special Features Dining Venice Beach Eating and Drinking Al Fresco at: Venice Beach 2007
Date Night Danny's Venice Deli Danny's Venice Deli: 23 Windward Ave., Venice 2007
Special Features Dining Belgian Beer Belgian Beer: Expand Your Horizons Bottle By Bottle 2007
Special Features Dining Edible Works of Art Edible Works of Art: Sculpted from Melons, Carrots and Pineapple 2007
Date Night The Sushi Ozekii The Sushi Ozekii: 480 S. San Vincente Blvd., Beverly Hills 2007
Special Features Dining Wine and Chocolate Wine and Chocolate: Think Sweet on Valentine's Day 2007
Special Features Dining Local Farmers Local Farmers: Find New Market on Campuses 2007
Special Features Dining Trolling For Fish Trolling For Fish: Tacos 2007
Date Night Oyster House Oyster House: 12446 Moorpark Street, Studio City 2007
Special Features Dining Food Artists Food Artists: Making Shopping More Palatable 2007
Special Features Dining L.A. Food Restaurants: That Define L.A. 2006
Special Features Dining Holiday Dinners Keep Peace at Holiday Dinners: Take a Breath, a Bit, a Sip and a Step Back 2006
Special Features Dining Ethnic Cuisine Ethnic Cuisine: From Asian to Spanish, a Dish For Everyone 2006
Special Features Dining Gastronomy U Gastronomy U: Program Trains Students to Work With Consumers and Producers 2006
Special Features Dining Serving 25 Million a Day Serving 25 Million a Day: Meet the Chef Behind McDonald's Menu 2006
Budget The Oinkster The Oinkster: 2005 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock 2006
Special Features Dining Energy Drinks Juicy Jolts: Or Risky Sips? 2006
Budget Coffee Table Coffee Table: 2006
Budget Kabuki Kabuki: 1545 Vine St., Hollywood 2006
Special Features Dining Munchies Some Ideas For: Late-Night Munchies 2006
Special Features Dining Spinach Still Reluctant to Eat Your Spinach: Try These Great Greens 2006
Budget Energy Bars Take the: Energy Bar Exam 2006
Budget Roscoe's Roscoe's House of Chicken 'N Waffles: 1514 N. Gower St., Hollywood 2006
Special Features Dining Microwave Cuisine Microwave Cuisine: Suggestions To Soothe Your Hunger Pains 2006
Special Features Dining Hungry? And Thirsty? Hungry? And Thirsty?: Wining and Dining in Los Angeles 2006
Special Features Dining Late-Night West Side Dining Late-Night Dining: 2006
Special Features Dining Not-so Simple Choices Not-so Simple Choices: The Grocery Aisles 2006
Budget Uno, Dos, Tres Uno, Dos, Tres: Best Fast Food Burritos in Los Angeles 2006
Special Features Dining Starbucks Starbucks: A Guide 2006
Special Features Dining Big Ideas Big Ideas: For Tiny Kitchens 2006
Special Features Dining Lettuce Wraps Lettuce Wraps: A Cool Canvas 2006
Special Features Dining Super Bowl Sundae Pick Your Favorite Topping to Make a: Super Bowl Sundae 2006
Budget Organic Cupcakes Debbie's Organic Cupcakes: Good for your Waistline as well as Your Taste Buds 2006
Budget Costco Costco: The Place for Inexpensive Dining 2006
Date Night L Scorpion L Scorpion: Will Sting Your Taste Buds 2006
Date Night The Melting Pot The Melting Pot: Greatest Hits of the ‘70s, Part Two 2006
Budget Crazy Tacos Crazy Tacos: Tac-Themed Fundraiser Sparks Unique Recipes 2006
Budget 25 Degrees 25 Degrees: Is Hot, Hot, Hot 2006
Budget El Coyote Cafe El Coyote Cafe: 7312 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles 2006
Budget The Original Farmers Market Deconstructed The Original Farmers Market Deconstructed: 3rd St. and Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles 2006
Special Features Dining My City By the Bay My City By the Bay: Your Eating Guide to San Francisco 2006
Date Night Gyu-Kaku Gyu-Kaku: As Fun to Eat as it is to Say 2006
Budget Alcove Los Feliz's Own Little Alcove: 1929 Hillhurst Ave., Los Feliz 2006
Special Features Dining Sushi Sushi: How to Choose, Order and Eat it 2006
Special Features Dining Break Out and Take Out Break Out and Take Out: 2006
Budget Pueblo Viejo Pueblo Viejo: 5722 Melrose Ave., Hollywood 2006
Special Features Dining BBQ is Coming to Town BBQ is Coming to Town: 2006
Special Features Dining Romantic L.A. Dining Romantic L.A. Dining: 2006
Special Features Dining Global Sandwiches Sandwiches From Around the World: Explore the Many Options L.A. Has to Offer 2006
Budget The Counter The Counter: 2901 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica 2006
Special Features Dining Dark Chocolate two Dark Chocolate: New Chips, Bars and Chunks are Dark and Delicious 2006
Special Features Dining Fast Food Fast Food: Companies Supply Those who Want Their Food Fast – and Cheap 2006
Special Features Dining Going Ethnic in L.A. Going Ethnic in L.A.: 2005
Special Features Dining 10 Best Food Finds in L.A. 10 Best Food Finds in L.A.: 2005
Special Features Dining World Cuisine World Cuisine: Traditional Foods Becoming a Side Dish to a Global Main Course 2005
Budget Hamburger Mary's Hamburger Mary's: 2005
Special Features Dining Toaster Oven Hey Over There: I’m your toaster oven and I can work wonders! 2005
Special Features Dining Dark Chocolate Temptations Dark Chocolate Temptations: 2005
Special Features Dining L.A.: A Foodie's Pumpkin Paradise L.A.: A Foodie's Pumpkin Paradise: A Guide To The Best Pumpkin Dishes In Town 2005
Special Features Dining Plane Fare Plane Fare: Snacks-For-Sale Sometimes are Famished Fliers’ Only Alternative 2005
Special Features Dining Dedicated to Fruitcups Dedicated to Fruitcups: Canter’s Deli Man a Cut Above 2005
Special Features Dining Tipping For Takeout Tipping For Takeout: Readers Weigh in 2005
Special Features Dining Classic Citrus Classic Citrus: Orange Among 'Superfoods' 2005
Special Features Dining The Joys of Ramen The Joys of Ramen: It’s Easy, Quick and Cheap 2005
Special Features Dining Energy Drinks Energy Drinks: Everyone's chugging them 2005
Date Night The Canal Club The Canal Club: Pan-Asian Dining at the Beach 2005
Date Night Beechwood Beechwood: Venice Chefs Strike Gold in 'haunted' space 2005
Date Night D'Amore's Pizza Connection D'Amore's Pizza Connection: Westwood Pie with East Coast Ingredients 2005
Special Features Dining Leaf Cuisine Leaf Cuisine: Lean, Green and Eating Clean on the Westside 2005
Date Night Flora Kitchen Flora Kitchen: 468 South La Brea Ave., (323) 931-9900 2005
Special Features Dining Avocados A-h-h-vocados: From Guacamole to Ice Cream, ‘Homely Fruit’ has a Multitude of Uses 2005
Fine Dining Opus Bar & Grill Opus Bar & Grill: 3760 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, (213) 738-1600 2005
Special Features Dining Tyler Florence Food Network Star-Chef Holds Book Signing: Chef Tyler Florence’s Cookbook Offers Honest Flavors in Perfect Balance 2005
Special Features Dining Pinup Chefs Pinup Chefs: Charismatic (and Photogenic) Male Foodies Put Sex Appeal on the Front Burner 2005
Fine Dining Buggy Whip Get A Life … A Night Life That Is!: Buggy Whip 2005
Special Features Dining Pizza Vegetarian Today: Cooking on Grill Gives Pizza a Smoky Flavor, Crisp Crust 2005
Fine Dining Kate Mantilini Get A Life...A Night Life That Is!: Kate Mantelini 2005
Special Features Dining Delicious Digestivos Delicious Digestivos: Grandma’s Newly Hip After-Dinner Drink 2005
Budget Cold Stone Creamery Cold Stone Creamery: 2005
Fine Dining Kabuki Get A Life … A Night Life That Is!: Kabuki Japanese Restaurant 2005
Special Features Dining Grilling Time to Break Out the Grill: 2005
Budget The Hat The Hat: Serving Up World Famous Pastrami for over 50 Years 2005
Budget Polka Get A Life … A Night Life That Is!: Polka 2005
Date Night Vibrato Grill Jazz ... etc. Get A Life … A Night Life That Is!: Vibrato Grill Jazz … etc. 2005
Special Features Dining Asparagus Vegetarian Today: Don’t Be Intimidated by That Versatile Vegetable, Asparagus 2005
Budget M&M Soul Food M&M Soul Food: 6801 W. Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 205, Hollywood, (323) 463-1616 2005
Budget Mo's Place Get A Life … A Night Life That Is!: Mo's Place 2005
Special Features Dining Do As The French Do Do As The French Do: Savor Food, but in Moderation 2005
Budget Honey's Kettle Fried Chicken Get A Life … A Night Life That Is!: Honey's Kettle Fried Chicken 2005
Budget Native Foods Native Foods: 1110 1/2 Gayley Ave., Westwood, (310) 209-1055 2005
Date Night Wharo Korean BBQ Get A Life … A Night Life That Is!: Wharo Korean BBQ 2005
Date Night Ye Olde King’s Head Get A Life … A Night Life That Is!: 116 Santa Monica Blvd., in Santa Monica, (310) 451-1402 2005
Date Night Boardwalk 11 Get A Life … A Night Life That Is!: 10433 National Blvd., in Palms/Cheviot Hills, (310) 837-5245 2005
Special Features Dining Children Uniting Nations Children Uniting Nations Fundraising Dinner Celebration: Feb. 27 @ The Factory, West Hollywood 2005
Date Night Bruins Den Lounge Get A Life … A Night Life That Is!: The Doubletree Hotel's Bruins Den Lounge 2005
Budget Rutt’s Hawaiian Café Get A Life … A Night Life That Is!: Rutt’s Hawaiian Café 2005
Fine Dining The Stinking Rose The Stinking Rose: 55 N. La Cienega Blvd., Beverly Hills, (310) 652-7673 2005
Fine Dining Il Fornaio Il Fornaio Cucina Italiana: 1551 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica
(310) 451-7800
Date Night TEN20 Get A Life … A Night Life That Is!: TEN20 Night Scene and Café 2005
Date Night Outlaws Get A Life … A Night Life That Is!: Outlaws 2005
Date Night Stella's Stella's on Melrose: 6919 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, (323) 937-2875 2005
Date Night Katmandu Kitchen Get a Life...A Night Life That Is: Katmandu Kitchen 2005
Date Night Cafe 50's Get A Life...A Night Life That Is!: Cafe 50's 2005
Date Night Carousel Get a Life...A Night Life That Is: Carousel Restaurant 2005
Date Night Caffe Roberto Get A Life...A Night Life That Is!: Caffe Roberto 2005
Date Night Acadie Hand Crafted French Crepes Acadie Hand Crafted French Crepes: 213 Arizona Ave., Santa Monica, (310) 395-1120 2005
Date Night San Gennaro Cafe San Gennaro Cafe: 9543 Culver Blvd. (Washington Blvd.), Culver City, (310) 836-0400 2005
Date Night The Arsenal The Arsenal: 12012 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, (310) 575-5511 2004
Date Night Barney's Beanery West Barney's Beanery West: 1351 Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, (310) 656-5777 2004
Date Night Barney's Beanery Barney's Beanery: 8447 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, (323) 654-2287 2004
Date Night Alessi Ristorante and Bar Alessi Ristorante and Bar: 6602 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, (323) 935-1197 2004
Budget Astroburger Astroburger: 5601 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, (323) 469-1924 2004
Fine Dining Lunaria Lunaria Restaurant and Club: 10351 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, (310) 282-8870 2004
Date Night Boardner's Boardner's of Hollywood: 1652 N. Cherokee Ave., Hollywood, (323) 462-9621 2004
Special Features Dining Restaurant Grades Making The Grade: Rating L.A.’s Restaurants from the 2004
Special Features Dining Cult of Castle The Cult of the Castle: 2004
Budget El Cochinito El Cochinito Restaurant: 3508 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 668-0737 2004
Fine Dining Diaghilev Diaghilev: 1020 N. San Vincete Blvd, West Hollywood (310) 854-1111 2004
Special Features Dining In-N-Out Lingo In-N-Out Burger: Locations throughout California, Nevada and Arizona 2004
Budget Sante La Brea Sante La Brea: 345 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, (323) 857-0412 2004
Date Night Green Street Restaurant Green Street Restaurant: 146 Shoppers Lane, Pasadena, (626) 577-7170 2004
Special Features Dining Chefs, Inc. Chef's, Inc.: 10955 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, (310) 470-2277 2004
Fine Dining Cinegrill Cinegrill: Playground of the Stars
7000 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood
(323) 769-7269
Budget China Beach Bistro China Beach Bistro: 2024 Pacific Ave., Venice Beach, (310) 823-4646 2004
Budget The Gumbo Pot The Gumbo Pot: 6333 W. Third Street, #312, Los Angeles, (323) 933-0358 2004