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Title Headline Issue Year
March Madness '05 March Madness: 2005 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship 2005
NBA Preview '04-'05 (West) 2004-2005 NBA Preview: Capsules For Teams of the NBA’s Western Conference 2005
NBA Preview '04-'05 (East) 2004-2005 NBA Preview: Capsules For Teams of the NBA’s Eastern Conference 2005
Second Act Second Act: Jackson, Bryant Together Again with Lakers 2005
NBA All-Star Game '06 All-Star Game 2006: NBA Selects Winners, not High Scorers 2006
March Madness '06 March Madness '06: 2006 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship 2006
College Sports College Sports: Debunking Recruiting Myths 2006
NBA Preview '06-'07 2006-2007 NBA Preview: 2006
March Madness '07 March Madness '07: NCAA Tournament Guide 2007
NBA Playoffs '07 2007 NBA Playoffs: Post-Season Predictions 2007
NBA Draft '07 As the Draft World Turns...: 2007 NBA Draft Loaded with Talent and Clouded by Controversy 2007
Streetball Stars Streetball Stars: Aim to Keep It Real 2007
NBA Referee Gambling Scandal Don't Blame Donaghy, Blame the NBA!: 2007
Sparks Rely on Youth Sparks Rely on Youth: For Final Playoff Push 2007
NBA Preview '07-'08 Lakers & Clippers Season Preview: And a Few Other NBA Teams to Watch... 2007
UCLA & USC Basketball Preview UCLA & USC Basketball Preview: L.A. May Be In Store For One of the Best Seasons Ever 2007
Break from the BCS Break from the BCS: November Madness? Sure… 2007
USC Men's BBall USC Men's Basketball: Young team aims high. 2008
NBA All-Star Game '08 A Big, Easy All-Star Game: Which Players Made the Cut 2008
Jrue Holiday Jrue Holiday: A basketball super guard heads to UCLA next year. 2008
L.A. Lakers L.A. Lakers: Gasol Makes Home Debut at Staples Center 2008
Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Clippers: Looking For A Brighter Future 2008
NCAA Brackets NCAA Brackets: How to Fill Them In 2008
Ronny Turiaf L.A.'s Gentle Giant Ronny Turiaf: A Laker for Life 2008
Second Season Second Season: B-Ball and Hockey Playoffs Are Here 2008
NBA Playoffs '08 2008 NBA Playoff Preview: What Could Happen, Should Happen and Will Happen 2008
Lakers vs. Nuggets: NBA Playoffs '08 Lakers vs. Nuggets: Onward and Upward! 2008
Marko Jaric Marko Jaric: From L.A. to Minnesota, the International Guard's Eyes Are Set On Success 2008
Candace Parker Candace Parker: The New Face of the WNBA 2008
NBA Draft '08 Winners & Losers of the 2008 NBA Draft: 2008
NBA 2008-09 Preview NBA 2008-09 Preview: Los Angeles Lakers looking to go all the way 2008
PAC-10 Men's Basketball PAC-10 Men's Basketball: UCLA sits atop the class. 2008
UCLA vs. USC Men's Basketball: Jan. 11 @ Galen Center 2009
LA Hoopla Jan. 7 JUMP INTO 2009: 2009
SAY IT AIN’T SO, LOSAY IT AIN’T SO, LO: Odom joins the IL, but Lakers persevere to 30 wins 2009
LA Hoopla Will the Lakers Sink the Clippers?: 2009
NCAA Men's Basketball UCLA VS. USC: Feb. 4 @ Pauley Pavilion 2009
L.A. Hoopla: Let's Get Physical 19.4 2009
On the Rise: Heading into the All-Star Break 19.6 2009
L.A. HoopLA SEEING THE STARS: After the Break 19.7 2009
Special Feature TREVOR ARIZA: Changing the Game 19.7 2009
L.A. HoopLA SIZE DOES MATTER: Clippers Falter Without Their Big Men 19.8 2009
L.A. HoopLA WIN SOME, LOSE SOME: Major Highs and Lows This Week 19.9 2009
BIG WEST CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT: A Preview of Men’s Basketball 19.9 2009
WEST COAST CONFERENCE TOURNEY: A Preview of Women’s Basketball 19.9 2009
L.A. Hoopla ON THE ROAD AGAIN: 19.10 2009
L.A. Hoopla ROAD WARRIORS: 19.12 2009
L.A. HoopLa L.A. FACE OFF: April 5 @ Staples Center 19.13 2009
L.A. HoopLA Tick Tock: Regular Season Winds Down 19.14 2009
LA Hoopla Let the Games Begin: “LO” Down on the 2009 Playoffs 19.15 2009
LA Hoopla Youth Rising: “Ariza-n” for Hope 19.16 2009
L.A. HoopLA Round Two: Once the Lakers Make It Past the Jazz… 19.17 2009
LA Hoopla A Rivalry Renewed: Los Angeles Takes on Houston 19.18 2009
L.A. HoopLA Choppy Waters: Play gets rough in the second round. 19.19 2009
L.A. HoopLA Bring On the Nuggets: Los Angeles vs. Denver in the West Finals 19.20 2009
LA Hoopla All Tied Up: Lakers/Nuggets Series Even at 2-2 19.21 2009
LA Hoopla Final-ly: Four Wins from the Championship 19.22 2009
L.A. Sparks 2009 Season Preview: Leslie, Parker aim to ignite title hopes. 19.22 2009
LA Hoopla For the Win: Key Factors Necessary for the Ring 19.23 2009
L.A. HoopLA The Lakeshow Prevails: Lakers win 15th NBA title 19.24 2009
LAHoopla Monarchs vs. Sparks: 19.25 2009
LAHoopla Sparks Enjoy Home-Cooking: 19.26 2009
Asia Society Honors Kobe Bryant: Lakers star comes full-circle. 19.26 2009
LAhoopla Sparks Drop Sixth Road Game: 19.27 2009
L.A. HoopLA Sparks Push for Playoffs: 19.28 2009
L.A. Hoopla Sparks Return to Staples: 19.29 2009
L.A.Hoopla Sparks Work Overtime for Victory: 19.30 2009
LAHoopla Sparks Barely Hang On: Playoffs are doubtful. 19.31 2009
LAHoopla Sparks Streak Hits Five: 19.32 2009
LAHoopla Sparks Cool off the Sun: 19.33 2009
LA Hoopla Lisa Leslie: Basketball star prepares to ride off into the sunset. 19.34 2009
LAHoopla Victories Spark a Third-Seed: 19.35 2009
LAHoopla Sparks Advance to Conference Finals: 19.36 2009
LAHoopla Sparks 2009 Season Comes to A Sweeping End: 2009
LAHoopla NBA Season Preview: Lakers Look to Repeat, Clippers to Find New Identity 19.40 2009
LAHoopla Let the Games Begin: 19.42 2009
LAHoopla Who's that Guy?: Getting to Know Ron Artest 19.43 2009
LAHoopla West Coast Action: 19.44 2009
Pac-10 Basketball Tips-Off: 19.44 2009
LA Hoopla Lakers' Bench Is The Discussion: 19.46 2009
LAHoopla Feel The Pau-er: Lakers Streak at Nine 19.47 2009
LAHoopla Lakers Hit Road Block in Utah: 19.48 2009
LAHoopla Can the Lake Show Stay Healthy?: 20.2 2010
LA Hoopla A Bumpy Road: Lakers in Midst of Eight Away-Game Journey 20.4 2010
Seeing Stars: Three Lakers head to Texas. 20.6 2010
Break is Over: Time to Buckle Down 20.7 2010
Red Hot Brown: Laker guard sets career highs. 19.8 2010
LAhoopla Three For the Road: Lakers head southeast. 20.9 2010
LAHoopla Road Tested: 20.10 2010
LAHoopla Lakers Bounce Back From Road Slide: 20.11 2010
LAHoopla Here We Go Again: Andrew Bynum Strains Achilles 20.12 2010
LAHoopla Thunderstruck: 20.13 2010
LAHoopla Jordan Farmar: Hometown asset might leave Lakers. 20.14 2010
Closing Time: 20.15 2010
LAHoopla Big Time: 20.16 2010
LAHoopla First Round Rumbles On: 20.17 2010
LAHoopla On To the Semis: 20.18 2010
LAHoopla The Final Countdown: Lakers vs. Suns for Western Title 20.20 2010
LAHoopla Revenge of the Lake Show: 20.22 2010
LAHoopla An Even Homestand: Lakers and Celtics split series at Staples. 20.24 2010
Lakers Rally: To Finish Off Celtics for Franchise’s 16th NBA Title 2010
Lakers Show Their Heart: 2010
Lakers End History Of Game 7 Woe: 2010
2010 NBA Draft Predictions: 20.25 2010
LA Hoopla Three-peat in the Making: Lakers Season Preview 20.40 2010
LA Hoopla Lakers Off to Hot Start: 20.42 2010
LA Hoopla Purple and Gold Are Dominant: 2010
Men's Basketball: USC and UCLA go back to the drawing board. 20.43 2010
LA Hoopla Lakers Stumble Into Loss Column: 20.44 2010
LA Hoopla Lake Show Back on Track: 20.45 2010
LA Hoopla Lakers Need Bynum Back: 20.46 2010
LA Hoopla Lakers Trying to Find Groove: 20.47 2010
LA Hoopla Aching Champs: 20.48 2010
LA Hoopla Successful Road Trip: 20.49 2010
LA Hoopla Not a Good Note: 21.1 2011
Bruins, Trojans Set for Clash: 21.1 2011
LA Hoopla Lakers Carry Four-Game Winning Streak: Matt Barnes to Have Knee Surgery 21.2 2011
USC Claims Win Over UCLA: Vucevic leads the Trojan pack. 21.2 2011
LA Hoopla Rivalry Renewed: 21.3 2011
LA Hoopla Lakers Split Road Games: 21.4 2011
Bruins Aim to Even Series Against Trojans: 21.4 2011
LA Hoopla The Purple Is Turning Blue: 21.5 2011
LA Hoopla Lakers in Search of Identity: 21.6 2011
Bruins Avenge Earlier Loss to Trojans: 21.6 2011
LA Hoopla Lakers Invade Boston: 21.7 2011
NBA All-Star Festivities Hit L.A.: 21.7 2011
LA Hoopla Lakers Need Solid Second Half: 21.8 2011
Caltech Ends 310-Game SCIAC Slide: 21.8 2011
LA Hoopla Lakers Are On Fire: 21.9 2011
LA Hoopla Lakers Send a Message: 21.10 2011
Bruins, Trojans Earn Bids to NCAA Tourney: 2011
LA Hoopla Lakers Finish Trip With Win Over Dallas: 2011
Bruins Seeded Third In Women’s Basketball Tourney: 2011
LA Hoopla Lakers Clinch Pacific Division: 2011
LA Hoopla Lakers Are 15-1 Since All-Star Break: 2011
LA Hoopla Lakers Need To Be Careful: 2011
L.A. Hoopla Lakers Prepare for the Playoffs: 21.15 2011
L.A. Hoopla Lakers Lose Game 1: 21.16 2011
L.A. Hoopla Game 5 Winner Will Take the Series: 21.17 2011
L.A. Hoopla Lakers Begin Second Round, Face Mavericks: 21.18 2011
L.A. Hoopla Season Ends in Surprising Sweep: 21.19 2011
Irving, Williams Lead NBA Prospects: 21.25 2011
College Hoops USC, UCLA Split Weekly Games: 21.47 2011
College Hoops UCLA Tops Penn, USC Succumbs to New Mexico: 21.48 2011
Clippers' Gain is Lakers' Loss: 21.49 2011
Bruins Earn Win; Trojans Suffer Loss: 21.49 2011
LeBron says he’s a different person this season: 21.49 2012
Bynum's strong play raises questions about his future: 21.49 2012
Changing Clippers culture, from inside out: 21.49 2012
For Clippers' Paul, it's shoe time: 22.1 2012
USC's O'Neill will Return for Another Season: 22.4 2012
More Disappointment for UCLA: No Invite to NIT: 22.4 2012
Lakers Not Too Bullish on Latest Gasol Offer: 22.4 2012
Class is in Session-s: 22.6 2012
Lakers' Options Remain Limited: 22.10 2012
NBA Finals Preview: Oklahoma City Thunder Face Off Against the Miami Heat: 22.11 2012
WNBA's Candace Parker Aims for Olympic Gold She Can Relish: 22.12 2012
Steve Nash Brings Panache to L.A.: 22.13 2012
America’s Best Basketball Players Aim for Olympic Gold: 22.13 2012
Chris Paul: Current Basketball Team Better Than 2008 Champs: 22.13 2012
There's Billups with the Rebound: 22.16 2012
Less is More for Lakers: 22.18 2012
Sparks Swept Out of West Finals by Lynx: 22.18 2012
Los Angeles Clippers Season Preview: 22.19 2012
Dwight Howard Could Make Lakers Debut Sunday: 22.19 2012
Los Angeles Lakers Season Preview: 22.20 2012
Kobe Bryant Deserves Better: 22.20 2012
50 Things to Ponder on College Hoops: 22.20 2012
College Basketball: It's Finally Here!: 22.20 2012
Not Hiring Phil Jackson Will Hurt Lakers: 22.21 2012
Mike D’Antoni Confident He Can Bring Championship to Laker Land: 22.22 2012
Vinny Del Negro has Clippers in Winning Mode: 22.25 2012
Kobe Bryant Leads NBA Players in All-Star Votes: 22.25 2012
UCLA's Shabazz Muhammad Captures Pac-12 Player of the Week: 22.25 2012
Young Bruins Off to Fast Pac-12 Start with 79-65 Win Over Bears: 22.25 2013
Lakers, and D'Antoni, Are Flunking Chemistry: 22.25 2013
Despite Return of Steve Nash, Lakers Still A Question Mark: 22.25 2013
Clippers Are Now Top Show in L.A.: 22.25 2013
Dwight Howard is Starting to Feel It: 23.1 2013
9th Annual Lakers All-Access Grants Personal Touch: 23.1 2013
UCLA Honors Metta World Peace: MWP Raises Awareness for Mental Illness 23.1 2013
UCLA Loses at Home to Rival USC, 75-71: 23.2 2013
Jerry Buss is Praised Throughout NBA for His Vision, Humbleness: 2013
Lakers Continue to Make Playoff Push With Win Over Hawks: 23.4 2013
Lakers’ Kobe Bryant New Brand Ambassador for Hublot: 23.5 2013
Chris Paul Believes Defense Will Give Clippers a Shot in Postseason: 23.5 2013
UCLA Fires Basketball Coach Ben Howland After 10 Years: 23.5 2013
Andy Enfield is USC's Choice As New Basketball Coach: 23.6 2013
Rutgers Basketball Coach Fired After Abuse Video Leaked: 23.6 2013
Carmelo Anthony Most Overpaid Player: 23.6 2013
Kobe Bryant Named Western Conference Player of the Week: 23.7 2013
USC's Andy Enfield Coaches Basketball Like Nobody's Business: 23.7 2013
Lakers Need to Let Howard Walk Away: 23.8 2013
Phil Jackson Throws the Book at Kobe Bryant: 23.9 2013
The Heat Win Eastern Conference, Head to Finals: 23.10 2013
USC Gets 2 New Basketball Recruits: 23.10 2013
Doc Rivers to Coach LA Clippers: 23.12 2013
UCLA's Shabazz Muhammad to Play for Minnesota Timberwolves: 23.12 2013
LA Lakers Player Shake Up: Goodbye Dwight Howard: 23.12 2013
World Peace to Leave the Lakers: 23.12 2013
Lamar Odom Hits the Paparazzi Breaking Point: 23.13 2013
Former Laker Metta World Peace Joins NY Knicks: 23.13 2013
Former Laker Jordan Farmar Returns to L.A.: 23.13 2013
Shabazz Muhammad Sent Home for Bringing Female Guest to Hotel Room: 23.14 2013
Chris Paul: President of NBA Players Union: 23.15 2013
Lakers' Mitch Kupchak Talks, and Naturally, Kobe Bryant is a Subject: 23.18 2013
Kobe Bryant Still Recovering from Achilles Injury: 23.18 2013
Clippers' Jamal Crawford to See More Catch-and-Shoot Plays: 23.18 2013
Doc Rivers Won't Play Blake Griffin Until Injured Ankle is 100%: 23.19 2013
Pac-12 Preseason Basketball Polls: UCLA Ranks 2nd, USC 11th: 23.19 2013
New USC Coach Andy Enfield Takes His Shot in L.A.: 23.19 2013
Lakers Hope They're Better Off Without Howard: 23.20 2013
Clippers' Chris Paul Downplays Rivalry with the Lakers: 23.20 2013
Golden State Warriors Have No Defense Against Los Angeles Clippers: 23.20 2013
Five Questions as UCLA Enters the Steve Alford Era: 23.20 2013
Back Ailment Will Sideline Steve Nash at Least Two Weeks: 23.20 2013
Clippers' Matt Barnes Apologizes for Inflammatory Tweet, Ejection: 23.21 2013
Mike D'Antoni Says Kobe Bryant Will Still Miss 'a Bunch' of Games: 23.21 2013
Clippers' Doc Rivers Thinks Blake Griffin Will Continue to Get Better: 23.21 2013
USC Undefeated at Home But Struggling to Win Over Fans: 23.21 2013
Kobe Bryant: Deal Makes Him 'Want to Run Through a Wall' for Lakers: 23.21 2013
Kobe Bryant Improves to a B, But Lakers Have No D: 23.22 2013
Blake Griffin Chooses to Talk, and Clippers are Eager to Listen: 23.22 2013
Lakers Don't Plan on Adding a Point Guard: 23.23 2013
Look Out for Colorado in Pac-12 Men's Basketball: 23.23 2014
Sparks Owner Ends Involvement with Team; WNBA Looking for New Owner: 23.23 2014
USC's Andy Enfield Doesn't See Any Positives in Lopsided Loss to UCLA: 23.23 2014
There's No Love Lost Between UCLA and Arizona in Men's Basketball: 23.23 2014
USC Coach Andy Enfield Getting Rough Reception in Pac-12: 23.23 2014
Turnovers, and Not Forcing Them, are Hurting Lakers: 23.23 2014
USC Basketball Worse, Utah Better Than When Teams Last Met: 23.23 2014
UCLA at CU Boulder Basketball Preview: Bruins look for signature win against limping Buffs: 24.1 2014
USC Hopes to End Pac-12 Losing Streak: 24.1 2014
UCLA Men's Basketball Needs to Find Way to Defend Cardinal's Chasson Randle: 24.1 2014
Blake Griffin an All-Star Starter, but Chris Paul Isn't: 24.1 2014
Lakers Notes: Kobe Bryant Willing to Give Carmelo Anthony Some Advice: 24.1 2014
Magic Johnson and Other Dodgers Owners Purchase the Sparks: 24.2 2014
Here's What You Missed in Pac-12 Basketball on the Way to the Super Bowl: 24.2 2014
Pac-12 Men's Basketball Crowds Dwindle: 24.3 2014
USC Basketball Drops One to Utah as it Fails to Overcome Another Poor Second Half: 24.3 2014
Analysis: Defensive Problems Could Trip Up Clippers as Playoffs Near: 24.3 2014
Jason Collins Makes History as First Openly Gay Athlete on NBA Roster: 24.3 2014
Bruins Need to Solve Road Inconsistency Before NCAA Tournament: 24.3 2014
USC Guard Byron Wesley is the Can't-Miss Kid for a Can't-Win Team: 24.3 2014
UCLA Basketball's 3-Point Defense a Work in Progress: 24.4 2014
3rd-Ranked Arizona Men Pursue No. 1 NCAA Tournament Seed: 24.4 2014
Clippers Turn Rout of Lakers into a Romper Room: 24.4 2014
As Pac-12 Tournament is Set to Open, Coaches Think Ahead: 24.4 2014
UCLA Can Thank Pac-12 Tournament Win for Sunny Outlook in San Diego: 24.5 2014
USC Men's Basketball Looks to Have a Bright Future -- Because this Year Could Not Have Been Worse: 24.6 2014
UCLA, Tulsa Both Looking to Strike Quickly in NCAA Tournament: 24.5 2014
UCLA Has Fun En Route to Sweet 16 Berth: 24.5 2014
Gators and Bruins: 2 of NCAA Tournament's Hottest Teams: 24.5 2014
UCLA is Pulling Out the Stops in the Postseason: 24.5 2014
UCLA's Season Comes to an End with Loss to Florida: 24.6 2014
Drama-Filled 2014 NCAA Tournament Finally Comes to North Texas for Finale: 24.6 2014
Former Agent Says He Paid Ex-UCLA Basketball Star Tyler Honeycutt: 24.6 2014
UConn's Dynamic Guard Duo Too Much for Young Kentucky: 24.6 2014
Lakers Cement Worst Record in L.A. History with Loss: 24.6 2014
Story Lines Run Deep in NBA Playoffs, as Should the Clippers: 24.7 2014
Five Takeaways From Clippers' 138-98 Romp Over Golden State in Game 2: 24.7 2014
NBA Players' Union Seeks League Action Concerning Donald Sterling: 24.8 2014
UCLA Coach Steve Alford Wants NBA to Alter One-and-Done Draft Rule: 24.8 2014
After the Day’s Dramatics, Clippers Turn Back Warriors for 3-2 Series Lead: 24.8 2014
Mike D'Antoni Resigns as Lakers Coach: 24.8 2014
Clippers Prepare for Series Against Oklahoma City Thunder: 24.8 2014
Paul Sinks 8 Three-Pointers, Leads Clippers to Game 1 Romp Over Thunder: 24.8 2014
Clippers are ‘Pretty Much Focused’ on Game 2: 24.8 2014
This Time, Clippers Lose as Durant and Westbrook Have Breakout Games for Thunder: 24.9 2014
Shelly Sterling's Continued Ownership Would Concern Clippers, Community Leaders: 24.9 2014
Clippers Again Must Try to Cut Through ‘Clutter’ Created by Sterlings: 24.9 2014
Doc Rivers Livid with Referees After Clippers’ Loss: 24.9 2014
Clippers Regroup and Look to Redeem Themselves in Game 6: 24.9 2014
Clippers Can't Shoulder the Weight, Falling in Game 6 to Thunder: 24.9 2014
Lakers Don't Strike it Rich in NBA Lottery, Drop from Sixth to Seventh: 24.9 2014
Donald Sterling Responds to NBA, Wife Shelly Continues Attempted Sale of Clippers: 24.10 2014
Fight Over Clippers Sale to Center on Donald Sterling's Mental State: 24.11 2014
Lakers' Nick Young Hopes for Multi-Year Deal with Lakers; Willing to Take Hometown Discount: 24.12 2014
Pac-12 Players Have Lots of Pro-tential in Draft: 24.12 2014
Zach LaVine Leads Trio of Bruins into NBA Draft: 24.12 2014
Zach LaVine is Living His Dream: 24.12 2014
Lakers Have Big Plans for Frontcourt: Carmelo Anthony, Pau Gasol: 24.13 2014
Carmelo Anthony Plays Pickup Game with Kobe Bryant Before Making Decision: 24.13 2014
For Donald Sterling in Court, it’s Looking Desperate, Ugly: 24.13 2014
Lakers Juggling Attention on Free Agency, Summer League: 24.13 2014
LeBron James to Sign with Cleveland Cavaliers: 24.13 2014
Head Injuries Prompt UCLA's Lauren Holiday to Retire from Basketball: 24.13 2014
Steve Ballmer Leaves Microsoft Board to Focus on Clippers, Teaching: 24.13 2014
Doc Rivers Hopes Familiarity Breeds Success for Clippers: 24.15 2014
Kobe Bryant's Back on Court for Lakers in Exhibition Opener: 24.16 2014
Doc Rivers Says Rebounding is Clippers' Biggest Problem: 24.17 2014
Steve Alford Calls UCLA Men's Basketball Team 'Inexperienced': 24.17 2014
Lakers' Kobe Bryant Envisions Nick Young Becoming 6th Man of the Year Candidate: 24.20 2014
UCLA, Other Top Basketball Teams to Play in Gambling Hub of Bahamas: 24.20 2014
Pac-12 Preview: Arizona looks like Top Dog, but Utah, Washington among Challengers: 24.21 2014
Cancer-Stricken Basketball Player Lauren Hill's Charity Hits $1M in Donations: 24.21 2014
Report: Seattle Storm's Brian Agler to coach Sparks: 24.21 2015
As UCLA, USC renew basketball rivalry, both could use a turnaround: 24.21 2015
Clippers’ Rivers has faith in starters: 24.21 2015
Overnight success for UCLA coach in Indiana: 24.21 2015
College basketball needs some help, starting at the top: 24.21 2015
Kevin Love says (again) he has no interest in leaving Cavs for Lakers this summer: 24.21 2015
Keep freshmen eligible, many men’s basketball coaches say: 25.1 2015
Court-storming: Is there even a solution?: 25.1 2015
Clippers go from beat up to upbeat: 25.2 2015
Lakers' Kobe Bryant optimistic about recovery, understands possibly lengthy rebuilding process: 25.2 2015
UC Irvine, with foreign talent, tries to make its first NCAA tournament: 25.2 2015
Donald Sterling adds wife, doctors to lawsuit against NBA: 25.2 2015
Can anyone beat Kentucky in NCAA Tournament?: 25.2 2015
Where did the phrase ‘March Madness’ come from?: 25.2 2015
A new game in town: Fantasy NCAA tournament basketball: 25.2 2015
Kentucky, UCLA separated by more than brackets in NCAA tournament: 25.2 2015
UConn looks to grab 10th national championship as overall No. 1 seed in women’s NCAA tournament: 25.2 2015
UC Irvine’s first NCAA tournament berth making noise on quiet campus: 25.2 2015
UCLA was a lock for NCAA tournament, if only for entertainment value: 25.2 2015
College basketball is in crisis and needs a change of pace: 25.2 2015
Tournament’s first week was all over the map: 25.2 2015
UCLA basketball will have depth, more experience next season: 25.3 2015
NCAA Tournament Final Four: preview and predictions: 25.3 2015
Vision accomplished for Duke freshmen Jahlil Okafor, Tyus Jones: 25.3 2015
UConn women win 10th national title, 63-53 over Notre Dame: 25.3 2015
Lakers teeter on brink of franchise history with 119-101 loss to Nuggets: 25.3 2015
Candace Parker says she needs rest, won't be ready for Sparks' opener: 25.3 2015
Inspirational college basketball player Lauren Hill dies at age 19: 25.3 2015
Lakers' Nick Young, Jeremy Lin entering uncertain offseason through different circumstances: 25.3 2015
UCLA's Kevon Looney, Norman Powell to attend NBA combine: 25.4 2015
Clippers complete epic collapse with 113-100 Game 7 loss to Rockets: 25.4 2015
Lakers thrilled to finish No. 2 as balls fall in NBA draft lottery: 25.4 2015
Sparks to host #WeAreLA block party on Thursday, June 4: 25.4 2015
Golden State Warriors capture NBA championship with 105-97 win over Cavs: 25.5 2015
Can D'Angelo Russell bring 'Showtime' back to the Lakers?: 25.5 2015
Clippers hope agreement with Paul Pierce helps in pursuit of DeAndre Jordan: 25.5 2015
Becky Hammon shows that the NBA is not just a man's world: 25.6 2015
Lakers' 2015-16 roster has high number of questions, low expectations: 25.6 2015
UC Irvine battles Boise State on Thanksgiving in Wooden Legacy at Cal State Fullerton: 25.6 2015
Lakers, Clippers schedules include early-season intrigue: 25.6 2015
USC great Lisa Leslie to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame this weekend: 25.7 2015
Warriors romp to record 73rd win: 2016
Bryant scores 60 in career finale: 2016
Lonzo Ball’s learning curve starts by playing against defensive star Patrick Beverley: 2017
Harlem Globetrotters To Bring 2018 Tour To L.A. Area: 2018
Griffin dealt to Pistons; Clippers weigh more moves: 2018
ESPN and Netflix team up for a 10-hour documentary on Michael Jordan and the Bulls: 2018
Ice Cube’s Big3 becomes place to keep NBA dreams alive: 2018
LeBron James’ first season with Lakers is over: 2019
Lakers will not hire Tyronn Lue as coach: 2019
Lakers finalize deal to make Frank Vogel their coach: 2019
Clippers’ brain trust continues to meld in preparation for huge offseason: 2019
Magic Johnson: Felt betrayed by Rob Pelinka; not enough power with Lakers: 2019
Who's making the decisions for the Lakers? It's complicated: 2019
Kawhi Leonard to sign with Clippers, who also trade for Paul George: 2019
Clippers are marquee team on 2019-20 NBA schedule: 2019
‘Everything I learned came from Kobe’: Bryant’s legacy will live long after his death: 2020
Kobe Bryant built a business empire extending far beyond basketball: 2020
Laker Fans Create Kobe Bryant Memorial at Staples Center and L.A. Live: 2020
LeBron James goes from shunned to beloved in L.A., a remarkable image makeover: 2020
Michael Jordan timeline: 123 key moments in the life and career of the Chicago Bulls legend: 2020
James Harden returns as NBA looks at creating home-court advantage: 2020
Time off has been a big help to Clippers’ Joakim Noah: 2020
LeBron James and Lakers get taste of new NBA in loss to Dallas: 2020
LeBron James and Anthony Davis are NBA’s top duo, but is that enough?: 2020
Lakers’ LeBron James tries to get body back in playoff rhythm: 2020
Clippers’ Landry Shamet eases back into fold for the long haul: 2020
Edwin Ríos’ two-run home run in 13th inning lifts Dodgers over Astros: 2020
NBA restart preview: Team-by-team capsules of what you need to know: 2020
Bubble life couldn’t diminish the passion of Lakers-Clippers rivalry: 2020
Clippers’ Montrezl Harrell continues to work through grief away from team: 2020
Heat vs. Lakers position-by-position matchups — or is it just about LeBron?: 2020
No Mamba moment, but Lakers got a uniform win over Heat: 2020
How Doc Rivers and other legendary coaches influenced Tyronn Lue: 2020
Clippers open second half looking for cohesion, improvement: 2021
Missing players and too many shots, Lakers still feel primed to defend title: 2021
The strange, ambitious marriage of the Ball family and Chino Hills: 2021
LaVar Ball: Reuniting his sons would be ‘biggest thing in NBA’: 2021
Russell Westbrook makes the Lakers’ roster more interesting, weirder; is it better?: 2021
LeBron James still had special season amid setbacks for Lakers, who win home finale: 2022
The Big Fail: Inside the Lakers’ most disappointing season in franchise history: 2022
Mavs fan kicked out for ‘unacceptable behavior’ to Chris Paul’s family at Game 4: 2022
LeBron James’ relationship with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar still icy as he approaches all-time scoring mark: 2023
Nuggets treating NBA Finals closeout chance as must-win situation: Act like we’re down 3-1: 2023
Las Vegas Summer League schedules set for Lakers and Clippers: 2023
Bronny James not thinking of playing with his dad, he'd be happy getting to NBA: 2024
Latest Lakers intel: Sources view JJ Redick as a leading coaching candidate: 2024