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CineFile Video: Preserving Human Connection in Film: 2024
Hollywood studios still aren't hiring many women and people of color to direct films, study finds: 2024
The 17 movies we’re most excited about in 2024: 2024
What will happen to the MCU without Jonathan Majors? How Marvel might shake things up: 2023
‘Schindler’s List’ is 30. It may be more valuable now for how divisive it remains: 2023
The 8 movies (and 2 TV shows) we’re most excited to see at the Toronto Film Fest: 2023
The ending of the new 'Mission: Impossible' is a real train wreck. Just as they planned it: 2023
TV shows to watch: 'Never Have I Ever' throws a can't-miss graduation party: 2023
Why 'Summer I Turned Pretty' heartthrob Christopher Briney went indie for his film debut: 2023
Hollywood can be toxic to Black women. This LA film festival is the 'antidote': 2023
With 2 essential films, Cannes finds haunting new prisms on the Holocaust: 2023
In memoriam: Harry Belafonte, through his art and activism, left this world a better place: 2023
George Foreman talks eating clean, Joe Louis and his 'Big' new movie: 2023
Vidiots returns: L.A. institution reveals opening date for new movie theater, video store: 2023
Will Kenan and Kel be taking orders from Harry Styles and Obama in 'Good Burger 2'?: 2023
'Choose your own adventure' at SXSW: Here are the 5 titles we're most excited about: 2023
Andrea Riseborough says the uproar over surprise Oscar nom ‘has deeply impacted me’: 2023
How the 10 best picture Oscar nominees are making their final pitches for a win: 2023
Jordan Peele's 'Nope' is shut out of 2023 Oscar nominations despite buzz and acclaim: 2023
Here are the 2023 Oscar nominees : 2023
Oscar nominations 2023: All the snubs and surprises: 2023
Coming home to Detroit led filmmaker Qasim Basir back to Sundance: 2023
Awards show power rankings, from worst to first: 2023
The 19 movies we’re most excited for in 2023: 2023
17 of the most anticipated movies of 2023: 2022
Sexism on set made Sarah Polley 'squirm.' So she made a film by a new set of rules: 2022
The 'cathartic release' of 'The Whale' explained by the play's actors and directors: 2022
Why fascist Italy was the perfect backdrop for Guillermo del Toro's 'Pinocchio': 2022
Did the LA Film Critics go overboard with their ‘Tár’ love? Inside this year’s vote: 2022
The 22 best (and 5 worst) movies of 2022, a 'Maverick' kind of year: 2022
Hollywood can make you 'miserable.' 'White Lotus' star Aubrey Plaza just laughs it off: 2022
Will Smith says 'bottled' rage led to Oscars slap: 'Hurt people hurt people': 2022
‘Funny Pages’ director Owen Kline on why N.J. was the impetus for his movie: 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh!’ creator Takahashi Kazuki found dead off Japanese coast at age 60: 2022
Val Kilmer explains his 'Top Gun: Maverick' return and 'authentic friendship' with Tom Cruise: 2022
Why Val Kilmer’s brief cameo is the most powerful moment in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’: 2022
Ray Liotta's essential roles: 'Goodfellas,' 10 more key performances: 2022
Summer movie guide: From 'Thor' to 'Lightyear' to 'Nope': 2022
Summer Movie Top 10 for 2022: 2022
Cypress Hill celebrates 4/20 with a career-spanning documentary. And weed. Lots of weed: 2022
Here’s what really happened after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars: 2022
Will Smith is banned for 10 years from academy events, including the Oscars: 2022
How ‘CODA’ won best picture: 2022
The future of Gotham? 10 actors we could see as Batman: 2022
Ranking the best and worst big-screen 'Batman' villains: 2022
Alan Ladd Jr. dies; Oscar-winning producer and studio boss greenlighted ‘Star Wars’: 2022
The best picture winner needs a screenplay nomination. Which movie might be in trouble?: 2022
Hollywood celebrates Sidney Poitier and how he ‘epitomized dignity and grace’: 2022
‘Black Panther’ fans implore Marvel to #RecastTChalla after Chadwick Boseman’s death: 2021
A writer unravels the rare secrets of the best movie ever — ‘The Godfather’: 2021
Explaining Hollywood: How to get a job in practical special effects: 2021
Explaining Hollywood: How to get a job as a voice actor: 2021
Jay Ellis didn't see that 'Insecure' finale coming: It was 'an out-of-body experience': 2021
Five questions to help you figure out if you’ll love ‘The Matrix Resurrections’: 2021
Top 10 films of 2021 include movie musicals ‘West Side Story’ and ‘In the Heights’: 2021
The best movies of 2021 — and where to find them: 2021
In the beautiful Japanese movie ‘Drive My Car,’ we’re deep in Chekhov territory: 2021
How Lin-Manuel Miranda resurrected an unfinished one-man show as a Hollywood spectacle: 2021
A look back at five of Jim Carrey’s most memorable performances: 2021
Who are the producers behind deadly ‘Rust’ film?: 2021
Ignore the box office. James Wan's 'Malignant' is the cult horror film of the year: 2021
Academy reveals 2021 Student Academy Awards winners and medal placements: 2021
Streaming, word-of-mouth made 'Squid Game' bigger than James Bond: 2021
Halloween horror movie picks: 10 great fright flicks from 2020-21: 2021
10 scary movies to watch for Halloween: 2021
How 'Many Saints of Newark' resolves the mysterious fate of a 'Sopranos' character: 2021
It's hard to break the Bond with the 7 best of 007: 2021
Top 5 Movies That Changed the Perception of Sex Toys: 2021
Big Apple romantic comedies to watch before ‘Dating & New York’: 2021
It's back-to-school time! Here are 24 movies and TV shows to inspire spirit: 2021
2021 Fall Film Preview: 2021
Unpacking all ‘The Suicide Squad’ spoilers we couldn’t put in the review: 2021
The 7 best neo-noir thrillers for film fans delighted by terrible things: 2021
Unpacking the many twists of HBO Max's noir thriller 'No Sudden Move': 2021
There's romance and adventure in the 7 best films of future Marvel star Tony Leung: 2021
12 new movies to be the most excited about this summer: 2021
Architecture of the unsettled: Oscars’ best picture nominees reveal an America in transition: 2021
Gambling Movies That Are Worth Watching: 2021
The 2021 Oscar-nominated shorts: 15 films examine life's many conditions: 2021
How new grass-roots networks are boosting diversity in Hollywood: 2021
The scent of popcorn, the silver screen: LA's movie theater fans finally get their fix : 2021
‘Gladiator’ was about to win the Oscar 20 years ago. What those awards foretold: 2021
The Oscar best picture race is wide open. Here, the 8 nominees make their case: 2021
Critics can't agree whether 'Zack Snyder's Justice League' is the worst or a knockout: 2021
Remembering Yaphet Kotto, and the screen career Hollywood didn’t accommodate: 2021
Golden Globes voters in tumult: Members accuse Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. of self-dealing, lapses: 2021
Sundance from home: A virtual wrap on 2021's unprecedented all-digital festival: 2021
How the ending of 'One Night in Miami' re-created a long-lost cultural landmark: 2021
In a tough year, movies brought comfort. Here are some favorite movie-watching experiences of 2020: 2020
Why movie fans still have reasons to be thankful this holiday season: 2020
Women stunt performers are speaking out about racism and sexism in Hollywood: 2020
How Alex Gibney pulled off a secret exposé of America’s COVID-19 failures in 5 months: 2020
6 movies to watch before Halloween: 2020
‘RBG’ documentary filmmakers reflect on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s extraordinary life: 2020
This L.A. activist went to jail. Now she runs a film fest that puts justice on trial: 2020
‘There’s going to be no rules’: Hollywood tests new ways of releasing movies in a pandemic: 2020
Digital theater is all the rage, but could it destroy the live stage?: 2020
The strange story behind the most notorious disinformation video of the coronavirus era: 2020
Intimate portraits piece together the puzzle of Natalie Wood, the person and mother: 2020
From Amy Winehouse to ZZ Top: 27 great music documentaries: 2020
Now’s the perfect time to dive into musicals. Here are our critic’s top 7 to watch: 2020
14 great movies to stream during coronavirus quarantine: 2020
Amid coronavirus outbreak, drive-in theaters unexpectedly find their moment: 2020
Oscars 2020: Who will win and who should win: 2020
39 essential films to see at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival: 2020
Secret screenings. Redacted scripts. How they make the twists in ‘This Is Us’: 2020
Judd Apatow’s Pete Davidson comedy will open 2020 South by Southwest Film Festival: 2020
Jennifer Lopez and ‘Frozen 2’ are among the biggest snubs and surprises: 2020
92nd OSCARS® Nominations Announced: 2020
‘Little Women”s infinite playlist: 2020
NBC has a novel solution to the dearth of female directors: Let them direct: 2019
10 great action sports movies you should watch immediately: 2019
‘Blair Witch’ turns 20: How a surprise hit horror movie made a Maryland town infamous: 2019
Virtually every film coming out this fall: 2019
For Tiffany Haddish and six unsung comedians, Netflix’s new special is worth crying over: 2019
'Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw’s’ Jason Statham weighs in on justice for Han: 2019
Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood’ is Sony’s big summer gamble. Will it pay off?: 2019
It’s blockbuster season: Here are the movies you need to see this summer: 2019
How ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ updated four iconic kaiju characters: 2019
With John Singleton's brilliant 'Boyz N the Hood,' the filmmaker found his voice from the start: 2019
Which documentaries have a shot at breaking out at the summer box office?: 2019
Tessa Thompson on Valkyrie’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’ whereabouts and Captain Marvel shippers: 2019
Purdue has banned Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services. Will it get students to pay attention?: 2019
Increasingly, Oscars supporting actor categories have been won by slumming leads: 2019
Sundance 2019: From actress Mindy Kaling to sex guru Dr. Ruth, 35 must-see films: 2019
Jacques Rivette’s 1966 masterpiece of an oppressed nun speaks to the present: 2019
What the Fyre debacle says about the state of the modern music festival: 2019
Armie Hammer fell in love with ‘On the Basis of Sex’: 2019
Inside the Los Angeles Film Critics Association vote for the best movies of 2018: 2018
Here are 9 movies that will be nominated for best film, including a first for Netflix with 'Roma': 2018
Hollywood goes big with these 9 holiday movie hopefuls: 2018
Netflix announces exclusive theatrical windows for ‘Roma,’ ‘Ballad of Buster Scruggs', 'Bird Box': 2018
In a clear-eyed way, ‘The Price of Everything’ shows how the art world’s financial sausage is made: 2018
How teen comedies like ‘Superbad’ normalize sexual assault: 2018
‘Predator’ scandal highlights Hollywood’s continued hiring of sex offenders: 2018
How a pre-med USC student came to sing — and redefine — a Coldplay song in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’: 2018
From ‘Black Panther’ to ‘Incredibles 2’: Times film critics assess 2018, so far, at the movies: 2018
Superheroes are thriving in movies and on TV — but comic books lag behind: 2018
With no ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Avengers,’ Comic-Con rolls on as studios race to fill the gap: 2018
Why it’s a perfect time for Greta Gerwig’s version of ‘Little Women’: 2018
‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ is a bright, cheery tonic from the Marvel superhero factory: 2018
Warner Bros. offering special tour to commemorate 95th anniversary: 2018
A look at women directors at the summer box office the year after Patty Jenkins’ ‘Wonder Woman’: 2018
Summer movie survey: Four indie debuts worth watching out for: 2018
With ‘revolutionary’ color, could this new movie screen tech be the future for theaters?: 2018
Al Pacino opens his playbook on tackling coach Joe Paterno in new HBO film: 2018
Shut up and spread the word: ‘A Quiet Place’ is a thrillingly intelligent monster movie: 2018
Guillermo del Toro’s dark, innocent and mystical imagination propels his films: 2018
LA Times film critics Kenneth Turan and Justin Chang make their 2018 Oscar picks: 2018
How to throw a star-studded, Champagne-filled, award-winning Oscar party: 2018
Bitcoin promises filmmakers and writers tales of get-rich fever and cyber intrigue: 2018
Powerful stories of personal struggle fill this year’s foreign language film nominees: 2018
Oscar nominations 2018: The complete list of nominees for the 90th Academy Awards: 2018
A look at Sundance Film Festival’s stronger than usual 2018 lineup: 2018
How Molly Bloom went from ‘poker princess’ to the ‘movie heroine’ of ‘Molly’s Game’: 2018
How 4DX Brought Me Back to Blockbuster Action Films: 2017
From ‘The Post’ to ‘Phantom Thread,’ critics discuss the movies to look for this holiday: 2017
Horror movies: Loving big-screen scares from ‘The Exorcist’ to ‘It’: 2017
Myth America: Recalling King-Riggs ‘Battle of the Sexes’ media circus: 2017
Giving films the silent treatment: More movies now are including sequences with no dialogue: 2017
Is Rotten Tomatoes killing the movie industry? No, bad movies are: 2017
Fall Film Slate 2017: Serial Killers, Queens, and the Women Who Inspired Wonder Woman: 26.5 2017
It’s been Sundance month; public yawns: 2017
The buried treasures of cinema: Times film critics focus in on overlooked films of the last 20 years: 2017
Still resonating 30 years on: 1987’s touchstones include ‘Matewan,’ ‘Radio Days,’ ‘Empire of the Sun: 2017
How Rotten Tomatoes became Hollywood’s most influential — and feared — website: 2017
Bong Joon-ho’s animal instincts: 2017
Original ‘Baywatch’ TV star David Hasselhoff rides the wave of renewed interest: 2017
‘Wonder Woman’ may flip the superhero script: 2017
The haves and the have-nots: The fest grapples with gap between classes: 2017
Here’s how major Hollywood studios stack up on LGBTQ representation: 2017
Every single movie coming out this summer: 2017
Moonlight wins in unprecedented upset during a night of many firsts: 2017
How ‘Moonlight’ rose: Academy voters may have felt a stronger connection to the film: 2017
Academy offers a whodunit of epic proportions: 2017
Travel ban puts accent on foreign nominees: 2017
Politics, performance issues are on host Jimmy Kimmel’s mind: 2017
Why wait until Sunday? Here’s our winners list: 2017
11 of the most political moments in Oscar history: 2017
4 movies to see, regardless of Black History Month: 2017
7 new pieces that showcase the potential of VR: 2017
Oscars’ Trump dilemma: Should nominees speak out about the new president?: 2017
Sundance wrapup: No repeat of ‘Birth’ runaway of ‘16: 2017
Say bye-bye to #OscarsSoWhite and other takeaways from this year’s nominations: 2017
The 10 films we’ve gotta see: 2017
For LGBT makers of screen projects, moving forward is the only option: 2017
It's a big night for 'La La Land' as musical sweeps Golden Globes: 2017
Breaking News! - Debbie Reynolds, ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ star, mother of Carrie Fisher, dies at 84: 2016
Appreciation: Remembering Carrie Fisher: actress, writer, icon: 2016
Top 10 movies of 2016: 2016
L.A. as aspirational dreamland: 2016
Seth Meyers cracked scathing jokes about a Trump presidency in 2011: 2016
20 fun facts about Dr. Strange: 2016
Story of Detroit’s Walking Man, James Robertson, to be documentary: 2016
‘Westworld’ uses Wild West fantasies to address big issues: 2016
Oliver Stone, in his own blunt words: 2016
Campus Circle Presents: films to fill your fall: 26.5 2016
A cult film slithers to life: Ten years later, screenwriter looks back at ‘Snakes on a Plane’ phenom: 2016
Best movies of 2016 so far: ‘Zootopia,’ ‘The Witch,’ ‘Sing Street’: 2016
L.A. a trove of cinematic worlds: 2016
Can you make a non-racist Tarzan movie?: 2016
To stream or not to stream: Filmmakers are seeking ways to cross the digital divide: 2016
Why feminists have an obligation to see 'Ghostbusters': 2016
LA Film Festival Unveils 2016 Competition Lineup: 2016
Tribeca Film Festival: ‘Abortion: Stories Women Tell’ gets personal — on each side of the debate: 2016
Tribeca Film Festival 2016 gives art-centric films their close-up: 2016
Foreign directors flip the script on Hollywood story ideas: 2016
French backed-‘Mustang,’ set in Turkey, has global girl-power message: 2016
In a film-obsessed town, you can find your Cinefamily: 2016
Sundance 2016: Director of ESPN’s ‘O.J.: Made in America’ finds new ground on Simpson: 2016
Oscars 2016: It’s time for Hollywood to stop defining great drama as white men battling adversity: 2016
2016 winter-spring movie sneak previews: 2016
Mixology and movies: The perfect drink for your favorite flicks: 2015
‘The Revenant’s’ adventures weren’t all on-screen: 2015
10 awful moments in ‘The Ridiculous Six’: 2015
‘Star Wars’ made legends of Ford, Fisher, Hamill: 2015
DiCaprio’s long wait outside the winner’s circle may be ending: 2015
Restored James Baldwin documentary timely as ever: 2015
How a movie’s food makes it to the screen: 2015
2015 holiday movie preview: ‘Spectre,’ ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ and more: 2015
New breed of filmmakers revitalizing horror genre: 2015
‘Back to the Future’ is back! How much did it get right?: 2015
20 things to love about the ‘Star Wars’ universe: 2015
For ‘Star Wars’ fans in middle-age, force is still strong: 2015
Captain Comics: 50 years of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury and over-the-top fandom: 2015
Campus Circle's Fall Film Guide: 25.7 2015
Filmmakers tackling social issues keep it real but also entertaining: 25.7 2015
Why 2015's summer box office didn't set record despite Jurassic start: 25.7 2015
2015 fall movie preview: 25.7 2015
Hollywood on track for one of strongest summers ever at box office: 25.7 2015
Wes Craven upended the horror genre with scary success: 25.7 2015
SAG-AFTRA election: Why the Ken Howard-Patricia Richardson contest was so close: 25.6 2015
Mick LaSalle's 11 best movies of the year so far -- do you agree?: 25.6 2015
Homegrown politics, pirated Hollywood programs fill Mongolian airwaves: 25.6 2015
Filming a love scene: ‘It’s never NOT awkward’: 25.6 2015
USC study releases new facts on film's 'epidemic of invisibility' for women, minorities: 25.6 2015
SAG-AFTRA election reflects fears over actors' pay for online shows: 25.6 2015
Toronto Film Festival looking beyond awards season: 25.6 2015
How Magic Mike XXL, Tangerine and Trainwreck put work life at the forefront: 25.6 2015
On Movies: 2015 is looking like Hollywood’s biggest year ever: 25.5 2015
Louisiana scales back film tax credits, roiling the industry: 25.5 2015
Athletes can help movies score: 25.5 2015
James Horner’s music, James Cameron’s film visions intertwined: 25.5 2015
Why Jaws had real bite: 25.5 2015
DC Comics’ universe shifts as it moves from Manhattan to be near Warner Bros. Studios.: 25.5 2015
Entourage: What else have Grenier and the gang been working on?: 25.5 2015
Fury Road and other films about cataclysm allow our vulnerabilities to be laid bare: 25.4 2015
2015 Los Angeles Film Festival announces its line-up for June 10-18: 25.4 2015
Big movies in short supply in California, FilmL.A. says: 25.4 2015
Majestic meets Mad Max in the maelstrom that’s the Cannes film fest: 25.4 2015
May the fourth be with you: fans celebrate Star Wars Day: 25.3 2015
10 questions and answers about summer movies: 25.3 2015
YouTube announces it will release films with AwesomenessTV: 25.3 2015
CinemaCon: Theaters and studios bullish on 2015 box office: 25.3 2015
Paul Weitz’s Grandma to open 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival this June 10-18: 25.3 2015
The power of comedy is subplot in agency war: 25.3 2015
Carl Gottlieb took a bit out of Jaws script and created a monster hit: 25.3 2015
MPAA’s Chris Dodd is facing industry upheaval and clashing studios: 25.2 2015
After a messy first stab at acting, Method Man is getting serious about a Hollywood career: 25.2 2015
R marks the spot at South by Southwest Film Festival: 25.2 2015
Dev Patel shows range as star in Chappie and The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: 25.2 2015
Is Will Smith still the same megastar he once was? In today’s Hollywood, is anyone?: 25.2 2015
Hollywood needs to ‘flip the script’ on diversity, report says: 25.1 2015
Sony names Tom Rothman to head movie studio: 25.1 2015
Oscar-winning writer Graham Moore discusses his depression: 25.1 2015
No provocations, no politics carry the day as Birdman wins: 25.1 2015
Birdman keeps mojo with wins at Spirit Awards: 25.1 2015
Oscars: Some tight races, some movies missed: 25.1 2015
Movies that deserved best picture nominations: 25.1 2015
Oscar picks of three Academy voters: a producer, a director, an actress: 25.1 2015
Boyhood named film of the year by BAFTAs: 24.21 2015
When love goes wrong ... filmmakers don’t always know: 24.21 2015
American Sniper may have missed an important mark by just focusing more on wartime heroics: 24.21 2015
100 world premieres fill out SXSW 2015 film schedule: 24.21 2015
Hollywood system still reluctant to fund back minority directors: 24.21 2015
Griffith Park tops list of most popular L.A.-area filming sites: 24.21 2015
Spring Film: A season of sameness: 24.21 2015
Their life imitates the movies, literally: 24.21 2015
Selma is a fitting tribute on Martin Luther King Day: 24.21 2015
Oscar nominations 2015: Hollywood is strangely absent: 24.21 2015
Dick ‘Poop’ is just happy to be nominated for Mr. Turner: 24.21 2015
Clint Eastwood, Richard Linklater nominated for Directors Guild Award: 24.21 2015
Fifty Shades director Sam Taylor-Johnson finds R-rated sweet spot: 24.21 2015
BAFTA nominations: Grand Budapest Hotel leads with 11; Selma snubbed: 24.21 2015
The Golden Globes is just meaningless fun — except for these 5 races: 24.21 2015
Why the Oscars should be all over Chris Rock: 24.21 2015
Captain Comics: 2015 Movies from Comics mess with the Originals: 24.21 2015
‘Shakespeare nerd’ Maggie Grace has been ‘Taken’ by the Action Genre: 24.21 2015
The Year in Film: 2014’s Dubious Achievements: 24.21 2015
Goodbye to Language tops Boyhood by 1 vote at National Society of Film Critics: 24.21 2015
VOD Success of The Interview could make Online Film Releases more Common: 24.21 2014
Christmas Movies Vying for Oscar Voters' Attention: 24.21 2014
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Set to Stir up Longtime Fans: 24.21 2014
If College Students Got to Pick 2015 Golden Globe Nominees...: 24.21 2014
Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Like that Kim Jong Un Doesn't Get the Joke: 24.20 2014
The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies More of a Head Trip Than a War: 24.20 2014
They're Back: Familiar (and New!) Faces of Horrible Bosses 2: 24.20 2014
Our Top Movie Picks this 2014 Holiday Season!: 24.19 2014
Must-See Movies that are Under the Radar or Overlooked: 24.19 2014
Chris Pine Stretches Out in Bosses, Into the Woods: 24.18 2014
Hunger Games: Mockingjay Director Warns Katniss is 'Very Alone': 24.18 2014
Halloween: The 10 Sexiest Horror Films: 24.18 2014
Nightcrawler Actress Rene Russo is a Reluctant Star: 24.18 2014
Jake Gyllenhaal is the Nightcrawler: 24.18 2014
We the Economy: Morgan Spurlock Enlists Hollywood Elite to Make Economics ‘Sexy’: 24.17 2014
Breaking Into the Biz: What it's Like to be a 20-Something in Hollywood: 24.16 2014
Maker Studios & MCNs: The New Hollywood: 24.16 2014
Annabelle: Inside the Film, Story Behind the Demonic Doll: 24.15 2014
Jonathan Tropper Offers This Is Where I Leave You: 24.14 2014
Fall 2014 Indie Movie Preview: Whiplash, Foxcatcher & More!: 24.14 2014
Tales of the Grim Sleeper Documentary Looks at L.A. Slaying Suspect: 24.14 2014
A Movie Role Forces a Young Actress to Think About the Future, Death: 24.13 2014
Fall 2014 Movie Preview: The Maze Runner, Hunger Games & More!: 24.13 2014
Land Ho!? It All Began with an Icelandic Travel Brochure: 24.13 2014
Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon Break Hollywood's Female Mold with Tammy: 24.12 2014
Boyhood Captures Fictional Family Growing Up in Real Time: The film follows the actors for more than a decade. 24.12 2014
LOOK: A Full List of What's Playing at the 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival: 24.10 2014
What to Expect at the 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival: Taking place at L.A. Live from June 11-19! 24.10 2014
Jon Hamm and Disney Roll the Dice on a Hollywood Comedy: 24.9 2014
LOOK: 12 Summer '14 Indie Movies You Have to Watch: 24.9 2014
From 'Mad Men' to God's Pocket & Another Glimpse of Philip Seymour Hoffman: Q&As w/Dir. John Slattery This Weekend. Details below. 24.9 2014
Zac Efron, Seth Rogen Sort of Grow Up in Neighbors: 24.9 2014
PHOTOS: 2014 Summer Movie Preview: Comedy, action, horror, romance -- this season's hottest flicks are coming to theaters! 24.8 2014
Amazing Spider-Man Star is Trying to Preserve a Shred of Secret Identity: 24.8 2014
Jim Jarmusch on New Ground with Only Lovers Left Alive: 24.6 2014
ComposersLab: LA on Stage - March 30: (Special ticket pricing for CC members!) 24.5 2014
12 Years a Slave Puts Spotlight on Hollywood's Approach to Race: 24.4 2014
Oscar-Winning Writer Calls in Favors to Make Winter’s Tale: 24.2 2014
2014 Oscar Winner Predictions: And the Award Goes to...?: 24.2 2014
George Clooney's The Monuments Men Shows the Importance of Saving Art During War Time: 24.2 2014
Philip Seymour Hoffman Dies at 46; Oscar-Winning Actor: 24.2 2014
RoboCop Remake Gives Nods to Original: Joel Kinnaman, Michael Keaton, Dir. José Padilha discuss tackling the reboot. 24.1 2014
Holiday Movies Enter Oscar Race: Will these films get the best present of them all – an Oscar nomination? 23.22 2013
Remembering Paul Walker: A look at his life, passions & celebrity reactions. 23.21 2013
Your 2013 Halloween Film Guide: Must-See Films to Creep You Out 23.19 2013
Oscar-Winning Star of Captain Phillips Champions Shooting in Real Places with Real People: 23.18 2013
Rodriguez Has Fun with Big Stars on Set of Machete Kills: 23.18 2013
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Steps Behind the Camera with Don Jon: 23.17 2013
German Currents 2013 - 7th Annual Film Festival Los Angeles Coming this Way: Special Student Discount Tickets (See Below for Details!) 23.17 2013
Summer Movie Hits and Misses: A Look at the Films and How They Scored: 23.16 2013
Selena Gomez, Ethan Hawke Rev Careers and Engines in New Movie Getaway: 23.15 2013
The World’s End: A Pub, a Pint, a New Picture for Brit Trio: 23.15 2013
Elysium's Neill Blomkamp Wants Audiences Stoked and Stirred: 23.14 2013
We're the Millers: Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis on Twisted Road: 23.14 2013
Broken Shows Actor Tim Roth's Versatility: 23.13 2013
A Monstrous Opportunity: Win Prizes at the Pacific Rim Cleanup!: 23.12 2013
White House Down Director Hearkens to an Era when Films Didn’t Take Themselves So Seriously: 23.12 2013
Forster Battles Zombies, and Bad Buzz, to Bring World War Z to the Screen: 23.11 2013
3, 2, 1...Action!: Los Angeles Film Festival is Almost Here 23.11 2013
Misdirection Expert Back to After Earth: 23.10 2013
Before Midnight Explores the Beauties and Pains of Love: 23.10 2013
Host the Ultimate Movie Night-In!: 23.9 2013
Let the 2013 Summer Movie Race Begin!: 23.9 2013
Not So Simple Simon: 23.7 2013
Midnight Movies at the Nuart Theatre with Cult Classics and More: Scheduled for March 22 Through May 17 23.5 2013
Spring Breakers has Biggest Debut of the Year for a Limited Release: 23.5 2013
Movie Wizardry Wows in Oz the Great and Powerful: 23.4 2013
Top 5 Most Surprising Moments at the Oscars: 23.3 2013
IAFT: Filmmaking on the Global Level: 23.3 2013
2013 Oscar Predictions: Campus Circle's Prognosticator Weighs In 23.3 2013
Oscar Nomination Snubs Include Affleck, Bigelow and Skyfall: 22.25 2013
Gangster Squad: Not Your Father's Typical Gangster Movie: Win a $100 Gift Certificate and a Gangster Squad Gift Pack! See Below for Details. 22.25 2013
Oscar's Best Picture Contenders' Game Plans: 22.25 2013
West of Memphis Brings Fresh Eyes, Deep Pockets to West Memphis Three Story: 22.25 2013
In a Hurry-Up World, These Movies Take Their Sweet Time: 22.25 2012
10 Worst Movies of 2012: 22.25 2012
Best Movies of 2012: 22.25 2012
Zero Dark Thirty Has Oscar Potential: 22.25 2012
The Guilt Trip: A Different Kind of Love Story: 22.24 2012
Martin Scorsese to Direct Bill Clinton Documentary: 22.24 2012
Life is a Highway for On the Road Cast: 22.23 2012
Holiday Movie-Season Feast Started with A Beast: 22.23 2012
Central Park Five: The Road to Injustice: 22.23 2012
Stefan Ruzowitzky's Chilling Deadfall: 22.23 2012
Red Dawn: A Successful Re-Imagining of the '84 Original: 22.21 2012
Tips to Make Movies Work in the Ever-Changing Film Industry: 22.21 2012
The New James Bond Film Ranks Among Best in the 007 Franchise: 22.21 2012
Switch: How Can We Obtain All the Energy We Need?: 22.20 2012
The Many Faces of Tom Hanks in Cloud Atlas: 22.19 2012
Latinos Turn Out for Paranormal Activity: 22.19 2012
Muestra de Cine GuadaLAjara Debuts in Los Angeles: 22.19 2012
Affleck Combines a True Story, Hollywood Satire and Thriller in Argo: 22.18 2012
Johnson Gives Time Traveling a New Twist with Looper: 22.17 2012
Just 45 Minutes From Broadway Makes Its Way to the Big Screen: 22.17 2012
Tim Burton Makes History with Frankenweenie: 22.17 2012
V/H/S in a Digital World: The movie takes film-found footage storytelling to the next level. 22.17 2012
Eastwood and Adams Hit a Home Run in Trouble with the Curve: 22.17 2012
2012 Fall Movie Preview: 22.16 2012
Goats and Other Life Lessons: 22.15 2012
ParaNorman: Star Anna Kendrick's First Foray into Animation 22.14 2012
Sparks and Houston Shine in Sparkle: 22.14 2012
Mark Kendall Rides La Camioneta: 22.14 2012
Total Recall Brings New Life to a Decades-Old Film: 22.14 2012
Jones and Samberg Bring Laughs and Heart to Celeste and Jesse Forever: 22.13 2012
Will Webb Keep Spinning? Spider-Man 2 Battle Intensifies: 22.13 2012
The Watch Succeeds at Comedy, Fails at Storyline: 22.13 2012
Killer Joe Breaks the Hollywood Cookie-Cutter Mold: 22.13 2012
Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry Brings China's Biggest Artist and Critic to the Silver Screen: 22.13 2012
See the Dark Knight Camo Tumbler at Universal CityWalk: 22.13 2012
The Dark Knight Rises Surpasses Expectations: 22.13 2012
Are Movie Remakes Worth Seeing?: 22.13 2012
Journeys Goes Along for the Ride with Neil Young: 22.12 2012
Magic Mike Brings All the Girls to the Cineplex: 22.12 2012
L.A. Film Festival Wrap-Up: Blockbusters, Indies & Foreign Fare 22.12 2012
Woody Allen Brings His Quirky Brand of Romance to Italy: 22.12 2012
Rock of Ages Shows Little 'Glee' for the Hair-Metal Era: 22.11 2012
Movie Sequels: What Not To Do 22.10 2012
Books and Movies: A Tumultuous Relationship: 22.10 2012
Chernobyl Diaries Mines Nuclear Disaster for Horror Thrills: 22.9 2012
Hero Complex Film Fest: 22.9 2012
Will Smith is Back in Black: 22.10 2012
Yam Laranas's The Road is a Masterful Psychological Thriller: 22.9 2012
Web Series: James Franco Has Cameras on Campus 22.9 2012
Dark Shadows is a Spooky Trip into the '70s: 22.9 2012
Newcomer Karan Soni in Safety Not Guaranteed: The actor talks about his first movie role, time travel and coming to America. 22.8 2012
: 22.8 2012
After Dark Films Presents the Next Generation of Action Movies: 22.8 2012
The Avengers is Every Geek's Dream Come True: 22.8 2012
Marley is the Definitive Documentary of a Music Legend: 22.7 2012
Think Like a Man Gives a Glimpse into the Opposite Sex: 22.7 2012
The Devil's Carnival Wows Crowds: 22.7 2012
Hunger Games Director Gary Ross Won't Direct Catching Fire: 22.6 2012
L!fe Happens: Kat Coiro and Krysten Ritter chat about their upcoming flick. 22.7 2012
Pie Cast Reunites for More Raunchy Hijinks in American Reunion: 22.6 2012
We The Party: 22.6 2012
Resident Evil: Retribution: A WonderCon Exclusive 22.6 2012
The Amazing Spider-Man: A WonderCon Exclusive 22.6 2012
Prometheus: A WonderCon Exclusive 22.5 2012
Movie Industry Embraces an Old Enemy: the Cellphone: 22.4 2012
Behind The Hunger Games: 22.4 2012
A Time for Young Directors to Shine: LACMA gives up-and-coming film creators the spotlight during the 11th Annual Young Directors Night. 22.4 2012
Project X Party: Thursday, March 1 @ the ArcLight Hollywood 22.4 2012
2012 Oscar Predictions: 22.3 2012
Oscar Nominated Shorts: 22.2 2012
Re:Generation Provides a Glimpse into the Future of the Music Industry: 22.2 2012
The Amazing Spider-Man Ensnares L.A. Audience in its Web: 22.2 2012
911 tape: Demi Moore suffered convulsions after 'smoking something': 22.1 2012
The Help wins big at SAG Awards: 22.1 2012
'Hugo,' Plummer, Von Sydow and Close make this a sentimental Oscar contest: 22.1 2012
My Most Anticipated Movies of 2012 (Part 1): Come at me Hollywood. If the world ends this year, I better see some good movies before I die. 22.1 2012
Free Film Series @ LACMA: Contested Visions in Latin America Thru Film 22.1 2012
My Favorite New Year's Eve Movies: 21.49 2011
Annual Worst-Of Lists: Why kick something when it’s down? 21.48 2011
L.A. Movie Palaces: Get Starring Role in Period Films 21.47 2011
Dollars and Sense Don’t Mix at the Box Office: Why Gone With the Wind is the True Box Office Champ instead of Avatar 21.46 2011
Save 35mm in L.A.: 21.45 2011
Holiday Movie Preview: 21.44 2011
My Five Favorite Holiday Films: 21.44 2011
Anonymous Special Event: The Crystal Quill Awards 21.39 2011
New Movie Museum: Greenlight Took Several Pitches 21.39 2011
2011 Fall Movie Preview: 21.36 2011
SEEIF Awards: A Different Kind of Awards Show 21.34 2011
3-D in the Movies: Getting in Too Deep 21.29 2011
Harry, Brenda, Ari:: 2011 turns into the looong goodbye. 21.28 2011
The Smurfs: Special Sneak Preview 21.26 2011
Mooz-lum: Qasim Basir attempts to squash negative stereotypes. 21.24 2011
Tintin Technology: Awkward for Academy 21.22 2011
Summer Movie Guide 2011: 21.21 2011
Film Tells True Story of a 84-Year-Old Kenyan Intent on Getting an Education: 2011
This Year, Summer Isn't Only About the Men: 2011
With 'Prom,' Disney Aims for Teens, Not Their Little Sisters: 2011
Politics and Perception Played Roles in Moving The Kennedys: 2011
First Los Angeles Spaghetti Western Festival: March 19 @ El Portal Theatre 2011
Spring 2011 Movie Guide: 21.12 2011
SXSW Film Fest Wrap-Up: 21.12 2011
2011 Oscar Predictions: 21.7 2011
“Diary of a Single Mom”: Townsend tackles diversity on the Web. 20.45 2010
Holiday Preview: 20.44 2010
"Backwash": Makes You Crackle Up 20.45 2010
Fall Film Guide: 20.35 2010
Pharrell Williams: L.A. traffic inspires the soundtrack for Despicable Me. 2010
"Entourage": Set your DVR: The bromance is back. 20.25 2010
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Glitch In The Grid: Young Artists in the New American Recession 20.11 2010
Spring Movie Guide 2010: The Silver Screen goes green. 19.11 2010
Southern California Business Film Festival at USC: 20.10 2010
2010 Oscar Predictions: 19.9 2010
Own A Serious Man's 1966 Dodge Coronet: Bid at Children’s Charity of Southern California Online Auction 20.9 2010
Murder in Fashion/Misconceptions/Watercolors: In a post-Prop 8 world, three gay-centric films tackle social issues. 2010
Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute: Celebrating 40 Years of the Method Approach 20.3 2010
“Greek”: USC Student visits Cyprus-Rhodes University. 20.3 2010
31st College Television Awards: A Call for Entries 2010
Winter Movie Guide 2009-2010: Thrillers, Dramas, Romances, Avatar 19.45 2009
New Moon Poll: Twilight Fans Weigh In on the Sequel 19.44 2009
Warning, Spoiler Alert!: Books vs. Movies: The Twilight Saga 19.44 2009
Milla Jovovich: Experiences Her Own Close Encounter of The Fourth Kind 19.42 2009
Fall Movie Preview: It's All About Resurrection 19.35 2009
Dance Camera West Dance Film Festival: June 5-21 @ Various Locations 19.24 2009
UCLA's Screen Stars: Notable Alumni in the World of Cinema and TV 19.24 2009
Eternally Cool The Greatest Seafaring Movies of All Time: 19.24 2009
Leonard Maltin: Shares His Love of Movies with Students 19.23 2009
: Notable Alumni in the World of Cinema and TV 19.23 2009
Israel Film Festival: June 3-18 @ Hollywood 19.22 2009
CineVegas: June 10-15 @ Palms Casino Resort and Brenden Theatres 19.22 2009
Eternally Cool The Time Travelers (1964): 19.21 2009
End of Late Night Leno: “The Tonight Show” host takes a leap of faith. 19.21 2009
Dane Cook: Delivers His Most Mature Comedy Yet in ISolated INcident 19.20 2009
"College Life": Cast members from MTV’s new reality show dispense advice. 19.19 2009
Sweet and Lowdown (1999): 19.19 2009
Ultra Productions: Maximillian Castillo and Sandy Bliss: The Creative Go-To Guys 19.19 2009
Summer Films: Welcome to Blockbuster Season! 19.18 2009
200 Motels (1971): 19.18 2009
LA Asian Pacific Film Fest: SoCal’s Premier Showcase for Best & Brightest 19.17 2009
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'Stolen Dreams' 'Stolen Dreams' Short-Film Competition: Oct. 23 @ UCLA, Melnitz Hall 2008
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Election Day Election Day: Oct. 23 @ USC, George Lucas Instructional Building, Room 108 2008
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The Teen Sex Romp Gets A Makeover
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