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Title Headline Issue Year
How, at 85, Anthony Hopkins brought his A-game to filming ‘Freud’s Last Session’: 2023
Meet Minhal Baig, the next great Chicago filmmaker: 2023
Kim Kardashian has mixed feelings about 'fast' rebound with Pete Davidson post-Kanye: 2023
Tom Holland taking a break from acting after latest project: 'The show did break me': 2023
'Flashdance' at 40: Adrian Lyne's films are in again. Just don't call them 'erotic thrillers': 2023
 May Pang on new documentary about her 'Lost Weekend' with John Lennon: 2023
Alejandro G. Inarritu answers critics of his new film: 'There's a kind of racist undercurrent': 2022
Elliot Page is 'proud' and 'excited' to debut trans character on 'Umbrella Academy': 2022
‘Elvis’ director Baz Luhrmann says film humanizes the icon: shares how Elvis Presley’s family reacted to it 2022
Baz Luhrmann says Tom Hanks committed to ‘Elvis’ role in 20 minutes: 2022
Lily James and Sebastian Stan find a real relationship at the heart of 'Pam & Tommy': 2022
Ricky Gervais knew people would be mad about his new Netflix special. He did it anyway: 2022
The star of Oscar-nominated 'Flee' gives his first interview: 'I wanted my story to be seen': 2022
A 'daunting task': How choreographer Justin Peck created dances for Spielberg's 'West Side Story': 2021
Jennifer Hudson says she’s been waiting for this moment, to star in ‘Respect’ & Play Aretha Franklin: 2021
'Crazy Rich Asians' made Henry Golding a star. Now he's showing Hollywood everything he can do: 2021
Anthony Bourdain film ‘Roadrunner’ tells the food star’s story through people who knew him: 2021
Questlove on Black joy and bringing erased history back to life with 'Summer of Soul': 2021
'Nomadland's' Chloe Zhao embraces community at every turn: 2021
Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg talk cannabis, creativity and a lot of lost lighters: 2021
'Big Short' screenwriter breaks down Wall Street's GameStop meltdown: 2021
Sacha Baron Cohen moves the needle of history with 'Borat,' 'Chicago 7': 2021
Mary McNamara: After losing a child, 'Pieces of a Woman' filmmakers channeled their grief into art: 2021
Javicia Leslie left government for Hollywood. Now she's the first Black Batwoman: 2021
Why George Clooney wanted his apocalyptic drama 'The Midnight Sky' to end with a sense of hope: 2020
Amy Seimetz and Kris Rey on friendship and filmmaking: 2020
Temple grad Kalen Allen landed his first movie gig alongside Seth Rogen in ‘An American Pickle’: 2020
Ai Weiwei on activism in the US, his art response to COVID-19 and a secret Wuhan film: 2020
Why Bryce Dallas Howard wouldn’t make ‘The Help’ today: 2020
Joseph Gordon-Levitt excels in the tense hijacking thriller ‘7500’: 2020
Talia Shire on ‘Rocky,’ ‘Godfather’ and Brando’s ‘great acting charisma’: 2020
‘Beastie Boys Story’ — directed by Spike Jonze — reveals the band at their best and brattiest: 2020
Netflix’s class warfare movie ‘The Platform’ has struck a chord. Two economists explain why: 2020
James Bond producer: 007 ‘can be of any color’ but never a woman: 2020
For Martin Scorsese, making ‘The Irishman’ was about ‘learning to die’: 2019
Maleficent doubts her fitness as a mother. So did Angelina Jolie: 2019
From Manson groupie to Pete Davidson’s reported new girlfriend, Margaret Qualley has breakout summer: 2019
Renee Zellweger brings personal insights to her challenging role as Garland in ‘Judy’: 2019
Why the Obamas became producers of the Netflix documentary ‘American Factory’: 2019
Disturbed and confused by ‘Midsommar’? Let the filmmakers explain: 2019
With ‘Dark Phoenix,’ ‘X-Men’ architect Simon Kinberg knew he was making a grand finale: 2019
How Ava DuVernay holds Donald Trump accountable in her Central Park Five series ‘When They See Us’: 2019
Ron Howard documents highs, lows of Pavarotti’s life: 2019
Taron Egerton channels Elton John in ‘Rocketman,’ and the role is about to change his life: 2019
How ‘Climax’ pulled off that unforgettable dance sequence: 2019
Oscars producers on landing Queen, going host-less and dealing with this year’s ‘curveballs’: 2019
Why Rebel Wilson fought for an authentic gay character in ‘Isn’t It Romantic’: 2019
‘The Prodigy’ twist ending explained: 2019
‘The Ted Bundy Tapes’ and ‘Shockingly Evil’: Why Joe Berlinger doubled down on the serial killer: 2019
After years of disrupting Hollywood, Steven Soderbergh finds an unlikely ally in Netflix: 2019
In ‘First Reformed,’ Ethan Hawke gave the performance of the year: 2019
Natalie Portman, Jude Law and Brady Corbet on the complex portrait of modern celebrity in ‘Vox Lux’: 2018
Alex Honnold's climb up El Capitan captured in: 2018
‘Star Wars’ actor Oscar Isaac learns a history lesson in ‘Operation Finale’: 2018
Glenn Close has never done things the easy way, and ‘The Wife’ is just the latest example: 2018
What the star of ‘BlacKkKlansman’ learned from the real black cop who infiltrated the KKK: 2018
How the team behind ‘The Meg’ set out to build a better giant-shark movie: 2018
Unflinching Whitney Houston film was the therapy a grieving, damaged family needed: 2018
Debra Granik explores the bond between father and daughter in the timely drama ‘Leave No Trace’: 2018
John David Washington leaves football behind with a breakout role in Spike Lee’s ‘BlacKkKlansman’: 2018
The Rider star Brady Jandreau strides through his first film fearlessly: 26.5 2018
Steven Spielberg and author Ernest Cline discuss ‘Ready Player One’: 2018
Dir. Max Winkler brings innocence to madness in Flower: 26.5 2018
Lior Ashkenazi is a legend in Israel, and ‘Foxtrot’ shows why: 2018
Actor Jason Priestley still a risk-taker: 2018
How Chadwick Boseman brought power and purpose to Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’: 2018
At the ‘Black Panther’ premiere, representation is everything: 2018
Luke Evans takes on another interesting role in ‘The Alienist’: 2018
Jennifer Garner, Maika Monroe, and Karen Croner on The Tribes of Palos Verdes: 26.5 2017
‘I fought for him’: Jason Mitchell on lessons to be learned from ‘Mudbound’: 2017
Timothée Chalamet is Hollywood’s next big thing with ‘Call Me by Your Name’ and ‘Lady Bird’: 2017
Ruben Östlund looks at selfless, and selfish, behavior in Cannes prizewinner ‘The Square': 2017
Guillermo del Toro talks about the trials and tricks of telling scary stories across genres: 2017
Willem Dafoe finds the warmth of ‘The Florida Project’: 2017
Ryan Gosling & Denis Villeneuve -‘no idea how the world will react’ to the risky ‘Blade Runner 2049': 2017
Liam Neeson and dir. Peter Landesman talk Mark Felt and the power of whistleblowers: 26.5 2017
Jackie Chan is defying age with some new moves: 2017
Ken Burns, Lynn Novick spent a decade trying to untangle the Vietnam War: 2017
‘American Assassin’ star draws on his own struggle: 2017
Q&A with Lake Bell: ‘You can’t change if you’re never looking at yourself’: 2017
Jay Baruchel moves behind the camera with blood-on-the-ice hockey comedy ‘Goon: Last of the Enforcer: 2017
Social-media obsession fuels Aubrey Plaza in ‘Ingrid Goes West’: 2017
Dave McCary and Kyle Mooney on the weird and wonderful world of Brigsby Bear: 26.5 2017
‘Dunkirk’ director Christopher Nolan on why, in this era of peak TV, he’s still all in on movies: 2017
Diverse cast of the just-released ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,' only way the film would work: 2017
Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza & Molly Shannon have a blast in a medieval romp: 2017
Noxon, Collins face eating demons for film: 2017
A ‘Lady’ reveals her formidable strengths: Florence Pugh’s breakthrough role: 2017
‘Baby Driver’ started for director Edgar Wright with a few notes: 2017
Dir. Aisling Walsh & the colors of Maudie: 26.5 2017
Blackfish’ director Gabriela Cowperthwaite dives into the world of feature films with ‘Megan Leavey’: 2017
Don’t even try to pigeonhole Rachel Weisz : 2017
With writer and historian Alex von Tunzelmann, we turn to Churchill: 26.5 2017
Heavyweight fighter Chuck Wepner talks about his new movie, Sylvester Stallone, and Muhammad Ali: 2017
Jeff Garlin criticizes Second City for being too PC: 2017
Director Amariah Olson on "The Shadow Effect": 2017
Cultural conflict hits a comedic sweet spot for Kumail Nanjiani: 2017
At 97, Norma Miller is still "Alive and Kicking": 2017
Octavia Spencer ‘was not going to be deterred’: 2017
Q&A: Swedish filmmaker brings jazz great Lee Morgan’s tragic love story to screen: 2017
Solo pursuit: Kristen Stewart seeks privacy amid her public career: 2017
The always-potent Denzel Washington embraces his role as the flawed Troy Maxson in ‘Fences’: 2017
‘Speed Sisters’ of the West Bank: Doc on all-female race car team in the Mideast: 2017
Q&A with the big three: The favored directing nominees discuss their films & the crazy awards season: 2017
Unfiltered James Baldwin spells out what ails us, director of ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ says: 2017
TV veteran Marti Noxon, a writer on ‘Buffy’ & other shows, makes her directing debut: 2017
Gov't corruption and big-wave fever: Two docs look at California’s fraught relationship with water: 2017
‘Trainspotting’ reunion: Two decades later, Renton, Sick Boy and the rest of Scottish gang are back: 2017
Upstart ‘Toni Erdmann’ defies convention every step of the way: 2017
Denzel Washington on ‘Fences: 2017
Felicity Jones, the heroine of ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story': 2016
How Amy Adams got her start: 2016
Joel Edgerton brings a quiet calm and an actor’s anger to interracial marriage drama ‘Loving’: 2016
Emma Stone sings, dances, dazzles in ‘La La Land’: 2016
Unlikely pair, Jon Hamm and Zach Galifianakis: 2016
Ryan Gosling sings and dances in La La Land: 2016
A ‘Spa’ talk on being Korean and gay: Director Andrew Ahn pushes back on Asian American stereotypes: 2016
Who is Harley Quinn? Pigtailed antihero goes mainstream thanks to ‘Suicide Squad’ & Margot Robbie: 2016
‘Zero Days,’ about Stuxnet and cyber sabotage, marks a new approach for director Alex Gibney: 2016
Should a chimp have legal rights? Legal battle to grant animals ‘personhood’ transforms creators of: 2016
How one filmmaker is battling censorship in Lebanon and encouraging others to do the same: 2016
Q&A with director Todd Solondz: 2016
Director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ‘Endless Poetry’ follows his quirky, lively path: 2016
‘Game of Thrones’ actress Emilia Clarke stars in new love story: 2016
He’s Amazon’s man in Hollywood — and at Cannes: 2016
Greta Gerwig and dir. Rebecca Miller talk the future of modern romance in Maggie's Plan: 26.3 2016
Filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier takes a punk-rock approach to thriller ‘Green Room’: 2016
The cast of The Bronze talks the fickle nature of fame and free Wetzel's Pretzels: 25.8 2016
Richard Linklater documentary chronicles director’s extraordinary career: 2016
Robert Greenwald is friending social media to spread his anti-NRA film: 2016
‘Batman v Superman’: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder talk superhero smack down: 2016
‘Spotlight’s’ Tom McCarthy took the unusual actor-writer-director path on his way to an Oscars win: 2016
‘The Witch’ writer-director sets the scene for horror: 2016
The cast of How to be Single talks dirt on modern dating: 25.8 2016
Climate-change documentary seeks to make a difference: 2016
‘Eagle Huntress’ an amazing tale of girl power: 2016
Jason Sudeikis is an everyman for the early 21st century: 2016
Dir. Grímur Hákonarson talks Rams and the particularity of Icelandic humor: 25.8 2016
Chris Pine takes command of his career: 2016
Actor Michael Shannon gets real: 2016
‘Fifty Shades of Black’ follows the footsteps of fine spoofing: 2016
Jon Favreau brings 21st century technology to Rudyard Kipling’s 1894 ‘The Jungle Book’: 2016
A ‘super-scary’ Jesse Eisenberg? Meet the new Lex Luthor (with hair) in ‘Batman v Superman’: 2016
Sacha Baron Cohen goes on another Hollywood ‘wild ride’: 2016
Richard Linklater puts his spin on a sports film with ‘Everybody Wants Some’: 2016
Q&A with Bruce Dern: Not even Quentin Tarantino can resist Dern’s way around a scene: 2016
‘Anomalisa’ is pure Charlie Kaufman: 2016
Q&A: Doctor behind ‘Concussion’ tackled racism and NFL: 2015
‘Point Break’ star Luke Bracey loves lights, cameras and especially action: 2015
Harrison Ford lets go and enjoys the ‘Star Wars’ hoopla: 2015
J.J. Abrams finds himself at center of Hollywood’s universe: 2015
The gamble on Adam McKay and ‘The Big Short’ looks like it might pay off: 2015
Q&A: Lawrence Kasdan on returning to a galaxy far, far away: 2015
Redmayne immersed himself in the issues: 2015
Alicia Vikander digs deep for sympathy in transgender film ‘Danish Girl’: 2015
Q&A: Why Spike Lee used satire in ‘Chi-Raq’ to take a shot at gun violence: 2015
Director Deniz Gamze Erguven and her five actresses on sisterhood and hope in Mustang: 25.8 2015
Dir. Lisa Immordino Vreeland on courage in Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict: 25.8 2015
Sylvester Stallone is back as Rocky Balboa, who’s in a fight with mortality: 2015
Kristen Wiig says the ‘Ghostbusters’ blow back ‘really bummed me out’: 2015
Cameras roll on rapper, estranged father: 2015
Director Giulio Ricciarelli gives power to truth in Labyrinth of Lies: 25.8 2015
Matt Damon says new film ‘The Martian’ is ‘a very positive thing to put out in the world’: 2015
'Black Mass' brings crime boss Whitey Bulger's 1975 world to life: 2015
Heady days for Jessica Chastain: 25.7 2015
We Are Your Friends director Max Joseph on Zac Efron, EDM and that thing called stress: 25.6 2015
Actress Connie Britton finally gets some action in American Ultra: 25.6 2015
Dir. Paul Weitz, Lily Tomlin and Sam Elliot discuss the hilarious anger of Grandma: 2015
Guy Ritchie aims for TV show's 1960s style in Man From U.N.C.L.E.: 25.6 2015
Director Christopher McQuarrie reveals what makes Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation unique: 25.6 2015
Christina Applegate, Ed Helms usher in a new generation of Vacation: 25.6 2015
Rachel McAdams does fame her way: 25.6 2015
Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix, Parker Posey talk Woody Allen film Irrational Man: 25.6 2015
Director Chris Columbus rediscovers the video game genre with Pixels: 25.6 2015
Director Kyle Alvarez and the psychology of power in The Stanford Prison Experiment: 2015
Batkid: For those involved in making boy’s dream come true, the end result is pure joy: 25.5 2015
The Wolfpack: escaping captivity and exploring the wilderness: 25.5 2015
Kevin Corrigan gets Results with a winning lead rom-com role: 25.5 2015
The Entourage entourage reunites on the big screen: 25.4 2015
How love trumps loss in Testament of Youth: 25.4 2015
In director Rick Famuyiwa's Dope, style is a matter of fact: 25.4 2015
San Andreas, starring Dwayne Johnson, shakes up the disaster genre: 25.4 2015
Aloft - A conversation with Claudia Llosa on our lost mythical nature: 25.4 2015
Charlize Theron is fast and 'Furiosa' in Mad Max: Fury Road: 25.4 2015
Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara and director Anne Fletcher in Hot Pursuit of laughs, respect: 25.3 2015
Rock n' roll rebellion with Lambert and Stamp: 25.3 2015
Exclusive interview with the cast and crew of Insurgent: 25.3 2015
Director Pierre Morel discusses his influences, his dream job and his latest film, The Gunman: 25.2 2015
It Follows, the stuff nightmares are made of: 2015
Merchants of Doubt: An interview with director Robert Kenner: 25.1 2015
Will Smith taking new direction with career: 25.1 2015
Allen Evangelista talks Project Almanac: 24.21 2015
Project Almanac (Paramount Pictures): 24.21 2015
Director Paolo Virzi discusses his new film, Human Capital: 24.21 2015
Interstellar: Inception in Space? Christopher Nolan Explores Relativity Once Again: 24.18 2014
Christopher Meloni Talks the 'The American Dream' in White Bird in a Blizzard: 24.17 2014
Robert Downey Jr. Seeks Redemption in The Judge: 24.16 2014
Miles Teller, J.K. Simmons Stay on Beat in Whiplash: 24.16 2014
No Good Deed's Taraji P. Henson on Women in Film, Working with Idris Elba: 24.14 2014
Pierce Brosnan is Still a Badass in The November Man: 24.14 2014
Sharknado 2 Star Tara Reid Talks Shark Attacks, #Trending & College: 24.13 2014
Dir. Blake West Talks Growing Up on the 'Rez,' New Film Alone Together: 24.13 2014
Boxer Victor Ortiz Talks Transitioning into Acting for The Expendables 3: 24.13 2014
Love is Strange's John Lithgow Says Ira Sachs' Film 'Weaves a Spell': 24.13 2014
Chadwick Boseman Brings on the Funk as James Brown in Get on Up: 24.13 2014
Zach Braff Clears Some Things Up About His Latest Movie, Wish I Was Here: 24.13 2014
In Third Person, Some Things are Better Left Unanswered: Paul Haggis, Mila Kunis discuss this head-scratching film. 24.11 2014
Director Jane Weinstock Talks Getting Lost in The Moment: 24.11 2014
Think Like a Man Too Cast Talks Sequel, Their Own Relationships: Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union and others are back at it! 24.11 2014
22 Jump Street: Directors, Cast Work Hard to Create Sequel That Doesn't Suck: 24.11 2014
The Case Against 8 Revisits Calif.'s Historic LGBT Civil Rights Case: 24.11 2014
Henry Jaglom's The M Word Shines Humorous Light on Hot Topic: 24.7 2014
For No Good Reason Doc. Illustrates Artist's Desire to Change the World: 24.7 2014
A Haunted House 2's Marlon Wayans Compares Comedy to Sex: 'You have to flirt with the audience before you f*ck ‘em…' 24.6 2014
Ilo Ilo's Anthony Chen Used Real, Fictional Events for this Beautiful Drama: 24.6 2014
How the Sabotage Cast 'Pumped Up' for Their Roles: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Josh Holloway & others get down to business. 24.5 2014
Dir. Gareth Evans Brings Bone-Breaking Emotion in The Raid 2: Berandal: 24.5 2014
Miles Teller Has Fun Being Bad in Divergent: The actor talks the film, Shailene Woodley & reveals his fears. 24.5 2014
The Single Moms Club Cast Discusses Working with Tyler Perry: Nia Long, Terry Crews and Amy Smart open up. 24.4 2014
Check Into Wes Anderson's Colorful Grand Budapest Hotel: 24.4 2014
Jason Bateman Behaves Badly in Bad Words: Actor talks being director & working with kids in the hilarious comedy. 24.3 2014
Dir. Joe Begos Talks New Slasher Film, Almost Human: Meet Begos in person Feb. 21-23 at Arena Cinema! 24.3 2014
Seth Rogen's Hilarity for Charity Launches Collegiate Program: The comedian talks Alzheimer's disease, getting young people involved. 24.3 2014
About Last Night: Michael Ealy on One-Night Stands, Relationships: 24.2 2014
Q&A with Tim's Vermeer Doc. Subject, Tim Jenison: The inventor makes art history. 24.2 2014
Will Arnett, Katherine Heigl Get Nutty in The Nut Job: 23.23 2014
Zoë Bell Takes on Role of Producer, Actress in Raze: 23.23 2014
Ralph Fiennes' The Invisible Woman: The Price You Pay for Being the Other Woman: 23.22 2013
David O. Russell Invites Filmgoers to His Latest Enchanted World: 23.22 2013
Gritty Out of the Furnace Examines War's Aftermath: Casey Affleck, Christian Bale star in this dark, violent film. 23.21 2013
Andrzej Chyra Reflects on Daring Love Story, In the Name Of: 23.20 2013
Hungry for Seconds? Hunger Games: Catching Fire Cast, Director Talk New Sequel: 23.20 2013
Saorise Ronan, Dir. Kevin Macdonald Talk Hauntingly Beautiful Film, How I Live Now: 23.20 2013
Matthew McConaughey Leads With His Head, Not His Crotch: The actor talks about upcoming film, Dallas Buyers Club. 23.19 2013
Chloë Grace Moretz on Carrie: “We Went Back to the Book”: 23.19 2013
Daniel Radcliffe, Cast Discuss Beat Generation & Poetry in Kill Your Darlings: 23.19 2013
Food Gets an Attitude in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2: Bill Hader, Anna Faris share the juicy details. 23.17 2013
What's in Store at German Currents 2013: Q&A session with the Goethe-Institut LA director. (Plus, Special Student Discount Below!) 23.17 2013
+1 Film Asks the Question, What Would You Do if You Met Your Double?: Dennis Iliadis and star Rhys Wakefield explain the film’s concept. 23.17 2013
Good Ol' Freda Dir. Ryan White: 'I'm the Luckiest Filmmaker and Beatles Fan in the World': 23.15 2013
Drinking Buddies Combines Man's 2 Favorite Things: Beer & a Hot Girl: 23.15 2013
Hemsworth, Ford, Oldman Play Cat-and-Mouse Game in Paranoia: The cast talks about technology, privacy in new film. 23.14 2013
Paul Rudd, Emile Hirsch Face Off in Prince Avalanche: Director, cast discuss the character-driven film. 23.14 2013
Ain't Them Bodies Saints: When Catchy Titles Make for Great Movies: 23.14 2013
Blue Jasmine Actors Give Bright Performances: Cast opens up about working with Woody Allen and more! 23.13 2013
Nicolas Winding Refn, Cliff Martinez Reunite for Only God Forgives, Starring Ryan Gosling: 23.13 2013
Michael Cera, Gaby Hoffmann Fly High in Crystal Fairy: 23.12 2013
Elijah Wood Becomes Psycho Killer in Maniac: 23.12 2013
I'm So Excited Takes Off with Comedy, Sexuality: 23.12 2013
The Cool Burglar Bunch: The Bling Ring Cast Shines with Personality: 23.11 2013
This Is the End: Seth Rogen brings about star-studded apocalypse: 23.11 2013
Shadow Dancer's Andrea Riseborough: An Actress on the Rise: 23.10 2013
Zach Galifianakis Brings the Outbursts to The Hangover Part III: 23.10 2013
Teamwork Brings The East to the Silver Screen: 23.9 2013
Salman Rushdie Conjures Movie Magic with Midnight’s Children: 23.7 2013
Winona Ryder Weathers the Storm in The Iceman: 23.8 2013
Susanne Bier Discusses Love Is All You Need, Pierce Brosnan: 23.8 2013
Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man 3 Cast Dish on New Film: 23.8 2013
Scary Movie Franchise Returns with Simon Rex, Ashley Tisdale: 23.6 2013
To Don 42, Actor Had to Please Jackie Robinson's No. 1 Fan: 23.6 2013
Redford and LaBeouf Tackle Fame, Filmmaking, Generational Shifts: 23.6 2013
Evil Dead Continues Gory Tradition with Jane Levy: 23.6 2013
Danny Boyle’s Hypnotizing Trance is Perfect Blend of Action, Suspense & Mystery: 23.6 2013
The Place Beyond The Pines' Director Praises Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes: 23.5 2013
Producer Leonard Hill Talks About Dorfman in Love: 23.5 2013
Admission: A Film Every College Student Can Relate To: 23.5 2013
Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson Break Boundaries in Spring Breakers: 23.5 2013
Abigail Breslin, Morris Chestnut Discuss The Call: 23.4 2013
Justin Chon Goes Above and Beyond in 21 & Over: 23.3 2013
Gael García Bernal Faced Challenges in No: 23.3 2013
Saving Lincoln Uses Only Photos To Create Film Magic: 23.2 2013
Keira Knightley Opens Up About Her Role as Anna Karenina: 22.22 2012
Meet 2 Actresses that Scored Killer Roles in New Twilight Movie: 22.21 2012
Adelaide Clemens Talks About Her Role in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D: 22.20 2012
Britt Robertson Spills About Her First Time: 22.19 2012
Least Among Saints Shows the Aftermath of War on Veterans: 22.18 2012
Resident Evil: Retribution's Boris Kodjoe Opens Up: 22.16 2012
A Happy Accident: India de Beaufort thrives in an unexpected career 22.14 2012
Comic-Con Exclusive Interview: Frankenweenie 22.13 2012
Comic-Con Exclusive Interview: Oz: The Great and Powerful 22.13 2012
Comic-Con Exclusive Interview: Dredd 3D 22.13 2012
Comic-Con Exclusive Interview: Iron Man 3 22.13 2012
Comic-Con Exclusive Interview: Silent Hill: Revelation 3D 22.13 2012
Comic-Con Exclusive Interview: Resident Evil: Retribution 22.13 2012
Comic-Con Exclusive Interview: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 22.13 2012
Enrico Cassarosa Takes Us to the Moon: The director discusses his Pixar short, La Luna 22.12 2012
The Unpredictable Kelsey Chow: 22.13 2012
Abigail Klein: From the Football Stadium to the Silver Screen 22.11 2012
Willa Ford Returns to the Spotlight in Starz's "Magic City": 22.10 2012
Milla Jovovich Opens Up: 22.7 2012
Goon: A Q&A with Seann William Scott and Jay Baruchel 22.6 2012
Shanley Caswell Has the Right Stuff: 22.5 2012
Jason Segel Gets Serious in Jeff, Who Lives at Home: Win Tickets for a Sneak Preview of Film. See Below for Details. 22.4 2012
Will Ferrell Crosses Over to Foreign-Language Films in Casa De Mi Padre: 22.4 2012
The Vow: Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum Unite for a Romantic Tale of Rediscovery 22.2 2012
The Innkeepers are Supernaturally Scary: 22.2 2012
'Harry' leaves Hogwarts behind for a career in adult projects: Daniel Radcliffe talks about life after 'Potter' 22.1 2012
One for the Money: Katherine Heigl is excited about her “Plum” role 22.1 2012
In Darkness: Agnieszka Holland Uses Sewers as Emotion 22.1 2012
We Need to Talk About Kevin: Lynne Ramsay’s Captivating New Movie: 22.1 2012
The Divide: Director Xavier Gens Talks Post-Apocalyptic Film 22.1 2012
The Artist: Artist Creator Michel Hazanavicius Loves Sound of Silents 21.49 2011
Pariah: Director Dee Rees’ Journey to Self-Expression 21.49 2011
In The Land of Blood and Honey: Angelina Jolie directs a masterpiece. 21.49 2011
Rooney Mara: Little-Known Actress Rooney Mara Is About To Get Famous 21.48 2011
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol: Brad Bird enters the live-action fray. 21.48 2011
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows: To director Guy Ritchie, it’s elementary. 21.48 2011
3ality Technica: Former Bruin Nick Brown specializes in 3D. 21.47 2011
The Lady: Michelle Yeoh in a Touching Role 21.46 2011
Arthur Christmas: Ultra-High-Tech Santa 21.45 2011
Shame: Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender are a duo to be reckoned with. 21.45 2011
A Dangerous Method: Viggo Mortensen is up for all challenges. 21.45 2011
J. Edgar: Leonardo DiCaprio and Clint Eastwood put their stamp on history. 21.43 2011
Immortals: Led into Action By Henry Cavill 21.43 2011
A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas: Neil Patrick Harris: What new tricks does he have up his sleeve? 21.42 2011
Puss in Boots: Antonio Banderas teams with Salma Hayek and Zach Galifianakis. 21.41 2011
The Rum Diary: Johnny Depp pays tribute to Hunter S. Thompson. 21.41 2011
Oranges and Sunshine: Emily Watson’s Brilliant Portrayal of Margaret Humphreys 21.40 2011
Martha Marcy May Marlene: Elizabeth Olsen breaks free. 21.40 2011
Klitschko: Brothers and World Champion Boxers 21.40 2011
Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone: Lifestyles of the Famous, but not Rich 21.40 2011
Kim Bubbs: Getting to Know The Thing’s Rising Star 21.39 2011
Footloose: Heartily Fills Phenomenal Dancing Shoes 21.39 2011
A Bird of the Air: Jackson Hurst takes the lead. 21.38 2011
The Ides of March: Evan Rachel Wood is ready to “kick butt.” 21.38 2011
The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence): Ashlynn Yennie is back for seconds. 21.38 2011
Weekend: Andrew Haigh’s Honest Love Story 21.37 2011
We Were Here: Documents the Onset of AIDS in 1980’s San Francisco 21.35 2011
Restless: Silence is invaluable for Gus Van Sant. 21.35 2011
I Don’t Know How She Does It: Olivia Munn’s still your girl next door. 21.35 2011
Drive: Ryan Gosling is ready for action. 21.35 2011
Beware the Gonzo: Ezra Miller and Zoë Kravitz revisit high school. 21.34 2011
Contagion: Matt Damon’s on Red Alert. 21.34 2011
Shark Night 3D: A Lesson in the Three Bs: Bikinis, Babes and Bloodshed 21.33 2011
A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy: Going out with a bang! 21.33 2011
Brighton Rock: Sam Riley takes a risk. 21.32 2011
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark: Katie Holmes in one of Guillermo del Toro’s scariest 21.32 2011
Higher Ground: Vera Farmiga shines in directorial debut 21.32 2011
Fright Night: Anton Yelchin battles the beastly Colin Farrell. 21.31 2011
The Help: Bringing the Best-Selling Novel to the Screen 21.30 2011
Bellflower: Evan Glodell presents love's cryptic side. 21.29 2011
Life in A Day: Director Kevin Macdonald peeks into YouTube users’ lives. 21.28 2011
Captain America: The First Avenger: Chris Evans: Reluctant Movie Star 21.27 2011
Friends with Benefits: Mila Kunis gets naked with Justin Timberlake. 21.27 2011
Another Earth: The Little Movie That Could 21.27 2011
Lucky: Colin Hanks shows his dark side. 21.27 2011
Terri: John C. Reilly gives Jacob Wysocki honest advice. 21.26 2011
Rejoice and Shout: Gospel Music to be Enjoyed By All 21.25 2011
Page One: Inside the New York Times: Journalist David Carr tells it like it is. 21.25 2011
Cars 2: Owen Wilson, Michael Caine and John Lasseter start their engines. 21.25 2011
Bad Teacher: School’s in for summer. 21.25 2011
Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds, the Superhero 21.24 2011
Super 8: J.J. Abrams teams with his childhood hero, Steven Spielberg. 21.23 2011
Ron Howard: Looks to Digital Generation for Inspiration 21.22 2011
Beginners: A Duet of Love Stories 21.22 2011
The Last Mountain: Courage to Fight 21.24 2011
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: The Power of Depp 2011
Midnight in Paris: When Rachel McAdams Met Woody Allen 21.20 2011
Cost of a Soul: Will Blagrove is on the fast track to fame. 21.20 2011
Priest in 3D: Director Scott Stewart’s Primal Take on Vampires 21.19 2011
Hesher: Joseph Gordon-Levitt taps into his inner badass. 21.19 2011
Thor: Chris Hemsworth wields a mighty hammer. 21.18 2011
Something Borrowed: Kate Hudson plays to the Darcy in all of us. 21.18 2011
Jumping the Broom: Paula Patton discovers the old tradition. 21.18 2011
Stake Land: Danielle Harris slays ’em. 21.17 2011
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night: Brandon Routh & Sam Huntington: BFFs On Screen and Off 21.17 2011
13 Assasins: Takashi Miike’s Samurai Tribute 21.17 2011
Madea's Big Happy Family: The pistol-packin' grandma is back by popular demand. 21.16 2011
Brother's Justice: Dax Shepard breaks into martial arts. 21.19 2011
Water for Elephants: Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and an Elephant in the Room 21.16 2011
The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: How Product Placement Made Morgan Spurlock Speechless 21.16 2011
Scre4m: Ghostface is baaaack. 21.15 2011
Rio: Anne Hathaway sings like a bird. 21.15 2011
Soul Surfer: Ross Thomas goes back to the beach. 21.14 2011
Hanna: Saoirse Ronan kicks some serious ass. 21.14 2011
Ceremony: A Wink(ler) and a Nod to Classic Literature 21.14 2011
Arthur: Russell Brand gives the bubbly billionaire a reboot. 21.14 2011
Insidious: More Chills and Thrills from Saw Team 2011
Super: Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page aim to fight crime. 21.13 2011
Sucker Punch: Emily Browning gets Babydolled up. 21.12 2011
The Lincoln Lawyer: USC alum Erin Carufel argues with the charming Matthew McConaughey. 21.11 2011
Monogamy: “Weeds” co-star Meital Dohan wants you to watch. 21.11 2011
T.V. Carpio: Her possibilities are Limitless. 21.11 2011
Red Riding Hood: Amanda Seyfried kisses and tells all. 21.10 2011
Jane Eyre: What Mia Wasikowska wants, she gets. 21.10 2011
Elektra Luxx: Carla Gugino to the Sex-cue 21.10 2011
Battle: Los Angeles: Earth is in trouble. 21.10 2011
Beastly: Three Beauties, No Beast 2011
Take Me Home Tonight: Topher Grace’s Excellent Adventure 21.9 2011
Rango: Johnny Depp is a chameleon. 21.9 2011
HappyThankYouMorePlease: Josh Radnor makes an abundant little film. 21.9 2011
Hall Pass: A Farrelly Brothers Chick Flick 21.8 2011
Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son: Brandon T. Jackson dresses up for his role. 21.7 2011
Unknown: January Jones wears the ice queen crown. 21.7 2011
I Am Number Four: Dianna Agron “Glee”-fully accepts the challenge. 21.7 2011
The Eagle: Channing Tatum soldiers on. 21.6 2011
Cold Weather: Aaron Katz keeps making movies. 21.6 2011
The Roommate: Leighton Meester is one creepy coed. 21.5 2011
Brotherhood: Director Will Canon exposes the dark side of pledging. 21.7 2011
The Rite: Prepare to sleep with the lights on. 21.4 2011
The Mechanic: Jason Statham takes Ben Foster under his wing. 21.4 2011
The Way Back: Jim Sturgess forges ahead. 21.3 2011
No Strings Attached: Natalie Portman takes the reins. 21.3 2011
The Green Hornet: Seth Rogen gets the greenlight. 21.2 2011
The Dilemma: Ron Howard returns to comedy. 21.2 2011
Season of the Witch: The Timeless Tale of the Scapegoat 21.1 2011
Country Strong: Gwyneth Paltrow brushes her guitar off. 21.1 2011
True Grit: What One Girl Will Do to Snag a Cowboy 20.49 2010
Somewhere: A Small Child and Big Change at Chateau Marmont 20.49 2010
Another Year: One couple spends 365 days with the friend from hell. 20.49 2010
Touching Home: Twins’ Take on Their Pops 20.48 2010
Yogi Bear: Justin Timberlake’s Boo Boo 20.48 2010
Casino Jack: Kevin Spacey turns a political tragedy into a buzzworthy performance. 20.48 2010
Tron: Legacy: Onslaught of 3-D Awesomeness 20.48 2010
The Tempest: Shakespeare never looked so cool. 2010
The Tourist: Together at Last: Angelina and Johnny 20.47 2010
The Fighter: Three Kings of the Ring 20.47 2010
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader: A Swashbuckling Trip Aboard a Royal Ship 20.47 2010
All Good Things: Kirsten Dunst stars in the year’s worst marriage. 20.47 2010
The Warrior’s Way: Kate Bosworth takes a stab at westerns. 20.46 2010
The Assistants: Everyone started somewhere. 20.46 2010
Black Swan: Natalie Portman (finally) gets to use her Harvard degree. 20.46 2010
Tangled: Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi let their hair down. 20.45 2010
Lavanderia: Independent Film with 100 Percent Positive Purpose 20.45 2010
Faster: The Rebirth of Dwayne Johnson, Action Star 20.45 2010
Burlesque: Cher and Christina: Show-Stopping Showgirls 20.44 2010
Unstoppable: Denzel Washington and Chris Pine’s Amazing Race 20.43 2010
Skyline: Donald Faison faces off with extraterrestrials. 20.43 2010
Queen of the Lot: Tanna Frederick continues to chase dreams. 20.43 2010
Marwencol: The Little Belgian Town That Mark Built 20.43 2010
Red Hill: “True Blood”’s Ryan Kwanten heads in a new direction: west. 20.42 2010
Megamind: Will Ferrell gets the blues. 20.42 2010
Four Lions: Director Chris Morris talks Muslims, bombs and jihad. 20.42 2010
For Colored Girls: Loretta Devine is the lady in green. 20.42 2010
Due Date: Phillips, Galifianakis and Downey Jr. tackle fatherhood. 20.42 2010
127 Hours: James Franco takes adventure to a new level. 20.42 2010
Saw 3D: Gina Holden jumps to new heights. 20.41 2010
Monsters: If Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy can make it here… 20.41 2010
GhettoPhysics: Metaphysics and Street Science Merge 20.40 2010
Bo Burnham: Songs Words Words 20.40 2010
Jackass 3D: Bring your barf bags; this one’s a wild ride. 20.39 2010
Emily Ziff: Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Shipmate 20.39 2010
Conviction: Hilary Swank won’t back down. 20.39 2010
Amit Tishler: A Little Guy at the Big Bear Horror Film Fest 20.39 2010
My Soul To Take: Wes Craven is back in a new dimension. 2010
Tamara Drewe: A Funny Little Tale of Groupies, Sex and Deception 20.38 2010
Secretariat: (Belmont) Stakes are high. 20.38 2010
Nowhere Boy: An Audacious Biopic About John Lennon and His Mother 20.38 2010
Life as We Know It: Josh Duhamel is a chick magnet. 20.38 2010
It’s Kind of a Funny Story: Zach Galifianakis is a serious man. 20.38 2010
I Spit on Your Grave: Sarah Butler stars in a remake of unrated madness. 20.38 2010
The Social Network: Ninety-Nine Takes to Get to the Top 20.37 2010
Let Me In: Matt Reeves makes a mighty remake. 20.37 2010
The Virginity Hit: Matt Bennett might lose it. 2010
You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger: Lucy Punch is a knockout. 20.36 2010
You Again: Kristen Bell is in co-star heaven. 20.36 2010
Devil: Bokeem Woodbine is stuck in scary. 2010
The Town: Ben Affleck hits paydirt. 20.35 2010
Never Let Me Go: Mulligan, Garfield and Knightley accept their fate. 20.35 2010
Easy A: Emma Stone’s Little White Lies 20.35 2010
Catfish: Not a Mock-Doc 20.35 2010
Heartbreaker: How Romain Duris Captures the Heart of Johnny Depp’s Lady 20.34 2010
Machete: Danny Trejo slices and dices the bad guys. 20.33 2010
Going the Distance: Drew Barrymore and Justin Long put their love on the line. 20.33 2010
Takers: Idris Elba is one smooth criminal. 20.32 2010
Mesrine: Killer Instinct: France’s leading man is Public Enemy No. 1. 20.32 2010
Highwater: Dana Brown and son make grandpa proud. 20.33 2010
Lottery Ticket: Three Hundred Million Reasons to See This Comedy 20.31 2010
The Switch: Jennifer Aniston stirs up controversy. 20.31 2010
A Film Unfinished: Living in Das Ghetto 20.31 2010
Eat Pray Love: Julia Roberts finds more than puppy love. 20.30 2010
Animal Kingdom: David Michôd’s Post-Grad Pet Project 20.30 2010
The Other Guys: Mark Wahlberg is seriously funny. Seriously. 20.29 2010
Twelve: Emily Meade gushes about 50 Cent. 20.29 2010
The Extra Man: Paul Dano and Kevin Kline Together Again 20.28 2010
Step Up 3D: Get Down in NYC’s Underground Dance Scene 20.29 2010
Middle Men: Internet porn blows up. 20.29 2010
Dinner for Schmucks: A Table Full of Frighteningly Funny Minds 20.28 2010
Charlie St. Cloud: Zac Efron, Leading Man 20.28 2010
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Jay Baruchel gets a shot at making magic. 20.27 2010
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead: Shakespeare, Vampires and Eurotrash 20.27 2010
Inception: Christopher Nolan explores the potential of the human mind. 20.27 2010
Predators: Adrien Brody gets ferocious. 2010
The Kids Are All Right: Julianne Moore dishes on locking lips with Annette Bening. 20.26 2010
Love Ranch: Madam Helen Mirren (temporarily) tosses her Dame title. 20.26 2010
Seychelle Gabriel: The Last Airbender’s Princess Yue comes into her own. 20.26 2010
Jonathan Keltz: Meet the New Lloyd 20.25 2010
Grown Ups: Go for the men. Stay for the ladies. 20.25 2010
Adam Cagley: From Disney and Nickelodeon to MTV and LAFF 20.25 2010
John Morris: At It Again as Andy in Toy Story 3 20.24 2010
Jonah Hex: Fugly? Yes. Easily defeated? Hell no! 20.24 2010
Whiz Kids: Director Tom Shepard drops science. 20.23 2010
The A-Team: It’s the best action movie since Speed. 20.23 2010
Adopted: Brüno beat Pauly Shore to the punch. 20.23 2010
Russell Brand: Art imitates life in Get Him to the Greek. 2010
Splice: You can’t keep a good hybrid down. 20.22 2010
Kevin M. Slee: Chapman student already sees success. 20.22 2010
Survival of the Dead: George A. Romero takes his dead to the big country. 20.21 2010
Sex and The City 2: The Celebration Continues 20.21 2010
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: Jake Gyllenhaal wants to rock your world. 20.21 2010
"I Once was Lost - The Series": Faith-Based Dating 20.21 2010
Holy Rollers: Jesse Eisenberg experiences ecstasy. 20.20 2010
Shrek Forever After: Is the ogre oeuvre over? 20.20 2010
Robin Hood: Men in tights are a thing of the past. 20.19 2010
Just Wright: Common and Queen Latifah go one-on-one. 20.19 2010
“If I Can Dream”: This could be your big break! 20.19 2010
Iron Man 2: More Fun Than the Last Party 20.18 2010
A Nightmare on Elm Street: One, Two, Freddy’s Coming For You 20.17 2010
The Good Heart: Brian Cox takes a hint from “Cheers.” 20.17 2010
Harry Brown: Emily Mortimer steps out of her comfort zone. 20.17 2010
Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe 20.17 2010
The Back-up Plan: Jennifer Lopez backs that thing up – big time! 20.16 2010
Paper Man: Emma Stone and Her Unusual Friends 20.16 2010
The Losers: Zoë Saldana and co. win with action and wit. 20.16 2010
Death At A Funeral: Chris Rock’s latest comedy blends humor with gloom. 20.15 2010
The Perfect Game: Little giants claim their piece of history. 20.15 2010
La Mission: Jeremy Ray Valdez gets lost in the world of whatever. 20.14 2010
The Square: An Aussie auteur ushers in a new era in film. 20.14 2010
When You're Strange: The Doors open up on the big screen. 20.14 2010
Date Night: Tina Fey and Steve Carell kick ass and take names. 20.14 2010
The Greatest: Oscar nom Carey Mulligan continues her education. 20.13 2010
The Last Song: Focusing on the Miley Cyrus Factor 20.13 2010
The Exploding Girl: Zoe Kazan segues from Broadway to Silver Screen muse. 20.13 2010
Clash of the Titans: Sam Worthington saves the day … again. 20.13 2010
The Harimaya Bridge: A Japanese Pastoral by an African-American Filmmaker 20.12 2010
Hot Tub Time Machine: Hollywood funny men go back to the past. 20.12 2010
Greenberg: Ben Stiller falls into the generation gap. 20.12 2010
Tales from The Script : Author/filmmaker Peter Hanson unearths screenwriters' gems. 19.12 2010
The Runaways: Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart rock the wild side. 19.11 2010
Alice in Wonderland: Tim Burton reimagines a masterpiece. 19.9 2010
The Crazies: It’s not just Friday the 13th that scares Danielle Panabaker. 19.8 2010
Bilal's Stand: Sultan Sharrief puts a face on social prosperity. 19.8 2010
Jonathan Stokes: The Last Hurrah Director Takes Five 19.8 2010
Formosa Betrayed: James Van Der Beek gets to play the grown-up. 20.8 2010
Percy Jackson: You Have to Work Hard for Your Fantasy 2010
The Good Guy: Will Alexis Bledel follow her head or heart? 20.7 2010
Hatchet 2: A Double Dose of Horror, Now in Production 20.7 2010
Blood Done Sign My Name: Activist Nate Parker keeps the movement alive. 20.7 2010
Valentine’s Day: Hollywood all-stars celebrate, L.A.-style. 20.6 2010
Channing Tatum: Dear John’s soldier falls for spring break love. 20.5 2010
North Face: A Boy and His Eiger 20.6 2010
Theories of Creation: A Conversation With Director Jon Amiel 20.4 2010
When in Rome: Money buys Kristen Bell a little too much love. 20.4 2010
Extraordinary Measures : Brendan Fraser Battles Against All Odds 20.3 2010
Aziz Ansari: Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening 20.3 2010
Abbie Cornish: A Bright Star at Stella McCartney 20.3 2010
The Spy Next Door: Jackie Chan and Amber Valletta – The New Odd Couple 20.2 2010
Fish Tank: The Irish Charm of Michael Fassbender 20.2 2010
Dahmer Vs. Gacy: Actor-director Ford Austin opens up about his film. 20.2 2010
Saint John of Las Vegas: Another Quirky Character for Steve Buscemi 20.2 2010
Youth in Revolt: Michael Cera is so bad … he’s good. 20.1 2010
Bitch Slap: Julia Voth has Trix up her sleeve. 20.1 2010
The Young Victoria : A Queen for the Ages 19.48 2009
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus: A.K.A. Heath Ledger’s Last Film 19.48 2009
Crazy Heart: Channeling the Soul of a Country Star 19.48 2009
Avatar: The Most Challenging Film James Cameron Ever Made 19.48 2009
The Age Of Stupid: Global Warming Never Looked So Good 19.35 2009
Brett Ratner: Still Hungry 19.35 2009
The Lovely Bones: Peter Jackson unearths a best-selling read. 19.47 2009
Broken Embraces: Pedro Almodóvar Cruz-es for love. 19.47 2009
A Single Man: Tom Ford’s Aesthetic Symphony 19.47 2009
The Misfortunates: That Family Who Everyone Knows 19.47 2009
Armored: Columbus Short packs heat. 19.46 2009
Up in the Air: In Flight with Jason Reitman 19.46 2009
The Garza Twins: Double Your Pleasure in Transylmania 19.46 2009
The Strip: Dave Foley and Jameel Khan spark up laughs. 19.46 2009
The Road: A Father and Son Love Story 19.45 2009
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee: Wild Blake Lively, Wise Robin Wright 19.45 2009
Me and Orson Welles: Zac Efron Lucks into the Role of a Lifetime 19.45 2009
The End of Poverty?: Philippe Diaz wants you! 19.45 2009
The Twilight Saga, New Moon: Are you on Team Jacob or Team Edward? 19.44 2009
Transylmania: Razvan U: Now Accepting Applications 19.44 2009
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans: Don’t Call It a Remake 19.44 2009
Pirate Radio: Not Another Rom-Com for Richard Curtis 19.43 2009
Fantastic Mr. Fox: Wes Anderson Gets Animated 19.43 2009
Gentlemen Broncos: Husband and wife dynamos salute oddball adolescence – again. 19.41 2009
The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day: Troy Duffy: Bigger, Badder, Better 19.41 2009
Amelia: Soaring Bravery and Flying Ambition 2009
Astro Boy: An Old Favorite Seeks a New Audience 19.40 2009
The Horse Boy: Parents Let Their Son Shine 19.39 2009
Opa!: Matthew Modine Rallies For Indies 19.39 2009
Nick Swardson: Go Ahead. Laugh. You Know You Want To. 19.39 2009
Law Abiding Citizen: F. Gary Gray cold cocks us with a knockout. 19.39 2009
Bronson: The Biopic Re-imagined As Violent Performance Art 19.39 2009
Black Dynamite: An Explosively Funny Love Letter to Blaxploitation 19.39 2009
The Damned United: Michael Sheen Scores as Legendary Soccer Manager 19.38 2009
Mike Birbiglia: Comedy for College Kids 19.38 2009
Good Hair: Chris Rock questions African-American beauty ideals. 19.38 2009
Zombieland: What’s a little flesh-eating among friends? 19.37 2009
A Serious Man: Coen Brothers Get the Laughs 19.37 2009
Tony Kaye: Is American History X’s director “Exentric?” 19.41 2009
Capitalism: A Love Story: Michael Moore’s Latest Grievance 19.37 2009
The Boys Are Back: Clive Owen faces parenthood — alone. 19.36 2009
Tucker Max: Patron Saint of Vulgarity and Controversy 19.36 2009
Bright Star: First Love Does Indeed Shine Brightest 2009
The Other Man: Adultery from Every Angle 19.34 2009
Hope Olaide Wilson: Meet Tyler Perry’s New Breakout Star 19.34 2009
9: It's True: A Film School Short Can Lead to a Feature 19.34 2009
Sorority Row: Hot, Thin, Unclothed College Girls, Beware! 19.34 2009
Jennifer's Body: Megan Fox feeds on high school fellas. 19.34 2009
Birthday Free For All: Jason Paris Gets Hooked Up 19.33 2009
Jonathan Chase: This Gamer Shall Inherit the Earth 19.33 2009
Extract: And You Thought Your Job at Subway Was Bananas 19.33 2009
H2: Rob Zombie re-imagines a classic horror. 19.32 2009
Taking Woodstock: Jonathan Groff awakens to Hollywood’s A-list. 19.32 2009
World's Greatest Dad: Robin Williams + Bobcat Goldthwait + Profanity 19.31 2009
Post Grad: When Reality Hits You in the Face 19.31 2009
On the Set of Monster Mutt: A CSU Northridge Senior Talks with the Major Players 19.31 2009
Inglourious Basterds: B.J. Novak: From Office Temp to War Hero 19.31 2009
It Might Get Loud: Jimmy Page, the Edge, Jack White: What Makes Them Riff? 19.30 2009
District 9: Where did these aliens come from? 19.30 2009
Bandslam's Alyson Michalka: Will Rock You With Her New Movie and Music 19.30 2009
Tapped: Drinkable Water in Jeopardy! 19.29 2009
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra's Ray Park: Rolls “Lucky” Snake Eyes! 19.29 2009
Thirst: Park Chan-wook’s Spin on Vampirism 19.28 2009
Aliens in the Attic: Ashley Tisdale & Co. Combat Creatures 19.28 2009
Adam: An Asperger’s Love Story 19.28 2009
The Ugly Truth: Opposites Attract: Katherine Heigl & Gerard Butler 19.27 2009
Valerie Cruz: Uncovers the Story Between the Lines 19.27 2009
In The Loop: Provocative Political Satire From Across the Pond 19.27 2009
Humpday: Bromosexuals Making Bro-Porn 19.27 2009
(500) Days of Summer: Joseph Gordon-Levitt hearts Zooey Deschanel. 19.27 2009
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Will round two take box office gold? 19.25 2009
The Ross Report: Actor Evan Ross goes gangster in Life Is Hot in Cracktown. 19.25 2009
Under Our Skin: Raising Awareness of Lyme Disease 19.25 2009
Surveillance: David Lynch’s daughter is truly “sick.” 19.25 2009
The Stoning of Soraya M.: Inequality of Women in Islamic World 19.25 2009
Still Green: The Resurrection of the Indie Drama 19.25 2009
Francis Ford Coppola: UCLA alum relearns how to make movies with Tetro. 19.24 2009
$9.99: The meaning of life won’t break the bank 19.24 2009
Whatever Works: Woody Allen casts Larry David as an eccentric New Yorker … perfect 19.24 2009
Irene in Time's Tanna Frederick: Henry Jaglom’s protégé tackles the complex father/daughter relationship 19.24 2009
The Taking of Pelham 123: Washington and Travolta face off under Manhattan. 19.23 2009
Dim Sum Funeral: 19.23 2009
Throw Down Your Heart: A Heartwarming Musical History 19.22 2009
Away We Go: Even pregnancy can be funny with the right perspective. 19.22 2009
Drag Me to Hell: The Feel-Good Movie of 2009 19.21 2009
The Girlfriend Experience: Porn star Sasha Grey tries her hand at mainstream film. 19.20 2009
Easy Virtue: Priscilla’s Stephan Elliott brings Coward and Hitchcock up to date 19.20 2009
Dance Flick: Humor to Help You Get Your Groove Back 19.20 2009
Adoration: A teenage boy dangerously weaves fact and fiction. 19.18 2009
Rudo y Cursi: A Bond Between Brothers and Friends 19.18 2009
Sonita Henry: Star Trek’s hot doc plans her takeover 19.18 2009
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past : Matthew McConaughey’s Haunted by Love 19.17 2009
Billy Samoa Saleebey: A Director Great at Rolling with the Punches 19.16 2009
Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox: The Smosh boys are bringing funny back. 19.17 2009
Tyson: Director James Toback captures the madness. 19.16 2009
Ali Larter: A Hero becomes Obssessed 19.16 2009
Rad Girls Go Live: The Female Rock Equivalent of “Jackass” 19.16 2009
The Soloist: Humanizing Homelessness, Destigmatizing Mental Illness 19.16 2009
Crank: High Voltage: Amy Smart, Public Sex, Gangsters, Strippers and Corey Haim 19.15 2009
Beer Wars: What’s American business brewing and for whom? 19.15 2009
Enlighten Up: For Yoga Lovers and Skeptics 19.15 2009
Every Little Step: The Heart and Soul of “A Chorus Line” 19.15 2009
17 Again: Matthew Perry gets a do-over – as Zac Efron! 19.15 2009
Observe and Report: Jody Hill’s World of Relatable Losers 19.14 2009
Veering Off Path: Spotlight on Brian Singleton of Web Sensation 19.14 2009
Dragonball: Justin Chatwin and Emmy Rossum go manga. 19.14 2009
PARIS 36: A musical hall offers good times and hope. 19.13 2009
GAL GADOT: Exotic Beauty Races into Fast & Furious 19.13 2009
SKILLS LIKE THIS: Spencer Berger has the skills to pay the bills 19.13 2009
SUGAR: Re-Imagining the American Dream 19.13 2009
WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?: Art imitates more than just life. 19.13 2009
ADVENTURELAND: Summertime’s Ode to Rides, Games and First Love 19.12 2009
THE EDUCATION OF FRED DURST: Rock Star in Director’s Chair for Charlie Banks 19.12 2009
Explicit Ills: Rosario Dawson makes the world a better place. 19.11 2009
SIN NOMBRE: Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna’s First Offering 19.11 2009
THE CAKE EATERS: Life comes with dessert. 19.10 2009
THE EDGE OF LOVE: Sienna Miller opens up about romance. 19.10 2009
SHERMAN'S WAY: Brooke Nevin delights and enlightens. 19.10 2009
MISS MARCH: Playboys Have More Fun 19.9 2009
PHOEBE IN WONDERLAND: Huffman and Fanning Retreat Down, Down, Down the Rabbit Hole 19.9 2009
WATCHMEN: The Unfilmable Graphic Novel Comes to Life 19.8 2009
STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN-LI: Kristen Kreuk & Co. aim to kick Bison butt. 19.8 2009
NICHOLAS D’AGOSTO: Gets Fired Up About His Latest Role 19.7 2009
ELEVEN MINUTES: Starring the Colorful Jay McCarroll of “Project Runway” 19.7 2009
ALL GROWN UP?: Keshia Knight Pulliam Plays Prostitute in Madea Goes to Jail 19.7 2009
The International: Invoking the Paranoid Political Spirit of the ’70s 19.6 2009
Friday The 13th: Jason at His Terrifying Best 19.6 2009
FANBOYS: Road Trip Mission: Break into Skywalker Ranch 19.5 2009
He's Just Not That Into You: Nine Stories About the Jacked-Up World of Dating 2009
Maggie Grace: Audiences are Taken with this enchanting new talent. 2009
Henry Selick CORALINE: Henry Selick and Neil Gaiman’s Handmade Fairy Tale 2009
Chris Evans PUSH: Chris Evans becomes one of the movers and shakers. 2009
Chandi Chowk to China: First Ever Kung-Fu/Bollywood Flick 2009
Jensen Ackles MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D: Crowd Involvement Takes the Cake 2009
Kevin James PAUL BLART: MALL COP: Kevin James to the rescue! 2009
Jamie Bell DEFIANCE: How One Group Dared to Be Brave 2009
Felicia Day of 'The Guild': 2009
Hudson & Hathaway BRIDE WARS: Save the date for Hudson/Hathaway’s marital showdown. 2009
The Class: The Complexities of Teaching, Learning, Surviving 2008
The Wrestler: An Honest Performance and a Lens 2008
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: A Short Story That Took a Long Time to Make 2008
Adam Resurrected: Goldblum’s Obsession 2008
Last Chance Harvey: Hofman and Thompson: An Acting Marriage in Heaven 2008
Marley & Me: Prepare to fall in love with the world's worst dog 2008
Seven Pounds: The movie that changed Will Smith's life 2008
Yes Man: Jim Carrey's in it for the laughs. 2008
The Reader The Reader: Love in the Time of Post-WWII Germany 2008
Doubt Doubt: Streep, Hoffman and Adams make you wonder. 2008
Timecrimes Timecrimes: The Sinister and the Silly 2008
Wendy and Lucy Wendy and Lucy: A Girl, Her Dog and Our Economy 2008
What Doesn't Kill You What Doesn't Kill You: “Crime doesn’t pay, rehabilitation is the way.” 2008
Nothing Like The Holidays Nothing Like The Holidays: An unexpected crisis unites a family 2008
The Day The Earth Stood Still The Day The Earth Stood Still: Are you eco-friendly enough to save the planet? 2008
Cadillac Records Cadillac Records: The Wright Stuff: Jeffrey Wright as Muddy Waters 2008
Hugh Jackman: Australia Australia: Hugh Jackman brings sexy to the Outback 2008
Special Special: The film’s writers/directors Hal Haberman and Jeremy Passmore share their fondest USC memories. 2008
Transporter 3 Trasporter 3: Jason Statham: 2008
Four Christmases Four Christmases: A Comedic Vaughn/ Witherspoon Collabo 2008
Twilight Twilight: A Love Story with Bite 2008
Milk Milk: Before Proposition 8, there was Harvey. 2008
A Christmas Tale A Christmas Tale: The “French Woody Allen” uses tragedy to uplift. 2008
Slumdog Millionaire Slumdog Millionaire: Danny Boyle tries love for a change. 2008
Quantum of Solace Quantum of Solace: Blonde Bond finishes what he started. 2008
Repo! The Genetic Opera Repo! The Genetic Opera: Not Your Parents' Opera 2008
Ballast Ballast: The Details of a Stranger's Life 2008
Soul Men Soul Men: Bernie Mac's Swan Song 2008
Splinter Splinter: Toby Wilkins breaks the mold in horror. 2008
Zach And Miri Make A Porno Zach And Miri Make A Porno: Smith, Rogen and Banks are a ballsy threesome. 2008
Sex Drive Sex Drive: Clark Duke road trips his way into audiences’ hearts. 2008
Synecdoche, New York Synecdoche, New York: Being Charlie Kaufman 2008
I've Loved You So Long I've Loved You So Long: Kristin Scott Thomas is reborn. 2008
Let The Right One In Let The Right One In: Horror as a Strange Kind of Poetry… 2008
AnnaLynne McCord AnnaLynne McCord: An Actress So Haunting, It’s Scary 2008
W. W.: Oliver Stone’s Fair, Balanced View of “Dubya” 2008
Oliver Stone Oliver Stone's Fair, Balanced View of "Dubya": 2008
Saving Marriage Saving Marriage: Proposition 8 Pops Up 2008
Mark Wahlberg Mark Wahlberg: It's not minimum or medium's Max Payne. 2008
Good Dick Good Dick: A Film About Love, Not Lust 2008
Body of Lies Body of Lies: DiCaprio and Crowe pair up in Ridley Scott’s political thriller 2008
Rachel Getting Married Rachel Getting Married: Anne Hathaway’s Bold Departure From the Good Girl 2008
Battle in Seattle Battle in Seatle: Politics take over the other Washington 2008
My Best Friend's Girl My Best Friend's Girl: Love Gets Funny with Three Hollywood Heavyweights. 2008
The Oly Girls The Oly Girls: Double the Trouble 2008
The Duchess The Duchess: Dominic Cooper Causes a Real Scandal 2008
The Women The Women: Love and Friendship Shared Between Female Pals 2008
The Family That Preys The Family That Preys: Tyler Perry's Latest Signals a Change in Direction 2008
Towelhead Towelhead: Alan Ball Tackles Blooming Sexuality In Suburbia 2008
Ping Pong Playa Ping Pong Playa: Oscar Award-winning Filmmaker Jessica Yu Takes a Crack At Comedy 2008
Top 10 Worse Come On Lines Heard Across College Campuses Top 10 Worse Come On Lines Heard Across College Campuses: The House Bunny's Writing team, Karen Lutz and Kirsten Smith, Count'em Down 2008
The Rocker The Rocker: Emma Stone proves she’s more than Superbad. 2008
Stealing America Stealing America: Vote by Vote: The Eerie Silence that Surrounded the 2004 Election 2008
Woody Allen Vicky Cristina Barcelona: Woody Allen 2008
Mark Pellington: Henry Poole Is Here Henry Poole Is Here: Finding a Miracle in Your Own Backyard 2008
Tropic Thunder Tropic Thunder: Boot Camp for Actors 2008
Hell Ride Hell Ride: Director Larry Bishop Gets Help From His Biggest Fan: Quentin Tarantino 2008
David Duchovny The X-Files: I Want to Believe: Do You Still Lack Trust, or Are You A Believer? 2008
Kevin Costner Swing Vote: Every Single Voice Counts 2008
Brideshead Revisited Brideshead Revisited: Poignant Study of Love or Bizarre Love Triangle? 2008
American Teen: Hannah American Teen's Hannah: Leaving Home: It's All About Perspective 2008
Wackness The Wackness: Growing Pains at Every Age 2008
Guillermo del Toro Hellboy II: The Golden Army: Visit the Depths of Guillermo del Toro’s Imagination 2008
WALL-E WALL-E: Andrew Stanton and Pixar Find Humanity Through A Little Robot 2008
American Teen: Jake American Teen's Jake: Hit the Road: My European Vacation 2008
Brick Lane Brick Lane: The Beloved Novel Takes to the Big Screen 2008
American Teen: Colin American Teen's Colin: College Athletics: A Rude Awakening 2008
Abigail Breslin: Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Kit Kittredge: An American Girl: Abigail Breslin Channels Nancy Drew 2008
Lori Petty: The Poker House The Poker House: Lori Petty's Shocking Directorial Debut 2008
Mike Myers: The Love Guru The Love Guru: Mike Myers Digs (A Little) Deep For Pitka 2008
Steve Carell: Get Smart Get Smart: I Spy A Summer Blockbuster 2008
American Teen: Megan American Teen's Megan: Pre-Med: A Mindset 2008
M. Night Shyamalan: The Happening The Happening: Qué Paso In M. Night Shyamalan’s New Movie? 2008
American Teen: Mitch American Teen's Mitch: A Lifestyle, Not a Job 2008
Jack Black: Kung Fu Panda Jack Black: Discovering His Inner Kung Fu Panda 2008
Seann William Scott: The Promotion The Promotion: Introducing Seann William Scott: The Vulnerable 2008
Adam Sandler: You Don't Mess with the Zohan You Don't Mess with the Zohan: Saving the World, One Joke at a Time 2008
Bomb It Bomb It: Exploring the Grimy Canvas of the World 2008
Mongol Mongol: The Story They Never Told You About Genghis Khan 2008
Strangers Bryan Bertino: Puts Aside his Love of Sports to Scare Us in The Strangers 2008
Foot Fist Way The Foot Fist Way: The Low Budget Comedy That Could 2008
Mena Suvari: Stuck Stuck: Mena Suvari's Road to Horror 2008
Dave Foley: Postal Dave Foley: Leader of the Cult in Uwe Boll's Postal 2008
Reprise Reprise: A Norwegian Wunderkind Has Done It Again 2008
Surfwise Surfwise: One Family, One Camper, One Philosophy - 11 People 2008
Famke Janssen: Turn the River Famke Janssen: Sinks A Winning Shot in Turn the River 2008
Garcia Girls How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer: A Crash Course On Love 2008
Bloodline Bloodline: The Da Vinci Code Redux 2008
Joel Silver: Speed Racer Speed Racer: Emile Hirsch & Co. Feel the Need for... 2008
Morgan Spurlock: Where in the World is Osama bin Laden? Morgan Spurlock: Looking For A Man, Finding A People 2008
Before the Rains Before the Rains' Rahul Bose: Human Rights Activist, Member of India's National Rugby Team and ... Actor 2008
Hats Off Hats Off: To the Remarkable 93-Year-Old, Mimi Weddell 2008
Son of Rambow Son of Rambow: A UK Kid's Funny Take on First Blood 2008
Four Minutes Four Minutes: A German director makes an international hit. 2008
Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay: Laughing All the Way to the Joint 2008
Deal Deal, the Movie: How One Director Deals With His Addiction 2008
Tori Spelling: Kiss the Bride Kiss the Bride's Tori Spelling: My Best Friend's Wedding - with a Gay Twist 2008
Jackie Chan: The Forbidden Kingdom The Forbidden Kingdom: Kung Fu Film Geeks, Rejoice! 2008
Alicia Witt: 88 Minutes 88 Minutes: Fiery-haired Actress Alicia Witt Simmers Onscreen 2008
Young@Heart Young@Heart: Senior Citizens Perform Junior-Lovin' Rock Opera 2008
Keanu Reeves: Street Kings The Elusive Mr. Reeves: Gets Challenged and Stretched in Street Kings 2008
Visitor The Visitor: Humanizing a Culture Clash 2008
Brittany Snow: Prom Night Prom Night: Hook Up or Get Hacked Up 2008
David Schwimmer: Run, Fat Boy, Run Run, Fat Boy, Run: Director David Schwimmer makes 2008
Jonathan Tucker: The Ruins Jonathan Tucker: Fond of the People Attached to The Ruins 2008
Sex and Death 101 Sex and Death 101: If You Gotta Go, Go With A Smile 2008
Tom Lenk: Internet Semi-Superstar Tom Lenk: "Internet Semi-Superstar" 2008
Ryan Phillippe: Stop-Loss Ryan Phillippe: Tells A Soldier's Story in Stop-Loss 2008
Priceless Priceless: Now, I Ain't Sayin' She's A Gold-digger… 2008
Paris Hilton: My New BFF 'Paris Hilton's My New BFF': Golden Girl Launches New Reality Show 2008
Jake Sasseville Jake Sasseville: Living on 2008
American Zombie American Zombie: 2008
Rachael Taylor: Shutter Rachael Taylor: Faces Culture Shock In Shutter 2008
Planet B-Boy Planet B-Boy: Breakdancing with the Stars 2008
Under the Same Moon (La Misma Luna) Under the Same Moon (La Misma Luna): Shows Us the Astronomic Heights of Love 2008
Grand The Grand: Zak Penn Tries His Hand At Poker 2008
Tyler Perry: Meet the Browns Positively Perry: Tyler Perry Stays In His Comfort Zone For Meet the Browns 2008
Scott Michael Foster: Greek 'Greek' Star: Scott Michael Foster Charms Pants Off 2008
Adam Carolla: The Hammer Adam Carolla: Returns to His Roots in The Hammer 2008
Lucy Walker: Blindsight Blindsight: Blind Tibetan Teenagers Touch the Top of the World 2008
Charlize Theron: Sleepwalking Charlize Theron: Wears Two Hats In Sleepwalking 2008
Sean Faris: Never Back Down Sean Faris: Even A Broken Back Can't Stop the Actor 2008
Chris Cooper: Married Life Married Life: Raising Interesting - and Humorous - Questions About the Institution 2008
Kate Beckinsale: Snow Angels Snow Angels: Art Imitates Life: Kate Beckinsale's A Working Mother 2008
Amy Adams: Miss Pettigrew Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day: Right on the Ledge Between Pretty Clean and Kinda Dirty 2008
Stephen Chow: CJ7 CJ7: Stephen Chow Enters the Fantastical World of Children 2008
Jason Statham: The Bank Job The Bank Job: Jason Statham Commits the Perfect Crime 2008
Chicago 10 Chicago 10: Documentary With a Twist: Archival Footage & Animation 2008
Christina Ricci: Penelope Christina Ricci: Breaks the Mold – Again 2008
Reese Witherspoon: Penelope Reese Witherspoon: Talks about Producing Penelope and Type A Personalities 2008
Will Ferrell: Semi-Pro Semi-Pro: Goin’ Wild in the ABA 2008
Michel Gondry: Be Kind Rewind Be Kind Rewind: Michel Gondry takes viewers on another wild trip. 2008
Charlie Bartlett Charlie Bartlett: Anton Yelchin pumps up the student body. 2008
Allison McCurdy Allison McCurdy: 2008
Freddie Highmore: The Spiderwick Chronicles The Spiderwick Chronicles: Transports You into the Extraordinary 2008
Step Up 2 the Streets Step Up 2 the Streets: Showcases the Underground Dance Scene 2008
John Hensley: Nip/Tuck John Hensley: A hesitant “Nip/Tuck” star is born. 2008
Paris Hilton: The Hottie and the Nottie The Hottie and The Nottie: Guess Which One Paris Hilton Is? 2008
Band's Visit The Band's Visit: Director Eran Kolirin Makes Very Small Events Big 2008
Martin Lawrence: Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins: A Family of Comedians Reunites with a Load of Laughs. 2008
Colin Farrell: In Bruges Colin Farrell: Gets His Priorities Straight in In Bruges 2008
Vince Vaughn: Wild West Comed Show Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show: A Big Star Shines a Light on Up ’N’ Coming Comedians 2008
Jessica Alba: The Eye The Eye: Jessica Alba Sets Her Sights on Scaring You 2008
Matthew McConaughey: Fool's Gold Fool's Gold: Hudson and McConaughey Pair Up for Ocean Adventure 2008
Eva Longoria: Over Her Dead Body Over Her Dead Body: Seeing Things From the Other Side 2008
Sarah Michelle Gellar: The Air I Breathe The Air I Breathe: How to Avoid a Mob Boss Named Fingers 2008
Melissa Bacelar: Hollywood Residential Playing Evil: Scream Queen Melissa Bacelar Embraces the Horror Genre 2008
Carmen Electra: Meet the Spartans Carmen Electra: Gives Meet the Spartans a Heaping Dose of Sexy 2008
Diane Lane: Untraceable Diane Lane: Plays the Hero in Untraceable 2008
Sylvester Stallone: Rambo Rambo: There Are No Winners in War 2008
Madison Hildebrand: The Malibu Life Madison Hildebrand: Welcome to The Malibu Life 2008
Jason Wahler: The Hills Jason Wahler: Finally Finds Peace, Love and Happiness 2008
Katie Holmes: Mad Money Mad Money: Katie Holmes Graduates from Starlet to Star 2008
Andrew Davies: Northanger Abbey Andrew Davies: In Jane Austen He Trusts 2008
Ricki Lake: The Business of Being Born The Business of Being Born: Ricki Lake Shows Her Baby Off to the World 2008
Katherine Heigl: 27 Dresses 27 Dresses: Katherine Heigl on Weddings, Relationships and a New Year 2008
Year My Parents Went On Vacation The Year My Parents Went On Vacation: The Importance of Being Lonely 2008
Erin Fogel: 27 Dresses Erin Fogel: The Silver Screen’s Next Big Deal 2008
Great Debaters The Great Debaters: Denzel Washington’s Sophomore Effort Empowers A Community 2008
John Sayles: Honeydripper Honeydripper: John Sayles’ Latest Flick Drips With Retro Detail 2008
Leelee Sobieski: In the Name of the King Leelee Sobieski: From Nerd to Lover to Warrior – Growing Up in Hollywood 2008
Jack Nicholson: The Bucket List The Bucket List: Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman on a Road Trip of a Lifetime 2007
Steep Steep: Danger: Falling Snow and High-Flying Skiers! 2007
Judd Apatow: Walk Hard Walk Hard: Judd Apatow Shows His Cox 2007
Persepolis Persepolis: Marjane Satrapi and Chiara Mastroianni Find Common Ground 2007
Nic Nac: Beta House Nic Nac: Incites Chuckles in American Pie Presents: Beta House 2007
Sam Elliott: The Golden Compass The Golden Compass: Trusting a Child’s Inner Sense of Goodness and Justice 2007
Gabrielle Union: The Perfect Holiday The Perfect Holiday: Gabrielle Union’s Latest Comedic Role 2007
Tim Roth: Youth Without Youth Youth Without Youth: Experiment Beautifully with Youth Without Youth 2007
Kite Runner The Kite Runner: From Novel to Film, “There is a Way to be Good Again” 2007
Keira Knightley: Atonement Atonement: One Girl Pays the Price For Everything She's Done Wrong 2007
Will Smith: I Am Legend Will Smith: The World’s Last, Great Hope in I Am Legend 2007
Chauntal Lewis Chauntal Lewis: Here Comes “Lindsay Fully Loaded” 2007
Woody Harrelson: The Walker The Walker: Steps Out of the Shadows and Into Film History 2007
Guy Ritchie: Revolver Revolver: The Colorful Characters of Guy Ritchie’s Mind 2007
Living Wake Sol Tryon: Living Up to His Potential in The Living Wake 2007
Heath Ledger: I'm Not There I'm Not There: Seven Actors Portray Interlocked Pieces of the Dylan Puzzle 2007
Chris Brown: This Christmas This Christmas: An Eventful Holiday Family Reunion 2007
Nicole Kidman: Margot at the Wedding Nicole Kidman: Plays Wedding Crasher in Margot at the Wedding 2007
Stephen King: The Mist The Mist: Team Up Once Again for a Serious Torture Porn Tale 2007
Richard Kelly: Southland Tales Richard Kelly: USC alum tells Southland Tales 2007
'Birnkrant 616': A Webisode Sitcom Grows at USC 2007
Reverend Billy: What Would Jesus Buy? What Would Jesus Buy?: Following Reverend Billy Down the Road to Consumer Redemption 2007
War/Dance War/Dance: Children Provide Hope Through Dance In Wartime 2007
Justin Wilcynski: Kaya Justin Wilcynski: Rising Star of MTV's 2007
Jake Paltrow: The Good Night Jake Paltrow: A Lovely Dream Comes to the Big Screen In The Good Night. 2007
Vince Vaughn: Fred Claus Vince Vaughn: Plays Big Brother to a Saint in Fred Claus 2007
Adrienne Frantz: The Young and the Restless Adrienne Frantz: 2007
Fat Girls Fat Girls: Ash Christian’s rise from Texas teen to hyphenate. 2007
Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten: Julien Temple pays homage to a good friend. 2007
Genius Club The Genius Club's Tim Chey: Outside the Courtroom, Behind the Camera 2007
Melissa George: Music Within Melissa George: The Gentel Soul Who Tackles Diffcult Projects 2007
Finishing the Game Justin Lin: Finishing the Game, but Just Getting Started 2007
Banner Gwin: Apartment Story Banner Gwin: A Director on the Rise 2007
Jake Gyllenhaal: Rendition Rendition: An Extraordinary Tale of Other People's Lives 2007
David Koechner: The Comebacks The Comebacks: New Comedy Scores a Touchdown 2007
Ben Affleck: Gone Baby Gone Ben Affleck: A Change of Direction with Gone Baby Gone 2007
Berkeley Berkeley: Director Bobby Roth Relives His Activist Past 2007
Ryan Gosling: Lars and the Real Girl Lars and the Real Girl: A Love Story Like No Other 2007
Jason Chambers: Human Weapon Jason Chambers: 2007
Ben Stiller: The Heartbreak Kid The Heartbreak Kid: Honeymoon from Hell 2007
My Kid Could Paint That Amir Bar-Lev: My Kid Could Paint That Raises Questions About the Nature of Art 2007
Aaron McGruder: "The Boondocks" "The Boondocks": Aaron McGruder's ready for Round 2. 2007
Jennifer Garner: The Kingdom Jennifer Garner: Slips out of Motherhood into the FBI 2007
Jessica Alba: Good Luck Chuck Jessica Alba & Dane Cook: Get Lucky in Good Luck Chuck 2007
Daniel Radcliffe: December Boys Daniel Radcliffe: Goodbye to Potter and Hello to December Boys 2007
Seann Michael Scott: Mr. Woodcock Mr. Woodcock: His Reign of Terror Is Long and Hard 2007
Charlize Theron: In the Valley of Elah Charlize Theron: Choosing Serious Over Sexy 2007
Emile Hirsch: Into the Wild Into the Wild: Hollywood Goes Back Country in Search of a Soul 2007
Seth MacFarlane: Family Guy Seth MacFarlane: He's the Man Behind "Family Guy" 2007
Monica Bellucci: Shoot 'Em Up Shoot 'Em Up: Guns, Ammo and Monica Bellucci 2007
Russell Crowe: 3:10 to Yuma 3:10 to Yuma: Christian Bale and Russell Crowe Remake a Great Western 2007
Stuart Lafferty: Death Sentence Stuart Lafferty: Gets his Death Sentence 2007
Ryan Reynolds: The Nines The Nines: Ryan Reynolds Takes on a Very Different Surreal Life 2007
Rob Zombie: Halloween Rob Zombie: Brings Halloween Back from the Dead 2007
Josh Hartnett: Resurrecting the Champ Josh Hartnett: Fights for Truth and Integrity in Resurrecting the Champ 2007
Ethan Hawke: The Hottest State The Hottest State: Ethan Hawke's Cherished Book Makes the Leap to the Big Screen 2007
Christopher Walken: Balls of Fury Balls of Fury: The More You Play With Them, the Better You Get 2007
Deep Water Deep Water: The Ship Heard 'Round the World 2007
Gina Gershon: Delirious Delirious: Yep, That Really is Elvis Costello 2007
7 Días Booking U2 in 7 Días: Bono Saves the Day for Indie Mexican Flick 2007
Leonardo DiCaprio: The 11th Hour Leonardo DiCaprio: Pushes Living Green in The 11th Hour 2007
Rocket Science Rocket Science: Master Debaters Learn Life Lessons in this Offbeat Comedy 2007
Chris Tucker: Rush Hour 3 Rush Hour 3: Fast-Talking, Quick-Kicking Action Comedy 2007
David Wain: The Ten The Ten: Sin Never Made You Laugh So Hard 2007
Matt Groening: The Simpsons Movie The Simpsons Movie: The 18-Year Wait Is Finally Over 2007
Hairspray Hairspray: An All-Star Cast Revives A Cult Classic 2007
Matt Damon: The Bourne Ultimatum Matt Damon: Still Searching for Self in The Bourne Ultimatum 2007
Molière Molière: Director Laurent Tirard Brings Sexy Back 2007
Don Cheadle: Talk to Me Talk to Me: Don Cheadle is Perfect as Petey Greene 2007
Steve Buscemi: Interview Interview: Hollywood goes Dutch with Steve Buscemi 2007
Michael Bay: Transformers Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye 2007
John Krasinski: License to Wed License to Wed: Mandy Moore and John Krasinski's Bumpy Ride to the Altar 2007
John Cusack: 1408 1408: One Room that Might Scare You to Death 2007
Téa Leoni: You Kill Me Téa Leoni: Delightfully Charms in You Kill Me 2007
Angelina Jolie: A Mighty Heart Angelina Jolie: Portrays a Woman with A Mighty Heart 2007
Bruce Willis: Live Free or Die Hard Live Free or Die Hard: Bruce Willis is John McClane: The Reluctant Action Hero 2007
La Vie En Rose La Vie En Rose: Exploring the Legend of Edith Piaf 2007
Hostel: Part II Eli Roth: The Cinematic Mayhem of Horror's Hostel: Part II 2007
Roach The Roach: A UCLA Student's Short 2007
Gracie Carly Schroeder: Fights for Her Right to Play in Gracie 2007
Dane Cook: Mr. Brooks Kevin Costner and Dane Cook: Explore Their Dark Sides in Mr. Brooks 2007
Severance Severance: A Very Different Approach to Downsizing 2007
Paprika Paprika: The Kind of Girl Dreams Are Made of 2007
Once John Carney: Love Sweeps in All at Once 2007
Angel-A Rie Rasmussen: An Angel-A Sent From Heaven 2007
Luke Wilson: The Wendell Baker Story Andrew & Luke Wilson: The Wendell Baker Story is a Family Affair 2007
Parker Posey: Fay Grim Parker Posey: Plays the Spy Who Doesn't Love Him in Fay Grim 2007
Lindsay Lohan: Georgia Rule Lindsay Lohan: The Georgia Rule Star Grows Up, Gets Serious 2007
Chalk Mike Akel & Chris Mass: Chalk: Writing About Teaching 2007
Juan Carlos Fresnadillo: 28 Weeks Later Juan Carlos Fresnadillo: Director Takes Horror to Next Level With 28 Weeks Later 2007
Steve Austin: The Condemned Stone Cold vs. Bullet Tooth Tony: Face off in The Condemned 2007
Nathan Fillion: Waitress Waitress: Serves Up Laughter and a Lot of Heart 2007
Peter Krause: Civic Duty Peter Krause: Blurs the Lines of Civic Duty 2007
Stephanie Daley Stephanie Daley: (Regent Releasing) 2007
Gabriel Byrne: Jindabyne Jindabyne: (Sony Picture Classics) 2007
Jessica Alba: The Eye (On Set) On Set With Jessica Alba: The Eyes Have it 2007
Jornada Al Norte: Silver Lake Film Festival Jornada Al Norte: At the Silver Lake Film Festival 2007
Luke Wilson: Vacancy Luke Wilson: Trades Giggles for Ghosts in Vacancy 2007
Jamie Kennedy: Kickin' It Old Skool Jamie Kennedy: Busts a Move in Kickin' It Old Skool 2007
Adam Brody: In the Land of Women Adam Brody: Finds Himself In the Land of Women 2007
Ryan Gosling: Fracture Ryan Gosling: Can't Lose in Fracture 2007
Jolene Blalock: Slow Burn Jolene Blalock: Stays Sexy in Slow Burn 2007
Simon Pegg: Hot Fuzz Hot Fuzz: Cuddly British Cop Flick 2007
Shia LaBeouf: Disturbia Shia LaBeouf: Takes us on a Trip to Disturbia 2007
Molly Shannon: The Year of the Dog Molly Shannon & Mike White: Explores Relationships in The Year of the Dog 2007
Richard Gere: The Hoax Richard Gere: Sets Us Up in The Hoax 2007
Quentin Tarantino: Grindhouse Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez: Grindhouse's Double Whammy of Sex and Violence 2007
Cuba Gooding Jr.: What Love Is Cuba Gooding Jr.: Searches For What Love Is 2007
Hilary Swank: The Reaping Hilary Swank: Reaping the Rewards of an Amazing Career 2007
Paul Sapiano: The Boy's & Girl's Guide to Getting Down Paul Sapiano: Offers The Boy's & Girl's Guide to Getting Down 2007
Björn Türoque: Air Guitar Nation Björn Türoque: Rules the Air Guitar Nation 2007
Paul Verhoeven: Black Book Paul Verhoeven: Black Book Takes a Page From History 2007
Mark Wahlberg: Shooter Mark Wahlberg: Hits the Mark in Shooter 2007
Wes Craven: The Hills Have Eyes 2 The Hills Have Eyes 2: The Cravens Have Eyes For Storytelling 2007
Mira Nair: The Namesake Mira Nair: Births The Namesake 2007
Rainn Wilson: The Last Mimzy First Look at: The Last Mimzy 2007
Terrence Howard: Pride Terrence Howard: Swims to the Top With Pride 2007
Mark Ruffalo: Zodiac Mark Ruffalo: Case Inspires Zodiac Actor 2007
Billy Bob Thorton: The Astronaut Farmer The Edge of the Universe is About Right For: Billy Bob Thorton 2007
Ioan Gruffudd: Amazing Grace Ioan Gruffudd: Relives the Past with Presence in Amazing Grace 2007
Frank Miller: 300 Big Battle: With a Successful Trip to Sin City Behind Him Frank Miller Gears up for War With 300 2007
Heather Graham: Gray Matters Heather Graham: Takes the Wheels Off of Roller Girl in Gray Matters 2007
James McAvoy: Starter For 10 Flashback: James McAvoy Parties Like it's 1985 in Starter For 10 2007
Christina Ricci: Black Snake Moan Shock Cinema: Christina Ricci and Samuel L. Jackson Go the Extra Mile in Black Snake Moan 2007
Gabrielle Union: Daddy's Little Girl Gabrielle Union & Tyler Perry: Reveal the Write Stuff for Daddy's Little Girl 2007
Reno 911!: Miami Bad Boys, Bad Boys: The Reno 911! Squad Comes to Miami 2007
Jim Carrey: The Number 23 Jim Carrey: Trades Cheap Jokes for Gritty Drama in The Number 23 2007
Evangeline Lilly: Lost Evangeline Lilly: 2007
Hannibal Rising Gaspard Ulliel: Rises to the Lecter Challenge as the Newest Hannibal 2007
Sienna Miller: Factory Girl Sienna Miller: Flexes Her Thespian Muscles in Factory Girl 2007
Vera Farmiga: The Departed Vera Farmiga: Good Things Are Coming in Twos 2007
Jeremy Piven: Smokin' Aces Jeremy Piven: Aces His First Dramatic Starring Role 2007
Kal Penn: Epic Movie Kumar Goes to the A-List: Kal Penn Finally Gets His Epic Movie 2007
Sean Bean: The Hitcher Sophia Bush and Sean Bean Thrill in: The Hitcher 2007
Edward Norton: The Painted Veil Edward Norton & Naomi Watts: Endure a Rocky Relationship in The Painted Veil 2007
Brittany Murphy: The Dead Girl Brittany Murphy: Returns in The Dead Girl 2007
Lucy Liu: The Cleaner Lucy Liu & Nicollette Sheridan: Kick Ass in Code Name: The Cleaner 2007
Milo Ventimiglia: Rocky Balboa Milo Ventimiglia: Takes Flight as Baby Rocky in Rocky Balboa 2006
Ben Stiller: Night at the Museum Ben Stiller: And Some Old Pros Have a Make-believe Night 2006
Gong Li: Curse of the Golden Flower Gong Li: After a Turn in Miami Vice, the Actress Returns to Chinese Cinema 2006
Screamers Screamers: Carla Garapedian and System of a Down Call For Action 2006
Heath Ledger: Candy Heath Ledger: Abandons a Surefire Career for one Fraught with Risk 2006
Will Smith: Pursuit of Happyness Will Smith and His Son: Believed in the Pursuit of Happyness 2006
Cautiva Cautiva: Gaston Biraben Details Argentina's 2006
Zack Snyder: 300 300: Zack Snyder Brings Frank Miller's Novel to the Big Screen 2006
Josh Duhamel: Turistas Josh Duhamel: The 'Las Vegas' Star Goes From Hunk to Horrific in Turistas 2006
Nativity Story Anything but 'Passion': The Filmmakers behind The Nativity Story Talk About Getting the Movie Made 2006
Hugh Jackman: The Fountain Eternal Life Discovered: Hugh Jackman and Darren Aronofsky Recount Their Journey to The Fountain 2006
Jack Black: The Pick of Destiny Jack Black and Kyle Gass: Bring Tenacious D to the Big Screen 2006
Parker Posey: For Your Consideration Parker Posey: The Indie Queen Goes Home for Purim in Christopher Guest's For Your Consideration 2006
Wilmer Valderrama: Fast Food Nation Thank You, Please Drive Around: Fast Food Nation's Catalina Moreno Sandino and Wilmer Valderrama 2006
Christian Slater: Bobby Bobby: Christian Slater and Joshua Jackson Turn Opinionated about the politically Charged Film 2006
Sarah Michelle Gellar: The Return Sarah Michelle Gellar: Continues to Battle Supernatural Forces in The Return 2006
Joe Carnahan: Smokin' Aces Joe Carnahan: Narc Writer/Director Takes on Vegas in Smokin' Aces 2006
Penelope Cruz: Volver Two's Company: Pedro Almodóvar and his Muse, Penélope Cruz, Explore the Women of Spain in Volver 2006
Running With Scissors Running With Scissors: Nip/Tuck Creator Ryan Murphy Turns to Film Direction 2006
Sacha Baron Cohen: Borat Sacha Baron Cohen: In Borat, the Actor Takes on Everything but the Kitchen Sink 2006
Tobin Bell: Saw III Blood Sport: Jigsaw and his Torture Games Return in Saw III 2006
Rob Zombie: TCM Underground Rob Zombie: Not the Typical Triple Threat 2006
Gabriel Range: Death of a President Assassination Station: Gabriel Range Explores the Demise of the Bush Administration 2006
Kate Winslet: Little Children Kate Winslet: Raises Every Role She Takes to an Art Form 2006
Hugh Jackman: The Prestige Christian Bale & Hugh Jackman: Play Competing Magicians in The Prestige 2006
Bobcat Goldthwait: Sleeping Dogs Lie Sleeping Dogs Lie: Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait Directs 2006
John Cena: The Marine John Cena: WWE Star Kicks his way onto the Big Screen in The Marine 2006
Robin Williams: Man of the Year Robin Williams: Comedian Plays a Jon Stewart-Type Role in Man of the Year 2006
Forest Whitaker: The Last King of Scotland The Last King of Scotland: Forest Whitaker Takes on a Real-Life Role in the Magnetic, Murderous Drama 2006
Leonardo DiCaprio: The Departed Dearly Departed: Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio Lead the Charge in Martin Scorsese’s New Film 2006
Texas Chainsaw Massacre New Beginnings: Taylor Handley Talks About Surviving The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2006
Shortbus John Cameron Mitchell: Brings Hedwig Sensibility to the Sex-Infused Drama Shortbus 2006
Alicia Silverstone: Alex Rider Alicia Silverstone: Returns to the Big Screen in Operation Stormbreaker 2006
Jon Heder: School For Scoundrels Jon Heder: Gets Back to Comedy Basics in School For Scoundrels 2006
American Hardcore American Hardcore: Paul Rachman Documents the Music and Culture of '80s Movement 2006
Michel Gondry: The Science of Sleep Beautiful Dreamer: Michel Gondry Takes Gael García Bernal on a Nocturnal Trip in The Science of Sleep 2006
Johnny Knoxville: Jackass Number Two Jackass Number Two: Here They Come Again 2006
Half Nelson Half Nelson: Has Some Critics Gushing, Others Angry 2006
Zach Braff: The Last Kiss Zach Braff: 'Scrubs' Star Contemplates Life in The Last Kiss 2006
Josh Hartnett: The Black Dahlia Josh Hartnett: Murder and Mayhem 2006
Orlando Bloom: Haven Orlando Bloom: Explores Corruption in the Caribbean in Haven 2006
Jet Li: Fearless Jet Li: Jet Li Closes a Chapter of his Life with Fearless 2006
This Film is Not Yet Rated Rater Haters: Kirby Dick and Eddie Schmidt Waves in Hollywood With This Film is Not Yet Rated 2006
Amy Smart: Crank Amy Smart: Gets Crank in New Role 2006
Adrien Brody: Hollywoodland Adrien Brody: Delves Deep into the Fall of TV Legend in Hollywoodland 2006
Anthony Mackie: Crossover Anthony Mackie: Crossing Over to the Hollywood A-List 2006
Neil Burger: The Illusionist The Illusionist: Magic and Edward Norton 2006
Lili Taylor: Factotum Lili Taylor: Lili Taylor Tackles Another Tough Role in Factotum 2006
Mark Wahlberg: Invincible Mark Wahlberg: Channels Football Phenom Vince Papale in Invincible 2006
Kristen Bell: Pulse Kristen Bell: Pulse Star Sees Ghosts on the Screen 2006
Samuel L. Jackson: Snakes on a Plane Slithering Onto the Big Screen: Badass Samuel L. Jackson Tackles Snakes on a Plane 2006
Channing Tatum Channing Tatum: Steps it Up in Step Up 2006
Will Ferrell: Talladega Nights Funny Onscreen: The Real Will Ferrell Is No Wild and Crazy Guy 2006
Aaron Eckhart: Conversations with Other Women Aaron Eckhart: Smoking Leads to Conversations with Other Women 2006
Brothers of the Head Brothers of the Head: An Exploration of Exploitation 2006
Robin Williams: The Night Listener Robin Williams: One of the Kings of American Comedy Takes Another Dramatic Turn in The Night Listener 2006
Justin Long: Accepted Justin Long: Makes the Grade in Accepted 2006
Azumi Violence, Popcorn and Assassins: Director Ryuhei Kitamura Talks Azumi 2006
Edward Burns: The Groomsmen Back to the Big Screen: Multi-hyphenate Edward Burns Returns with The Groomsmen 2006
Uma Thurman: My Super Ex-Girlfriend Beautiful Girl: Uma Thurman Really is the Super Ex-Girlfriend 2006
Greg Kinnear: Little Miss Sunshine Little Miss Sunshine: All-Star Cast Heads for the Golden State 2006
Kevin Smith: Clerks II Thirties Gone Wild: Kevin Smith Introduces Clerks II to the Public, 12 Years After the Original 2006
Orlando Bloom: Dead Man's Chest Playful Pirates: Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp Set Sail Once Again in Dead Man’s Chest 2006
Winona Ryder: A Scanner Darkly A Scanner Darkly: Truth, Fiction and Substance D 2006
Anne Hathaway: The Devil Wears Prada Anne Hathaway: Once Considered Disney Gold, the Actress Surprises Audiences in The Devil Wears Prada 2006
Jack Black: Nacho Libre Spicy Dish: Jack Black Embraces the World of Mexican Wrestling in Nacho Libre 2006
Alice Braga: Lower City Lower City: Lust, Jealousy and Betrayal Prove to be key Points for Alice Braga in new film 2006
Tyrese Gibson: Waist Deep Tyrese Gibson: Sinks Waist Deep into Movies, Singing and Modeling 2006
Sandra Bullock: The Lake House Speed Stars Slow Down: Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves in The Lake House 2006
Cavite Cavite: A Filmmaker's Journey 2006
Ward Serrill: Heart of the Game Ward Serrill: Director gets to the Heart of the Game 2006
John C. Reilly: Prairie Home Companion John C. Reilly: Plays One-Half of Singing Cowboy Duo in Prairie Home Companion 2006
Cheech Marin: Cars Animated Adventure: Cheech Marin and Larry the Cable Guy Take a Trip Down Route 66 in Cars 2006
Troy Duffy: The Boondock Saints Troy Duffy: Speaks Out About the Reawakening of The Boondock Saints 2006
Julia Stiles: The Omen Julia Stiles: Raises Satan in The Omen 2006
Brett Ratner: X-Men The Last Stand X-Men: The Last Stand: Drawing the X in the Sand 2006
Ian McKellen: The DaVinci Code Sir Ian McKellen: Has Designs on DaVinci Code 2006
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Mission Impossible III Jonathan Rhys Meyers: On a Mission for Film Success 2006
Side Effects A Dose of Reality: The Pharmaceutical Industry Gets a Taste of its Own Medicine in Side Effects 2006
Wolfgang Peterson: The Poseidon Adventure All Aboard: Wolfgang Peterson Tackles the Open Sea Once More in Poseidon 2006
Art School Confidential Terry Zwigoff: For the Director of Art School Confidential, It's All About the Actors 2006
Guy Pearce: The Proposition Character Study: Guy Pearce and Danny Huston Talk About the Complexity Within The Propostition 2006
Lindsay Lohan: Just My Luck Lindsey Lohan: Some Girls Have all the Luck 2006
Jeff Bridges: Stick It Mixing it up: Jeff Bridges Take on the World of Women's Gymnastics in Stick It 2006
Mandy Moore: American Dreamz Right Now, Life's a Dreamz Come True for: Mandy Moore 2006
Eva Longoria: The Sentinel Eva Longoria: Trades Wisteria Lane for the Secret Service in The Sentinel 2006
Anna Faris: Scary Movie 4 Anna Faris: Being Funny Comes Easy for Scary Movie 4 Star 2006
Mo'Nique: Phat Girls Large and In-Charge: Phat Girls Star Mo'Nique Says Beauty and Size Don't Mix 2006
Catherine Keener: Friends With Money Catherine Keener: After Capote and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, the Actress Strikes Again 2006
When Do We Eat When Do We Eat: Salvador Litvak's New Film is Full of Good Fun and Family Disfunction 2006
Antonio Banderas: Take the Lead Antonio Banderas: Has all the Right Moves in Take the Lead 2006
Steve Buscemi: Lonesome Jim Mid-Western Angst: Steve Buscemi Gets Behind the Lens for his Latest Feature 2006
Denzel Washington: Inside Man Denzel Washington: At the Top of His Game 2006
Chris Kattan: Adam & Steve Chris Kattan: Comedy With Humanity in Adam & Steve 2006
Jason Reitman: Thank You For Smoking Thank you For Smoking: Director Jason Reitman’s Film Will Surely Spark Discussion 2006
Salma Hayek: Ask the Dust Salma Hayek: A Woman of Many Talents 2006
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Brick Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Shoots far Past the “3rd Rock from the Sun” in Brick 2006
Nathan Fillion: Slither Slug Alert: Nathan Fillion Takes on a Whole New World in Horror-Comedy in Slither 2006
Matthew McConaughey: Failure to Launch Failure to Launch: Despite the Title of his new Flick, Matthew McConaughey has No Trouble Leaving the Safe Zone 2006
Milla Jovovich: Ultraviolet Milla Jovoich: Is No Shrinking Violet 2006
Emilie Deravin: The Hills Have Eyes Emilie Deravin: 'Lost' Actress Makes a Gory Jump to the Big Screen in The Hills Have Eyes 2006
Blair Underwood: Madea's Family Reunion Blair Underwood: Good at Being Bad in Madea’s Family Reunion 2006
Dave Chappelle: Block Party Dave Chappelle: Block Party Gives Fans a Glimpse at the Real Chappelle 2006
Paul Walker: Running Scared Paul Walker: Talks Suspense and Making Love atop a Washing Machine for Running Scared 2006
Jonathan Demme: Heart of Gold Jonathan Demme: Making a Concert Film Come Alive in Heart of Gold 2006
Steve Coogan: Tristram Shandy Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story: Who in the Hell is Steve Coogan and Why is he Funny? 2006
Harrison Ford: Firewall Harrison Ford: The Veteran Actor Proves he’s Still in the Game with Firewall 2006
Alyson Hannigan: Date Movie Alyson Hannigan: The Buffy Alum Has Us at Hello in Date Movie 2006
Sanaa Lathan: Something New Sanaa Lathan: Falling in Love in Something New 2006
Camilla Belle: When A Stranger Calls Babysitting Blues: Camilla Belle Accepts Her Toughest Role Yet in When a Stranger Calls 2006
Bryce Dallas Howard: Manderlay Bryce Dallas Howard: Sharpens her Skills in Lars Von Trier’s Manderlay 2006
Anthony Hopkins: The World's Fastest Indian Speed Racer: Anthony Hopkins and Roger Donaldson Team-up for The World’s Fastest Indian 2006
Underworld: Evolution Underworld: Evolution: Vampires, Werewolves, Hybrids, Oh My! 2006
New World Q'Orianka Kilcher: The New World's Pochahontas 2006
Jennifer Aniston: Rumor Has It Jennifer Aniston: The Actress Ends a Tough Year With Rumor Has It 2006
Pierce Brosnan: The Matador Mexico City Steals the Spotlight in: The Matador 2006
Hostel Jay Hernandez: Stretches Out From Nice-guy Roles in Hostel 2006
Ralph Fiennes: The White Countess Ralph Fiennes: The White Countess Star Journeys Back in Time 2005
Sarah Jessica Parker: The Family Stone Carrie Bradshaw No More: Gives Up 'Sex' For Family in Stone 2005
39 Pounds of Love 39 Pounds of Love: Director inspired by Subject 2005
Jake Gyllenhaal: Brokeback Mountain Jake Gyllenhaal: Charters New Territory in Brokeback Mountain 2005
Rent Rent: Hit Musical Finally Hits the Big Screen 2005
Usher: In the Mix Usher: In the Mix Star Shines 2005
Allen Covert: Grandma's Boy Allen Covert: There's Fun To Be Had Being a Grandma's Boy 2005
John Cusack: Ice Harvest Joh Cusack: No More Mr. Nice Guy in Ice Harvest 2005
Vera Farmiga: Down to the Bone Vera Farmiga: Faces Addiction Down to the Bone 2005
Ryan Reynolds: Just Friends Welcome to the Friend Zone: Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart Remember What It’s Like to be Just Friends 2005
RZA: Derailed Derailed: Wu-Tang’s RZA Makes his Move to the Silver Screen in Derailed 2005
Jason Schwartzman: Shopgirl Claire Danes & Jason Schwartzman: Shopgirl Co-stars also are Friends Off-screen 2005
Joaquin Phoenix: Walk the Line Country Star: Joaquin Phoenix Puts on Johnny Cash’s Shoes in Walk the Line 2005
Boiler Room Ben Younger: Gets Prime Inspiration From His Own Life 2005
Jamie Foxx: Jarhead Jamie Foxx: Leads Desert Storm Troops in Jarhead 2005
Nicolas Cage: The Weather Man Nicolas Cage: The Weather Man Star looks Ahead To Sunny Skies 2005
Ewan McGregor: Stay The Force is Within Him: Ewan McGregor Remains in Critics’ Minds with Stay 2005
Charlize Theron: North Country Charlize Theron: Tackles Another Weighty Role in North Country 2005
Keira Knightley: Domino Keira Knightley: Domino Actress Learns to Balance Bounty Hunting, English High Tea 2005
Cameron Crowe: Elizabethtown Cameron Crowe: Director Journeys Home With Elizabethtown 2005
George Clooney: Good Night, and Good Luck George Clooney: Commemorates a News Legend With Good Night, and Good Luck 2005
Paul Walker: Into the Blue Into the Blue: Jessica Alba and Paul Walker Hunt for Booty in New Underwater Adventure Flick Into the Blue 2005
Cameron Diaz: In Her Shoes Cameron Diaz: Gets Serious with In Her Shoes 2005
Joss Whedon: Serenity Serenity: ‘Buffy’ Creator Joss Whedon Makes His Feature Film Directorial Debut 2005
My Big Fat Independent Movie My Big Fat Independent Movie: Turns Indie Film On Its Head 2005
Neil Gaiman: Mirror Mask Mirror Mask: Writer Neil Gainman Finds the Light in Darkness 2005
Nicholas Brendon: Kitchen Confidential Out of the Graveyard and into the Fire: One on One with Nicholas Brendon 2005
Jenny McCarthy: Dirty Love Jenny McCarthy: Seriously Funny in Dirty Love 2005
Reese Witherspoon: Just Like Heaven Reese Witherspoon: Couples With Mark Ruffalo for Just Like Heaven 2005
Thumbsucker Thumbsucker: Lou Pucci Brings Bad Habits to the Big Screen 2005
Adam Goldberg: Head Cases New Laywer Alert: Getting Inside Adam Goldberg’s Head 2005
Will Estes: Reunion 'Reunion': Will Estes Returns to the Small Screen With a New Fox Drama 2005
Cry Wolf Lindy Booth: Learns What it Means to Cry Wolf 2005
Eugene Levy: The Man Eugene Levy: The Actor/Comedian Moves Beyond Baked Goods in The Man 2005
Rachel McAdams: Red Eye In Flight-Fright: Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy and Wes Craven Take Terror to New Heights in Red Eye 2005
Michael Showalter: The Baxter Nice Guys Finish First: Michael Showalter Gives Hope to Hopeless Romantics as The Baxter 2005
Matt Damon: The Brothers Grimm Dark Fairy Tales: Phenomenal Matt Damon Takes a Trip to Story Land in The Brothers Grimm 2005
Rachael Weisz: The Constant Gardener The Constant Gardener: Rachel Weisz and Director Fernando Meirelles Get Down to Business in Politically Charged Film 2005
Jason Statham: The Transporter 2 The Transporter 2: Jason Statham Reclaims His Signature Role 2005
Tony Leung: 2046 2046: Tony Leung Explores the Future of love in Another Wong Kar Wa Film 2005
Jennifer Tilly: Saint Ralph Jennifer Tilly: Ditches Franchise, Gets Serious in Saint Ralph 2005
Evan Rachel Wood: Pretty Persuasion Evan Rachel Wood: Gets Darkly Comedic in Pretty Persuasion 2005
Rob Schneider: Deuce Bigalow 2 European Gigolo: Rob Schneider Cuts Loose in Sequel to Deuce 2005
Penn Jillette: The Aristocrats Dirty But Daring: According to Comics Penn Jillette & Paul Provenza,The Aristocrats is More Than Just a Big Long Joke 2005
Steve Carell: The 40 Year-Old Virgin Steve Carell: Comedy Powerhouse is Touched for the Very First Time as The 40 Year-Old Virgin 2005
John Waters: A Dirty Shame John Waters: Dirty Shame Director talks about His Films, Career and Achieving the American Dream 2005
Rob Zombie: The Devil's Rejects The Devil's Rejects: Rob Zombie Says His Latest Kill Fest is Anything But a Sequel 2005
Johnny Depp: Charlie & the Chocolate Factory A Sweet Cinematic Confection: Johnny Depp and Tim Burton Continue Making Magic with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2005
Naomi Watts: We Don't Live Here Anymore Naomi Watts: Secures Her Future in Hollywood with We Don’t Live Here Anymore 2005
John Leguizamo: Crónicas Crossover Sensation John Leguizamo: Dives Headfirst into Spanish-Speaking Role with Crónicas 2005
Vince Vaughn: Wedding Crashers Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn: Comedic Duo Prove Life’s a Party in Wedding Crashers 2005
Tommy the Clown: Rize Krump Makes History: David LaChapelle Captures an Innovative Style of Dance with Rize 2005
Jessica Alba: Fantastic Four The Fantastic Jessica Alba:: Far From Invisible 2005
Miranda July: Me and You and Everyone We Know Me and You and Everyone We Know: First-time Filmmaker Miranda July Brings a Powerful Feature to Audiences After a Year of Hard Knocks 2005
Nicole Kidman: Bewitched Nicole Kidman: Oscar-Winning Actress Follows Her Nose to Bewitched 2005
Selma Blair: The Deal Selma Blair: Star of The Deal on Her Film, Her Fig Tree and My First Grade Yearbook 2005
Seth Green: Without A Paddle Seth Green: Leads a Cash-Hunting Comedy Ensemble in Without a Paddle 2005
Zach Braff: Garden State TV Star Zach Braff: Dons Director’s Jersey for Garden State 2005
Diego Luna: Nicotina Diego Luna: Y Tu Mamá También Star Brings His Acting Chops to Nicotina 2005
Aaron Eckhart: Suspect Zero Aaron Eckhart: Explores the Darker Side of Acting in Suspect Zero 2005
Paul Giamatti: Sideways The Grapes of Wrath: Paul Giamatti Goes to the Wine Country and through a Midlife Crisis in Sideways 2005
Cary Elwes: Saw Saw: Nice-Guy Actor Cary Elwes Returns with a Juicy Part in Psychological Thriller 2005
Shane Carruth: Primer Weird Science: Actor-Director Shane Carruth Experiments with Time Travel in Primer 2005
Laura Linney: P.S. Looking Beyond A Painful Past: Laura Linney on Love and Loss in P.S. 2005
David Gordon Green: Undertow South for the Winter: David Gordon Green Explains the Nitty Gritty behind Undertow 2005
Woody Harrelson: After the Sunset Actor, Activist, All-Around Guy: Woody Harrelson Returns to the Big Screen in After the Sunset 2005
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Mysterious Skin From '3rd Rock' to Mysterious Skin: Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explores His Sexuality in Unrated New Drama 2005
John Travolta: Ladder 49 Still Climbing: John Travolta Keeps His Head to the Sky in Ladder 49 2005
Pete Docter: Howl's Moving Castle Howl's Moving Castle: Japanese Animated Hit finds its Voice in America 2005
Martin Lawrence: Rebound Martin Lawrence: On the Rebound 2005
Lindsay Lohan: Herbie Fully Loaded Lindsay Lohan: Herbie Actress Comes Fully Loaded with Work Ethic and Security Guards 2005
Christopher Nolan: Batman Begins Saving Gotham: Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale Revive a Fizzled-Out Franchise with Batman Begins 2005
Park Chan-wook: Oldboy Park Chan-wook: Director Pushed South Korean Oldboy to Festival Prize 2005
Mick Garris: Riding the Bullet Mick Garris: Riding the Bullet to Success 2005
Steve Austin: The Longest Yard Steve Austin: Wrestler-Turned-Actor goes The Longest Yard 2005
Regina Hall: The Honeymooners Regina Hall: Tames Trixie Norton in Honeymooners Remake 2005
Annette Bening: Being Julia Annette Bening: Fights the Good Fight With Being Julia 2005
Angelina Jolie: Mr. & Mrs. Smith Angelina Jolie: The Mr. and Mrs. Smith Star is So Good, She’s Bad 2005
Brad Pitt: Mr. & Mrs. Smith Brad Pitt: Sexy Male Star Slips into a Tailor-made Role for Mr. and Mrs. Smith 2005
Famke Janssen: Eulogy Famke Janssen: Actress takes a Comedic Spin in Eulogy 2005
Jamie Kennedy: Son of the Mask Son of the Mask: Jamie Kennedy Takes on Another Experiment for the Sequel 2005
Damien O’Donnell: Rory O'Shea Was Here Rory O'Shea Was Here: No “Syrupy Manipulation” for Director Damien O’Donnell 2005
Lords of Dogtown Skateboarding Gods: The Lives of the Infamous Z-Boys are Brought Back to the Big Screen in Lords of Dogtown 2005
Robert Rodriguez: Sin City Rogue Trip: Frank Miller’s Sin City Succeeds in Bringing the Graphic Comic to the Big Screen 2005
Daniel Day-Lewis: The Ballad of Jack and Rose The Ballad of Jack and Rose: Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca Miller Team for Complex Indie Film 2005
Danny Boyle: Millions Danny Boyle: Trainspotting Director's Latest Film Enters Children's World 2005
Andy Garcia: Modigliani Back to the Biopic: Andy Garcia Brings Another Brilliant Artist to Life in Modigliani 2005
Wanda Sykes: Monster-in-Law Wanda Sykes: Comedienne & 'Monster-in-Law' Star Dishes on Laughs, Life & Working with the Ultra-Famous Jane Fonda 2005
Up For Grabs Let's Play Ball: 4 Years after Barry Bonds Broke the Home Run Record, Michael Wranovics Brings Audiences Up For Grabs 2005
Jet Li: Unleashed Jet Li: Actor and Martial Arts Star Unleashes His Softer Side with Unleashed 2005
Daniel Craig: Layer Cake Layer Cake: Star Daniel Craig and Director Matthew Vaughn Talk about their New Film and Other Upcoming Projects 2005
Gabrielle Union: The Honeymooners Gabrielle Union: The State of this Union is Good 2005
Orlando Bloom: Kingdom of Heaven Surprisingly Humble: Kingdom of Heaven Star Orlando Bloom Hasn't Let Fame Go to His Head 2005
Paris Hilton: House of Wax The House That Horror Built: Elisha Cuthbert, Paris Hilton and Chad Michael Murray Get Gory in Wax 2005
Tom Cruise: War of the Worlds Spielberg And Cruise: Directing and Acting Duo Wage a ‘Realistic’ War of the Worlds 2005
Jim Caviezel: Madison Sink or Swim: Jim Caviezel and Director William Bindley Manage to Keep Madison Afloat 2005
Ryan Reynolds: The Amityville Horror The Amityville Horror: Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George Get Spooked in Film Remake 2005
Penelope Cruz: Sahara Sahara Sweetie: Spanish Actress Penelope Cruz Proves that Beauty is Only Skin Deep 2005
Ashton Kutcher: Guess Who Ashton Kutcher: Entering P. Diddy’s World Opened His Eyes 2005
Stephen Chow: Kung Fu Hustle Comedy of a Different Color: Stephen Chow Explains Why Kung Fu Hustle is a Martial Arts Film to Sing About 2005
Dana Brown: Dust to Glory Beating the Elements: Director Dana Brown Gets Down and Dirty with Dust to Glory 2005
Drew Barrymore: Fever Pitch Fairytale Ending: Fever Pitch Stars Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon On How a Red Sox Victory Changed Their Film 2005
Queen Latifah: Beauty Shop Independent Woman: Queen Latifah Goes Back to Work in Beauty Shop 2005
Jordana Brewster: D.E.B.S. Jordana Brewster: Young Actress Tackles Onscreen Inhibitions in Teen Comedy D.E.B.S. 2005
John Corbett: Bigger Than the Sky John Corbett: Relinquishes Rumors of Quitting Acting with Bigger Than the Sky 2005
Christina Ricci: Cursed Christina Ricci: Stars with Jesse Eisenberg to Finally Bring Wes Craven's Cursed to Life 2005
Sandra Bullock: Miss Congeniality 2 Armed And Fabulous: Loveable Sandra Bullock Gets Back to Business in Miss Congeniality 2 2005
Lior Ashkenazi: Walk on Water Coming to America: Israeli Actor Lior Ashkenazi Brings Walk on Water Stateside 2005
Vin Diesel: The Pacifier Vin Diesel: Action Star takes a Comedic Gamble with The Pacifier 2005
Daniel Kay: Way Off Broadway Way Off Broadway: Writer/Director Daniel Kay Explores the Life of Struggling Artists in Debut Film 2005
Michelle Trachtenberg: Ice Princess Michelle Trachtenberg: Trades Stakes for Skates in Ice Princess 2005
Adrien Brody: The Jacket Back to the Future: Adrien Brody Plays Tormented Time Traveler in Psychological Thriller, The Jacket 2005
Keri Russell: The Upside of Anger Family Ties: Keri Russell, Erika Christensen and Evan Rachel Wood Bond in The Upside of Anger 2005
James D'Arcy: Dot the I Dot the I: Actor James D'Arcy and Director Matthew Parkhill Dish on the Making of their New Romantic Thriller 2005
Jim Caviezel: The Final Cut The Final Cut: Jim Caviezel and Director Omar Naim Examine Dark, Moral Themes in their Latest Creation 2005
Jennifer Coolidge: Robots From Sexpot to Robot: Jennifer Coolidge Ups Her Booty Factor in the Fun Animated Feature Robots 2005
Uma Thurman: Be Cool Uma Thurman: Uma Thurman Trades in Sword-Wielding for Samba in Be Cool 2005
Keira Knightley: The Jacket Beckham Breakout: Keira Knightley Gets Self-destructive in The Jacket 2005
Keanu Reeves: Constantine Keanu Reeves: Battles between Heaven and Hell in Constantine 2005
Tony Jaa: Ong Bak New Action Hero: Stuntman Tony Jaa Makes a Move for Stardom in Ong Bak 2005
Sean Penn: The Assassination of Richard Nixon Pointed Penn: Just Don't Ask Him to be Happy about his Success 2005
Emmy Rossum: The Phantom of the Opera Angel of Music: Emmy Rossum Dazzles the Crowd The Phantom of the Opera 2005
John Travolta: Bobby Long Drama In Motion: John Travolta and Company Sing A Love Song For Bobby Long 2005
Ethan Hawke: Assault on Precinct 13 For Precinct 13 Star Ethan Hawke, a Pocketful of Projects: 2005
Morgan Spurlock: Super Size Me Super Size Me Feels No Heat from Fahrenheit: 2005
Swimming Upstream Swimming Upstream: Actor Jesse Spencer Dives Into a New Biopic 2005
Born Into Brothels Born Into Brothels: Documentary Filmmakers Change the Lives of Children in Calcutta 2005
Jacqueline Bisset: Fascination She's Fearless: Jacqueline Bisset Further Hones Her Craft in Fascination 2005
Ice Cube: Are We There Yet? Super Cool: Ice Cube Taps into Family Life with Are We There Yet? 2005
Jennifer Garner: Elektra Jennifer Garner: Reprises Her ‘Elektra’ Comic-Book Character 2005
Sarah Michelle Gellar: The Grudge Buffy's New Role: Sarah Michelle Gellar Visits the Horror Genre in The Grudge 2005
Gael Garcia Bernal: The Motorcycle Diaries Road Trip of a Lifetime: Gael Garcia Bernal Gives Che Guevarra New Live in The Motorcycle Diaries 2005
Joseph Fiennes: The Merchant of Venice The Merchant of Venice: Shakespeare Favorite Joseph Fiennes in Another Well-Crafted Role 2004
Don Cheadle: Hotel Rwanda Hotel Rwanda: Don Cheadle and Director Terry George Strive to Bring Attention to a National Tragedy 2004
Ziyi Zhang: House of Flying Daggers A Stab At Stardom: House of Flying Daggers Actress Ziyi Zhang is Living Her Hollywood Dream 2004
Natalie Portman: Closer Natalie Portman: Strips for Closer, Yet Maintains Mystery 2004
Carlos Gallardo: Bandido Going Solo: Bandido Star Carlos Gallardo Says You Don’t Need an Agent to Succeed 2004
Kate Bosworth: Beyond the Sea Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee: Kate Bosworth Turns Heads as the Legendary Actress in Beyond the Sea 2004
Ben Lyons: Your Movie Show Ben Lyons: Host of MTV’s "Your Movie Show" 2004
Jessica Biel/Ryan Reynolds: Blade Trinity Blade Runners: Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds Take on the Infamous Vampire Hunter in Trinity 2004
Nicolas Cage: National Treasure Nicolas Cage: Eccentric Actor of National Treasure Frowns on Hollywood's Typecasting Tradition 2004
Angelina Jolie: Alexander Angelina Jolie: Former Wild-Child Charms Snakes out of Trees in Alexander 2004
Christian Bale: The Machinist Machinist Man: Christian Bale Gets Lost in the Machine 2004
Jimmy Fallon: Taxi Mr. Fallon's Wild Ride: Jimmy Fallon Takes His Comedy Skills to the Big Screen with Taxi 2004
Johnny Knoxville: A Dirty Shame Johnny Knoxville: Former “Jackass” Star Goes on Sex Hunt in A Dirty Shame 2004
Jason Schwartzman: I Heart Huckabees Too Cool For School: From Rushmore to Huckabees Jason Schwartzman is Poised for White-Hot Hollywood Success 2004
Katie Holmes: First Daughter First Daughter: Catapults Her 2004
Charlize Theron: Head in the Clouds Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend Find Their: Head in the Clouds 2004
Neve Campbell: When Will I Be Loved Neve Campbell: Sheds Her Inhibitions and More in When Will I Be Loved 2004
John C. Reilly: Criminal John C. Reilly: Targets Diego Luna
on the Set of Criminal
Vincent Gallo: The Brown Bunny Vincent Gallo: Filmmaker and Actor Rants About His Controversial The Brown Bunny 2004
Josh Hartnett: Wicker Park Josh Hartnett: Proves He’s Got Acting Game in Wicker Park 2004
Elisha Cuthbert: The Girl Next Door Elisha Cuthbert: Stripped Down and Personal for The Girl Next Door 2004
Chris Gore: Ultimate Film Fanatic Chris Gore: When All is Said and Done, He’s the Biggest Fan 2004
Blanchard Ryan: Open Water Blanchard Ryan: Talks about the Bone-Chilling Thriller Open Water 2004
Danny Deckchair Rhys Ifans: Welsh Actor Gets Lifted On Love in Danny Deckchair 2004
Matt Damon: The Bourne Supremacy Matt Damon: Says It’s Just Luck That He’s Hot and Ben Affleck’s Not 2004
Richard Kelly: Donnie Darko Richard Kelly: Resurrects Donnie Darko with his Director’s Cut 2004
Colin Farrell: A Home at the End of the World Colin Farrell: Trades Action for Honesty in A Home at the End of the World 2004
Natalie Portman: Garden State Natalie Portman: Dives Headfirst into Comedy
with Garden State
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster Some Kind of Monster: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of St. Anger 2004
Hilary Duff: A Cinderella Story A Cinderella Story: Hilary Duff’s Fairy Tale Life 2004
Ethan Hawke: Before Sunset Ethan Hawke: Reflects on Living Life and Making Art 2004
Will Ferrell: Anchorman Will Ferrell: Fine-tunes the News in Anchorman 2004
Joshua Marston: Maria Full of Grace Director Joshua Marston: Makes a Successful Leap with Maria Full of Grace 2004
Will Smith: I, Robot Will Smith: Busting Robots and Rumors 2004
Riding Giants Riding Giants: Director Stacy Peralta Explores Big Wave Surfing in Riding Giants 2004
Willem Dafoe: The Clearing The Clearing: Held Captive by the American Dream
in The Clearing
Ben Stiller: Dodgeball Dodgeball: There’s Something About Ben Stiller in Dodgeball 2004
Kevin Kline: De-Lovely De-Lovely: Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd Make Beautiful Music Together in De-Lovely 2004
Ali Larter: Final Destination 2 Ali Larter: Dances Towards Her Destiny in Final Destination 2 2004
Ashton Kutcher: Just Married Ashton Kutcher: Dude Where’s My Gondola? 2004
Jaime King: Bulletproof Monk Jaime King: Bionic and Bulletproof 2004
Hugh Jackman: X2 Hugh Jackman: When Will We See Hugh Jackman, the all-Singing, all-Dancing Wolverine? 2004
Salma Hayek: Frida Salma Hayek: Coloring Outside the Lines 2004
Will Ferrell: Old School Old School: Two Parts Jim Beam, One Part Improv 2004
Colin Farrell: Phone Booth Colin Farrell: Swaggers into Phone Booth and Comes Out a Movie Star 2004
Kirsten Dunst: The Virgin Suicides Kirsten Dunst: An Old Soul in a Young Body 2004
Matt Dillon: City of Ghosts Matt Dillon: City of Ghosts 2004
Willem Dafoe: Auto Focus Willem Dafoe: Man Behind the Mask 2004
Margaret Cho: Revolution Margaret Cho: This All-American Girl Is Ready to Sink Down to Your Level 2004
Helena Bonham Carter: Till Human Voices Wake Us Helena Bonham Carter: Will She Trade in Her Petticoats for Nunchucks? 2004
James Cameron: Ghosts of the Abyss James Cameron: Digs up more Intriguing Dirt on Titanic in Ghosts of the Abyss 2004
Halle Berry: Die Another Day Die Another Day: Halle Berry tries to dodge the post-Bond Jinx after winning the gold 2004
Monica Bellucci: Malena Malena: Is Monica Bellucci America’s Next Drama Queen? 2004
George Clooney: Solaris George Clooney: Sex, Soderbergh and Solaris 2004
Jena Malone: Saved! Jena Malone: 2004
Jared Hess: Napoleon Dynamite Napoleon Dynamite: Director Jared Hess Explains the Quirky Teen Comedy 2004
Mario Van Peebles: Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song Mario Van Peebles: 2004